Chapter 1164 Falling Into Desperate Straits

“Gao Xianyang, Hu Guishan!”

No one had expected that the two people to disappear from the battlefield would reappear now. Furthermore, their expressions clearly showed the malice in their hearts.

“Gao Xianyang, Hu Guishan, after fleeing in battle, you still have the face to return?!” roared Fan Song.

All the people who had been following Gao Xianyang were infuriated. This kind of conduct gravely hurt their hearts. They could have permitted any of Gao Xianyang’s flaws. But the only thing they couldn’t endure was betrayal.

The other experts also looked at them furiously and with disdain. But the two of them didn’t seem to care in the slightest.

Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, and the others flew to Long Chen’s side. Long Chen was in a weak state now, and they were worried about a sneak attack.

The healing disciples immediately unleashed healing art after healing art. Long Chen’s exhausted body recovered slightly, and he was invigorated a great deal.

However, he had still overused his spiritual yuan, and even his immortal platforms were entering a stagnant state. His current power was still not even a tenth as high as normal.

Long Chen narrowed his eyes as he looked at the two of them. Their fearless expressions caused him to also feel anger. Betrayal was the most painful feeling, because that could give a group a fatal blow.

“Have the two of you returned to face trial?” asked Long Chen as he recovered through the healing disciples.

Over two hundred thousand disciples of the Xuantian Dao Sect surrounded the two of them. After this great battle, almost a third of the original three hundred thousand disciples that had come to this region had died.

Gao Xianyang and Hu Guishan didn’t even look at those people. Gao Xianyang disdainfully said, “Trial? What qualifications do you have to put me on trial? We are no longer disciples of the Xuantian Dao Sect, we are…”

The two of them tore off their disciple robes at the same time, revealing blood-red robes underneath, with a sinister fiendish face on their chests.

“Corrupt path!”

Everyone’s pupils shrank. Weren’t those robes only worn by the Corrupt path’s disciples? How could the two of them have put them on? Did they not want their lives anymore?

“Hahaha, correct, we are no longer disciples of the Xuantian Dao Sect, nor are we disciples of the Righteous path. We’ve joined the Corrupt path,” laughed Gao Xianyang.

“Bastards, you not only betrayed the Dao Sect, but you’re also betraying the Righteous path?!” roared the disciples.

From the conflicts between the two paths throughout history, many of these disciples’ ancestors had died to the Corrupt path.

Practically everyone hated the Corrupt path to the core. They wished they could tear them apart limb from limb. Seeing that the two of them had joined the Corrupt path, countless people’s eyes reddened, and killing intent exploded.

“Are you angry? Hahaha, keep getting angrier. You can bring your anger to the other world. Today, we made great contributions and will receive the Corrupt path’s full grooming. We don’t have to eat leftovers in the Xuantian Dao Sect any longer. All of you will die, while we will become top experts of the Corrupt path. Even your friends and family will continue dying to our hands. But don’t worry, that way, you’ll all be in that world together and won’t get lonely,” laughed Gao Xianyang.

“Kill them!”

Gao Xianyang’s arrogance ignited all their fury, and countless disciples charged at the two of them.

Suddenly, the sky rumbled. Everyone hastily looked up to see that at some unknown point, the world had become covered in a layer of black mist.

Because it was night, no one had sensed the change in the sky. Now, they noticed that the black mist was comprised of fiendish runes.

“Do you know what we were doing before? Yes, we were activating this grand formation. Everything within a hundred thousand miles has been sealed off. You’re just birds in a cage now. Righteous path idiots, have fun in your endless remorse!” Gao Xianyang laughed crazily.

One after another, people began to descend from the sky. They were all wearing the Corrupt path’s robes, and the fiendish images on their chests were even clearer, looking like real living fiends.

Their auras were also extremely terrifying, making it so others couldn’t breathe. All the disciples’ expressions changed.

“These are experts on the level of the Hall Masters!” 

Long Chen’s pupils shrank upon seeing these people.

There were a total of eight Hall Master-level experts. As soon as they appeared, they extended their hands, unleashing black runes that further strengthened the black mist in the sky.

“Not good! They’re isolating their qi so that the outside world can’t sense them!” Meng Qi’s expression changed.

This region had a special grand formation that prevented experts above the King-level from coming in. If any experts surpassing that level entered, it would immediately be sensed and activate an alarm.

However, Gao Xianyang and Hu Guishan had already established a counter formation that allowed these people to enter. And these experts immediately strengthened the formation.

Buzz. Suddenly, over a hundred new figures entered. They were all wearing the Corrupt path’s robes, but Long Chen saw two familiar faces.

“Hall Master, vice hall master!”

The Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples let out startled cries. These two were the Law Enforcement Hall’s Luo Fan and his assistant, the vice hall master.

