Chapter 1174 Bloodkill Hall Stronghold

“Hey, watch where you’re going! You bumped me!” Long Chen walked forward quickly and ended up bumped by someone on the road. As a result, he stumbled back, crashing into a wooden-faced man.

“What are you talking about?! You’re the one who bumped into me!” raged the person who Long Chen had bumped into. But then sensing Long Chen’s aura, he swallowed his curses.

Long Chen was at Foundation Forging, while he was just at Sea Expansion. Long Chen was one full level higher, and this person had no powerful backer.

“What am I talking about? I’ll tell you what! I’m advancing straight forward, but you came from that doorway and turned left! I’m going straight, but you’re turning left. Just who is blind…” Long Chen began to solemnly scold the person.

At this time, Long Chen’s appearance had already been changed by some medicinal extract. When he had crashed into the second person, he had thrown out a tiny bit of colorless, odorless powder that had stuck to the wooden-faced person.

As Long Chen scolded the person who had bumped into him, he used his soul to keep watch over the second one. This person suspiciously looked around after Long Chen had crashed into him. For a moment, he stared at the petty little marketplace person who Long Chen seemed to be, he directly left.

“Left turners have to yield to people going straight, understand?! What? You don’t understand?! Fine, I’m too lazy to argue with you. This can count as my compensation.” Seeing that the wooden-faced person had already left, Long Chen tossed a medicinal pill to the person he was arguing with and vanished.

“Don’t run! What are you talking about, you’re clearly the one who bumped into me. And do you think I care about your compensation? Don’t think some money… what the fuck? A nine-ring Foundation Building Pill?! It really must be nice having money… Hey, don’t go just yet! Brother, do you want to keep bumping into me?” Seeing the Foundation Building Pill, he immediately tried to suck up to Long Chen, but he had long since vanished.

Long Chen used some faint fluctuations to follow the wooden-faced man from a distance. He knew that he was an assassin from the Bloodkill Hall.

Having been targeted by them for a long time and after interacting with them for so long, the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art would automatically sense them once they got close, whether or not they wanted to kill him.

That was why Long Chen had used a secret method to place a mark on him without anyone being the wiser. This mark couldn’t possibly be sensed by others, because it was made from the primal chaos space’s soil and dust. Only Long Chen could sense it.

“Hm? How sly, he’s starting to loop around.” Long Chen suddenly stopped because he sensed something was wrong.

He decided to hide in a teahouse and drink tea. He sensed the assassin loop around the surroundings five times before walking in a certain direction.

“He didn’t sense me. It’s just a professional habit.” Seeing him pay attention to all the surrounding people, Long Chen knew he was making sure no one was following him.

In the end, he entered a narrow alley that eventually led to a casino. Inside, there were countless people.

“These shameful people actually used a casino to hide their identity?” Long Chen smiled coldly. He wiped off his disguise, revealing his true face, and also walked in.

“Sir, do you have an appointment, or are you just dropping in?” As soon as Long Chen walked in, an enthusiastic woman came to greet him, one wearing very revealing clothes.

The makeup on her face was practically as thick as a copper coin, and just speaking caused the make-up powder to fall. But the most exaggerated thing was the slit in her dress. Most dresses would only show the lower leg. Even the women in brothels would only show their upper leg at most. But the slit in her dress continued all the way to her armpit.

She looked to be in her thirties, and she was not a cultivator. This casino was very low-end. It catered to some low-level cultivators and gamblers. A person’s youth never returned, and these people had no choice but to rely on gambling to make money. It wasn’t easy for them.

“I’ve come to find someone. You can busy yourself.”

Long Chen tossed her ten gold coins, delighting her. As for the hired thugs guarding the door, seeing that Long Chen was this generous with his money and didn’t seem like he would cause trouble, they ignored him.

Long Chen was suddenly struck by the stench of alcohol, sweat, and feet. As he advanced, he quickly saw a man look at him with shock. That man suddenly extended a hand to touch the wall.

A blood-colored saber cut off his arm. His hand had been just a few inches from touching a button on the wall, but it fell to the ground.

Quite a few people in the casino screamed and ran. The first thing they thought was that someone had come to destroy the casino.

That person immediately slammed his other hand toward the button, but as a result, the blood-colored saber once more slashed out, cutting off his other arm. This button was used for ringing the alarm.

Long Chen lazily rested Blooddrinker on his shoulder. “Let me give you an idea. If you don’t have your arms, you can try it with your head.”

