Chapter 1175 Battle in the Ancient Capital

Long Chen didn’t dare to be careless against a Soul Transformation expert. He slashed Blooddrinker out, unleashing a huge saber-image. Right now, he didn’t have the Dragon Tiger Heavenly Explosion Pill’s effect multiplying his power, and he would be at an immense disadvantage against a Soul Transformation expert. But the reason he dared to attack one of the Bloodkill Hall’s strongholds on his own was naturally because he had something else he could count on.

Long Chen repeatedly unleashed dozens of saber-images that crashed against the Bloodkill Hall’s Soul Transformation expert’s sword. Heaven-shaking explosions rang out.

Just one slash of the Soul Transformation expert’s sword shattered all his saber-images, but because of the saber-images’ power, the Soul Transformation expert’s locking power faded, and Long Chen regained his freedom.

“You damn brat, I’ll tear you apart limb by limb!” roared the Soul Transformation expert. His hair was standing on end, his eyes were red, and he looked insane. Right now, he needed to suppress the turbulent spiritual yuan inside his body while also fighting Long Chen. His combat power was less than a third of his peak. And with his aura out of his control, he couldn’t lock down his opponent.

Otherwise, if a Soul Transformation expert unleashed their immense pressure, a Foundation Forging disciple like Long Chen would find themself unable to move and be instantly killed. But now, he needed to spend a great deal of effort just to go toe to toe against Long Chen.

Most hateful of all, because he had been startled right at the critical moment when he had been attacking the next barrier, his aura was completely chaotic, and there were signs it was starting to go completely out of his control.

“Old idiot, what are you screaming for? Your Bloodkill Hall has been targeting me for many years, but did I ever shout like this? Grow up a bit. All I did was take the initiative to attack you first this time,” sneered Long Chen.

Long Chen could already tell what was going on with this elder. Originally, he had been thinking of running, but now it seemed he didn’t need to.

Long Chen repeatedly unleashed saber-images to keep his opponent back. He refused to face him head-on and kept on sending Saber Qi as he dodged.

“He’s from the Bloodkill Hall?” Several people in the crowd saw through some clues.

“The Bloodkill Hall actually dared to stay within Grand Xia City? Are they trying to be killed?”

“Eighteen hundred years ago, the Bloodkill Hall assassinated one of the Grand Xia’s princes. At that time, the Grand Xia announced that any of the Bloodkill Hall’s people found in their territory would be put to death.”

The spectating people couldn’t help but discuss things as Long Chen fought against the Bloodkill Hall’s Soul Transformation expert.

The little alley they had first appeared in had long since been destroyed. But the surrounding buildings were protected by powerful formation runes, and despite the two of them unleashing Saber Qi and Sword Qi, their attacks actually rebounded on contact with the buildings.

This was the Grand Xia’s powerful foundation. Each of their ancient buildings was protected. They were incredibly difficult to destroy. Furthermore, the ancient buildings were linked to the imperial palace’s grand formation. If the buildings were attacked by supreme experts, the grand formation would activate, and then even a Soul Transformation expert would be unable to damage them, unless that Soul Transformation expert possessed a divine item.

As for someone like the Bloodkill Hall’s Soul Transformation expert, let alone in his current state where his power was just a third of what it was normally, he wouldn’t be able to damage the buildings even in his peak state.

“Who is that youngster? What terrifying battle senses and experience!”

Long Chen and the Soul Transformation expert were so fast that it was almost impossible to track them with the naked eye.

The Bloodkill Hall’s expert’s moves were refined and vicious, as well as strange and crafty. There were many times when he would launch a sudden attack from Long Chen’s blind spot which made the spectators’ hearts shiver.

“Although the Bloodkill Hall is a group of shameful people, their assassination arts are truly supreme. Even though he’s fighting head-on, he still has such crafty moves that could easily catch a person off-guard and kill them,” sighed another Soul Transformation expert.

More and more people were coming, and even the Soul Transformation experts were moved by the battle.

These assassin's moves were different from ordinary people’s. Each of them was deadly, and sometimes several of his moves would be a continuous death trap. Just watching him fight made people’s hearts pound.

If they weren’t personally watching, no one would dare to believe there could be such sharp and terrifying killing arts.

And yet, no matter how sharp his moves were, no matter how crafty his attacks were, Long Chen would dodge them with the Lightning Body Blink. Lightning runes revolved around him as he always just narrowly dodged his opponent’s killing blows.

Quite a few people were watching while sweating profusely for Long Chen. It looked like Long Chen was dancing on the tip of a blade. He might die at any moment.

But Long Chen’s expression was still indifferent, and there wasn’t the slightest fear or panic in his eyes. He moved smoothly like the clouds in the air or water flowing in the river. He advanced and retreated, attacked and defended without the slightest awkwardness. That indifferent expression made people’s scalps numb, but it was also exciting to watch.

