Chapter 1169 Shameless Plot

Seeing Xuan Jizi’s shoulder was pitch-black like charcoal, everyone sucked in a cold gasp of air.

“Do you see? This is the backlash from just trying to read Long Chen’s fate once. Half my body exploded, and the parts that regrew have been cursed, making them like this,” said Xuan Jizi hatefully.

He had lived for many years, but he had never encountered such a situation. In truth, the regrown parts of his body would feel like needles were stabbing them every few hours, tormenting him.

When Xuan Jizi thought about this, he was infuriated. Back then, he hadn’t really been calculating Long Chen’s future, he had just been calculating his position. But just that had almost cost him his life.

If he had tried calculating his future, there probably wouldn’t be the slightest speck of his bones left. That made Xuan Jizi extremely uneasy and terrified.

Xuan Jizi was an extremely vile person. While he roamed around the world, whenever he noticed geniuses being born, he would secretly plant a Dao-seed within them as a baby.

This slave-heart Dao-seed was extremely evil. It extracted a Celestial’s Heavenly Dao energy and gave it to him. He was like a leech, constantly using this secret art to absorb energy from others for his own cultivation.

In the beginning, he had been very careful. He only placed the slave-heart Dao-seed in a few ordinary Celestials. But as his status rose, his confidence inflated. Using his status, he began targeting the more talented babies.

The greater the talent of the baby, the more likely they were to be part of a large sect or ancient family. He could use his status to win their trust. It was very convenient.

Furthermore, even after a thousand years, no one had noticed any clues about his slave-heart Dao-seeds. That made him more and more brazen, and he gradually became completely unbridled.

Since he often went around to the large sects to tell fortunes for people, he was able to encounter many talented babies. Nowadays, he was too lazy to bother keeping track of the ordinary babies he placed these slave-heart Dao-seeds on.

It could be said that Hua Shiyu was actually an exception. Someone had revealed to him that the Hua family had a Dao Seeking King Jade. That wasn’t something useful to others, but for Xuan Jizi who peered into the heavens, it was a good supplementary tool.

When he had rushed over the Hua family, he had seen Hua Shiyu who had been born not long ago. Seeing that her talent was extremely good, he had directly revealed his status. While reading Hua Shiyu’s fortune, he had stealthily placed the slave-heart Dao-seed.

Then he had used Hua Shiyu to extort the Hua family for their Dao Seeking King Jade. But the Hua family had refused, infuriating Xuan Jizi.

He said Hua Shiyu would have three tribulations in her life, and her lifespan would not surpass twenty-three. The three tribulations were something Xuan Jizi had read in her fortune, while her limited lifespan was what he himself had decided.

Those who had his slave-heart Dao-seed within them had their life and death within his hands. In order to make people revere him more, he would occasionally make a divine calculation that someone was imminently about to die.

But this time, he had run into Long Chen. Xuan Jizi was full of regret over this matter. Just why had he been so stupid as to threaten Long Chen at that time?

If he had simply allowed Long Chen to remove the slave-heart Dao-seed, then things would have been fine. The Hua family wouldn’t dare to try and blame him for it. Most importantly, there was no proof. No one would have been able to do anything.

But Long Chen was different. After his failure of calculating Long Chen’s position had cost him half his life, an intense feeling of unease had filled his heart. He felt like things were about to turn sour for him. If Long Chen transmitted this information about him, he would fall from grace. That was why he said that Long Chen was a Heaven-Seizer.

Long Chen’s growth was truly bizarre and similar to a legendary Heaven-Seizer. Adding in how domineering he was and his vicious methods, Xuan Jizi felt like accusing him of being a Heaven-Seizer was the best option.

“Just like Daoist Xuan Jizi said, Long Chen is a Heaven-Seizer. We should immediately initiate the Righteous path’s arrest warrant and kill him at all costs,” said Ma Xingkong.

“No, he had some kind of powerful treasure that shields him from the mysteries of fate. Due to my close friendship with brother Dan Teng, I invited him over from the Pill Tower… you understand!” Xuan Jizi looked at them.

His meaning was clear. Long Chen definitely had to die, but he didn’t want more people to know of this. Xuan Jizi had already invited the elder from the Pill Tower to be the judge of this matter.

In other words, whatever benefits could be gained from Long Chen’s body would go to him. They couldn’t even think about fighting over them.

Ma Xingkong and the ancient race expert immediately nodded with comprehension. It was no wonder the Pill Tower would interfere in this matter.

Dan Teng smiled toward the two of them. “Although my Pill Tower will carry out this matter, we are still grateful for your assistance. After all, you two already have a well-known relationship to Long Chen and the Xuantian Dao Sect. Furthermore, I, Dan Teng, will swear on the Dan family that whatever benefits I gain, I will not forget the two of you.”

“Ah, who cares about benefits? As long as you, Dan Teng, say the word, my Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect would not frown to walk into wind or fire.” Ma Xingkong patted his chest sincerely.

Ma Xingkong could easily tell that Xuan Jizi had tied his fate to Dan Teng. In this world, probably only the Xuantian Dao Sect would be stupid enough to go against the Pill Tower. Others weren’t so stupid. Having a good relationship with the Pill Tower would definitely maximize the benefits for the sect. Furthermore, the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect already had a good relationship with the Pill Tower, so expressing his sincerity toward this matter was a must.

“I always support this. I hope that brother Dan Teng might be able to help us with medicinal pills in the future,” said the ancient race expert.

“Don’t worry, once this matter is over, I definitely won’t disappoint you.” Dan Teng was very forthright. In truth, he was a very crafty person, and although his words sounded grand, he didn’t give an exact promise on anything.

