Chapter 1161 Throwing Stones at Someone While They’re Down

Long Chen stood at the front of the battlefield, constantly gathering sea demon corpses. He also controlled the rhythm of the battle. As soon as people started to find it taxing, he would unleash a supreme attack.

Rainbow-colored light flashed through the battlefield. There were so many sea demons that Cloud was also getting full. Now it was picking its prey.

It picked out the armored sea demons to eat. According to Meng Qi, these armored sea demons had more energy, and tasted better to Cloud.

Previously, it ate everything because there was nothing to eat. Now there was a literal tide of sea demons, and it was picking out the armored sea demons.

Its body was rapidly growing, and its aura was growing more terrifying. It had already reached the late eighth rank.

But just at the eighth rank, its aura caused Meng Qi’s ninth rank Magical Beasts to feel terror. They didn’t dare to approach it.

Cloud had its own mysterious inheritance, and it had its own way to recover its innate deficiency. Furthermore, its growth was very stable. There was no sign of a shaky foundation at all.

Now, Meng Qi didn’t even need to look after Cloud. She allowed it to devour things as it willed. The most terrifying innate talent of Cloud was its bottomless stomach. It was like its own world.

It could be used to store things, and it could also be used to kill. No matter how powerful the ninth rank sea demon, once it was in its stomach, they would be turned to bits. This was the terror of an ancient species.

On the other hand, Wilde was different from Cloud. He wasn’t picky about his food and ate whatever was in front of him. Furthermore, he was impervious to poison. He didn’t even refuse the sea demons that unleashed intense toxic fumes.

Wilde had hundreds of peak storage rings on him, and each of them had a space of three hundred miles. However, the majority of them were filled even though Wilde had been crazily eating while fighting. 

Seeing Wilde just casually toss sea demons into his mouth caused the disciples’ eyes to almost pop out. Just who was the sea demon? Was there no normal person in the Dragonblood Legion?

Long Chen was busy gathering sea demons’ corpses. There were so many of them that he couldn’t even keep up. The battle was extremely intense. The Dragonblood Legion was still fine, but casualties had started to appear in other places.

“Dragonblood Legion, hold the line. The other factions slowly retreat and shrink your defensive line!” ordered Long Chen. Even though he felt like he had originally already overestimated the scale of the beast tide, he hadn’t thought it would be this terrifying. 

After unleashing Star Fall three consecutive times, he no longer dared to continue. Star Fall was powerful, but he had to maintain his energy to handle the unexpected. This was something Long Chen had formed a habit of. No matter what time it was, he kept things in reserve for the unpredictable. Otherwise, he’d have long since died.

Everyone continued to retreat. They had already retreated to just three hundred miles in front of Xuantian City, and the original two million miles defensive line had shrunk to just less than ten thousand miles. The Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples grew more concentrated, strengthening their defense.

But the sea demons were also overflowing. Long Chen ordered Wilde, Gu Yang, Yue Zifeng, Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, Tang Wan-er, and the others to leave the defensive line and charge into the midst of the sea demon army.

All of Meng Qi’s housepets had been summoned and had formed a huge army alongside Wang Zhen’s insects. She had to control the Magical Beasts and couldn’t go out like the others.

Long Chen led the Dragonblood Legion’s elites to the very front. They formed the first line, while Hua Shiyu, Su Mo, Mu Qingxuan, Gao Xianyang, Hu Guishan, Fan Song, and the other top experts formed the second line.

After going through their two obstructions, the number of sea demons that reached the rest of the disciples dropped by over a half. The pressure immediately lightened.

Long Chen unleashed huge saber-images with Blooddrinker, killing the sea demons en masse. Blood filled the air.

He had also summoned Lei Long and Huo Long. They helped him annihilate the sea demon army. Right now, there were too many sea demons. Neidans littered the ground, but no one had time to gather them.

When the corpses piled into mountains and restricted their lines of sight, he would clean up the battlefield quickly before continuing to kill.

Blood covered the ground as the battle continued. After fighting for a whole day and night, they were shocked to find that the sea demon army still didn’t show any signs of stopping.

Long Chen’s expression sank. He had miscalculated. This time, the scale of the beast tide had surpassed any of its predecessors in recorded history.

Furthermore, because of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s sneak attack, they hadn’t dared to go out hunting. That was why they hadn’t been able to predict the strength of the beast tide.

If they had been constantly hunting sea demons during this time, the pressure during the beast tide would be much less. Now they were enduring an endless assault of the sea demon army.

As Long Chen crazily killed, a delighted expression suddenly appeared on his face. He shouted, “Brothers, the beast tide is about to end! The Martial Heaven Sea-Ring’s tide is starting to retreat!”