Other than those two, the rest were all the Corrupt path’s powerful experts. A quick count put them at one hundred and eight King-level experts and sixteen Hall Master-level experts. They now surrounded all Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples, and looking at their positions, it seemed they were in a strange formation.

“Do you know, Long Chen? I really hate you to the core.” Luo Fan stood outside their formation, glaring at Long Chen and clenching his teeth.

Long Chen nodded. “I know. There’s no need to say so much, as that would be bad for your future. Since you’ve joined the Corrupt path, you should say some more words to suck up. The more you display your hatred for me, the more it shows you were unwilling to leave the post you had for so many years. That would make your new masters doubt you and maybe they’ll even silently eliminate you.”

Luo Fan’s expression changed. Long Chen’s words struck him like a hammer in his heart. He had truly thrown his lot in with the Corrupt path, because he no longer saw any hope in the Xuantian Dao Sect.

His old ally had been killed, his old opponent had been promoted to vice Xuan Master, while the Law Enforcement Hall’s power had fractured. He had already lost all his authority.

One of his vice hall masters had once advised him to join the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect. After all, the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect had the Pill Tower’s support, and so he would have greater prospects there than in the Xuantian Dao Sect.

Luo Fan had been unwilling this whole time, until finally, he had agreed to a plot with the vice hall master’s advice. This plot’s goal was to kill Long Chen and the others.

He had left behind a clone in the Xuantian Dao Sect to deceive others, while his true body and the vice hall master secretly left the Dao Sect. They had rushed over to the eastern sea, but as soon as he had arrived, his expression had completely changed.

What had been waiting for him was not the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples, but a mass of the Corrupt path’s disciples. The vice hall master revealed his identity as one of the Corrupt path’s members.

Luo Fan had been given two choices. He could cooperate, or he could be killed. In the end, he chose the former, because the Corrupt path gave him a very generous promise.

With the Corrupt path’s help, Luo Fan had, through the hands of his two trusted subordinates, Gao Xianyang and Hu Guishan, established a heaven-deceiving formation to block all their auras. The Righteous path would not be able to sense them.

Although Luo Fan appeared very mighty now, he actually had no confidence inside. After all, he had betrayed the Righteous path. This was not his original intent, but he had been forced to.

Now looking at Long Chen, he was naturally filled with fury. He felt like all of this was Long Chen’s fault.

And yet, Long Chen’s words were also correct. The more he expressed his hatred for Long Chen, the more it expressed that he was resentful about his current position. That would make the Corrupt path’s experts feel like he didn’t sincerely want to join the Corrupt path, and just like Long Chen said, it was likely that after this matter was over, he would be killed.

“Not bad, not bad. Even in the face of death, you can still be so calm. Worthy of being first on the Eastern Wasteland’s Corrupt path’s must-kill list.”

Another black-robed figure appeared in the sky. He had a black-gold crown on his head.

Heaven and earth rumbled with his voice, and a formless pressure descended that made everyone feel like their blood was about to stop circulating. All of them turned pale as paper. It was like this person could take their lives at any moment.

“An expert on the level of the Xuan Master? Haha, I, Long Chen, am truly blessed to have such a supreme expert come and attack me,” laughed Long Chen. This was definitely something worthy of pride.

“There was no way around that. Your fate is very strange, and based on the information received from the Eastern Wasteland, your karmic luck is heaven-defying. You somehow escaped the Corrupt path’s traps countless times. You’ve inflicted heavy losses on us time and time again. Previously, you kept hiding in the Xuantian Dao Sect, making it so we couldn’t do anything to you, but now you’ve finally come out. We’re not going to be careless this time. This time, we’re making sure to eliminate you,” said that powerful expert.

“Ah, amazing. Let this junior praise you for your cautiousness.” Long Chen gave him a thumbs-up.

“Many thanks for your praise. It was precisely this cautiousness that allowed me to reach my current position. Others sneer at me for being overly cautious, but I’ve rarely suffered a loss in my life. So today, Long Chen, you definitely won’t be able to get away. We sent out eight Soul Transformation experts and one hundred and eight Jade Core experts. In truth, this isn’t really overkill, because you are all elites of the Xuantian Dao Sect. I needed this many people to form a grand formation to extract all your souls. By torturing your souls into resentful spirits, I can refine a precious Soul Vengeance Bead. A Soul Vengeance Bead refined from the souls of over two hundred thousand elite disciples will definitely be a top grade one. However, Long Chen, I can give you one chance to live,” said the top Corrupt expert.

“Oh? I’m this fortunate?” Long Chen was a bit surprised.

“As long as you are willing to let me place the Corrupt God’s blood slave seal on you and you swear your loyalty to me, I can let you live.”

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