The four of them quickly made an agreement. As long as they put in effort into testifying that Long Chen was a Heaven-Seizer, it would quickly gain momentum. If anyone asked for proof, they could be vague. They wouldn’t say there was proof and they wouldn’t say there wasn’t, but they would be sure once Long Chen was killed.

If Long Chen was here, he would definitely point at their noses and curse, “Are you stupid? Xuan Jizi already said that he received a backlash when he tried calculating my fate. Now he’s saying that I have a precious treasure shielding me from the readings of fate? If I was screened off, how did he learn anything? And if he didn’t read my fate, what about the backlash?”

But it had to be said that Xuan Jizi truly had some ability to be able to dupe Dan Teng. And Dan Teng was someone who possessed enough power to make Ma Xingkong and the ancient race expert cooperate.

“What are we supposed to do when the Martial Heaven Alliance investigates?” asked Ma Xingkong worriedly.

“There’s no need to fear. The Martial Heaven Alliance might be powerful, always strict, and impartial, but there are many things that they require proof for. It’s very inconvenient for them. We’ll just stall them, saying that we suspect Long Chen is a Heaven-Seizer, but as for the proof, we’ll give it to them later. Since I come from Heavenly Fate Island, they won’t want to offend me. Although I’m one hundred percent certain Long Chen is a Heaven-Seizer, without taking off the treasure shielding him from the readings of fate, I cannot prove anything.

“My guess is that the Martial Heaven Alliance still won’t be able to do anything to us even if they want to stand up for the Xuantian Dao Sect. After all, there are too many oddities with Long Chen’s growth that no one can explain.

“In the end, each side will be standing on the side of reason. Although the Xuantian Dao Sect took some losses, compared to you three, those losses are insignificant. All we have to do is maintain our story that we came here to capture Long Chen in order to protect the innocents. If the Xuantian Dao Sect had simply handed him over, none of this would have happened. But instead, they viciously attacked us with their blades. That was clearly wrong, as we had the neutral Pill Tower present who only wanted peace. The Xuantian Dao Sect clearly attacked because they felt guilty. In this way, the Xuantian Dao Sect will be the one with the greater responsibility for this matter. Let’s see if they dare to try anything against us now,” sneered Xuan Jizi.

Everyone’s eyes brightened. With the way Xuan Jizi had put it, their actions had instantly landed on the side of reason. As long as they maintained that they had ‘invited’ Long Chen over to investigate him, but had instead met a fierce slaughter that felt like the Xuantian Dao Sect had wanted to kill them to keep them quiet, they were most certainly on the right side. After all, four of their powers combined were far stronger than the Xuantian Dao Sect, and so their word counted for more.

“Fuck, our losses this time are huge. That brute Long Chen and his subordinates are so vicious. Who would believe that he isn’t a Heaven-Seizer?!” Ma Xingkong was filled with hatred as he looked at the few remaining experts by his side.

The ancient race expert was also filled with hatred. He didn’t know how he was supposed to explain this matter once he got back. Their losses were immense.

Fortunately, through this matter, he had ended up creating a deeper relationship with the Pill Tower. Hopefully that would make up for the losses.

A blazing burst of light came from the Xuantian Dao Sect’s Xuantian Tower. It connected with a ray of light in the air and a large group of people in the plaza. The Xuan Master had linked the Reincarnation Mirror with the Xuantian Tower to transport everyone here.

“Xuan Master, my boss…” shouted Guo Ran.

“Long Chen will be fine. With the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow’s speed, and considering they don’t have any carrier divine items, it’s impossible for them to catch up,” comforted the Xuan Master.

In the beginning, the Xuan Master also hadn’t been able to tell it was a Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow, but he had realized it after it had devoured a Hall Master-level expert’s Yuan Spirit.

To have such terrifying power at just the eighth rank, it could only be a legendary Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow.

Furthermore, the powerful pressure it had emitted after advancing to the ninth rank had allowed many of the powerful experts to realize its identity.

That made the Xuan Master bitterly smile. Long Chen truly hid his trump cards well, and they were each more terrifying than the last. He was truly worthy of being a Heaven-Defier.

“All inner sect disciples should go back and rest. Starting today, the Xuantian Dao Sect is sealing its borders. No disciples are to go out,” ordered the Xuan Master. The Xuantian Dao Sect had truly stuck itself out this time for Long Chen, and it would most likely cause an immense commotion. They had to be careful now.

“Xuan Master, what should we do?” asked Liu Cang.

A bright light appeared in the Xuan Master’s eyes, and he smiled slightly. “That Xuan Jizi is afraid the news that he placed a slave-heart Dao-seed on Hua Shiyu will become public. That’s why he stubbornly insists Long Chen is a Heaven-Seizer, in order to kill the only one who can testify.”

The Xuan Master had asked Hua Shiyu about this on the way back, and so he was clear on the causes of this matter.

“So it’s Heavenly Fate Island! We can’t provoke them!” Liu Cang’s expression changed.

“There is nothing in this world that can’t be provoked. It just depends on how you do it. My guess is they’ve already started crying thief and went to the Martial Heaven Alliance. But that’s fine, they merely have the brains of a three-year-old child. They’re not worth being afraid of,” said the Xuan Master disdainfully.

However, what happened today caused the Xuan Master to feel a bit of helplessness. His plans had all gone smoothly for many years now, with everything in his control. But when it came to Long Chen, he had miscalculated. He had never expected four great powers to attack together today.

The Xuan Master looked into the distance. Perhaps he now finally understood why Long Chen didn’t like scheming.

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