Chapter 1177 Soaring Cloud Deathblow

Heaven and earth shook as a four-colored ring soared into the sky. The divine ring unleashed immense pressure, so much so that even the formations on the buildings were unable to dispel it.

At the same time, four stars appeared in Long Chen’s eyes. His 108,000 immortal platforms began to quiver, giving him boundless energy. It was like a dragon awakening, like a volcano erupting.

With Long Chen at the center, waves of qi soared into the sky. Long Chen looked like a battle god floating within heaven and earth now.

“What cultivation technique is this?” The white-haired elder opened his eyes, looking at the divine ring with shock.

At this moment, Long Chen was untouched by the Dao. None of the laws or Daos of heaven and earth were able to adhere to him. It was unknown whether he isolated himself from heaven or earth, or whether heaven and earth isolated him.

The other thing that shocked the white-haired elder was this domineering will soaring out of Long Chen’s bones. That will seemed to be dissatisfied by heaven and earth’s restrictions and wanted to shatter its way through.

Everyone looked at Long Chen like he was a monster. The manifestation Long Chen had summoned wasn’t something they had ever seen or heard of. The most shocking thing was that Long Chen’s power was not forming a resonance with the Heavenly Daos. In other words, he wasn’t even a Celestial!

“Let me first tell you, my moves are only used to frighten people. You should hurry up, because if I do die, I’ll become a ghost and haunt you every night,” said Long Chen to Xia Youluo.

Just as Xia Youluo jumped in shock from Long Chen’s aura, Long Chen shot out. A kind of undefeatable aura surged out of him as if he was a god who had come to the mortal world.

But when Long Chen’s voice rang in her head, his undefeatable image in Xia Youluo’s mind vanished like a wisp of smoke. What kind of unrivaled expert would say such a thing?

“I know. Hurry up,” said Xia Youluo.

“Old ghost from the Bloodkill Hall, for the justice of the world, for the citizens of the Grand Xia, for the peace in the Central Plains, for my brothers and sisters watching, taste one of my attacks!”

Long Chen raised his saber, unleashed a huge saber-image that tore through the clouds, and then slashed down on the Bloodkill Hall expert.

“What?! Isn’t this the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s Split the Heavens? So he was one of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples.”

Countless people let out startled cries. The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s nine forms of Split the Heavens were famous, and they were widely known for their domineering and fierce power. Anyone who had seen one of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples attacking would be able to instantly tell when someone was using Split the Heavens.

Other than its specific movements, only the nine forms of Split the Heaven possessed a fierce will to slash through the dome of the sky. It was as if the nine forms of Split the Heavens were moves designed to strive against the heavens.

Countless people instantly recognized what move Long Chen was using. This huge saber-image slashed down with an undefeatable will.

As someone with immense battle experience, Long Chen timed his blow extremely well. It was just as the Bloodkill Hall expert exchanged a head-on blow with Xia Youluo, when he had already used his energy but had yet to gather more energy for a second attack.

The Bloodkill Hall expert almost coughed up blood upon seeing this move. Long Chen was incredibly despicable. He couldn’t even counterattack in his current state. He could only take it.

BOOM! The Bloodkill Hall expert was blown back. He crashed against the barrier of a building and rebounded back, coughing up a mouthful of blood.

This shocked people. Long Chen’s attack was actually so powerful that it made this Soul Transformation expert cough up blood? Even Xia Youluo’s terrifying attacks hadn’t had such an effect. Didn’t this mean Long Chen was even more powerful than Xia Youluo?

In truth, this move was just the third form of Split the Heavens, and it managed to send the Bloodkill Hall expert flying because Long Chen had timed it perfectly.

This move was far from enough to cause him to cough up blood. It wasn’t enough to cause any injury at all.

The reason he had coughed up blood was entirely from anger. This move was just that despicable.

“Brat, die!” With blood covering his chest, the Bloodkill Hall expert seemed to go insane. As an assassin, cool-headedness was a must. But he had already ignited the majority of his Yuan Spirit, and his consciousness was already starting to fade. His emotions were a mess, so it made it far easier to anger him. Right now, all he wanted was to kill Long Chen.

He roared furiously like a crazed bull and charged at Long Chen, slashing his sword down.

This sword looked completely ordinary and didn’t even have any runes around it. But that was actually even more terrifying. All its energy had been condensed, like a huge amount of gunpowder had been packed inside it, waiting to explode when it slashed through an enemy.

Long Chen snorted and stabbed Blooddrinker straight at the Bloodkill Hall expert. It looked like he was using a suicidal move to kill his opponent, causing everyone to jump.

