Chapter 1186 The Fierce Yang Butcher, Tu Qianshang

Xia Yunchong was struck dumb as Long Chen took out jug after jug of wine marked with special symbols.

Each wine made by the Wine God Palace’s disciples represented their life and experience. They each contained a different realm and comprehension, and every aspect of their taste was filled with profundities. Therefore, drinking them was not simply drinking wine; this was a way of communicating with the Heavenly Daos.

Now, there were dozens of small wine jugs placed before Xia Yunchong and Long Chen. The two of them carefully savored them and began to discuss the insights within the wine. Xia Yunchong was incredibly excited. Sampling and comprehending another person’s life from the viewpoint of a spectator allowed him to get closer to the Heavenly Daos.

“Pfft! What wine is this?! How can it be so hot and fiery?!”

When he tasted the final wine, Xia Yunchong almost spat it out. He hastily covered his mouth, filled with shock.

The wine was like lava pouring down his throat. A terrifying energy spread through him, making him feel like he was about to ignite.

“Savor it properly,” chortled Long Chen. Back then, he had also been like this, almost causing a certain fierce-looking fellow to laugh at him.

Xia Yunchong managed to swallow it. When the wine reached his stomach, it immediately felt like millions of tiny blades were stabbing through his body.

But very quickly, the energy of the wine scattered through his meridians. When it reached the ends of his meridians, another burst of pain erupted inside him. He felt like his meridians would explode.

It was as though a runner saw a mountain blocking their way and decided to charge right through it.

But as a result, the mountain didn’t collapse and the energy rebounded even fiercer. First the energy had overflowed and spread through his body, and now it was gathering once more.

“Not good!” Xia Yunchong’s expression changed. The wine energy was crashing toward his Dantian wildly. His aura was exploding out of control.

If he allowed that energy to explode, then his residence would be blown apart. Fortunately, Xia Yunchong had a powerful cultivation base and he forcibly restrained his aura.

But rumbling sounds came from his body as though volcanoes were exploding within him. It lasted for several breaths before slowly stopping. Xia Yunchong was filled with shock. “What terrifying energy, what great comprehension, and what a domineering will!”

“Hehe, I was the same as you, brother Xia. I almost embarrassed myself. That fierce-looking fatty really has some skill.” Long Chen nodded. This wine had been made by the butcher.

“A fierce-looking fatty? Are you talking about the Fierce Yang Butcher, Tu Qianshang?” cried Xia Yunchong with shock.

“I don’t know. But he was surnamed Tu. He told me to call him Fatty Tu,” said Long Chen. From the start, he had felt like that butcher’s origins were as big as his stomach. Now seeing Xia Yunchong’s shocked expression, he supposed his guess had been right.

“Brother Long, let me tell you about him. Three thousand five hundred years ago, with just his own power, he annihilated one of the ancient races. In just a single night, he killed hundreds of Soul Transformation ancient race experts, and even their race leader was killed. That race leader was an existence on the same level as your Xuantian Dao Sect’s Xuan Master. His name of the Fierce Yang Butcher came from that time. Having one of their ancient races annihilated infuriated the ancient race alliance. They immediately issued a kill order on him, and all the ancient races’ experts moved out to kill him.

“Encircled by them, Tu Qianshang fled, almost dying several times. He was heavily injured, but he still managed to escape.

“After recovering, he then crazily attacked the ancient races once more, annihilating seven of their races. Those races had all participated in the hunt for him. 

“As a result, the ancient race alliance was once more infuriated, and they moved out in huge numbers to kill him. But Tu Qianshang had grown smarter, and he vanished, not giving them any chance to surround him again.

“As he fled, he also launched counterattacks. In three years, the ancient races lost three experts on the level of their race leaders and hundreds of Soul Transformation experts.

“In the end, Tu Qianshang had killed too many of the ancient race experts; hence, someone had gone to Heavenly Fate Island to get the information about Tu Qianshang’s whereabouts. Just as the experts of the ancient races were about to kill Tu Qianshang, the Wine God Palace’s people appeared and saved him. From then on, Tu Qianshang became a disciple of the Wine God Palace.” Xia Yunchong respectfully and worshipfully told Long Chen about Tu Qianshang’s history.

“The ancient races were really willing to swallow their anger and let the Wine God Palace take him away?” Long Chen couldn’t believe it.

“The real question is would the ancient races dare to try to stop them? The Wine God Palace has a true god’s inheritance. Brother Long, don’t look down on the Wine God Palace’s disciples because they only make wine and you can’t see their cultivation bases.

“The majority of those people were all stunning experts of their time, people who had shaken their era. That is why they all have their own different insights toward life, and the wine they make is unique to themselves. Others are all groping around within the Heavenly Daos, while they have already reached another realm.

“The Wine God Palace’s power is such that not just anyone can provoke them. Do you know how powerful Pill Valley is? When the Wine God Palace kicked them out back then, they didn’t even dare to let out a fart. If even Pill Valley didn’t dare to go against them, what qualifications does the ancient race alliance have to challenge the Wine God Palace? They are just some descendants who have been abandoned by the Xuan Beasts.

