Chapter 1159 The Beast Tide Erupts

Having only tied with Gu Yang, Gao Xianyang’s prestige dropped to an all-time low. As for the Dragonblood Legion, its position in the hearts of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples rose to an all-time high.

This battle had allowed them to show that the Dragonblood Legion didn’t just have an unrivaled leader, but it also had a group of terrifying monsters. No member of the Dragonblood Legion was ordinary.

Another few days passed calmly. Gao Xianyang’s group didn’t leave. They simply set up camp outside Xuantian City, maintaining a certain distance from everyone else.

Long Chen didn’t bother with Gao Xianyang. He didn’t ask what they were doing and simply gave them the cold shoulder.

In the end, Gao Xianyang couldn’t bear it any longer and decided to lower his head. He sent Fan Song to report what they had done during this time.

“Long Chen, this is the route we took during the past few days in the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring. I heard you were attacked by the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples, but I am willing to use my head to guarantee that this matter has nothing to do with us.” Fan Song looked at Long Chen with a complicated expression.

Back when Long Chen had joined the Xuantian Dao Sect, they hadn’t placed him in their eyes. They had employed various means to suppress his growth, but now the two of them were not even close to the same level. Long Chen was at a height he could only look up to.

“I know. The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect placed markers on the flying boats hundreds of years ago. I don’t suspect you,” said Long Chen.

He had once suspected them, but he kept feeling like that wasn’t likely. If Gao Xianyang did this, then he couldn’t comprehend his motives.

This didn’t have the slightest benefit to Gao Xianyang. The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect cultivated magical arts; they wouldn’t accept him as a disciple. Doing this would just be destroying his own path.

Even if Gao Xianyang were to betray the Xuantian Dao Sect, two conditions needed to be met: first, there had to be enough enticement, and second, he had to be guaranteed that he would be protected from the sect’s wrath. The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect was unable to offer him these two things.

If he betrayed the Xuantian Dao Sect, then no matter how many benefits he got from it, he would be chased down by the Xuantian Dao Sect. No matter how great the benefits, he wouldn’t have a life to enjoy them. So Long Chen had refused to believe that Gao Xianyang had sold them out.

Later, Guo Ran had investigated the flying boats, and in an extremely hidden part of its core, he had found a certain addition.

That addition had allowed the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect to tell how many people were on that particular flying boat and its position. That was what had resulted in their accurate sneak attack.

Su Mo and Mu Qingxuan had been leading the largest group, and they weren’t the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s ultimate goal, so they had instead chosen to attack the Ten Thousand Insect Guild, Heaven Female Alliance, and Dragonblood Legion.

Afterward, Long Chen couldn’t help sighing emotionally. A thousand calculations could still end up off. The slightest hole resulted in Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s plans going out of control.

Thereafter, Long Chen had investigated all of Xuantian City. Anything that wasn’t necessary had been tossed out into the sea by Cloud, and only then did he feel more at ease.

“Gao Xianyang sent me to say that the beast tide is about to erupt. As fellow members of the Xuantian Dao Sect, we should all work together…” probed Fan Song.

“He’s worried about there being no portion for him when the contributions of each person are evaluated.” Long Chen shook his head.

“Cough, well, we’re all fellow disciples and occasional fighting is normal. But at a critical time, we should be united,” said Fan Song. He felt very awkward.

“Yes, that is correct. If he is obedient and listens to directions, I won’t toss him out. But if he wants to fight against me over leadership, I’ll kick him out immediately. If he causes any trouble at a critical time, I will kill him,” said Long Chen coldly.

“Yes, I will tell him what you said.” Fan Song’s heart shook. Long Chen was no longer his old self. If he wanted to kill Gao Xianyang, then with that many experts under his command, not even ten lives would be enough.

“Other than that, did you sense anything suspicious while you were out hunting?” Long Chen looked Fan Song in the eye. 

“No.” Fan Song shook his head.

“Then you can go.” Long Chen nodded and smiled.

Fan Song had only just gotten up from a bow and turned to leave when Long Chen added, “When you go back, you should consider whether your loyalties lie with Gao Xianyang, the Law Enforcement Hall, or the Xuantian Dao Sect.”

Fan Song shook slightly before he left.

The next day, Fan Song returned and told him that Gao Xianyang had agreed to Long Chen’s requests. He would listen to his orders.

Long Chen smiled. He seemed to understand something, but he didn’t say anything.

“You can decide some things after you think them through.” Long Chen looked at Fan Song, who was simply standing there without moving, seeming to be struggling with himself.

Fan Song clenched his teeth. He finally said, “While we were out at sea, Gao Xianyang went deep into the sea on his own to investigate the movements of the sea demons. He was once gone for a day and night.”

