Chapter 1171 Grand Xia Ancient Nation

Long Chen realized that his jade tablet said that he was currently within the Grand Xia Ancient Nation.

Within the Central Plains, there were countless sects and tens of thousands of ideologies of the Dao. But there were four special powers, the four ancient nations. The Grand Xia Ancient Nation, the Grand Han Ancient Nation, the Grand Zhou Ancient Nation, and the Grand Chu Ancient Nation.

These four nations had inheritances that could be traced all the way back to the immortal era. The four grand ancient nations were terrifying existences, with their own profound foundations and powerful divine items protecting their karmic luck.

Most importantly, the four ancient nations controlled vast swathes of land. Their population was immense, and they also had plentiful natural resources. No single sect could compare to them.

So even if the Central Plains was dominated by sects, the four ancient nations were still titans. They were different from sects, and they still retained an imperial regime.

Each ancient nation possessed a terrifying foundation that made it so even an enormous existence like the Xuantian Dao Sect wouldn’t want to provoke them.

The Grand Xia Ancient Nation was located in the eastern part of the Central Plains. Their territory was as large as over ten prefectures in the Eastern Wasteland.

As for where Long Chen was, he was just on the edges. This actually delighted him, because Zheng Wenlong had told him that the original devil race’s stronghold was located within the Grand Xia Ancient Nation’s imperial capital.

“I wonder whether Yue Xiaoqian is there? I better go take a look.” Long Chen started rushing deeper into the Grand Xia. But after crossing two huge mountains, he came to a shocked stop.

In front of him was an unending mountain range, and there were multiple layers of light around it. It clearly indicated a formation.

But that was simply insane. Was the Grand Xia’s entire border covered by a formation? Just how much did it cost to maintain such a thing every day?

“Newcomers who want to enter the Grand Xia’s realm, come register with your identity badge!” Within the mountain range was a large city gate, and there was an expert shouting on top of it. He had clearly seen the distant, dumbfounded Long Chen.

“Even a door watcher is a Sea Expansion expert? This Grand Xia’s foundation has to be insane.” Long Chen was filled with shock.

“Please show me your identity badge.”

Long Chen arrived in front of the gate. The gate defender saw that Long Chen was a Foundation Forging expert and immediately became a bit more polite.

Long Chen handed over his Xuantian Dao Sect’s badge. That person checked, waving it over a stone tablet. Words immediately appeared on the stone tablet: Xuantian Dao Sect core disciple, Long Chen.

Long Chen had never known that this badge had such a use. It could actually be used to enter the ancient nations.

“No wonder you have reached the Foundation Forging realm at such a young age. So you’re a core disciple of the Xuantian Dao Sect. Forgive me for my rudeness.” Envy immediately appeared in this person’s eyes, and his cautious expression relaxed.

“You’re too courteous. I was just lucky to get this status,” said Long Chen.

“Brother Long, is your trip to my Grand Xia for pleasure or business?” asked the guard upon seeing Long Chen was easy to talk to.

After all, Long Chen was a Foundation Forging expert and a core disciple of the Xuantian Dao Sect. To a border guard like him, just talking to Long Chen for a bit would be enough for him to brag about to his fellows.

“The sect’s cultivation techniques are too dull, and my Hall Master said my Dao-heart isn’t steady enough. He ordered me to go wander around to stabilize my Dao-heart. I heard that the Grand Xia’s scenery is beautiful with countless famous mountains and great rivers, heavenly treasures and magnificence, people of great honor and heroism. In terms of inheritance, you’re the top of the four ancient nations. That’s why I came to admire your learning and culture,” said Long Chen politely.

“Brother Long is truly worthy of being a core disciple of a famous sect. Each of your words is like a gem. And you’re right to come to my Grand Xia, its culture is definitely the most profound out of the four ancient nations. There are countless historical sites where you can appreciate the culture. It’s not like a certain nation that learned our inheritance and then shamelessly said that it came from their own nation. Truly shameless to the peak.” A touch of disdain appeared on the guard’s face.

“Brother, could it be you’re talking about the Grand Han Ancient Nation?” probed Long Chen with surprise.

“You also know of their shamelessness?” Now it was the guard’s turn to be surprised.

“Hehe, I’ve heard a bit about it,” chortled Long Chen.

He hadn’t just heard about it. He had personally experienced an old bastard from the Grand Han Ancient Nation threatening to kill his entire family when he had been about to kill Han Zhenyu.

“Brother, do you have the time to have a drink with this little brother? If it’s not too much trouble, could you tell me about what happened with the Grand Han? I’m very curious how they could be so shameless,” said Long Chen.

“Hehe, for brother Long, it’s no trouble at all. It just so happens my shift is about over. I’ll find someone to replace me. Just wait a moment, I’ll treat you to some wine.” The guard sensed Long Chen’s hostility toward the Grand Han and was delighted, immediately treating him as a friend.

He ran to tell his subordinates to send another expert. That expert took over for him, while he and Long Chen entered the city. There was a tavern not far from them.