“Do you only know how to run?!” roared the Bloodkill Hall expert. He had attacked Long Chen multiple times only to be skillfully evaded by him. Long Chen refused to face him head-on, infuriating him endlessly.

He already knew that he would die today. Now that the Bloodkill Hall’s secret stronghold had been exposed, considering their enmity with the Grand Xia, it would be very difficult for him to run.

But before dying, his only desire was to kill Long Chen and remove a scourge with limitless potential for the Bloodkill Hall.

News that Bloodkill 19 had failed and instead been killed by Long Chen had already reached the headquarters of the Bloodkill Hall. Right now, Long Chen was classified as their number one target. Considering how even some outer workers could recognize Long Chen, it could be seen just how great Long Chen’s fame was in the Bloodkill Hall.

This secret stronghold’s purpose had been to keep watch over the Grand Xia’s movements. The Bloodkill Hall also offered to sell some information in addition to assassinating people.

This was the Bloodkill Hall’s specialty. That was because assassinating a person required knowing their status, cultivation base, strengths, habits, etc. They would even go through their family history.

So selling information was also an important business of the Bloodkill Hall. But for them to have established a secret stronghold right within Grand Xia City was a huge slap in the face to the Grand Xia Ancient Nation.

But these assassins were also smart. They were profoundly aware of what it meant to hide within the dark beneath the light. They established themselves right in the imperial capital, and no one except Long Chen had sensed them for hundreds of years.

“Do you have any face left? Could it be that all your years of cultivation were spent on thickening your skin? You are a Soul Transformation expert and yet you’re attacking me, a mere Foundation Forging rookie. That’s innately shameful. Moreover, you’re actually unable to do anything to me, and so you use psychological warfare against me, a junior who is not even a fraction of your age. I, Long Chen, started cultivating quite a few years ago, but I’ve never seen someone as shameless as you,” cursed Long Chen.

Long Chen could see the huge problem with his opponent, and he knew continuing to exhaust him was the best option. However, Long Chen hadn’t expected him to be so shameless as to goad him into fighting head-on against him. Was he joking?

The distant spectators also looked at him oddly. The fellow Soul Transformation experts had helpless expressions.

This Bloodkill Hall expert had lost face for them as fellow Soul Transformation experts. But then thinking about it, they supposed attacking people from behind was the natural habit of the assassins of the Bloodkill Hall. For their goals, they didn’t care about the methods, and that was why the Bloodkill Hall was held in great contempt by most people.

Being assassins in itself wasn’t a fault, but they simply had no bottom line at all. That was what was despicable.

At this time, a handsome man in violet robes was escorted over with a group of experts. He appeared to be around twenty-five years old, and he was currently watching Long Chen’s intense battle against the Bloodkill Hall’s expert.

“Your highness, should we go and capture the Bloodkill Hall’s expert? They really go too far,” said a middle-aged man beside that man.

“There’s no need. Let’s just watch for a bit. I’m very interested in this Long Chen.” That man shook his head.

This man was the Grand Xia’s eighth prince, Xia Yunchong. The people around him were his guards, and two of them had reached the Soul Transformation realm.

Other than the guards, a white-haired elder was standing beside Xia Yunchong. This elder’s eyes had been closed in meditation this entire time, as if nothing in the outside world could interest him.

“Master, what do you think about this Long Chen?” asked Xia Yunchong respectfully.

Only then did the elder open his eyes. Shockingly, his eyes were completely turbid like an old man’s. And yet, they also seemed to contain a certain primal energy.

The elder looked at Long Chen’s figure. The turbidness in his eyes gradually faded like dirty water was being purified. The elder slowly said, “I cannot see through him.”

After saying that, the elder closed his eyes once more. But then he said one last thing.

“Do your best not to offend him.”

Xia Yunchong and the guard were all startled. Just who was this Long Chen to obtain such a terrifying appraisal?

It had to be known that this elder was Xia Yunchong’s Dao-protector. He was an incredibly powerful existence, and yet he was unable to give an evaluation of this youth in front of him? And in the end, he even told them not to offend him!

“Master…” said Xia Yunchong.

The elder’s eyes were still closed as he cut him off. “The world’s countless existences exist within the Heavenly Daos. But there are a few existences that cannot be spoken of!”

“Disciple understands!” Xia Yunchong’s heart shook and he hastily bowed.

The elder nodded and no longer spoke. His eyes were still closed as if he was meditating. He didn’t possess the slightest aura, and if you weren’t looking at him, you might not even be able to sense his existence.

“Bloodkill Hall, how brazen of you! Do you think my Grand Xia has no one who can handle you?!”

Just as Long Chen was fighting the Soul Transformation expert, a beautiful figure appeared in the air.

“Why would she come here?” Xia Yunchong couldn’t help but frown.

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