Long Chen nodded. “Good. I’m glad you still know you are a disciple of the Xuantian Dao Sect. Go, and be careful.”

Fan Song nodded and thanked Long Chen before leaving.

Alone in his room, Long Chen looked at where the sea met the land through the window. He muttered to himself, “Gone for a day and night? That’s normal.”

Time passed day by day. Suddenly, the day came when the sea began to rise and huge waves crashed onto the land.

“Everyone gather! The beast tide is erupting! Brothers, the chance to get rich has come!” shouted Gu Yang. The first half of his words had dignity, but the latter half didn’t.

However, this shout caused the tense atmosphere to relax a great deal. All the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples gathered.

Almost three hundred thousand disciples rushed over to the shore. Once they were there, they saw that the water was rolling like it was boiling. Huge waves continuously crashed against the shore, and the water level continuously rose.

Ear-piercing cries began to ring out from the depths of the sea. The land was quivering, causing these disciples’ expressions to change. They had never seen such a terrifying phenomenon.

“Everyone, don’t panic. This is the result of millions and millions of sea demons charging out from the depths of the sea. It’s very normal,” explained Long Chen. “Prepare yourselves. Form up your formations. The Dragonblood Legion will take the center, Hua Shiyu and Su Mo will lead the two wings, while Gao Xianyang’s people will take the tail. Get ready to attack!”

The Dragonblood Legion charged forward, looking like the head of an arrow.

Hua Shiyu and Su Mo led their armies to act as the two wings, while Gao Xianyang brought up the rear. Gao Xianyang looked gloomily at Long Chen, but he obediently acted as the rear.

BOOM! The sea exploded and countless huge figures charged out, rushing at them.

There were all kinds of sea demons. They were like small mountains coming at them, each one of them bringing the stench of blood.

“Kill! Let these sea demons know what true power is!” roared a Dragonmark warrior upon seeing this endless tide of sea demons.

“They are only sixth rank sea demons. What’s there to be so excited about?” Another Dragonmark warrior rolled his eyes at him.

Although these sea demons were large, they were just at the sixth rank. The disciples could annihilate masses of them with a wave of their hands. Thus, they weren’t even a challenge. Shouting so excitedly was making a fuss out of nothing.

But the Dragonblood warriors reflexively entered their combat state. As long as they were with Long Chen and a battle started, their blood would start to boil out of their control.

With everyone gathered in front of the sea, attacks continuously landed amongst the sea demons, killing them rapidly. Their blood dyed the sea red.

Seeing the essence blood of these sea demons be absorbed so quickly by the sea, Long Chen couldn’t help but wonder.

The Grand Dao was formless, the Grand Dao was emotionless. In front of the Grand Dao, all lives might look free, but in reality, they were silently controlled by the Heavenly Daos.

These low-ranking sea demons proliferated in huge numbers, threatening the benefits of the high-ranking sea demons. It was unknown what technique they were using, but those high-ranking sea demons were controlling these mindless sea demons to attack the human race.

Once they were killed, their essence blood would flow into the sea, strengthening the spiritual qi in it. Perhaps this was the goal of the rulers of the sea.

The ones to benefit from this essence blood were the high-ranking sea demons. But what about the human race? Who was benefiting there from this battle? Who agreed with the rulers of the sea demons to fight like this?

This bloody slaughter had no mercy on either side. Pity and compassion weren’t worth a single copper coin in front of it.

Although a sea demon was also a living being, if the humans didn’t kill them, they would break out of their blockade and kill the innocent creatures on the continent.

Slaughter was cruel. It was barbarous and brutal. But sometimes, slaughter was the only way to resolve problems.

In this world, there was no absolute truth that everyone believed in. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be all kinds of beliefs. Even gods would have different opinions and fight.

So when there was no way to reason things out, any lifeform with intelligence would instinctively start fighting.

There were too many sea demons attacking. Since they were all sixth rank sea demons, no one went to gather their Neidans. One reason was because they were too busy, and the other reason was that they looked down on their Neidans.

In the Eastern Wasteland, a good sixth rank sea demon’s Neidan could be exchanged for a whole city. But here, Neidans were everywhere, and nobody could be bothered to pick them up.

On the shore, the Ten Thousand Insect Guild’s disciples were killing any sea demons that slipped through, completely blocking them from proceeding.

What shocked people was that the beast tide this time was crazy. The disciples slaughtered into the third day before seventh and eighth rank sea demons appeared.

At this time, the sea demon corpses had piled into mountains. Long Chen placed himself in charge of gathering these corpses. With a wave of his hand, the corpses entered the primal chaos space, falling into the black soil.

The primal chaos space was three hundred thousand miles wide now, and the black soil was three thousand miles wide. It was like a huge gaping mouth, crazily devouring the corpses. At this moment, life energy filled the entire primal chaos space.

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