Chapter 1168 Continuous Reaping

Time moved slowly. Long Chen’s saber tore through the large hand coming toward him.

That hand was cut in two as though it was as weak as tofu. Even after going through it, the saber’s power hadn’t weakened at all. It landed right on the Hall Master-level expert.

BOOM! What shocked everyone was that this expert from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect had his defenses cleanly cut in two, and Long Chen’s saber reached his body, instantly causing his body to explode.

How could they not be shocked? Long Chen was actually so terrifying that he was able to kill a Hall Master-level expert!

Long Chen vomited blood. It dyed his whole body red, and bones were revealed in some places.

His current power was so great that his body was unable to bear it. The stronger the move he used, the greater the burden on his body.

However, he didn’t care. He circulated the primal chaos space’s life energy, instantly healing all of his injuries.

“Brat, how dare you destroy my physical body?! Die!”

Suddenly, a translucent figure appeared in the air. Runes revolved around it, and it charged at Long Chen. It waved a staff in its hand.

“What?!” The Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples let out startled cries. What was that translucent figure?

“Be careful, that’s his Yuan Spirit. It’s also extremely powerful!” shouted Li Changfeng. He wanted to go help, but he was entangled with three experts and couldn’t escape.

“So what? This time I’ll destroy your Yuan Spirit.” Long Chen snorted and raised Blooddrinker, preparing to attack once again.

But suddenly, a rainbow-light flashed by, and a large mouth like a black hole swallowed the Yuan Spirit.

“Cloud, you can’t eat that!” Long Chen was shocked. That was an existence above a King, and it couldn’t just be randomly eaten. But it was already too late. Cloud had already swallowed the Yuan Spirit into its stomach.

Cloud suddenly began to shine, and a terrifying pressure erupted from its body.

Long Chen and Meng Qi’s hearts both clenched. They were afraid Cloud would explode.


An explosive sound rang out, and runes raged through the air. A terrifying and berserk aura soared out.

“What?!” When the runes faded, a huge figure appeared. It was fifteen hundred meters long.

Cloud was enveloped by terrifying runes. Its golden eyes seemed to blaze as if they could see through space. It was incredibly majestic, like a true divine steed.

“It advanced?!” Long Chen’s heart shook. Previously, from devouring so many ninth rank sea demons, Cloud had already reached the peak of the eighth rank.

He hadn’t expected it would directly advance to the ninth rank after devouring the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s expert’s Yuan Spirit. Now that it had advanced to the ninth rank, it was incredibly terrifying.

“Cloud, kill the Kings as quickly as possible!” shouted Long Chen. He wasn’t worried about Cloud fighting Kings now that it had advanced to the ninth rank.

It just so happened that there were two Kings who were attacking Cloud with their King items. Cloud spread its huge wings, slamming them toward those two.

Their two King items were sent flying, while the King items’ masters were turned into bloody mist by terrifying astral winds.

“Not good, the Dragon Tiger Heavenly Explosion Pill’s effect is almost up.”

Long Chen suddenly found that the Dragon Tiger Heavenly Explosion Pill’s energy had reached its limit. Its effect was starting to fall.

This kind of pill activated rapidly, but its effect passed quickly as well. Furthermore, once its medicinal effects disappeared, he would be left in an extremely weak state.

“Split the Heavens 4!”

Long Chen rose into the air and attacked one of the experts fighting Liu Cang. That Hall Master-level expert was appalled and hastily blocked it with his weapon. Space exploded, and he was blown back, vomiting blood.

Just at that moment, the prepared Liu Cang slashed out his sword, killing him. Not even his Yuan Spirit escaped.

“This really is addicting. That’s already the second.” Although Long Chen’s body almost exploded because of this immense power, he was filled with excitement.

He wanted to draw out more life energy from the primal chaos space to heal, but he saw the Iron Spruce Oaks had already withered. He suddenly thought of the divine life elixir.

Drinking a mouthful of it, his injuries completely recovered. At this time, the dragon and tiger images in his eyes began to fade.

“One more!” Long Chen raised his saber. Now that there wasn’t much time left, Long Chen clenched his teeth and gathered all his remaining energy. “Split the Heavens 4!”

This time, Long Chen’s attack covered over half the battlefield. His saber-image fell, enveloping seven experts on the level of Hall Masters.

BOOM! Four of them were from the ancient races, and they shot back, vomiting blood. The other three were not so fortunate, because they were from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect. Furthermore, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s experts fighting them wouldn’t give them any chance to get away.

As a result, the three of them were killed, with only their Yuan Spirits fleeing. But those Yuan Spirits were immediately devoured by a large mouth.

Cloud seemed to greatly enjoy the taste of Yuan Spirits. With its innate talent, killing Yuan Spirits seemed to be exceptionally simple. Once Yuan Spirits were in its stomach, they would be no more than food.

