Chapter 1158 Come at me if you can, Fuck off if you can’t!

After being sneak attacked by the Bloodkill Hall, Long Chen grew even more careful. Although Long Chen wasn’t afraid of their assassinations, he was afraid of them switching targets.

These shameless people were capable of doing anything. They kept saying they were the followers of the Killing God and cultivated the Dao of assassination.

But despite supposedly researching assassination arts, they put poison on their weapons. That was what he was disgusted by. Just because they had a god’s inheritance, they did anything to achieve their goals. How was that a Dao?

Long Chen looked down the most on those people who said they had a belief yet had no bottom line at all.

The time he had been most disgusted with them was when he had been with the Mo family in Qin Prefecture. He had been attacked by the Bloodkill Hall on the streets, and in the end, they had even used a little girl only three or four years old to attack him.

When that poison needle stabbed into his heart, his disgust toward the Bloodkill Hall also sank into his heart.

Seeing that innocent and naive little girl had caused him to think of his own little sister, and in the end, he hadn’t killed her. Instead, he had given her a path to live.

He had made his resolve at that time. There was nothing to say to the Bloodkill Hall, as there was no use in it. The enmity between them could no longer be resolved. Furthermore, he had never thought of ever resolving them. However many of them came was how many he would kill.

These immoral assassins were really just a bunch of rotten murderers. They were the most terrifying foes because they would use any means necessary.

So Long Chen was very careful these days, constantly circulating the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. The Bloodkill Hall’s assassins could slip through Meng Qi’s Spiritual Strength, but they couldn’t escape his spiritual perception.

It was unknown whether they were now afraid or whether they were accumulating forces in secret, but no further attacks came.

There was also no news from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, nor did Gao Xianyang and the others ever return. The days passed in a somewhat heavy atmosphere.

A month passed. What comforted Long Chen was that the Dragonblood Legion’s power was rapidly rising each day. But he felt a bit helpless because the yuan spirit stones were starting to run out.

Rank five and rank six Celestials needed more yuan spirit stones to advance. Thus, the required number of yuan spirit stones for the Dragonblood Legion had multiplied. There hadn’t even been enough before, so now, they were starting to reach the bottom.

However, all the Dragonblood Legion’s warriors had reached at least the sixth Heavenstage, and half had reached the seventh Heavenstage. That speed was extremely shocking.

It had to be known that currently, most of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples were still at the third Heavenstage. There were a few at the fourth Heavenstage, and only heavenly geniuses on the level of Hua Shiyu, Wang Zhen, and Zhao Ziyan had the qualifications to have reached the fifth Heavenstage already.

It could be said that Long Chen’s one billion yuan spirit stones had allowed him to raise a terrifying legion.

On the other side, there was Hua Shiyu who had awakened as a rank six Celestial. Furthermore, after being relieved of that curse, she seemed to be glowing. She even said she felt like she might advance to the seventh rank.

That shocked everyone. But when Long Chen thought about it, he suddenly recalled another situation.

That old ghost from the Heavenly Fate Pavilion had perhaps placed the curse on Hua Shiyu not just for her family’s ancestral treasure. It might be the same kind of situation as Chu Yao had been in.

That curse was like a seal over Hua Shiyu’s energy, limiting her growth. Now that it had been released, her power was soaring every day without any sign of slowing down.

Long Chen couldn’t help but joke that he might have to hug her leg for protection in the future. But as soon as he said that, he sensed Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er’s gazes turn odd. Hua Shiyu didn’t retort, simply turning red. Even Zhao Ziyan looked at him oddly. At that time, he had wished to find a hole to bury himself in. It had just been a joke, but it was a huge mistake.

Hua Shiyu’s growth shocked everyone, but there was another person who was not any weaker than her. That was Wang Zhen.

Others might not realize just how strong he was getting, but Long Chen had personally seen Wang Zhen’s current insect army. Wang Zhen didn’t hide anything from him, and he directly said that he now had three thousand offensive insects and five thousand defensive insects, all of which were at the ninth rank.

Furthermore, he had more insects growing every day. Wang Zhen was in high spirits, no longer stuck at his old level.

Eight thousand ninth rank insects. Just thinking about it made Long Chen’s scalp turn numb. Wang Zhen was also soaring.

On this day, Long Chen was thinking about how he was supposed to make more money when he heard a ruckus from outside. Then rumbling sounds rang out. Someone had actually started fighting.

Long Chen went out and saw that it was Gao Xianyang, who had vanished for almost two months.

For some reason, Gao Xianyang was now fighting Gu Yang in the distant sky. The warriors of the Dragonblood Legion were around them, cheering for Gu Yang.

“What happened?” Long Chen asked Song Mingyuan.

“This idiot Gao Xianyang just returned, and he said the beast tide is about to start. So he wants to discuss how they should arrange our defenses. This idiot, what has he done during this time? The defenses were long since completed by me and Li Qi, but now he wants to come and take advantage. How could we let him do as he pleases?”

