Chapter 1170 Recovering from Injuries

Cloud rapidly flew through the air. Long Chen was feeling weaker and weaker, as though his body was about to break down. His head was about to explode.

This wasn’t due to an injury, but the side effect of the Dragon Tiger Heavenly Explosion Pill. It had given him immense power, but in exchange for that power, he had to pay back a debt.

Long Chen was in extreme pain. The divine life elixir was unable to alleviate it, as this was no ordinary injury. This could be considered a Dao injury.

After forcibly extracting energy from heaven and earth, he had to pay it back, and that process was excruciating enough to make someone wish they were dead.

When he had used the Dragon Tiger Heavenly Explosion Pill, he hadn’t had any energy left in his body. That worsened his current condition. The Heavenly Daos were extracting back their energy from Long Chen, but he didn’t have the energy to be extracted. So now it felt like some strange energy was causing all the cells in his body to wither as it extracted their energy.

“Damn heavens, this energy was something I obtained through my own abilities, so why should I have to return it?!” Long Chen roared furiously inside. But he had no way to resist the extracting of the Heavenly Daos.

Pain wracked his body, and he felt like millions of needles were piercing through every inch of his skin. The pain was indescribable.

This was different from his heavenly tribulations. This was something he couldn't do anything about. He could only clench his teeth and endure. Furthermore, he couldn’t even faint even if he wanted to.

With Cloud’s speed, they ended up somewhere Long Chen didn’t even know about after rushing for eight hours. He finally had Cloud find a place to descend.

Long Chen saw that they had appeared on top of a deep valley. He found a random cave and had Cloud guard the outside. Enduring the pain, he began refining pills.

But due to the pain, he couldn’t focus. He failed three times before finally succeeded with one pill, and it was just a seven-ring high grade pill.

He immediately swallowed it, and the medicinal energy quickly spread, cutting off his sense of pain. He finally felt a bit better.

“That price really was crazy. Fortunately I escaped, or wouldn’t I be crushed like a dog now?” Long Chen still felt some lingering fear. The Dragon Tiger Heavenly Explosion Pill’s power had been even greater than he had expected. This was the result of it being nourished for countless years.

Its power had increased and so had its side effects, but Long Chen could only endure. This medicinal pill only allowed him to block out a portion of the pain.

With his Pill Sovereign memories, Long Chen knew that this kind of phenomenon was very normal. He couldn’t forcibly use medicinal energy to block the Heavenly Daos from extracting energy from him, or it would just worsen his Dao injury.

“Cloud, can you find the way back?” Long Chen took out a jade tablet. It indicated his current position, and it also indicated another position, which was the Xuantian Dao Sect.

This jade tablet was a map containing millions and millions of miles of terrain. However, right now, it was merely able to show an arrow pointing to where the Xuantian Dao Sect lay. The two of them were so far apart it was unable to accurately say where the Xuantian Dao Sect was exactly.

Cloud let out a bird cry, telling Long Chen that it could use its spiritual connection with Meng Qi to find where she was. It would be easy to get back.

“Good, then you go back. Tell Meng Qi and the others that I’m safe and fine, but for now, it’s not convenient for me to go back,” said Long Chen.

Cloud let out a quiet bird cry.

Long Chen smiled slightly. “Don’t worry, I’ll just recuperate here for a few days, and once I’m recovered, I’m thinking of taking a trip to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. If I still didn’t go, it would be improper of me.”

Only then did Cloud spread its wings, vanishing from Long Chen’s sight. Once Cloud was gone, in order to be extra careful, Long Chen flew on his own for over two hours before jumping into a river. Following its flow and concealing his aura, he arrived at the bottom of a waterfall. Creating a cave in the back of the waterfall, he lived there for seven days.

Long Chen spent those seven days lying on the ground without the slightest energy. He barely had the energy to breathe.

He didn’t struggle at all. He simply let the Heavenly Daos extract energy from him continuously during this time. Finally, after the seventh day, that feeling disappeared.

At this moment, an explosive sound came from his body. Each of his cells became like hungry wolves, crazily devouring heaven and earth’s energy.

Long Chen also took out yuan spirit stones and absorbed their energy. Unfortunately, he didn’t have that many yuan spirit stones left. He only had a couple hundred thousand. Because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from using them all, he had distributed the rest amongst the others.

Regretfully, the energy within a couple hundred thousand yuan spirit stones was only enough for him to half-recover.

Sensing that he had recovered to fifty percent, Long Chen finally sighed with relief. The feeling of being weak wasn’t a good one. Now, even if he did run into enemies, he would have some confidence.

Long Chen didn’t immediately go out after this. He continued recovering, because it wasn’t just him who needed to recover. Lei Long and Huo Long also needed time, because they had used up all their energy in the last battle.

Meng Qi and the others had waited anxiously for three days before Cloud finally returned. Hearing that Long Chen was fine raised the spirits of the Dragonblood Legion.

When the Xuan Master heard that Long Chen was temporarily not coming back, he couldn’t help but shake his head. He understood Long Chen’s intentions. He was worried about causing trouble for the Xuantian Dao Sect, and he didn’t want them to be everyone’s target.

That made the Xuan Master feel vexed. As the master of his sect, he wasn’t even able to protect his disciple.

Last time, he had been besieged by four powerful experts, and it had been Long Chen who had consecutively killed the Hall Master-level experts, reversing the tides. If it hadn’t been for that, Liu Cang wouldn’t have been able to come help him, and there would have been no chance for them to get away.

Through this battle, the Xuan Master realized Long Chen had too many variables about him. He was fundamentally not someone he could control.

However, knowing that Long Chen was fine allowed him to relax. Considering his methods and intelligence, he shouldn’t end up at a disadvantage in any ordinary circumstances.