Long Chen saw that the water level was starting to drop. That was a sign the beast tide would start weakening. This was the best news possible for the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples who were exhausted and had been injured all over. This huge battle had been taxing physically and mentally.

Furthermore, seeing the occasional disciple beside them fall caused the mental pressure to increase even further. Hearing Long Chen, their morale surged and they were invigorated.

The only faction that was still complete was the Dragonblood Legion. That was because they had a terrifying group of healers.

The fifty rank six Celestial healers kept a close watch over the Dragonblood Legion. As soon as someone was injured, they would immediately use a long-range healing art on them.

Furthermore, they had large-scale recovery arts active at practically all times. The Dragonblood Legion had gone all-out killing during this time, and while others were exhausted, they were still full of strength. Their combat power remained at their peak state.

“Hahaha, how lively. But your excitement is a bit too early. When the beast tide ends, so will your lives.” Suddenly, a sneer rang out over the battlefield. A group of people appeared at the center of Xuantian City, behind their defensive lines.

There were over a hundred thousand of them blocking the Xuantian Dao Sect’s path of retreat. The ones at the front were the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s Han Zhenyu and the horned expert.

Other than those two, there was another half-man half-bird. He was also an ancient race expert. He had a pair of wings and a bird’s beak.

“Long Chen, in the Eastern Wasteland, did you once think such a day would come for you when you butchered my ancient races’ experts?” sneered the half-man half-bird hybrid. His eagle-like eyes glared at Long Chen.

“Everyone, don’t panic! Keep fighting. I’ll handle it.” Just as their arrival caused the Xuantian Dao Sect to grow panicked, Long Chen calmed them.

The Dragonblood Legion was still going all-out, blocking the majority of the sea demons. Now the other disciples recovered and focused on fighting once more. Even in the midst of despair, Long Chen’s presence comforted them. In most of their hearts, he was like a god, more trustworthy than anyone else.

“The ancient races? It seems that after the scar heals, you’ll forget your lesson. No matter how many times I beat you up, you never stop coming to provoke me!” Long Chen turned to the bird man and clasped his hands behind his back. With his back turned, those people didn’t see Long Chen’s hands form some strange gestures.

In the middle of the fighting, Guo Ran immediately understood what he was saying. He stealthily took out a jade tablet and activated a mark on it. A wave of energy silently entered deep into the ground.

“Long Chen, you can’t escape this time. Not only will you die, but the rest will follow you as well. Don’t struggle and just let the sea demons eat you. Why bother suffering through pain?” sneered Han Zhenyu.

“Han Zhenyu, aren’t you afraid the Dao Sect will take its vengeance on you if you attack us so openly?” Long Chen narrowed his eyes. This was the point he was most suspicious of. He couldn’t figure out just what the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect was relying on to publicly attack the Xuantian Dao Sect.

“Vengeance? What a joke. We should be the ones taking vengeance on your Xuantian Dao Sect. The Xuantian Dao Sect betrayed our trust. We signed a contract for joint training, but during the training, your side viciously massacred disciples of my Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect. The proof is right here, so do you still want to argue?” Han Zhenyu smiled and took out a photographic jade. It recorded a scene of Gao Xianyang and Han Zhenyu signing a contract. But the exact contents weren’t clear.

“Long Chen! Gao Xianyang and Hu Guishan have suddenly disappeared!” Just at this moment, Long Chen received a message from Fan Song.

Long Chen narrowed his eyes. This wasn’t normal. How could Gao Xianyang have been colluding with Han Zhenyu from the start?

“Ah, so that’s what it was. After failing your sneak attack and taking such heavy losses, you decided to make up for it by going to Gao Xianyang. You only signed this contract after your sneak attack failed.” Long Chen suddenly laughed.

Fan Song had said that Gao Xianyang had disappeared before returning. He had to have signed this thing at that time.

Gao Xianyang could count as one of the leading representatives of the mission this time. If he signed a contract for a friendly exchange of pointers, and the date was listed as before that sneak attack occurred, the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect would have an excuse to attack the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples.

“Long Chen, quibbling has no meaning now. You and Gao Xianyang despicably killed tens of thousands of my Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s elites. Even if we kill you all today, we’d still be standing on the side of reason. Furthermore, don’t think that anyone will come and save you. Kings cannot enter this place, or if they broke the Martial Heaven Alliance’s rules, they and all of you would be killed! I already can’t wait to see your expression of despair and terror, hahaha!” laughed Han Zhenyu.

“Sorry, I never have times of terror or despair, so you won’t be able to see it. However, I’ll quickly be able to see the scene of you running like a dog again. Guo Ran, what are you still waiting for? Send our guests their gift!” sneered Long Chen.

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