“Furthermore, the ancient race alliance never liked the human race. They even refuse to admit they are the human race’s descendants. They only say they are the Xuan Beasts’ descendants, and yet the Xuan Beasts don’t want them.

“I digress. Let’s continue speaking of the Wine God Palace. The Wine God Palace’s disciples have already abandoned the martial path in pursuit of the Wine Dao. They abandon suffering and obtain happiness. What they seek is their own chance to become an immortal or a god. But that doesn’t represent that they don’t have any martial might. As long as others don’t provoke them, they won’t do anything. Even if someone offends them, they’ll normally just expel that person. If no one blasphemes the Wine God, the Wine God Palace’s disciples are forbidden from killing,” explained Xia Yunchong.

Long Chen had an urge to slap himself. It seemed he had gone a bit too far this time. Each one of them was a big figure, and he had actually bragged to them about his wine judging skills and swindled them of their wine?

Thinking of that, he began to sweat. This time, he really had been stupid. Those people had to have all gone through their own unique experiences, or they wouldn’t have been able to comprehend their own Daos.

In truth, Long Chen didn’t realize that it was precisely because he hadn’t taken their status seriously that they had welcomed him. In their eyes, the Wine Dao was everything. They no longer cared about the martial path or their old accomplishments on it.

If Long Chen had instead revered them because of their status and cultivation base, they would have had a bad reaction to him. Furthermore, by using his Pill Sovereign memories and his senses from the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, his bragging and big words had ended up allowing them to find their weaknesses. That was why they had been so generous as to give all their fine wine to him.

“When Tu Qianshang was chased down, he was only at the Soul Transformation realm. He fought across realms to kill Life Star experts! That shook practically all the Central Plains. His wine is his Dao, fiery and fierce, domineering to the peak. It is filled with a will to advance forward obstinately. I cultivate the Undefeatable Dao, so this wine is extremely beneficial to me. Brother Long, this jug of wine… can you leave it for me to comprehend?” Xia Yunchong thickened his face, but he still felt a burning sensation on it as he asked this.

His face was completely red. His brother had invited him to drink wine, and now he wanted him to not drink it and leave it to him. That was a bit shameless.

Long Chen didn’t walk the Undefeatable Dao, so drinking it might be addicting, but it was wasteful. If the wine was given to Xia Yunchong, it would allow him to walk further on the Undefeatable Dao, making his aura even fiercer and more powerful.

“Hehe, brother Xia, don’t worry. Just drink it. It is nothing. Even your little sister has five jugs of this wine-” Long Chen smiled.

“What?! That’s a complete waste! I’m going to get it right now!” Xia Yunchong immediately shot up.

Long Chen hastily grabbed him and said, “Don’t. I gave that wine to her, so how can I take it back? There’s plenty of wine here. Let alone drinking it all, you wouldn’t be able to use it all up even if you used it for bathing.”

Long Chen took out ten wine barrels the size of a person. All of them were the special wine made by the Fierce Yang Butcher, Tu Qianshang. This wine was even better than what they had just drunk.

“What we drank just now, to use the words of Fatty Tu, is used for nothing more than rinsing our mouths. This is the true wine.”

Long Chen opened a bucket and poured out two bowls of wine in front of Xia Yunchong’s shocked gaze.

When the wine entered the bowl, it began to emit blue flames. Space twisted slightly around it. The wine was roiling within the bowl.

“Come, try some.” Long Chen raised his wine bowl.

The two of them touched their bowls and then drank the wine in one gulp. Long Chen had drunk it before, so he had long since been prepared.

But Xia Yunchong, despite also having prepared himself, had still underestimated this wine. The clothing around his forearms and calves exploded, and blood began to spurt out of his arms and feet. At the same time, all his hair stood on end.

Long Chen nodded in praise upon seeing this. Xia Yunchong was truly worthy of being someone who walked the Undefeatable Dao. He had managed to bear that terrifying impact.

When Long Chen had drunk this wine, if it hadn’t been for Tu Qianshang’s interference, he would have caused the pavilion they had been in to explode. But Xia Yunchong was able to slowly release the immense energy through his extremities to cushion it. This meant his control over energy was even better than Long Chen’s.

“What a domineering will! He is definitely worthy of being called the Fierce Yang Butcher! Brother Long, I have to go into seclusion to digest these insights,” said Xia Yunchong.

“You can take all of this. I still have more.” Long Chen gave all the wine he had taken out to Xia Yunchong, delighting him. Originally, he had been a bit worried about not having enough wine to comprehend the profundities within it, but now he had more than enough.

Xia Yunchong said his seclusion would probably last a few days. He asked what plans Long Chen had, and whether or not he was going to accompany Xia Youluo. If Long Chen wanted, Xia Yunchong could arrange some leisurely activities for them.

But Long Chen said he didn’t have any time and also went into seclusion. This wine he had worked hard to swindle out of them wasn’t used just to satisfy his stomach.

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