Chapter 1163 No Mercy, Killing Heavenly Geniuses

Long Chen’s Star Fall instantly smashed through the outer runic layers of the lotus. That seemingly exceptionally sturdy defense didn’t have the slightest use.

Star Fall then struck the actual lotus. A huge hole appeared in it and Star Fall continued toward its core.

BOOM! The huge lotus exploded, its fragments flying through the air. A wave of earth shrouded the clouds and shot into the distance.

Even Meng Qi and the others who were far into the distance and prepared to go and help Long Chen were struck by the wave of earth.

“Li Qi, quick! Great Earthen Protection!” Song Mingyuan and Li Qi both circulated their earth energy, and the ground split open. Li Qi shouted, “Everyone, get in! Don’t vainly think of running away, or you’ll be killed.”

Li Qi’s shout caused the disciples who were preparing to flee to immediately rush over. When the final person entered, the land closed, turning their vision dark.

BOOM! The two of them were almost unable to bear the power. Blood spurted from their mouths, shocking the disciples. A few hundred warriors of the Dragonblood Legion went over to give them energy.

Those warriors were also earth attribute experts. Although their energy was not as pure as theirs, it finally had a use. With their help, Li Qi and Song Mingyuan had it much easier.

But the pressure continued to rise until finally, the space they were in exploded and they were thrown into the air.

Just as everyone thought they were about to die from the shockwaves, they found that it was over. The world had returned to normal.

The dust had yet to scatter from the air. However, as experts, their divine sense immediately spread into the surroundings. They were horrified to find that the terrain had completely deformed. There was still lava erupting all over the place.

Explosive sounds rang out in the distance, signifying that some people were still fighting intensely. They all flew over to see Long Chen was chasing after three people.

Han Zhenyu, the horned expert, and the bird man were fleeing miserably. They were covered in blood and their auras were extremely weak. Even their manifestations had disappeared.

They just managed to see Long Chen unleash a shocking saber attack, killing the horned expert from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect.

Nothing was more shocking than seeing a rank seven Celestial killed in front of them. After killing one, Long Chen shot after the other two like lightning.

“Long Chen, don’t kill me! I was only baited over by the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect! I have a special status, I’m…” The bird man saw that there was no hope of fleeing and began to cry out.

In reality, this wasn’t related to the ancient races at all even though Long Chen had once killed a rank five Celestial from the ancient races from the Xuantian Dao Sect. 

The Xuantian Dao Sect had a good relationship with the ancient races. The ancient race experts envied the Xuantian Dao Sect’s magical arts, and they were allowed to learn them as their disciples.

And so the bird man had been enticed by the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s bait, and adding on the conflicts between Long Chen and the ancient races in the Eastern Wasteland, he had decided to come.

His side had undergone large-scale hunting in the sea. Hence, when the beast tide erupted, their defensive region hadn’t come under attack from many sea demons. So he had just left them to a portion of his people before coming here.

But who could have thought that rather than being able to kill Long Chen on reasonable grounds to get back the Eastern Wasteland’s ancient races’ honor, he would end up falling into such a miserable state?

The Star Fall backed by the Nirvana Scripture could destroy heaven and earth. The three of them had worked together to summon the strongest possible defense but had still almost died. Even their Heavenly Dao energy had been exhausted, so they had no energy to heal. They could only watch as they were hunted down, and so he tried using his status to stay Long Chen’s hand.

But Long Chen’s reply was Split the Heavens. Without any power to dodge, the bird man died with endless regret and remorse. Furthermore, Long Chen’s attack contained his thunderforce, making it so even his soul couldn’t escape.

The second rank seven Celestial was killed. Adding on Bloodkill 19, he had killed three rank seven Celestials. If they didn’t personally see it, no one would have dared to believe it.

Now, the only rank seven Celestial remaining of the original four was Han Zhenyu. He was covered in blood and his body was cracked all over as if it might shatter at any moment.

If it hadn’t been for his metal and earth energy giving him monstrous defense, he would have long since died. But even though he had survived, he was heavily injured, and his spiritual yuan was essentially exhausted. His current combat power was less than a tenth of his norm. Even an ordinary Dragonblood warrior could kill him.

Han Zhenyu stopped running because he knew he couldn’t run. Long Chen’s power had far surpassed his expectations.

Although Long Chen was also panting and his aura was starting to decline, he could still easily kill Han Zhenyu, who didn’t have the slightest chance of running.

Long Chen lazily rested Blooddrinker on his shoulder. He took stock of his remaining energy reserves and found he had less than a tenth of his spiritual yuan remaining.