During this time, Song Mingyuan and Li Qi had acted in accordance with Long Chen’s instructions. Each day, they had used their earth energy to raise huge defensive walls thirty thousand meters high and tens of millions of miles long. The two of them had worked themselves into panting dogs.

Their defensive line had been turned into a funnel. Once the beast tide occurred, all the sea demons would be forced into it, allowing them to reduce their defensive line and making it easier.

Now, Gao Xianyang, who had been gone for two months, returned to discuss the defenses. This was purely so he could split the merits of defending the beast tide once it happened. He wanted to take half the profits. That was absolutely shameless.

Gu Yang had a temper, and he directly told Gao Xianyang that they were fine without him. He could go back to wherever he had come from.

Then Gao Xianyang had pointed at Gu Yang’s face and demanded who he thought he was. It was unknown whether or not Gu Yang had been infected by Long Chen, but Gu Yang immediately slapped him in the face. Then the two of them had flown into the air and started fighting.

Hu Guishan, Fan Song, and the other disciples following Gao Xianyang were all shocked. Gu Yang was in the same generation as them. But now, he was able to fight equally with the top heavenly genius of the senior generation. They were unable to believe it.

Most terrifying of all, when had Gu Yang become a rank six Celestial? Hadn’t he only been a rank four Celestial when he first joined the sect?

Were the rumors really true? The Xuan Master was researching a secret formula to allow people to rapidly advance Celestial ranks?

When the Dragonblood Legion’s warriors had all advanced to the fourth rank, they had shaken the entire Xuantian Dao Sect. At that time, the Xuan Master had announced that it was his own experiment.

But the Xuan Master was vague about the details, and others didn’t dare to ask. As a result, there were countless guesses amongst the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples. One of them was that the Xuan Master had come up with a new secret formula that could allow Celestials to rapidly advance ranks. But the possible consequences and sequelae of this method were unknown, and so he didn’t distribute it widely.

Now seeing Gu Yang had become a rank six Celestial, all of Gao Xianyang’s people were shocked and filled with envy. They felt the Xuan Master was biased. Even if they had to be guinea pigs, they were willing. But he didn’t even give them that chance.

This battle lasted a full two hours without either side winning. Gao Xianyang’s cultivation base was higher, but Gu Yang still beat him in power.

When Gao Xianyang used his full power but was still unable to defeat Gu Yang, he finally pulled back with a dark expression.

Seeing Gao Xianyang stop, the Dragonblood Legion’s disciples erupted into cheers. In fact, all the disciples on Long Chen’s side cheered excitedly.

All these disciples worshipped and revered the Dragonblood Legion, because they fought alongside them as brothers in battle. Seeing Gu Yang was able to match Gao Xianyang, they felt their blood boiling.

“Long Chen, what do you think you’re doing? Is this how you treat your fellow sect disciples? Don’t forget, we’re both leading a group to defend against the beast tide this time. You aren’t some local king.” Gao Xianyang’s face was green as he pointed his spear at Long Chen. Today, he had lost all his face.

“Correct, we are both leading our own group. When we arrived here, you immediately brought your group away and didn’t try contacting us. As for me, I took over the city, becoming the new city lord. You will lead your group, and I will defend the city. There’s no need for us to interfere with each other. Weren’t things going quite well before this? To avoid any conflicts, we should continue like that. You can lead your group away without any communication, and I will continue defending my city,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“What bullshit! The sea is now completely calm, and the sea demons refuse to appear at all now! That means the beast tide is about to erupt. What am I supposed to do?!” raged Gao Xianyang.

“What does that have to do with me? You’re the one who led your people away with the only working flying boat. Did you once think of us? Now that we’re prepared, you return to disturb us? Let me warn you, my temper’s not good, so try not to provoke me. If you think you can stay, then stay. If you can’t stay, then scram. As for whatever comes from the beast tide, since we’re from the same sect, I’ll give you some advice!” declared Long Chen.

“What advice?”

“Come at me if you can, fuck off if you can’t!” Long Chen waved his hand and returned to the city lord mansion without looking back at Gao Xianyang.

The other disciples on his side also dispersed, leaving only Gao Xianyang’s group foolishly standing there, staring.

Clearly, Long Chen would not welcome them here. Gao Xianyang had gone too far before and offended all of them; thus, none of them wanted to fight alongside him. Didn’t he think himself to be a badass? Now he could continue acting badass.

“We really went a bit too far this time. Why don’t we apologize to Long Chen? Considering his straightforward and candid character…” said Fan Song.

Gao Xianyang slapped him across the face, sending him flying. Fan Song coughed up blood. Gao Xianyang roared, “Who does Long Chen think he is?! Why should I have to apologize to him?!”

Looking at Long Chen’s parting figure, Gao Xianyang was filled with rancor. Just looking at his current state made others shiver.

As for Fan Song, he was filled with fury as others helped him up. But in the end, he didn’t dare to say anything.

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