Chapter 1176 Seventeenth Princess

Just as Long Chen was fighting the Bloodkill Hall’s Soul Transformation expert, a woman appeared in the air, her colorful robes floating around her, filled with an air of refinement.

She had bright eyes and white teeth, shapely eyebrows and cherry lips. She was definitely an extremely beautiful woman, but her lips were a bit thin and raised upward slightly. On the surface, she looked like a powerful, obstinate woman.

Furthermore, she possessed a kind of inherent air of nobility and arrogance. There was a simple but multi-colored sword sheathed by her waist. Her powerful aura showed she was a late Foundation Forging expert.

Took them long enough. Long Chen immediately shouted, “Little sister, please help me! I worked so hard for the Grand Xia in order to find this stronghold of the Bloodkill Hall! You should know, to find it, I started following their tracks with all my might over thirty years ago, and all my bitter work has finally borne fruit today. Little sister, quick, capture this shameless thug!”

The reason Long Chen dared to fight in Grand Xia City was because when he had been drinking with Qi Hao, he had learned many things pertaining to the Grand Xia. He had learned of the Grand Xia’s enmity with the Bloodkill Hall at that time, and after all, it was no secret amongst the commoners within the Grand Xia.

So despite knowing there would very likely be a Soul Transformation expert present, he hadn’t been afraid. Even if he couldn’t beat them, he could run. As long as he reached the large streets, he refused to believe the Grand Xia would ignore him.

Now seeing this woman’s attire and air, he knew she was definitely from the imperial family.

“Who is your little sister? I am the Grand Xia’s seventeenth princess, Xia Youluo.” She frowned with a bit of irritation.

“That’s not important. Little sister princess, quickly stop him! I can’t hold on much longer! Is the Grand Xia Ancient Nation willing to see someone who has made great national contributions die to the Bloodkill Hall’s hands? My death won’t matter, but what about the justice of the Grand Xia? Wouldn’t my death become a stain on the Grand Xia’s honor that could never be washed off?” shouted Long Chen as he dodged the Bloodkill Hall expert’s attacks.

“You! Fine, I’ll handle him first before punishing your rudeness.” The seventeenth princess snorted. She began to form hand seals.

An immense pressure suddenly descended, causing countless experts’ expressions to change.

“She… she’s a rank eight Celestial!”

“You must be an outsider. It’s well-known that the seventeenth princess is a martial genius, an innate rank eight Celestial who fully awakened by the age of eighteen. With her cultivation base at the eighth Heavenstage of Foundation Forging, her power is so immense that practically everyone in the Grand Xia knows of it,” said a native expert proudly.

Just as heaven and earth were rumbling and the void trembled, endless Heavenly Dao energy condensed into a sea of runes behind Xia Youluo.

Eight blazing runes appeared, looking like stars. They formed an octagon, slowly revolving behind her. The distant spectators found it hard to breathe under this pressure. Even Kings were slowly retreating as they found the pressure unbearable.

“Heavens, the manifestation of a rank eight Celestial - Eight Stars Illuminate the Cosmos!”

Shocked cries rang out. Although many people had heard the Grand Xia’s seventeenth princess was an innate rank eight Celestial with immense power, they had never personally seen it. Seeing this terrifying manifestation shook them to their cores.

“Face your death!” Xia Youluo suddenly drew her sword. A stunning ray of light slashed at the Bloodkill Hall’s Soul Transformation expert.


The Bloodkill Hall expert had no choice but to stop attacking Long Chen. Hastily blocking, he smashed into a large pagoda, and due to its barrier, he rebounded and coughed up blood.

“Damn, how fierce!” Long Chen was shocked. This was the power of a rank eight Celestial? It was truly terrifying. Such a powerful attack could practically instantly kill a rank seven Celestial like Han Zhenyu.

“Damnit! All of you can die! Killing God, protect me! Bloodkill Soul Condensation!” the Bloodkill Hall expert roared, and an image appeared on his forehead. It was a small human figure that was being incinerated. But in that instant, his fluctuating spiritual yuan instantly became calm.

“Heavens, he’s igniting his Yuan Spirit!” Shocked cries rang out.

The Bloodkill Hall’s experts had two specialties: their assassination ability and their fleeing ability. Their ability in both skills was evenly matched. If they failed to kill their target, they would instantly flee a thousand miles away.

The Bloodkill Hall expert had originally had a little bit of hope that he could escape after killing Long Chen. If he abandoned his physical body and used a secret art, he estimated he had a thirty percent chance of his Yuan Spirit getting away.

