Chapter 1182 Judging (Teaser)

“Were you kicked out last time because of this?” Long Chen looked at Xia Youluo curiously.

“What do you think? All I did was grumble and complain a bit, and they kicked me out! Don’t you think they’re petty!?” Xia Youluo whispered like she was in the midst of a heist.

“You just don’t understand them. Just entering this place is a rare opportunity that you couldn’t buy no matter how much gold you have. The Wine God Palace kindly let you enter, and then you spit on their kindness. Naturally they’d get angry. Think about this: what if you were to give a pastry to a starving person, but that person had never seen a pastry before and thought you were offering them a pile of dung, so they got angry at you for insulting them. Would you get mad then?” asked Long Chen.

“It’s a nice argument, but did you have to make it sound so disgusting? Could you not make a more elegant comparison?” Xia Youluo glared at Long Chen.

“I’m not an elegant person by nature, so why bother acting?” Long Chen shook his head.

“But I’m a woman! Can’t you reserve yourself...

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