“Heavens, boss is mighty!” Guo Ran and the others couldn’t believe their eyes. Long Chen’s one attack had resulted in three Hall Master-level experts dying, and the other four being injured.

But after this attack, Long Chen became covered in cracks. He almost exploded. He hastily gulped down mouthful after mouthful of the divine life elixir.

“Die!” Just as Long Chen was recovering, an ancient race expert attacked Long Chen from behind. He was a Hall Master-level expert.

At this time, Long Chen’s eyes were dim, and the dragon and tiger images had faded. The Dragon Tiger Heavenly Explosion Pill’s effect had come to an end, and a wave of weakness washed over him. He was powerless to dodge.

“Now! Dragonblood Laser Sword!”

Guo Ran suddenly shouted, and all the warriors of the Dragonblood Legion suddenly began to shine. More accurately, their armor was shining. There was a thumb-sized crystal at the center of their chests.

Those crystals began to shine, and over thirteen thousand rays of light shot out, condensing into a huge sword of light in the air.

Before anyone could react, this sword shot out at an unbelievable speed. The ancient race expert attacking Long Chen exploded on contact.

“Nice job everyone!” praised Guo Ran.

Back when Long Chen had asked Guo Ran how the armor forging had been going, Guo Ran had said he had gone back to tweak things. One of the reasons was because of this collective move, the Dragonblood Laser Sword.

This move was something he had spent unimaginable time and effort on. After much research, he had developed a way to gather all the energy of the Dragonblood Legion’s warriors and gather it into one ultimate attack.

This was their first time using it. Previously, they had done a few small experiments, but they hadn’t used it at its full power. That was because using this move would instantly draw out all their energy. Unless they had no choice, they wouldn’t use this move.

But now that they had, it revealed itself to be a stunning move capable of shocking the heavens and making gods and ghosts weep. A Hall Master-level expert had been killed in one blow. Furthermore, the ancient races had weaker Spiritual Strength, making it so his Yuan Spirit was destroyed as well.

This move shocked everyone, filling the Dragonblood Legion’s warriors with pride. Their power also couldn’t be disregarded.

“Long Chen, quickly run!” Suddenly, Long Chen received a message from the Xuan Master. He sensed many powerful auras rushing in this direction.

Long Chen understood the Xuan Master’s intention. Right now, the Xuantian Dao Sect had already taken the advantage on the battlefield. As long as he left, everyone would be safe.

“Cloud, we’re leaving!” Long Chen jumped onto Cloud’s back. Runes appeared on its wings, and it transformed into a seven-colored ray of light that instantly disappeared over the horizon.

Seeing Long Chen leave, the Xuan Master suddenly pressed a finger on his forehead. Blood dripped off his finger as he drew a complicated image in the sky. His face paled slightly as he did. Clearly, whatever he was doing came at a price for him.

Immortal qi appeared within the diagram, and it was sucked away by the Reincarnation Mirror. Its light exploded, and the ancient race expert, Ma Xingkong, the Pill Tower expert, and Xuan Jizi were blown back by its power.

The Reincarnation Mirror’s light enveloped all the members of the Xuantian Dao Sect, and they suddenly disappeared. Li Tianxuan’s voice echoed throughout the air. “I, Li Tianxuan, will remember today. The mountains and rivers do not forget, and we have a long time to settle our debts.”

“Damnit!” Ma Xingkong cursed. He and the others had tried to stop them, but they had been one step too late.

The ancient race expert’s expression was also dark. While the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s losses had been the worst, his weren’t much better. Three of their Hall Master-level experts had died, and almost a hundred Kings had fallen.

The Pill Tower’s side was lucky; their losses were easy to calculate. They hadn’t come with many people, and now only one of them remained.

Just at this time, space trembled as countless ancient race experts appeared. The ancient race expert had let out a call for reinforcements, so all the nearby ancient race experts had come. But they were too late.

“Let’s chase Long Chen,” suggested someone.

“It’s useless. That bird, it should be a legendary Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow. Its speed is incomparable, and with such a huge head start, we can’t possibly catch up.” Someone immediately shot down that idea.

“It’s a Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow? Good, then I’ll report this to the Xuan Beasts. Once they learn that the Xuantian Dao Sect has been harboring a traitor of the Xuan Beasts, I wonder what they’ll do?” The ancient race expert smiled sinisterly. Today, Long Chen had completely solidified the enmity between him and the ancient races. He had killed far too many of them, and it was a slap in their faces.

“Daoist Xuan Jizi, can you calculate Long Chen’s position?” asked Ma Xingkong.

“It’s impossible. He’s a Heaven-Seizer, and if I directly try to calculate anything about him, I will be killed by the heavens. Just take a look at what happened when I tried to calculate his future...” Xuan Jizi revealed his bare shoulder, causing everyone to suck in a cold gasp of air.

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