Chapter 1166 Experts Fight

Although the beast tide was one of the best opportunities to temper their disciples, the sects all had a second line of defense. They definitely wouldn’t allow the sea demons to slaughter the innocent commoners.

Behind the primary defensive line was a second line. But if the primary defensive line composed of the disciples was not able to stop the sea demons and the second defensive line was used, the sect would lose its qualifications to defend that region.

The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect and the ancient race expert had been waiting to hear news of the annihilation of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples. But what had awaited them was news of the annihilation of their own disciples. Hence, they had immediately rushed on over here.

“Ma Xingkong, the reason I came here was just for you. Let’s talk about justice,” said the Xuan Master coldly.

“You? You want to talk to me about justice?!” raged Ma Xingkong, practically unable to believe his ears.

“Correct. You sent people to entice Gao Xianyang in an attempt to kill all my Dao Sect’s disciples. Furthermore, the master behind the scenes was actually the Corrupt path. I suspect that you’ve colluded with the Corrupt path,” said the Xuan Master.

“Bullshit! How could I collude with the Corrupt path?!” Ma Xingkong was infuriated, not even caring about his status and bursting into cursing. This infamy was not something he could let stand.


Just at this time, another group of people appeared. They wore grey robes with a special design on their chests. It was an immortal character: alliance.

This was the mark of the Martial Heaven Alliance. They did not belong to any sect, but were a power elected from all the Central Plains’ Righteous path’s sects. They were in charge of the entire Righteous path in the Central Plains.

Only seven of them had come, and the leader was only at the Hall Master level. But he still strictly shouted, “Why have you all come here?!”

“Someone colluded with the Corrupt path to kill my Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples, so I came here to counter them. I’ve captured many members of the Corrupt path, but as for why the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect and ancient races would come here, you’d have to ask them,” said the Xuan Master lightly.

Although the Martial Heaven Alliance’s people didn’t have powerful cultivation bases, they represented the Martial Heaven Alliance. The Xuan Master had to personally reply.

“We… we…” Seeing the Martial Heaven Alliance’s people looking at them, Ma Xingkong didn’t know how to reply.

“We were drawn over by the disturbance of the battle here.” In comparison, the ancient race expert wasn’t so intimidated. The ancient races only had a somewhat allied relationship with the Martial Heaven Alliance. They were not controlled by them.

The ancient races had their own alliance, and it was neutral in the fight between the Righteous and the Corrupt path. But to get more profits, they split the mission of defending the sea, so they also had to follow a few of the rules of the Martial Heaven Alliance.

“Then since the beast tide has ended, everyone can come over to the alliance headquarters. As you are all masters of your own sects, I don’t dare to make any rash decisions. Come with me.” The expert from the Martial Heaven Alliance also felt this matter was too big for him to handle. He just needed to report it. In truth, he didn’t want to offend any of these people.

“Hold on a moment!”

Suddenly, a sharp cry rang out and a group of people rushed over. The Xuan Master’s eyes narrowed. These people were actually experts from Pill Tower, and one of them he recognized as the one who had caused trouble in the Xuantian Dao Sect.

Being interrupted, the Martial Heaven Alliance’s expert’s expression changed, and he was just about to scold them when he saw they were from the Pill Tower. He swallowed his curses and said, “Do you have any advice?”

Behind the Pill Tower was Pill Valley, and they were also not within the scope of the Martial Heaven Alliance’s administration. In fact, there were many things that the Martial Heaven Alliance needed Pill Valley’s cooperation for, so he had no choice but to be a bit more courteous.

“I wouldn’t dare to presume such a thing. But I have something huge I have to tell everyone. I rushed day and night just to report it.” The elder of the Pill Tower looked at Long Chen.

Long Chen’s heart skipped a beat. He had a bad feeling. Just at this moment, another elder appeared behind the Pill Tower’s expert. He wore Daoist robes and his hair was rolled up into Daoist’s bun. He looked like he possessed quite the transcendent manner.

“It’s you!”

Long Chen and Hua Shiyu cried out at the same time. This elder was precisely the one from the Heavenly Fate Pavilion who had placed the sorcery in Hua Shiyu’s body.

“I am Daoist Xuan Jizi, the master of the Heavenly Fate Pavilion within the Grand Han Ancient Nation. A few days ago, I was reading the stars and sensed great turmoil in the Central Plains. After a few calculations, I found that there is a Heaven-Seizer who has started to rise in revolt, bringing a calamity to all lives,” said Xuan Jizi with a grand transcendent air.

Long Chen was infuriated. This despicable bastard had actually chased him down here in order to frame him.

Heavenly Fate Island was an extremely powerful existence even in regard to the entire continent. Although it wasn’t as terrifying as Pill Valley, due to their abilities to peer into the secret workings of fate, everyone had to be respectful to them, and no one dared to offend them.

“Who is this Heaven-Seizer?” Mo Xingkong seemed to suddenly comprehend something.

“It’s this person. The murderous aura on his body is extremely heavy as a result of stealing heaven and earth’s fortunes, taking the lives of others in order to raise his own cultivation base. He is a Heaven-Seizer.” Xuan Jizi pointed to Long Chen.

“What nonsense! Long Chen is a disciple of my Xuantian Dao Sect. He has many friends who he cares deeply about. How could he be one of those solitary Heaven-Seizers that are the bane of others’ existence?!” Now, even the Xuan Master was infuriated. This was clearly bullshit. He was clearer than anyone else about whether or not Long Chen was a Heaven-Seizer.

