Chapter 1178 Willful Princess

“So you must be world-renowned Long Chen! Am I right, brother Long?” Xia Yunchong had no choice but to reveal himself. He understood this little sister of his the best. She shared a father with him but a different mother. If he allowed her to continue like this, it was unknown just how much she would embarrass herself. He rushed out and cupped his fists to Long Chen.

“I wouldn’t dare to call myself world-renowned. May I ask who you are?” Long Chen’s heart shook upon seeing this man. He sensed he was also an extremely terrifying fellow.

Furthermore, he had two Soul Transformation experts as guards. As for the elder with his eyes closed, although none of his aura leaked out, Long Chen could still sense he was someone who had probably reached the same level as the Xuan Master.

Such a terrifying lineup shocked Long Chen. This was truly badass.

Xia Yunchong said, “This humble soul is the Grand Xia-”

“What’s the point of so many words? He is the Grand Xia’s eighth prince, Xia Yunchong, my big brother. Hurry up and come with us,” said Xia Youluo impatiently upon seeing them waste time going through pleasantries.

Being interrupted by Xia Youluo, Xia Yunchong awkwardly said, “Cough, brother Long, how about we switch locations before talking? This place isn’t very convenient.”

“Since brother Xia is inviting me, I wouldn’t dare to refuse.” Long Chen smiled. This Xia Yunchong seemed much easier to get along with. Each of his movements was refined and natural. Long Chen felt it would be easier to talk with this man than an obstinate woman like Xia Youluo, so he gladly agreed.

Xia Youluo’s expression grew a bit unsightly upon seeing Long Chen agree to Xia Yunchong’s invitation so quickly. Long Chen hadn’t given her any face. She frowned and was just about to flare up. 

“Take note of your image.” The elder suddenly frowned and icily opened his mouth.

This elder’s status was extremely special. Even the obstinate seventeenth princess immediately shut her mouth. She pouted and her eyes turned red. That aggrieved expression looked like she was about to cry.

“Brother Long, let’s go back to my humble home,” said Xia Yunchong hastily. One of the Soul Transformation experts waved a hand, and one of the surrounding buildings unleashed a wave of light that covered them all. They disappeared from the spectators’ sight.

Long Chen and the others had only just left when workers came to clean up the damage. The spectators scattered, but today, other than seeing the beauty and power of the seventeenth princess, they had also learned of another name: Long Chen, a monster who wasn’t even a Celestial but possessed incredible battle prowess.

Long Chen was brought to an open flower garden. All kinds of rare flowers grew here, their fragrance washing over them. There were four maidens wearing palace maid clothes who were quietly standing within a pavilion. But these maids had actually reached the Foundation Forging realm.

“Quickly prepare some wine and food. Use the standards of a national banquet,” said Xia Yunchong to the maids.

They were startled to hear such a thing, but they quickly left. The guards following Xia Yunchong were also dismissed.

“Master, why don’t you stay and drink a few cups? It's been a long time since we’ve drunk together,” said Xia Yunchong respectfully.

“An old man like me won’t participate in a gathering of youngsters.” The elder shook his head and vanished without the slightest spatial fluctuation. It was like he had simply merged with heaven and earth.

“Hmph, he finally left!” Xia Youluo immediately cheered like a bird that had been stuck in its cage for a long time and had finally regained its freedom. She immediately started making things hard on Long Chen. “Long Chen, I demand to know why you refused to come when I invited you, but as soon as he did, you immediately agreed!”

Xia Youluo glared at Long Chen stiffly. She demanded a perfect explanation. Long Chen’s actions had clearly irritated her, and now that the elder had gone, she once more became brazen.

“Youluo, don’t make trouble. If you keep acting like this, I’ll report you to our imperial father,” said Xia Yunchong.

“You…! You’re mean! I wasn’t even doing anything to you… You weren’t like this before… You’re all bad men bullying me!” What Long Chen had never expected was for the incredibly powerful Xia Youluo to actually start sobbing. He was flabbergasted.

Seeing Long Chen’s stunned expression, Xia Yunchong was embarrassed. Xia Youluo was his younger sister, and even as a child, she had gotten along best with him. She often threw tantrums, and whatever happened, she would always ask him to stand up for her. He truly did love and pamper her.

“Youluo, you’re already so old. You can’t keep acting like this…” Xia Yunchong was at a loss.

“Now that I’m old, you don’t want me anymore. You don’t love me anymore, right? Our imperial father doesn't love me, the imperial mother doesn’t love me, and now even you don’t love me… That’s the most painful thing.” Xia Youluo’s face was covered in tears. Looking at her would truly make a person’s heart clench.

“Alright, stop. I still love you, so stop crying!” Xia Yunchong patted Xia Youluo on the back.

“But you’re still so mean to me, saying that you’ll report me!”

“Fine, I won’t report you, I won’t be mean to you. It’s big brother’s fault, okay?” said Xia Yunchong helplessly.

“Really? Hehe, I just knew big brother loved me the most! Long Chen, I demand to know why you wouldn’t accept my invitation, but immediately came when big brother invited you!” Xia Youluo’s face was still covered in crystalline tears, but she had a smile of victory on her face.

