Chapter 1176 Seventeenth Princess (Teaser)

Just as Long Chen was fighting the Bloodkill Hall’s Soul Transformation expert, a woman appeared in the air, her colorful robes floating around her, filled with an air of refinement.

She had bright eyes and white teeth, shapely eyebrows and cherry lips. She was definitely an extremely beautiful woman, but her lips were a bit thin and raised upward slightly. On the surface, she looked like a powerful, obstinate woman.

Furthermore, she possessed a kind of inherent air of nobility and arrogance. There was a simple but multi-colored sword sheathed by her waist. Her powerful aura showed she was a late Foundation Forging expert.

Took them long enough. Long Chen immediately shouted, “Little sister, please help me! I worked so hard for the Grand Xia in order to find this stronghold of the Bloodkill Hall! You should know, to find it, I started following their tracks with all my might over thirty years ago, and all my bitter work has finally borne fruit today. Little sister, quick, capture this shameless thu...

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