Chapter 1162 Peak Star Fall

Explosions rocked the land as all of Xuantian City exploded. Countless fragments and dust devoured the place Han Zhenyu and the others had been.

“BASTARDS!” Han Zhenyu, the horned expert, and the bird man roared at the same time. This sudden attack had come without any warning. Although they had moved to protect their fellow disciples, the explosions ended up killing over half of them.

In the end, less than fifty thousand of their disciples remained. And this was after Han Zhenyu had spread his metal energy over as many of the surrounding disciples as he could. That metal armor was the only reason they had survived.

However, those disciples that survived were sent flying by the explosion. It was unknown where they all went. In any case, golden figures flashed through the air for an instant like a beautiful firework.

But the power of this firework was truly terrifying. Over eighty thousand Foundation Forging experts disappeared without a trace.

Han Zhenyu, the horned man, and the bird man were all infuriated, killing intent exploding out of them.

They had never expected there to be such a terrifying mechanism installed beneath Xuantian City.

In truth, this mechanism hadn’t been for them. To be safe, Long Chen had established it as the final trap in case they couldn’t defeat the sea demon army. It was just one extra trump card for the unexpected.

Han Zhenyu and the others had quite the luck. They had stopped right above the bombs. It made Long Chen feel like they had wanted to be blown up. If he didn’t oblige them, it would be a let down for their confident stances. 

“All of you can die!” The three of them roared and summoned their Heavenly Dao manifestations. They were all rank seven Celestials, and their auras caused the wind and clouds to change color.

“You can die instead. Guo Ran, there’s no need to hold back. Detonate them all.” Long Chen smiled and shot at the three of them.

With Long Chen’s order, Guo Ran activated all the remaining runes on the jade plate. The ground exploded.

This was a minefield Guo Ran had made. When he had first created the bombs, he found that he had made them too powerful. They were far more terrifying than his exploding arrows.

Other than the ones he had installed under Xuantian City, there had been some left over and he had ended up installing them all around the battlefield. Each one of them required Guo Ran’s specific spiritual fluctuations to activate, or even if you broke them apart, they wouldn’t explode. Of course, that was why Long Chen dared to place them there.

The bombs were detonated one by one. Each one of them blew open a mass of sea demons. Hundreds of them detonated at the same time, instantly cleaning up all the sea demons on the battlefield. Guo Ran suddenly grabbed Song Mingyuan and gave him some directions, having him circulate his earth energy from a distance to pull out his remaining bombs. Then Wilde would toss them amongst the sea demons that were still coming, while Guo Ran detonated them one by one.

At this time, everyone’s expressions were green. Bomb after bomb was pulled out from under their feet. Thinking about what would happen if they had detonated below them made them shiver.

After seeing their power, their scalps turned numb. If one of them had accidentally exploded, they would have been done for. 

With the assistance of Guo Ran’s bombs, the sea demons’ numbers sharply dropped. Just at this time, the ‘golden figures’ that had been blown away now returned to attack.

Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, Wilde, Gu Yang, Yue Zifeng, Hua Shiyu, and the others left the sea demons to the other disciples. They went to attack the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s people and the ancient race experts.

At this moment, the importance of healing disciples revealed itself. They had continued such a high-intensity battle for so long, but the Dragonblood Legion’s warriors were still in their optimal condition.

BOOM! The land suddenly trembled as Long Chen exchanged blows with Han Zhenyu, the horned expert, and the bird man.

Long Chen’s divine ring shook heaven and earth, four stars revolved in his eyes, and green scales covered his body. A blood-colored saber-image tore through the sky.

All the disciples looked over to see Long Chen send the three of them flying in one attack.

“Boss is mighty!” The Dragonblood Legion erupted into heaven-shaking cheers. In just the first exchange, Long Chen was using his full power. He clearly wanted to end the battle as soon as possible.

Just this first exchange gave the Xuantian Dao Sect’s side a boost in morale. Their previous fear was swept away, and they slaughtered the sea demons.