His expectations were on point. When using the Nirvana Scripture with Star Fall, its power would be boosted by over ten times.

At the same time, it was much more exhausting. Using the fourth form of Split the Heavens to kill Bloodkill 19 and then using Star Fall at its peak had exhausted almost all his spiritual yuan. His immortal platforms were about to stop circulating, and his four qi seas were almost empty.

But at least in comparison to Han Zhenyu, he was much better off. At the very least, killing Han Zhenyu would not be much more difficult than crushing an ant. Long Chen simply stared at him coldly.

“I don’t believe you dare to kill me.” Han Zhenyu also stared back icily.

Long Chen smiled contemptuously. “What badass words. I have a brother who would say that there was someone who also once said that, but the grass on his grave is over three meters tall now.”

In the distance, everyone looked oddly at Guo Ran. Guo Ran turned red. It was true he liked that kind of way of replying when encountering posers.

“However, I will tell you that there were once people who said that to me, but they didn’t even have the fortune of having a grave.” Long Chen shook his head.

Guo Ran couldn’t help being filled with admiration. As expected, his boss could truly take him flying to new heights. This was a truly domineering, confident, meaningful, skillful, evolving style of posing. That was because it was the truth.

“Hmph, if you kill me, you won’t survive either. I am someone from the Grand Han Ancient Nation’s imperial family. If you kill me, the imperial court will be infuriated, and not even the Xuantian Dao Sect will be able to protect you. My Grand Han’s power isn’t something you can imagine.” Han Zhenyu looked at Long Chen without the slightest fear.

“Wow, that sounds scary! I think I’ll try it.”

Long Chen wasn’t the slightest bit affected by his words. He simply slashed Blooddrinker down.


Just as Blooddrinker was about to reach Han Zhenyu’s head, a ray of light shot out of his forehead, blocking Long Chen’s saber.

At the same time, an image appeared behind Han Zhenyu. Within the image was an elder in violet gold robes and a crown on his head. He sternly shouted, “Who are you? Why would you kill my Grand Han’s imperial family’s descendant?”

That figure caused Long Chen to jump, but he quickly realized it was just a projection. It was only able to scare people.

“Because he killed my brothers.” Looking at this imposing figure, Long Chen’s heart shook. This person was probably someone on the same level as the Xuan Master.

“Do you know that what you’re doing is a provocation to my Grand Han imperial family?” demanded the elder.

Long Chen immediately sneered, “Provocation? I don’t like that word. Don’t try to act like you’re some supreme existence in front of me! Your descendants killing my brothers is reasonable, but when I get revenge for my brothers it’s a provocation? Are you an idiot?”

He had heard of the Grand Han Ancient Nation. Back then, Ma Xingkong had also once tried using its name to intimidate the Xuan Master. It had to be a terrifying existence.

Originally, if the Grand Han expert wished to peacefully settle things, perhaps there would have been the slightest chance Long Chen could have spared Han Zhenyu’s life. After all, Han Zhenyu had never personally killed disciples of the Xuantian Dao Sect.

But instead, this Grand Han expert acted like he was number one beneath the heavens, as if others were just ants. Long Chen’s fury immediately soared.

“Brat, you are courting death! Which sect are you from? Which family?!” roared the elder.

“Fuck off, old idiot. I can’t believe I’ve wasted so many words on you. I’m also getting idiotic.”

Buzz. Long Chen ignored him and slashed Blooddrinker on the barrier once more, causing it to shudder and rapidly dim.

“Imperial Uncle, this person is one of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples! You must get vengeance for your child…!” Han Zhenyu already knew his fate was sealed. The Grand Han was unable to intimidate Long Chen, and so he immediately cried out Long Chen’s identity.

BOOM! Finally, the barrier could no longer endure and Long Chen’s saber stabbed through Han Zhenyu’s forehead. Its immense power directly blew apart his body, exterminating his soul along with him.

“Good! Little brat, so it’s the Xuantian Dao Sect. Just wait to have your sect washed with blood. Those who provoke my Grand Han all have families killed to ninth bloodline-” The elder roared as the image faded away.

“Fuck off.” Long Chen didn’t wait for the image to fade on its own. He slashed his saber, cutting it off.

Four powerful Celestials had been killed. All the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples were speechless, unable to say a word.

Long Chen was too domineering. Even the Xuantian Dao Sect didn’t dare to provoke the Grand Han. But Long Chen did.

“Hahaha, Long Chen, ah, Long Chen. You really exceeded all my estimations! You were actually able to kill four rank seven Celestials on your own! Amazing, absolutely amazing!”

Suddenly, a burst of laughter rang out, causing everyone’s expressions to change.

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