Chapter 1161 Throwing Stones at Someone While They’re Down (Teaser)

Long Chen stood at the front of the battlefield, constantly gathering sea demon corpses. He also controlled the rhythm of the battle. As soon as people started to find it taxing, he would unleash a supreme attack.

Rainbow-colored light flashed through the battlefield. There were so many sea demons that Cloud was also getting full. Now it was picking its prey.

It picked out the armored sea demons to eat. According to Meng Qi, these armored sea demons had more energy, and tasted better to Cloud.

Previously, it ate everything because there was nothing to eat. Now there was a literal tide of sea demons, and it was picking out the armored sea demons.

Its body was rapidly growing, and its aura was growing more terrifying. It had already reached the late eighth rank.

But just at the eighth rank, its aura caused Meng Qi’s ninth rank Magical Beasts to feel terror. They didn’t dare to approach it.

Cloud had its own mysterious inheritance, and it had its own way to recover its innate deficiency. Furthermore, its growth was very stable. There was no sign of a shaky foundation at all.


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