Chapter 1167 Unleashing the Fourth Form of Split the Heavens

“Protect the disciples! Kill the incoming enemies!”

Liu Cang shouted and flew out. A single hand unleashed a wave of light that killed several of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s Kings.

But he had only just started attacking when he was surrounded and blocked by six Hall Master-level experts. They began a fierce fight.

Liu Cang was originally just a Hall Master. Although he had used a Life Star Bead to advance to the Life Star realm, his combat power was unable to fully match a true Life Star expert. Fighting one against six was his limit.

The various Hall Masters also attacked. They all knew this wasn’t the time to talk. This had to be settled through fighting, through putting their lives on the line.

Fortunately, Liu Cang managed to stall six of the enemies’ Hall Master-level experts on his own. The other Dao Sect’s Hall Masters ended up in a one against one situation. The battlefield maintained a tentative balance.

The Hall Master-level experts were equally matched. But their opponents had four times the number of Kings. In just the first moment, several of the Dao Sect’s Kings were killed.

“What should we do?” Seeing this chaotic scene, the Martial Heaven Alliance’s people didn’t know what to do. They had never thought this group of people would start fighting here.

“There’s no way around it, we have to go report it quickly.” The leader also had no idea how to handle this. He couldn’t deal with something on this level, so he could only go and get help from the higher-ups.

Long Chen took a deep breath. After the healing disciples’ full efforts at restoration, he had recovered to about thirty percent. Holding Blooddrinker, he charged out of the Reincarnation Mirror’s protective zone.

As soon as he did, he felt space constantly twisting around him, making him extremely uncomfortable. Disciples with weaker cultivation bases would be ground to dust within this twisted space.

Without the Reincarnation Mirror’s protection, over half of the disciples would die within just a few breaths.

“Kill!” Long Chen summoned his divine ring. Four stars revolved in his eyes, and green scales covered his body.

“Long Chen, meet your death!” Dozens of Kings immediately went to attack Long Chen.

One of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s Kings raised his staff. But before he could even start his chanting, an azure light flew past, killing him.

That was Cloud’s attack. Meng Qi stood on Cloud’s back, and forming hand seals, Spiritual Strength exploded out of her. A golden phoenix flew out. That was her soul item, and it transformed into millions of flying swords that shot at the Kings.

Meng Qi’s spiritual barrage affected quite a few Kings. They only realized the danger once her soul item reached them. By then, it was already too late.

Her soul item pierced through their heads, exterminating their souls. Over a dozen Kings were killed in one blow.

“Kill that girl!” cried someone as he shot at Meng Qi.

Buzz. He had only just moved when sword-light flashed. Another King was killed, cut in two.

The sword-light had only just flashed when wind blades filled the air. They shot amongst the Kings and then shockingly exploded. Miserable screams rang out as several people were killed. The others were almost blown to pulp.

“They’re too strong! Stop holding back and activate your King items!”

King items could only be activated by those with a Jade Core. Activating them was one of a King’s strongest moves, and it was also their last trump card.

Activating a King item required an incredible amount of spiritual yuan. Even a King with their Jade Core could only activate a King item for one attack.

“Die!” One of the Kings activated his King item. His copper staff blazed with light, and he smashed it at Yue Zifeng.

Space crumbled around the staff. A King item’s power contained immense pressure that made it impossible to dodge.

BOOM! Just at this moment, a huge club smashed into the staff, releasing a heaven-shaking explosion.

Wilde took the King item’s attack head-on. Blood dripped out of his hand, but with his powerful physical body, he managed to block that terrifying attack.

Instead, it was the attacking King that received a powerful backlash. Both his arms exploded. His own staff ended up smashing into his body, killing him.


One of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s Kings had just blocked one of Gu Yang’s attacks when a golden arrow pierced his defenses and killed him.

Guo Ran was still within the light of the Reincarnation Mirror. He had taken out a crossbow and was using special armor-piercing arrows. Whenever he saw an opportunity, he would launch a sudden attack on the Kings. As long as it was a good opportunity, the Kings would be killed in one blow.

Guo Ran mostly targeted the Kings of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect. Once their defenses were broken, they were just trash. Their weak physical bodies were as fragile as a porcelain bottle.

Only rank six Celestials were able to fight within the powerful pressure outside. Rank five Celestials would find themselves unable to move, and rank four Celestials would very likely instantly die. They could only watch.

Long Chen fought with his saber valiantly. He killed seven Kings in a row, but his spiritual yuan was almost exhausted.

Tang Wan-er and the others were also stuck in a bitter battle. There were too many enemies. More and more of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s Elders were dying.

