Chapter 1165 The Reincarnation Mirror Shows Its Might

“Then if I agree, can you satisfy one request from me?” asked Long Chen suddenly.

“What request?” asked the Corrupt path’s top expert.

“The reason I’d be enslaved would be because of those four idiots. Can I kill them as revenge first?” Long Chen pointed to Luo Fan, Hu Guishan, Gao Xianyang, and the vice hall master.

Their expressions all changed. Long Chen was actually this vicious?

“Long Chen, don’t play such useless schemes with me. My patience is limited, so treasure this opportunity,” said the Corrupt expert coldly.

“It’s not that I’m playing schemes with you. Moreover, I couldn’t possibly out-scheme old ghosts like you who have lived for countless years. But have not heard of a certain saying? Even the best plan from the wisest person can still be mistaken. Although you can count as a wise man, when it comes to intelligence and scheming, you’re a far cry from a certain person.” Long Chen shook his head.


An ancient mirror flew out of Long Chen’s forehead. It immediately unleashed boundless light.

“Not good! It’s the Reincarnation Mirror!” cried Luo Fan.

But it was too late. As soon as the Reincarnation Mirror appeared, Long Chen and all the other Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples were protected by the light and disappeared from the Corrupt path’s sight.

At the same time, a blazing ray of light pierced through the mist in the sky, breaking their formation.

An ancient mirror had also appeared in the sky. It was like a fierce sun lighting up the entire world. Its power caused the heavens to shake as if the world couldn’t bear its existence.

Long Chen and the others appeared tens of thousands of miles away. All of the disciples were staring blankly, not knowing what had happened.

The Xuan Master had appeared at their original location. The Reincarnation Mirror behind him was constantly revolving, unleashing boundless light that enveloped all the Corrupt path’s experts.

At the same time, Liu Cang and dozens of Hall Master-level experts showed up in the air. Each one of them held a ray of light in their hands. This light was actually an ancient rune that formed a huge formation in the air.

“Originally, I thought this net would only catch a few small fish. I didn’t expect such a large fish to swim in. Long Chen, well done.” The Xuan Master looked at the Corrupt experts below. Even with his calm nature, he was excited.

Long Chen bitterly smiled inside. This chess move of the Xuan Master’s was truly huge. And looking at the current state, it was like each step had been within his expectations.

Before Long Chen had come to the eastern sea, the Xuan Master had given the Reincarnation Mirror’s secondary mirror to Long Chen. It had the ability to connect to the primary mirror, and as soon as Long Chen was trapped, the Xuan Master had learned of it.

In truth, the Xuan Master had known what would happen as soon as Luo Fan had left. Hence, he had left the Tower Department Head in charge of the sect, and just in case, he had even brought the sect’s divine item.

Fortunately he had, or with a foe on his level present, it would be unknown who would win. And even if he could beat the peak Corrupt expert, he wouldn’t be able to kill him.

But with the Reincarnation Mirror, all these people had become turtles trapped in a jar. They couldn’t even run.

The Corrupt path’s side was absolutely shocked. Under the radiance of the Reincarnation Mirror, they couldn’t see anything outside.

The Xuan Master formed hand seals, and the Reincarnation Mirror began to rapidly revolve. A terrifying pressure caused the stars to shake, causing heaven and earth to violently tremble.

At this time, the runes in Liu Cang and the others’ hands grew blindingly bright as they poured their own energy into the formation.


Miserable screams rang out from the Corrupt path. Long Chen was shocked to find that within that blinding light, one figure after another was being sucked into the Reincarnation Mirror.

The Corrupt path’s Kings didn’t even have a chance to resist, and they were all drawn in. The Hall Master-level experts were only able to endure for a breath. Only the peak expert had black qi erupt from his body and block the blazing light.

But in front of the Reincarnation Mirror, everything he did was in vain. He lasted only a dozen breaths’ time before being sucked into the Reincarnation Mirror.

The light faded, and the Xuan Master put away the Reincarnation Mirror. Liu Cang and the others sighed with relief.

“We got rich this time. These Corrupt experts can be exchanged for thousands of years of resources for the Xuantian Dao Sect.” Liu Cang was extremely emotional.

The Righteous path had the Martial Heaven Alliance, and all the Righteous sects would send a few tax payments each year.

This tax had become a reward system. Each sect could get rewards from the Martial Heaven Alliance through killing experts from the Corrupt path.

The amount of the reward depended on the status and cultivation base of the slain Corrupt experts.

Originally, the Xuan Master thought that catching two Hall Master-level experts would be pretty good. That was a rather large gain.

He hadn’t expected the Corrupt path to have raised such a cautious expert who liked to do things personally. As a result, he had caught a large fish, and an extremely large one at that. Just this one fish could make the Xuantian Dao Sect fat.

Seeing that the Corrupt experts had been put in order, the disciples cheered. The Xuan Master was extremely happy, and he praised Long Chen, “All this is thanks to you, Long Chen!”

