Chapter 1173 Not Seeing Her (Teaser)

Long Chen quickly arrived at a border town with a transportation formation.

But this was just a minor transportation formation. He sat through three similar transportation formations as well as one major transportation formation before arriving at the Grand Xia Ancient Nation’s imperial capital, Grand Xia City.

The transportation formation brought him outside the city. The guards here had already reached the Foundation Forging realm, and their leader was a King.

After paying the transportation formation and showing his identification badge again, he finally managed to enter.

Once he was in Grand Xia City, he was filled with shock. It was truly worthy of being one of the Central Plains’ four grand ancient nations. With a diameter measuring in the tens of thousands of miles, it was filled with countless soaring buildings that were both grand and luxurious, while also being simple and refined.

The most shocking thing to Long Chen was that each one of these buildings had countless formation runes on them that released immense pressure. Just any random building had terrifying defensive...

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