This was just a small city. It might even be more accurate to describe it as a town. It was only ten miles wide, but it wasn’t like an ordinary border town. Although it was small, it wasn’t desolate. In fact, it was the opposite. It possessed the feeling of home, as if anyone who came would feel like it was their hometown, allowing them to feel at peace.

No signs of battle or struggle could be seen so far. There weren’t even any scars or vestiges of such a thing, meaning this little city had never even been attacked.

It was simple, yet grand and elegant. Long Chen learned that the guard’s name was Qi Hao, and he was one of the guard captains of this region.

“Brother Long, how is this wine?” Qi Hao gave Long Chen a bowl of wine.

Looking at it, Long Chen said, “The fragrance is rich and mellow. It is delicate, yet it lingers in the air for a long time, allowing a person to reflect over it. The craftsmanship that went into this wine is extremely complicated. From picking out the ingredients, to drying, fermenting, brewing, purifying, and aging it. Each step was done meticulously. Just this one bowl of wine is enough for me to feel the depths of the Grand Xia’s culture. It really is amazing.”

Long Chen was not faking his praise. As an alchemist, as soon as he took a taste, he could not only tell its composition, but he could also infer the craftsmanship that went into it.

His previous praise for the Grand Xia had been pure nonsense. He didn’t know anything about it, so how could he admire it? He had just been going through the motions.

But after tasting this wine, he was deeply moved. The world was truly huge, and all professions had their own inheritances.

For the wine that trickled down to a rural town like this to be so refined was almost inconceivable to him. The craftsmanship that had gone into it was not at all inferior to refining pills.

“Hahaha, brother Long is truly a cultured person, worthy of being a core disciple of the Xuantian Dao Sect.” Qi Hao gave Long Chen a thumbs-up.

“Brother Qi Hao, I have something I’m curious about,” probed Long Chen.

“Go ahead.”

“The reason this wine is so good isn’t just because of the craftsmanship or ingredients. The majority of the reason is because of the winemaker. The winemaker had a completely devout heart when making it. When I drank it, I could feel a special kind of energy spreading through my body. I don’t understand this,” said Long Chen.

Qi Hao’s jaw dropped, and he looked at Long Chen with shock for a long time before being able to speak again. “Brother Long, you really are a monster. You were able to sense that?”

Long Chen was also startled. “Are you saying… it’s a kind of inheritance?”

“Yes, this wine is something I obtained for my services the last time I went to the imperial capital. Due to my contributions, I was awarded two jugs. At that time, I drank one jug with my brothers, while I was never willing to drink the second. It’s only because I sensed an immediate familiarity with you that I brought it out. Let me tell you, this wine is something made by the disciples of my Grand Xia’s Wine God Palace. It’s never sold on the market no matter how much money you have. It’s only given to the Grand Xia’s people and a few precious guests so they can taste it.”

When he spoke of the Wine God Palace, a reverent expression appeared on Qi Hao’s face.

“Are you saying there is an inheritance of the Wine God within the Grand Xia? The Wine God truly exists?” asked Long Chen. But as soon as he said that, he realized he had misspoken and continued, “I’m not trying to question you, but I find it hard to imagine the existence of immortals and gods. I’m not trying to be rude to your god.”

Gods related to faith, and sometimes one bad word would cause a life and death battle between believers. For devout believers, as soon as someone questioned their god, they would consider it the greatest insult.

“Don’t worry, I’m not a member of the Wine God Palace. In truth, I also don’t know if the Wine God exists. But if you go to the imperial capital, you absolutely cannot say such a thing in front of the Wine God Palace’s people. If you question their faith, they’ll immediately turn hostile. Although the Wine God Palace’s disciples don’t like fighting, arguing and fighting against them until you’re red in the face is meaningless. Furthermore, if you offend the Wine God Palace, you won’t be able to taste their fine wine. Brother Long, my position is extremely low, so this wine was made by disciples in training. They don’t even have a title, so this is naturally the lowest grade wine. I heard that the inner disciples and the core disciples can make wine that will bring a person boundless benefits.

“The Wine God Palace’s disciples are cultured and refined. They don’t usually incur hatred. You’ll be fine as long as you don’t take the initiative to provoke them. Also, with your status, you might be able to come into contact with the imperial princes and princesses in the capital. At that time, there’ll be plenty of fine wine for you to drink. Ah, speaking of which, don’t forget me at that time. I wouldn’t mind if you gave me a couple jars of good wine to enjoy.” Towards the end, Qi Hao’s eyes began to shine and he was almost drooling, making Long Chen smile.

Long Chen continued to drink two bowls of wine with Qi Hao. He carefully sensed the profundities within it. He found that the meticulous skill that went into making it was definitely comparable to a magical art.

Although this wine actually had many blemishes because it was made by a novice, its taste was still flawless to an untrained tongue. Sensing the profound arts that went into it, Long Chen was filled with praise. He suddenly had a thought.

“Can the Wine God Palace refine medicinal wine?”

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