The Xuan Master couldn’t help but feel emotional. Despite all his plans, there had still been many unexpected factors.

If, in that critical moment at the end of the beast tide, Long Chen hadn’t been able to handle the ancient races, the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, and the Bloodkill Hall’s attack, all his plans would have been wasted.

Fortunately, Long Chen had given the Xuan Master a pleasant surprise and perfectly completed his plans.

“It’s all thanks to the Xuan Master’s flawless plan.” Long Chen shook his head. When it came to scheming, he would never be able to catch up to the Xuan Master.

This was something the Xuan Master had set into motion hundreds of years ago. Now it had fully ripened, and the only thing left had been to reap it.

In comparison, the explosion of the Alchemy Pavilion was a single hair loss, while they had now gained a full bull. This investment was truly worthwhile.

It was no wonder the Xuan Master had warned Long Chen so many times that he had to learn self-control. Although the Xuantian Dao Sect had looked chaotic, everything had been within the Xuan Master’s control.

As for the Dragonblood Legion, although they looked well and strong, there were many things that were not within Long Chen’s control.

Suddenly, the Xuan Master waved a hand, and a figure appeared in front of everyone. It was Luo Fan.

“Xuan Master, spare my life! Disciple…” Luo Fan suddenly knelt on the ground remorsefully.

The Xuan Master shook his head. “There’s no need to say anything. I know everything about you. The one who should be saying sorry is me. I used you for my own needs. I used your selfish nature, I used your stubbornness, I used your inability to accept things. Everything about you had me in the background. As for your vice hall master, I knew he was a spy from the Corrupt path the minute he entered the Xuantian Dao Sect, but I intentionally put him at your side. I acted like I didn’t care about your fight with Liu Cang. I saw you getting arrogant, expanding the Law Enforcement Hall’s power, getting greedy for more, but I didn’t once warn you. And so, I knew what would happen today, and the truth is, I used you. So you don’t need to apologize for your mistakes.”

“Xuan Master…” Luo Fan stared at him blankly. Instead of killing him, the Xuan Master was admitting his own mistakes?

“I won’t punish you. Leave, and don’t come back to the Xuantian Dao Sect. The land beneath the heavens is boundless, and you can go anywhere. However, due to the fact we were once from the same sect, let me tell you one thing. You’re too selfish and not wise enough. If you don’t learn how to reserve your character, then no matter what sect you end up in, you won’t have a good ending. That’s all I have to say, so do your best. Go!” The Xuan Master waved his hand.

“Xuan Master, disciple wishes to stay in the Xuantian Dao Sect. Disciple will definitely change his ways!” begged Luo Fan.

“In this world, anything can be changed. But the hardest thing to change is a person’s nature. It’s not something that can be changed just because you say you will. Go!” The Xuan Master shook his head.

In the end, Luo Fan kowtowed toward the Xuan Master three times and left dejectedly. Everyone was silent.

Liu Cang couldn’t help but sigh. Looking at the direction Luo Fan had gone, he asked, “Xuan Master, why didn’t you give him a chance to change his ways?”

“I already gave him that chance. The things that Luo Fan has done selfishly over the past few years are enough for me to kill him. But after all, I was the one using him, and I’d feel guilty killing him. Don’t think he looks like he’s been enlightened of his ways now. It won’t be long before his old character once more resurfaces. If he was kept in the Xuantian Dao Sect, he would be a ticking bomb. If he could betray the sect once, he could betray it a second time. So he can’t be left in the Dao Sect. As for what path he takes, that’s his own decision,” said the Xuan Master.

Suddenly, the Xuan Master slammed his palm forward. “Who’s there?!”

“Li Tianxuan, how brazen of you to plot to kill my Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples and even the ancient races!” A tear in space appeared because of his palm, and a large group of people suddenly appeared.

Ma Xingkong of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect appeared, and beside him was an ancient race elder with a single horn on his head. His horn looked like the rank seven Celestial’s horn from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect Long Chen had killed, except this horn was a violet gold color and was shining with glaring light.

Behind him were hundreds of experts. There were over ten Hall Master-level experts, and the rest were Kings.

The atmosphere instantly became hostile. The Xuan Master coldly smiled. “Ma Xingkong, have you grown foolish with age? I’m clearer than anyone else on everything that happened, and there are all kinds of proof in my hands, including Gao Xianyang’s life. A simple soulsearch will reveal the truth. It will also expose your intention of killing my Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples and colluding with the ancient races. So have you come here to cry after having your side slaughtered instead?”

The Xuan Master didn’t find it curious that Ma Xingkong and others would arrive. He knew that something as huge as using the Reincarnation Mirror would draw over people from the Martial Heaven Alliance.

However, Ma Xingkong and the others had arrived first. Just as they stealthily approached in preparation of forming a formation, their plans were ruined by a wave of the Xuan Master’s hand.

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