“You!” Xia Yunchong almost exploded in fury. He had once more fallen for her trap.

“Big brother, why are you so petty? I’m just asking a question. Do you need to stare at me like this?” said Xia Youluo.

Long Chen was now sure that this seventeenth princess was a child who had been spoiled rotten. He couldn’t help finding it a bit funny. But their brother and sister relationship did move him. In the imperial palace where all relationships were complicated and only used for one’s advancement, there were plenty of cases of sons killing fathers or brothers fighting over profits.

“Brother Long, I…” Xia Yunchong was also helpless.

“Oh, it’s fine. The seventeenth princess’s question isn’t difficult to answer,” said Long Chen. He saw Xia Yunchong giving him a meaningful look, indicating he should give Xia Youluo face, or she’d immediately turn hostile. He said, “If I accepted the seventeenth princess’s invitation, the day of my death would have drawn near. I’m greedy for life, so I couldn’t accept your invitation.”

Xia Yunchong was speechless. Long Chen hadn’t understood his meaning? As expected, Xia Youluo raged, “I’m not that kind of unreasonable person! If I invited you as a guest, why would I kill you?!”

Long Chen shook his head. “You didn’t understand my meaning. As soon as I entered the Grand Xia, I heard of the seventeenth princess’s outstanding beauty and peerless abilities. You have countless admirers, and some of them line up outside Grand Xia City just to see you. The line extends all the way to the Grand Han. This little one could not bear to be invited to see the princess alone; those admirers would tear me to pieces.”

Hearing this, Xia Youluo immediately smiled like a blossoming flower. “So that’s what it was. Hehe, then I’m happy. Tell me, outside what gate are they lined up at?”

…? She believed such nonsense? Long Chen saw that Xia Youluo was full of anticipation, and it didn’t seem to be faked.

All he had been doing was giving a disguised apology, so he had exaggerated it to make it a joke. Then everyone could make merry and move on. But this girl actually thought it was true.

“Long Chen, are there people from the Grand Han lining up as well? I wonder if he’ll appear…” Xia Youluo suddenly turned red, and her eyes became unfocused. She clutched her clothes, clearly nervous and uneasy.

“Long Chen was talking about something that happened a few months ago. Youluo, it’s about time for you to go back. I have some things I need to discuss with brother Long,” interjected Xia Yunchong. Xia Youluo was a bit unwilling, but she was still shooed away by Xia Yunchong.

“Sorry, I’ve caused brother Long to laugh. This little sister of mine still has a child’s temperament. Sigh, she’s simply been spoiled.” After shooing off Xia Youluo, Xia Yunchong apologized to Long Chen.

Long Chen shook his head. “There’s nothing to laugh about. I’m very envious of brother Xia. I wish I could pamper my little sister as well. If she wants to act like a spoiled child, I would also let her.”

Seeing the sibling relationship between Xia Yunchong and Xia Youluo made Long Chen think of his own little sister. The time they had been together had been far too short. She had only just grown familiar with him before he had left. Perhaps she no longer had any memory of her big brother. Every time he thought of this, he would feel sentimental.

“Brother Long, come. The food and drink has already been prepared.”

There were all kinds of delicacies set up on a table. They looked like beautiful gems and smelled delicious. Long Chen almost couldn’t bear to eat them.

“This is the Wine God Palace’s fine wine. Brother Long, have a taste.” Xia Yunchong handed Long Chen a cup full of wine.

There wasn’t the slightest fragrance coming from this cup. It looked like pure water. But the moment it entered his mouth, its fragrance exploded. Furthermore, some faint energy went through his teeth and up to his head. Long Chen instantly felt like his divine sense had grown sharper.

“This is practically divine wine, capable of shaking the world! The wine is silent, like heaven and earth’s tranquillity. But it traverses the profundities of the world, allowing one to hear the profound music of the Grand Dao.” Tasting this wine, he unconsciously said words that appeared in his heart without him even knowing it.

This wine was too miraculous. The winemaker was definitely an expert. They had actually imparted their comprehension of the Heavenly Daos into the wine. He was not exaggerating when he said that it was divine wine.

“Brother Long truly is a master of wine. With just a taste, you could comprehend the realm within it. With this kind of shocking comprehension, I must bring you to the Wine God Palace today! They’ll definitely treat you well to gain your wisdom,” exclaimed Xia Yunchong.

The Wine God Palace had different names for all their wines, and all of them had their own realms. That was closely related to the abilities of the winemakers.

But the Wine God Palace’s people were all strange. Only they would know the name of the wine they made.

They would send their wine to others to taste. If others could say the realm of the wine, they would bestow more wine upon them. Otherwise, not even a mountain of wealth could buy a single drop.

They were a group of prideful artisans. They would only give their art to people who could appreciate it.

“Brother Long, let me offer you a cup.” Xia Yunchong raised his cup, and Long Chen immediately touched his cup to his. They drained the cups in one gulp. This wine had to be drunk with small cups, or it would be an absolute waste.

After a few cups had entered their stomachs, they became friendlier and almost started to feel like they regretted not having met each other earlier.

“Brother Long, I heard you killed Han Zhenyu?” asked Xia Yunchong.

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