As fewer and fewer sea demons appeared, more and more of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples began attacking the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect and ancient races’ experts.

The people who had come this time were the elites of their respective powers. They had hundreds of rank six Celestials, and the rest were basically all rank five.

At first, both sides were able to fight equally. But the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples quickly took the advantage. More and more of them were joining in, pressuring the opponents greatly.

After Cloud killed a mass of sea demons, Meng Qi called it back over to join their side. Its addition immediately caused panic amongst their enemies.

Cloud was just too fast. They would only see a huge rainbow-colored light before being killed. It was impossible to even see its body.

As they fought intensely, Long Chen was fighting against three rank seven Celestials. They were like stars colliding against each other. He had fought against two of them before, but the bird man who had come from the ancient races was extremely powerful.

He had iron feathers covering his body and a black spear in his hands. It was a powerful King item, and he was actually using some kind of secret art to unleash its power.

Each attack shook the void and caused the stars above to shudder. Han Zhenyu and the horned man had both suffered greatly at Long Chen’s hands, and so they didn’t dare to be careless. All of them were fighting all out.

BOOM! Suddenly, after an especially fierce collision, Long Chen shot back like a shooting star. The three of them had combined their attacks.

Just as Long Chen was shooting back, the space behind him tore open, and a sword pierced at his back, shocking even Han Zhenyu and the others. They had no idea there had been another person hiding in the midst of their battle.

“I’ve been waiting for you!” Long Chen suddenly unleashed a burst of energy he had been accumulating for a long time. A fourth of his immortal platforms sent all their energy into thirty-six acupuncture points. “Split the Heavens 4!”

Long Chen slashed his saber out, unleashing a huge saber-image that seemed to fill the world. Rumbling filled the air as if the world couldn’t bear its power.

The master of the sword was filled with shock. He was naturally the Bloodkill Hall’s assassin who had had seven of his split bodies destroyed by Long Chen, Bloodkill 19.

He was shocked to find that time and space around him had frozen. He could only watch as Long Chen’s saber slashed down!

It was like a heavenly saber capable of cutting apart the river of stars had been used on a housefly. Bloodkill 19 was instantly blown to bits, and the saber-image smashed into the ground.

The ground split open, and a huge ditch formed, reaching all the way to within the sea. Water exploded into the air mixed with lava, causing bursts of steam to erupt.

All the sound in the world had been severed by this saber. People were only able to hear their own heartbeats. This terrifying saber should not have existed in this world. It caused the heavens, gods, and devils to quiver.

“Not good!” Han Zhenyu, the horned expert, and the bird man’s expressions suddenly changed. Chanting filled the air as if gods were murmuring together. They felt a terrifying aura lock them down.

That feeling was as though a devil god from hell had set its gaze on them. A fierce sensation of death filled their hearts, making them feel like they had been dunked in ice water.

“Star Fall!”

A cry that seemed to come from above the nine heavens rang out. A three-meter globe fell from the sky at the three of them.

It was a blindingly dazzling globe that was like a beautiful star that had reached the end of its lifespan and was about to blossom with its most brilliant light.

“Both of you help me. Metal Earth Energy, Yin Yang Displace!” Han Zhenyu slammed his hands on the ground. With him at the core, all the land within three thousand miles turned golden yellow. But that still wasn’t enough.

The horned man and the bird man both placed their hands on Han Zhenyu’s back, pouring their Blood Qi and Heavenly Dao energy into his body.

Han Zhenyu wasn’t the strongest, but in terms of defense, he was number one. The two of them were both well aware of Han Zhenyu’s power, so they poured all their energy into him without reserve.

The ground suddenly transformed, becoming a huge golden lotus. The three of them stood at its core, with its petals forming defenses around them.

All the vitality within this land was instantly sucked dry. All the vegetation withered. Once that life energy was sucked dry, countless runes appeared on the outside of the lotus. It formed a large light barrier.


Just at this moment, Long Chen’s Star Fall arrived and smashed into the golden lotus.

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