Chapter 1160 Divine Life Elixir

As more and more sea demon corpses piled in the primal chaos space, they were all devoured by the black soil and released boundless life energy.

This life energy had nowhere to go. The Iron Spruce Oaks had grown to their peak and couldn’t absorb any more life energy. Hence, the surplus ended up condensing into a faint mist.

“This mist contains life energy!” Long Chen was surprised to sense the life energy fluctuations within the mist. He quickly gathered more corpses.

Eventually, ninth rank sea demons began to appear, increasing the pressure. Ninth rank sea demons had powerful defenses and attacks, and their numbers were insane.

“Retreat to the first defensive line!” shouted Long Chen. Everyone fell back to the cliffside. The cliff was three hundred meters high, and the water was unable to creep over it. However, to a ninth rank sea demon, such a cliff was nothing more than a small stair.

Once the disciples were there, they changed formations, forming a line. They attacked the ninth rank sea demons. Each faction had a group of people focused on gathering the Neidans.

Ninth rank sea demon’s Neidans were good things that couldn’t be wasted. But no one went for their corpses.

However, the bodies of ninth rank sea demons were too huge, and that would affect the battle. Long Chen was constantly gathering them.

Seeing Long Chen constantly working to clean up the corpses, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples were filled with admiration. Despite being a peerless expert and a leader of hundreds of thousands of disciples, he actually took it upon himself to do the work of cleaning up after everyone. There probably wasn’t a single heavenly genius capable of being as low key as that.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, how could such work be left for you? Let me handle it.” Some of the disciples couldn’t bear to see a peerless expert like Long Chen cleaning up after them. Their faces burned, and they started helping.

“Hey, stop! Don’t worry about it, I’ll handle this. Your spatial rings are limited and will fill up quickly, plus you’d have to go out far to get the corpses. But don’t worry, I prepared a large number of storage devices before this, so it’s best if I do it.”

Long Chen immediately stopped them from helping. These corpses were his treasures! He couldn’t give them to others.

“Then senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, how about you hand the storage devices to me? For you to personally do such a thing… is a bit unsuitable,” said a disciple.

“How is it unsuitable? You’re spilling blood and risking your lives to kill these sea demons. Why can’t I pick up a bit of trash? Go, get back to work.” Long Chen flapped his hand at them.

Those disciples were all filled with admiration. Quite a few people stealthily glanced at Gao Xianyang in the distance, comparing him to Long Chen. His hands were clasped behind his back as he arrogantly looked over the battlefield, not helping at all. Thus, a contemptuous expression appeared on quite a few people’s faces.

Long Chen was the number one disciple of the Xuantian Dao Sect. Such an amazing figure was personally cleaning up the battlefield. Did Gao Xianyang not feel embarrassed to act so arrogant?

In comparison, they all liked Long Chen’s way of deeply reserving himself. This was why people with real skills liked to be low key. They had the power to stand out at any moment.

In reality, how was Long Chen being low key? He was happily profiting. With this many corpses entering his primal chaos space, the mist in the air grew even denser.

After a few hours, the sea demons became even more berserk. Mid ninth rank sea demons also appeared, increasing the pressure on the disciples.

They once more fell back, arriving at the center of the funnel terrain that Li Qi and Song Mingyuan had made. Their defensive zone had shrunk a great deal here, making the defensive line stronger.

“Guo Ran, there are too many ninth rank sea demons. Clean them up a bit,” shouted Long Chen.

“Alright, boss! I swept through- cough, don’t kick me, I’m going!” Guo Ran had been about to shout his slogan when Long Chen raised his foot. Guo Ran immediately shot off.

Using a huge crossbow, Guo Ran shot a dozen arrows out at the sea demons. Huge explosions rang out as blood and flesh flew through the air. Huge holes a hundred miles wide appeared in the encroaching sea demon army.

Seeing all the ninth rank sea demons in those areas being killed instantly, the disciples were stunned. Although they had seen how powerful Guo Ran’s exploding arrows could be, their power was now absolutely horrifying.

A dozen arrows emptied a great portion of the battlefield. Long Chen waved a hand and gathered their broken corpses.

While he extracted the corpses, he also pulled out their Neidans. The corpses landed in the black soil while he kept the Neidans stored away.

As more time passed, more sea demons appeared. Now, there were no longer any sea demons below the ninth rank. The battlefield was pitch-black with huge sea demons.

Late ninth rank ones had appeared as well. Meng Qi had summoned thirty-six housepets to assist in the battle, and she finally let Cloud, who had been impatient from the start, start killing the ninth rank sea demons. It had already advanced to the mid eighth rank, and killing these sea demons was incredibly easy for it. Even mid ninth rank sea demons could be killed in one blow.

Wang Zhen had also revealed his terrifying power. Thirteen thousand ninth rank insects had appeared. They charged through the sea demon army, completely unstoppable.