But now he was forced to change plans. He couldn’t even think about running. He wanted to eliminate Xia Youluo and Long Chen right here in order to remove two threats for the Bloodkill Hall. It went without saying that the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins were extremely devout to their Killing God.

Having ignited his Yuan Spirit, the Bloodkill Hall expert forcibly stabilized his spiritual yuan, instantly restoring his combat power. His sword slashed into Xia Youluo’s sword, causing a huge explosion.

The two of them were both forced back. This exchange had actually ended in a draw, shocking all the nearby Soul Transformation experts. An innate rank eight Celestial’s name was definitely not fake.

“Princess is mighty! Raise the Grand Xia’s prestige, fill the sky with light, kill the old ghost of the Bloodkill Hall!” Long Chen raised Blooddrinker high into the air to cheer for Xia Youluo.

At this time, countless people had gathered. Amongst them were quite a few youngsters who looked at the princess’s figure with adoration.

“Hey, how can you guys not give me face? Do you not know how to cooperate? The princess is fighting as hard as she can to kill the old ghost from the Bloodkill Hall, and as citizens of the Grand Xia, you don’t even dare to cheer for her? What are you afraid of? Embarrassing yourself? Losing face? If you’re afraid of everything, why do you even cultivate? If you’re going to be such worrywarts, how are you even youngsters? What happened to your youthful drive, your hot blood? If you worship her, then shout loudly! If you adore her, then shout even louder! Let me hear your voices!

“Everyone together: Princess is mighty! Raise the Grand Xia’s prestige, fill the sky with light, kill the old ghost of the Bloodkill Hall!” shouted Long Chen.

“Princess is mighty! Raise the Grand Xia’s prestige, fill the sky with light, kill the old ghost of the Bloodkill Hall!”

“Princess is mighty! Raise the Grand Xia’s prestige, fill the sky with light, kill the old ghost of the Bloodkill Hall!”

“Princess is mighty! Raise the Grand Xia’s prestige, fill the sky with light, kill the old ghost of the Bloodkill Hall!”

The first time, there were a few hundred people following along. The second time, there were thousands, and the third time, anyone who was even slightly young was shouting as loud as they could.

They suddenly realized that cheering with everyone gave them an indescribable pleasure.

The youngsters adored the seventeenth princess, but before this, they hadn’t dared to say anything, afraid of being laughed at or mocked by others. They felt like they would be a toad trying to eat swan meat.

But under the leadership of a shameless fellow like Long Chen, their throats bulged as they shouted. No one laughed at anyone. Instead, they felt like the more effort they put into shouting, the more manly they were.

The cheering grew louder and louder until it practically drowned out the sound of their battle.

Within the crowd, Xia Yunchong watched the young cultivators shouting as loudly as they could as if they had been given drugs. He found it almost inconceivable.

Even the reserved men of Grand Xia would start shouting in the streets like this? He couldn’t believe it.

Countless people were drawn over from farther away. The aura of the battle was covered by the formations, making it difficult to spread farther. But this cheering spread far and wide.

Even the seventeenth princess, Xia Youluo, hadn’t thought she would possess such a great skill in rallying supporters. The countless cheers made even her blood heat up a bit.

She attacked all-out, but the Bloodkill Hall expert had ignited his Yuan Spirit and was overdrafting his life. Xia Youluo was actually being forced back slowly.

“Hey, are you just going to shout? Hurry up and help!”

As Long Chen watched the scene from the air, he suddenly received a spiritual message from Xia Youluo.

“Me? But I can’t beat him!” Long Chen was surprised. She was the Grand Xia’s princess, and countless experts were watching. Why didn’t she ask them for help instead?

“If they interfere, what about my face? Hurry up. I need you to stall him a bit. He’s not letting me unleash any big moves,” said Xia Youluo.

“How long will it take you to store up energy? I won’t be able to stall him for too long. Let me tell you, if you let me die, it’ll become an unwashable stain to the Grand Xia,” warned Long Chen.

Long Chen hadn’t expected this princess to be so powerful and obstinate. She actually didn’t want other experts interfering in her battle. But Long Chen also didn’t want to expose his trump cards. However, without using them, facing a Soul Transformation expert would be courting death.

“Stop wasting words. I just need you to stall him for a few breaths. Furthermore, you’re not permitted to tell anyone that I asked for help,” said Xia Youluo.

Long Chen muttered to himself, “Why does it seem like all the benefits will be going to you, and I’m simply forced to keep your secret?”

“Fine, I’ll just keep it confidential.” Long Chen simply wanted an important figure of the Bloodkill Hall to die in order to vent. As for other benefits, he didn’t particularly care. “Divine ring, Four Star Battle Armor!”

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