In fact, sometimes it might even be safer for Long Chen to be on his own, because when others provoked him, he could just laugh it off, but when others insulted the people by his side, he would immediately explode.

“Xuan Master, the Martial Heaven Alliance had issued a summons. I’ll make a trip there tomorrow.” Liu Cang held a golden card in his hand.

“I’ll go instead. You’re lacking the sharpness to face those shameless fellows.” The Xuan Master shook his head. Liu Cang was a calm and careful man. He was very meticulous with how he handled things, but he was lacking the domineering and aggressive aspect necessary to handle this.

“But if you personally go, wouldn’t it lower the Xuantian Dao Sect’s prestige?” Liu Cang wasn’t so sure this was the best idea.

“That’s fine. Don’t we have our own trump cards? First, we’ll slap their face, then we’ll show them our cards.” The Xuan Master smiled faintly.

Not long after the Xuan Master left the Xuantian Dao Sect, a piece of shocking news spread. The defensive region of the Xuantian Dao Sect in the eastern sea had been the grounds of a Righteous and Corrupt path battle.

The Xuantian Dao Sect had captured a large number of the Corrupt path’s experts and had even captured one of their sect masters. This news shook the entire Righteous path.

It had to be known that such a figure from the Corrupt path had not been slain in thousands of years. Furthermore, he had been captured alive this time. The Xuantian Dao Sect shocked countless Righteous sects.

Other than this, there was an even more shocking piece of news. According to the rumors, the Xuantian Dao Sect was home to a monster suspected to be a Heaven-Seizer. He was not a Celestial, but his combat power was limitless, and he fought across realms as easy as harvesting melons.

When the ancient races, the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, the Pill Tower, and the Heavenly Fate Pavilion in the Grand Han Ancient Nation had tried to capture him, he had fiercely struck back, continuously killing Kings.

Then with a pill that stimulated his potential, he had inflicted serious damage on multiple Soul Transformation experts, and in the end, several of them had died. This news astonished countless sects.

With the Martial Heaven Alliance as a mediator, the Xuan Master met with the leaders of the four great powers. Xuan Jizi firmly testified that Long Chen was a Heaven-Seizer. He brought up all kinds of suspicious points, his saliva flying from his incessant torrent. The ancient races, Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, and the Pill Tower all backed his testimony.

The Xuan Master had directly sworn using his name as the master of the Xuantian Dao Sect that if Long Chen was actually a Heaven-Seizer, he would immediately disband the Xuantian Dao Sect.

With such a serious guarantee, the opponents had no idea what to say.

The Xuan Master was telling them very directly not to try talking about theory or suspicions. He guaranteed that Long Chen was not a Heaven-Seizer, and if he was wrong, his sect would immediately vanish like smoke in the wind.

That even stunned the Martial Heaven Alliance’s people. As the leader of the Xuantian Dao Sect, Li Tianxuan couldn’t possibly say such a thing carelessly.

Furthermore, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s reputation was very good in the Martial Heaven Alliance. Quite a few experts in the Alliance respected the Xuantian Dao Sect greatly.

Seeing that Li Tianxuan dared to make such a promise immediately caused the people who stood by the Xuantian Dao Sect’s side to warn the ancient races and Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect not to wrongly accuse an innocent person.

Because Li Tianxuan had taken out the Xuantian Dao Sect’s future as his stakes, this matter ended up becoming extremely serious. If the ancient races, the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, and the Pill Tower wanted to continue saying that Long Chen was a Heaven-Seizer, they would also have to put up equal stakes.

In other words, Li Tianxuan was gambling with them, with the Martial Heaven Alliance being the one to enforce it. If Long Chen was a Heaven-Seizer, then the Xuantian Dao Sect would immediately vanish from this world. But if Long Chen was not a Heaven-Seizer, then the ancient races, Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, and Pill Tower could not brush it off with just a sorry. To put it frankly, this was forcing them to put their money where their mouths were. If they were so confident Long Chen was a Heaven-Seizer, then come and gamble.

As a result, the ancient races, Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, and Pill Tower didn’t dare to say anything. This problem had become too big, especially to the expert representing the ancient races.

He was nothing more than a member from one race amongst the ancient races, and he was not even the leader of that race. If he went along with this and swore Long Chen was a Heaven-Seizer, then the ancient race alliance would lose all its prestige if he was wrong. He would also be kicked out from the ancient race alliance.

In front of such a terrifying gamble, his confidence wavered. Let alone him, even Xuan Jizi was dumbfounded. He didn’t dare to gamble like this either.

If in the end, Long Chen was proven not to be a Heaven-Seizer, then their three powers would be disbanded, and they would probably chase him to the ends of the earth as vengeance. Perhaps Xuan Jizi wasn’t afraid of the others, but the Pill Tower could still kill him. Even Heavenly Fate Island wouldn’t protect him from Pill Valley.

With a single sentence, the Xuan Master struck a brilliant slap across all four faces. He exchanged the Corrupt experts he had captured with the Martial Heaven Alliance for an ocean’s worth of resources and returned.

As for the Martial Heaven Alliance, its decree was that since the four great powers didn’t dare to gamble and say that they were sure, then all their people that had died had perished for nothing, and they also had to pay the Xuantian Dao Sect for their losses. In the future, they were not to find trouble with Long Chen, or the Martial Heaven Alliance would stop them.

The four of them could only leave, looking like they had just swallowed a basin of dogshit. This result was completely out of their expectations.

A few days after this event took place, Long Chen finally exited his seclusion. Having fully recovered, he activated his jade tablet to check where exactly he was. He couldn’t help being surprised.

“I ended up here?”

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