The Xuan Master didn’t know why this person would want to frame Long Chen. He just assumed that Pill Tower was trying to make things hard on him and so they colluded with this person from the Heavenly Fate Pavilion. He didn’t know that this was because Long Chen had gotten rid of Xuan Jizi’s sorcery. Moreover, Long Chen had found out one of Xuan Jizi’s secrets, and thus forced him to come here.

“Hmph, I am a disciple of Heavenly Fate Island’s inheritance, the master of my own Heavenly Fate Pavilion. How could I randomly spout nonsense? Just how much do you think you know about Heaven-Seizers? Long Chen clearly is a variant amongst Heaven-Seizers. He simply has some kind of treasure that shields him from fate. Otherwise, how could someone who is not even a Celestial possess such immense power?” sneered Xuan Jizi arrogantly.

In reality, Xuan Jizi had been shielded from Hua Shiyu’s fate, and when he had tried to read Long Chen’s fate, he had almost lost his life. He had received a heavy backlash from the Heavenly Daos that had caused half his body to explode.

It was only because he had reacted fast enough that he hadn’t died. As soon as he had sensed the backlash, he had hidden his Yuan Spirit.

Long Chen brought him a sensation of grave terror and unease. He had started going through the people he had once placed some kind of sorcery on, and as a result, he had found Hua Shiyu.

But Hua Shiyu’s fate was still hidden from him, so he had begun to calculate the fates of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s other disciples. That was easier, and that was what had allowed him to find Long Chen’s position.

He had rushed straight toward the eastern sea. His goal was to completely eradicate Long Chen and Hua Shiyu. On the way, he had gathered quite a bit of information about Long Chen.

He didn’t dare to try reading Long Chen’s fate again, so he began to try reading the fates of other people. That was how he ended up finding out that the Xuantian Dao Sect had just had a conflict with the Pill Tower.

At that time, he had come up with a plan to announce that Long Chen was a Heaven-Seizer and that he had powerful treasures on him. In order to remove a scourge from the heavens, he asked the Pill Tower to help, and in the process, conveniently get rich.

Pill Tower naturally wouldn’t refuse such a good thing. They could eliminate Long Chen and pressure the Xuantian Dao Sect in one move.

This didn’t have the slightest drawback for them. In any case, they had Xuan Jizi to testify that Long Chen was a Heaven-Seizer. Even if he was falsely accused, they were just accomplices.

When the time came, Long Chen would be dead, and all the blame would be pushed onto the Heavenly Fate Pavilion. This was completely beneficial to the Pill Tower.

Even if the truth was revealed in the end, all they would have to do was announce that it was one of their random workers who had ended up believing Heavenly Fate Pavilion’s slander. By pushing all the blame onto the worker and killing them, things would be easily settled. By saying this matter was all that person’s fault and had nothing to do with the Pill Tower, they would be able to maintain their dignified position in the Central Plains.

“Do you see? Li Tianxuan, the master of divining Daoist Xuan Jizi can guarantee that Long Chen is a Heaven-Seizer. Do you have anything else left to say? We’re going to capture Long Chen right now, and we’ll see if you have the guts to become enemies with the entire world. Everyone from the Martial Heaven Alliance, you’ve also seen this. This matter is too big for you to handle.” Ma Xingkong immediately stretched his hand out toward Long Chen.

Ma Xingkong didn’t recognize the collusion between Xuan Jizi and the Pill Tower. But he knew one thing: now he could openly kill Long Chen.

The Xuan Master sent out a palm, forcing Ma Xingkong back. He shouted, “Don’t deliberately slander others. I, Li Tianxuan, will use my own head to guarantee that Long Chen definitely is not a Heaven-Seizer. Vicious liars! Do you think that my Xuantian Dao Sect is easy to bully? I want to see just who dares to touch a single hair on my disciple’s head.”

Seeing the Xuan Master actually protect Long Chen, Xuan Jizi roared, “Li Tianxuan, you dare to harbor a Heaven-Seizer? What are you planning? By raising a future calamity, do you think it will allow you to overturn the Righteous path? Keep dreaming! Heaven-Seizers always end up killing every person around them, and your conduct is throwing the entire Righteous path into a horrible future!”

“Don’t waste words with him. Kill the Heaven-Seizer!” shouted the ancient race expert. He immediately attacked, his fist blazing like a sun. However, not one of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples felt the slightest bit of warmth.

His fist filled all of heaven and earth, causing all the disciples to turn pale. Let alone taking this fist, just the shockwaves would kill them hundreds of times over.

At the same time as the ancient race expert took action, Ma Xingkong and the elder of the Pill Tower, as well as Xuan Jizi, attacked. They were all experts on that level.


Suddenly, the Reincarnation Mirror appeared in the air. Even if the Xuan Master was insufferably arrogant, he wouldn’t dare to fight one against four. He directly summoned the Reincarnation Mirror, blasting the four of them with a ray of light.


The four of them took out their own divine weapons to block the Reincarnation Mirror’s light. Heaven and earth exploded with mass spatial twisting.

Long Chen and the others suddenly found themselves thousands of miles away. But even at that place, space was constantly twisting. Fortunately, there was a layer of light protecting them. That was a barrier the Xuan Master had made through the Reincarnation Mirror in order to protect them.

“We’ll block the Reincarnation Mirror. Everyone else, go kill Long Chen! Kill those who block your path as well!” shouted Ma Xingkong. The experts from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, ancient races, and Pill Tower all charged toward the distant Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples.

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