The reason Long Chen had exposed his true face upon entering the casino was because he had wanted to accurately tell who was from the Bloodkill Hall. He knew that any members of the Bloodkill Hall had to recognize him.

The facts proved that he was right, because this person was only at the Blood Condensation realm. He hadn’t sensed anything from him because he wasn’t even a real assassin. He could only count as an outer worker of the Bloodkill Hall and hadn’t cultivated in the Bloodkill Hall’s assassination arts.

A berserk expression appeared in that person’s eyes, and his throat suddenly bulged as he prepared to shout. However, he didn’t succeed. Blood splashed through the air.

“In your next life, don’t get brainwashed by others.” Long Chen shook his head. He pointed a finger at the bodiless head. Taking advantage of when his soul had yet to scatter, he completed an instantaneous soulsearch.

Long Chen walked along the wall and found a side door. Entering, he saw a passage that led outside. It looked like an ordinary back door.

But on the wall of this passage, from a place where the gamblers in the casino had no clear line of sight, Long Chen pressed down three times. A door suddenly opened in the wall. This stone door seamlessly blended into the wall. Even if you were to look carefully, you wouldn’t be able to tell it existed without opening it.

Once he walked in, the stone door immediately closed. The path in front of him continued downwards. With Blooddrinker on his shoulder, Long Chen continued onward through the underground passage.



One of the Bloodkill Hall’s disciples just happened to be walking out from further in when he saw Long Chen. He only got one word out before being killed. A Foundation Forging expert fell just like that.

“Who’s there?!” The disturbance immediately caused an alarm, and quite a few people came out from deeper in the passageway.

Long Chen raised his left hand and pointed his finger. Lightning arrows shot out.

Those Bloodkill Hall disciples had no ability to dodge within this narrow passageway. They were all blown apart.

“All you’re capable of is sneak attacking people from behind. In a head-on fight, you’re just pigs,” sneered Long Chen.

Suddenly, a fierce astral wind attacked Long Chen. This attack should have come from a King.

“Split the Heavens 3!”

BOOM! The underground passageway collapsed. A berserk energy raged through the exploding ground, and it was unknown how many of the Bloodkill Hall’s experts were killed without even knowing what was going on.

The sudden explosion of the ground and powerful auras startled all of Grand Xia City. Countless experts rushed over to see what was happening.

The ruins exploded, and one of the Bloodkill Hall’s Kings charged out. Before he could even understand what was happening, a lightning arrow struck his body, causing it to explode.

Suddenly, a bolt of light stabbed toward Long Chen’s back. As for Long Chen, he was still standing with Blooddrinker resting on his shoulder.

Just at this moment, a hand covered in green scales caught the sword aiming for his back. The Bloodkill Hall’s King’s expression changed. He pulled several times but was unable to retrieve his sword.

Suddenly, his sword began to shine with blinding light.

“Are you an idiot? Do you think I’d just stand here and let you activate your King item?” Long Chen sneered, hacking Blooddrinker down and killing the King.

The King didn’t even have a corpse after Blooddrinker struck him. In truth, this move of Long Chen’s had been very evil.

He had intentionally forced the King into despair and then left him time to activate his King item. And just as he did, Long Chen attacked, making it so the King had no idea whether he should continue or abandon his weapon and flee. Caught in his indecision, he was killed easily.

At this time, countless experts stood in the surroundings, looking at Long Chen with shock.

He dared to fight in Grand Xia City? Did he not want his life? It had to be known that it was forbidden to use force in Grand Xia City. Not even flying was permitted.

The thing that shocked them the most was that Long Chen was clearly at the early Foundation Forging realm, but he had killed a King so easily and without even batting an eye.

The runes below exploded, and a miserable figure shot out. It was a white-haired elder with an aura that surged turbulently.

“A Soul Transformation expert!”

The experts drawn over were shocked. A Soul Transformation expert was a Hall Master-level expert, but outside of sects, people called them according to their realm. These people were shocked to see this expert’s aura fluctuating extremely intensely.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, it seems I’ve disturbed your seclusion. My sincere apologies.” Long Chen apologized without the slightest sincerity as he looked at the expert’s aura that was constantly jumping up and down out of control.

“Long Chen- pfft!” The elder was startled to see that it was Long Chen, and he ended up directly coughing up blood.

He had been in seclusion attacking a barrier when Long Chen’s attack had disturbed him. Being forced out of his meditative state almost caused his cultivation base to flare out of his control. He had almost died.

“Die!” The Bloodkill Hall’s Soul Transformation expert roared and stabbed his sword into the sky. An ear-piercing sound rang out as he slashed his sword at Long Chen.

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