Hua Shiyu was surrounded by flower petals. The powerful armor of the sea demons was as weak as tofu in front of her. They were killed in droves.

Tang Wan-er had also summoned a sea of wind blades. Just like Hua Shiyu, she unleashed large-scale death on the sea demons.

Because there were too many sea demons, even Yue Zifeng, Gu Yang, Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, and the others were forced to participate. With even rank six Celestials attacking, the sea demons were annihilated as quickly as they came.

Fan Song was scared witless. Even his old opponents, Hua Shiyu and Wang Zhen, were releasing shocking battle prowess. They could now annihilate him instantly.

As for Gao Xianyang and Hu Guishan, they were shocked, furious, and envious. Even their eyes turned red from envy. They were completely unable to understand how they had become so powerful.

If Long Chen was powerful, that was fine. After all, he was a monster. But now every person by Long Chen’s side was also terrifying. Even Wang Zhen and Hua Shiyu were stunning.

At this time, Gao Xianyang also attacked. Sword Qi swept out. His killing power was also amazing, but when compared to the likes of Tang Wan-er, Hua Shiyu, and Wang Zhen, it was lackluster.

Those disciples following Gao Xianyang had somewhat odd expressions, but in the midst of this fierce battle, they didn’t deliberately display them.

However, Gao Xianyang’s gaze was icy-cold. Looking at Long Chen and the others, his expression was extremely gloomy.

Long Chen didn’t pay attention to the changes in Gao Xianyang’s expression. He was busy gathering the sea demons corpses. The mist in the primal chaos space grew so dense that he practically couldn’t see his hand if he stuck it in front of his face.

This mist was a condensed version of life energy. As more corpses were devoured by the black soil, it grew denser, until…


Suddenly, a light sound rang within the primal chaos space and immediately drew Long Chen’s attention. He hastily went in to search for the source of the sound and saw a little sapling beside the Heavenly Dao Tree that was only a foot tall.

This little sapling had appeared without him sensing anything. It had no branches. Instead, its crown abruptly split into three leaves.

The leaves were the size of a palm and emerald green. They shone softly, giving him a comfortable feeling. It was like looking at them could allow a person to forget all their struggles.

There were veins on the leaves that looked just like ordinary leaves, and yet they contained some kind of ineffable Dao charm.


Just at this moment, the dewdrops atop one of the leaves drew together and fell to the ground.

When the drop fell to the ground, it was rapidly absorbed, filling the primal chaos space with life energy.


Another drop condensed. Long Chen reached out his hand and caught it.

“This… this is… divine life elixir?” Long Chen was filled with shock as he sensed the life energy in the drop.

This drop was practically the same as the miraculous healing liquid that the Spirit World’s expert had given him all those years ago. But the life energy within this one was many times stronger.

“I’ve become able to condense divine life elixir?” Long Chen’s heart pounded. He quickly took out three jade bottles and placed them below the sapling, gathering the divine life elixir that fell from its leaves.

Long Chen suddenly understood what was going on. When the primal chaos space’s life energy accumulated to a certain level of saturation, it would give birth to this small tree to release the divine life elixir.

This process was slow. He saw that condensing one drop took a few breaths, and after gathering three drops, no more came.

“Hm? Is there not enough energy?” Long Chen suddenly thought of the crux of the problem.

“Boss, the line’s getting shaky!”

Suddenly, Guo Ran’s cry drew him out of his contemplation. His mind exited the primal chaos space and returned to reality. Seeing the scene in front of him, he jumped in shock.

At some unknown point, the ninth rank sea demons had begun coming in literal waves. They stacked on top of each other, forming a true beast tide. It was impossible to see the land any longer, as it was drowned out by the beast tide.

Even Wilde was fighting now, but he was still unable to stop these waves of sea demons that seemed to be pushed onward by some mysterious energy.

“Star Fall!”

Without even thinking about it, Long Chen summoned a Star Fall. A large globe fell amongst the sea demon tide.

BOOM! The battlefield became empty. Thousands of miles of sea demons were killed.

“Boss is mighty!” The Dragonblood Legion cheered. Long Chen’s attack had cleaned up the battlefield in an instant. Now the land was a mass of flesh and blood. It was a frightening scene.

Gao Xianyang was originally filled with envy, but Long Chen’s attack completely broke that envy.

His envy transformed into terror. After not seeing Long Chen for just such a short time, he had become so terrifying. He no longer had the qualifications to even challenge Long Chen.

With a wave of his hand, Long Chen pulled in the broken bits of flesh. Even the Neidans had been broken under the power of his Star Fall, but he didn’t mind. Just getting the flesh was enough.

As more flesh poured into the primal chaos space, through the black soil’s transformation, the divine life elixir began to slowly drip once again.

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