Suddenly, Long Chen saw two figures crash together. The two of them exploded at the same time, dying in mutual destruction.

“Elder Sha!”

One of them was precisely the taciturn, seemingly numb Elder Sha who had brought Long Chen and the others from the Eastern Wasteland. He had actually fallen here.

“Boss, quick, go support sister Meng Qi!”

Long Chen was in the midst of fighting three Kings when he heard Guo Ran. He suddenly saw that Meng Qi was entangled with four Kings. Cloud was doing its best to strike back at them, and it was covered in blood. Danger surrounded them.

“Brat, do you know why we’re not in a hurry to kill you?” One of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s Kings that was fighting Long Chen smiled sinisterly.

Long Chen’s pupils shrank, and he suddenly thought of the problem. Their goal was to kill him. Once he was dead, everything would be resolved. But they didn’t go all-out to target him.

That meant they didn’t just want to kill him, but they wanted to use him as an excuse to kill all the Xuantian Dao Sect’s experts.

“Thanks for your reminder. To thank you, I will give you a painless death.”

A medicinal pill suddenly appeared in Long Chen’s hand. He popped it into his mouth, and it instantly dissolved. A berserk energy exploded out of Long Chen’s body.

Suddenly, the roar of the dragon and tiger rang out of Long Chen’s body. His pores were completely opened, and his body became covered in blood. The roar grew louder and louder as if an azure dragon and a white tiger were roaring above the nine heavens.

Long Chen slashed his saber, and a terrifying saber-image blew through the Kings he was fighting despite their defenses.

In a flash, Long Chen appeared beside Meng Qi. He destroyed one of the Kings’ runic defenses with a punch, and then another punch caused that King from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect to explode. The other three were sent flying by his saber.

Long Chen suddenly raised his head and roared. A terrifying aura crashed against the sky.

The divine ring behind Long Chen now had a faint image of an azure dragon and white tiger within it. In that instant, Long Chen’s exhausted spiritual yuan suddenly reached full capacity.

What Long Chen had devoured was the Dragon Tiger Heavenly Explosion Pill he had obtained in the Immemorial Path. This pill could instantly raise a person’s power by several times. Even exhausted spiritual yuan could be instantly restored by forcibly drawing energy from heaven and earth.

Furthermore, the most terrifying thing about the Dragon Tiger Heavenly Explosion Pill was that it raised a person’s strength based on their latent talent. The more talented the person who consumed it was, the greater the power that would explode.

If Long Chen had consumed the Dragon Tiger Heavenly Explosion Pill back then, it wouldn’t have had such a huge effect like this. Now, even his skin had broken apart from the berserk energy exploding out of him.

This power was something his physical body couldn’t tolerate. It was like a dragon and a tiger were fiercely fighting within his body. His power was still crazily rising.

At the same time, his immortal platforms were overloaded. Cracks had appeared on his body. His power had been raised to a level that even he couldn’t bear.

That showed just how terrifying his potential was. Currently, he was still unable to bear that power.

“KILL!” A dragon and a tiger appeared in Long Chen’s eyes. This was a sign that the Dragon Tiger Heavenly Explosion Pill had reached its full effect. He shot toward one of the experts fighting Tang Wan-er.

With a single slash of his saber, that person instantly exploded. Long Chen’s power had been forcibly raised to the point that even Kings were killed in one blow.

He crazily rushed around. No Kings were able to stand up to his power. They didn’t even have the chance to run.

“Kill Long Chen!” Over twenty Kings immediately abandoned their current opponents to charge at Long Chen.

Previously, they had received orders not to be in a hurry to kill Long Chen and to instead focus on the rest of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s people. Otherwise, once Long Chen was killed, the battle would be over, and they wouldn’t have an excuse or chance to kill the others.

But now Long Chen was crazily killing their Kings, and someone finally gave the order to kill him.

“Split the Heavens 3!” A huge saber-image soared into the sky. It was now ten times larger than it had been before.

BOOM! Over thirty Kings were killed in one blow, shocking all the experts fighting.

“Hmph, and you said you weren’t a Heaven-Seizer! To be so vicious at such a young age, you need to be killed now!”

Suddenly, a cold cry rang out, and a hand that filled the heavens slammed toward Long Chen. In that instant, it felt like the world had frozen. A Hall Master-level expert had actually attacked Long Chen.

“Split the Heavens 4!” Long Chen’s eyes were icy-cold. A quarter of his immortal platforms had all their energy sucked dry. Blood poured from all of his pores, but his expression was still calm as he slashed his saber down.

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