“Haha, are you trying to scare me? I’ve killed countless people, and I’ve long since grown tired of living. Let’s go ahead and die together!” The Bloodkill Hall expert laughed in the face of Long Chen’s suicidal thrust. The path of his sword didn’t change.

Although Long Chen’s saber had the advantage when it came to length, it didn’t matter. If his saber struck him, Long Chen definitely wouldn’t be able to dodge his sword. They would definitely both die.

Xia Youluo was in the midst of forming one-handed seals in the air. A golden rune had appeared on her forehead, and powerful fluctuations spread from her fierce Sword Qi.

She was preparing one of her ultimate moves, but she still needed more time. Hence, she was shocked to see Long Chen use such a move and cursed him for being stupid inside. If he died, the Grand Xia’s reputation would fall. But just panicking had no use.

Just as their two weapons began to pass by each other, the tip of Long Chen’s saber lightly touched the point of the Bloodkill Hall expert’s sword. A soft energy transferred through.

The Bloodkill Hall expert’s expression completely changed. He hadn’t expected Long Chen’s control over his energy to have reached such a terrifying level. His incredibly fierce power instantly transformed to become gentle.

The soft power brushed his sword to the side without letting his sword’s energy erupt. Now he was completely open and still moving toward Long Chen.

“Fool, who would die with you. Fuck off!”

Pow! After moving aside the Bloodkill Hall expert’s sword, Long Chen slapped him hard across the face. He shot back like a shooting star.

The direction he was slapped into was right at Xia Youluo. She had just finished preparing her move, and it was like Long Chen was intentionally sending him to her.

“Soaring Cloud Deathblow!” Xia Youluo’s sword slashed down. There was no sword-light. People could only vaguely see a black crack appear in space.

The Bloodkill Hall expert was struck by the black crack and instantly blew apart, turning into nothing more than dust that dissipated in the air. Even his Yuan Spirit was killed.

“What a strange power.” Long Chen saw it clearly. The energy contained within her sword was something he had never seen before. It was incredibly sharp, as if nothing could block its path. Even the Bloodkill Hall expert’s King item shattered.

But Xia Youluo’s eyes rapidly dimmed after using this move. Although that light quickly recovered, Long Chen knew that she had paid a heavy price to use this move. She was just acting fine.

“Haha, princess is mighty and domineering. I still have some things to do, so I’ll leave first. If I have a chance in the future, I’ll treat princess to a meal,” said Long Chen as he turned to leave.

“Hold! Who said you could leave?” Xia Youluo looked at Long Chen curiously.

She had felt like something was off the entire time. Now seeing him wanting to leave so hastily, she became even more sure something was fishy.

“Princess, could it be you want to treat me to the meal instead? I accept your kindness, but I just ate, so let’s pick another day. At that time, I’ll properly enjoy your Grand Xia’s hospitality,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen didn’t want to get close to her. She didn’t seem like someone easy to get along with. Although his little dabbler face-reading arts were just used to trick others, he could tell a person’s general character in just a glance. This woman was probably even more obstinate than Tang Wan-er. There was no point in torturing himself.

“What is going on here? You want to just leave without saying a word? Don’t you think you need to give us a clear explanation?” Xia Youluo didn’t want to let Long Chen leave. She looked around and then pointed at the ruins on the ground from the collapsed tunnel. She wanted to bring Long Chen to an investigation.

She continued to feel like something was strange about Long Chen, but she wasn’t able to pinpoint what exactly. Although the Bloodkill Hall’s Soul Transformation expert had been killed by her, she still felt uncomfortable inside. So she wanted to find an excuse to keep Long Chen.

However, she spent most of her time cultivating and wasn’t socially skilled. And so she used the thing she was most comfortable with, her status as a princess, to hold Long Chen accountable.

“What is there to explain? I found the Bloodkill Hall’s stronghold, and for the Grand Xia’s honor, I risked my life to provoke them, making them cause such a huge disturbance so that you could come and capture them. Was there something wrong with that?” Long Chen shrugged.

“But you… you could have reported it, and we could have handled it from there,” quibbled Xia Youluo.

“Princess, are you joking? Since the Bloodkill Hall dared to operate right in the capital of Grand Xia, do you think they wouldn’t prepare themselves? They have countless external workers. How many eyes do they have amongst the peddlers you passed on your way here? By the time your people arrived, they’d have long since run. My method was the only right choice.” Long Chen shook his head.

Xia Youluo had turned red to her ears from Long Chen’s arguments. She was unable to out-talk Long Chen, and she angrily said, “I don’t care. No matter what, you have to come back with us. There are many things I need to inquire about.”

Long Chen couldn’t help being speechless. Now even such completely unreasonable words came out of her mouth. Just at this moment, a group of people walked over with Xia Yunchong at the front.

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