Chapter 1157 Bloodkill Number 19

This sword was silent as it appeared, but once it pierced Long Chen’s flame barrier, it exploded with light. It was like the sun, and killing intent shook the sky.

The sword’s power was instantly raised to a peak. That berserk power caused Xuantian City to shake. Most terrifying of all was how sudden this sword was coming and its timing. It was at the exact time when Long Chen was using his own move. It was perfectly timed for when his defenses were at their lowest point.

“Friends from the Bloodkill Hall, I’ve waited a long time for you.”

Following Long Chen’s laughter, a blood-red saber slashed down from the sky. At the same time as the sword slashed through his flame barrier, Blooddrinker slashed down.


The flames exploded and faded from the air. A figure smashed into the ground like a shooting star, crashing through the city walls and out of Xuantian City.

After succeeding with this attack, Long Chen shot after him, once more slashing with his saber.

That person snorted and his body twisted. He transformed into eight figures that attacked Long Chen at the same time. Sword Qi tore through the air.

Long Chen was shocked. These eight bodies were all real bodies. If he only attacked one, he would definitely be struck by the other seven.

He had no choice but to change moves. He swept out Blooddrinker, blocking the eight attacks. But due to being forced to change moves, his power was weakened. He shot back, each step causing a large hole to appear in the ground.

“Truly worthy of being Long Chen. You haven’t disappointed me.” This person emotionlessly looked at Long Chen.

His build was medium and his face was average. There didn’t seem to be any special characteristic about his body. He looked the same as everyone else, and if he was thrown into a crowd, it’d be impossible to pick him out.

But while fighting, his powerful aura had revealed itself. He was a powerful rank seven Celestial, and his cultivation base had reached the late Foundation Forging realm.

“You also haven’t disappointed me. The Bloodkill Hall finally sent a decent assassin. What rank are you? Dark gold or violet gold?” Long Chen indifferently looked at this man with his saber resting on his shoulder.

The man from the Bloodkill Hall extended his arm, revealing a tattoo on the back of his hand. It was blood-colored and had 19 written on it in immortal characters.

“The bronze, silver, gold, dark gold, and violet gold rankings you’re talking about are merely for weaker disciples. I am a core disciple the Bloodkill Hall has used its full strength to raise. I have no name, I have only a number. You can call me Bloodkill 19.”

Long Chen was shocked. Was this true or false? A rank seven Celestial was merely ranked 19th? Was the Bloodkill Hall truly so terrifying?

“You don’t need to guess. Yes, amongst the core disciples of the Bloodkill Hall, I rank nineteenth, and there are still nineteen more terrifying existences above me.” The Bloodkill Hall’s assassin seemed to see through Long Chen’s thoughts.

“Do you think I don’t know how to count? You’re nineteenth, but there are still nineteen people in front of you?” Long Chen shook his head.

“There are truly nineteen. Bloodkill 1 Is called the king amongst assassins, but there is another existence who has been called the god amongst assassins. Since they’re a god, they aren’t within the number system,” answered the assassin.

“Why are you telling me this? To make me afraid, or to make me regret?” asked Long Chen coldly.

“To repent.”

“Why would you repent to me?”

“I want you to repent!” The assassin finally lost his calm, killing intent surging out of him.

“Are you stupid? Why would I have to repent?” Long Chen disdainfully looked at him. Was this a mental disorder?

BOOM! The assassin’s aura suddenly erupted, and the Seven Stars Reflect on the Runic Sea manifestation appeared.

“You blasphemed the statue of the Killing God in the Eastern Wasteland! You have to repent, repent in endless terror!” The assassin no longer seemed cool-headed. Instead, he was berserk, as if Long Chen’s words were completely intolerable to him.

Long Chen looked at him, contempt appearing in his eyes. “Your god isn’t my god, so why do I have to respect it? All I know is that those who want to kill me have to understand what it feels like to be killed. I don’t care whether they’re a person or a god!”

“Shameless blasphemer, face your death!”

The assassin suddenly disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already behind Long Chen, his sword stabbing forward.

Long Chen summoned his divine ring and swung Blooddrinker out to block. The collision caused both of them to shoot back.

Long Chen narrowed his eyes. This assassin had powerful combat skills. Was this supposed to mean that assassins who had reached this level no longer cared about the way of the assassin?

“No, that’s wrong!” Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed, and he shot to the side. But a sword still left a long cut on his back, causing him to feel a fiery pain. His flesh began to emit smoke. That sword was clearly poisoned.

“So your anger was just an act to make me careless. Not bad, you almost succeeded,” Long Chen said calmly as he sensed the pain on his back.

This assassin was skilled in scheming. All those words he had said and his expression of anger had been faked.

When he had summoned eight split bodies and then looked like he had gathered them all back, he had actually hidden one secretly. Just as he ‘erupted in fury’, he disappeared using a secret art to hide himself.

Normally, such a move wasn’t that useful. But just as he hid his true body, his split body launched an attack, drawing his attention, and then the true body would suddenly launch a sneak attack. He had almost succeeded with this.

Despite him being his enemy, Long Chen couldn’t help but admire his tactics. At the same time, Long Chen was shocked by his enemy’s ability to summon eight split bodies that had the same power as his main body. 

“Die!” Two figures shot at Long Chen, their speed almost impossible to track with the naked eye.

“Don’t use the same move against me twice, it’s insulting.” Long Chen smiled coldly and slashed his saber in front of him, blocking the two attacks. At this time, another sword appeared behind him, stabbing toward his back.

That sword had only just appeared when a lightning and a flame dragon surged out, blowing the sword and its owner to smithereens.

“Split the Heavens 3!” Long Chen suddenly flew into the air, and a huge saber-image viciously slashed down.

BOOM! Just as the assassin was shocked by the death of one of his split bodies, Long Chen launched such a vicious attack. His two bodies went all-out to defend, but they were still sent flying.

“Raging Flames Devour the Heavens!”

Flames filled the world, covering all the land and the sky. Several hidden figures had no choice but to reveal themselves, as this time, Long Chen’s attack was at full strength. He was no longer simply trying to block their vision.

In front of Long Chen’s full-strength attack, the assassin’s split bodies were no longer able to hide. Seven figures materialized in different places, revealing just how crafty the assassin was. Even during this intense battle, he had secretly summoned split bodies in preparation for killing Long Chen.

Suddenly, the flames vanished, revealing Long Chen holding a three-foot-wide globe of light. He coldly stared at the assassin.

“Star Fall!” The globe smashed toward the ground like a shooting star. When it reached the assassin, it exploded.

The assassin’s expression changed. He didn’t even have a chance to pull back his split bodies. He had to go all-out blocking this terrifying attack.

A wave of flames spread in every direction, even reaching Xuantian City. Fortunately, Li Qi and Song Mingyuan had long since made their preparations. They defended the city lord mansion with their earth energy, but the other places were instantly destroyed.

“Bloodshadow Kill Sword!”

As the flames filled the air, the assassin once more appeared. Now he was covered in blood, looking almost insane as he slashed his sword at Long Chen.

“Split the Heavens 3!” Long Chen had only just attacked when he suddenly realized something was off. The instant his saber touched the assassin’s sword, the assassin exploded. “Another split body.”

Long Chen spread a pair of lightning wings and flew into the air. His Spiritual Strength spread, but he wasn’t able to find him. “Fuck, he really fled fast.”

Closing his eyes and using the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s senses, he could vaguely tell in which direction he had run. He couldn’t help but curse. If only Cloud was present, he would have never gotten away.

The assassin had come like lightning, and run like lightning. He wasn’t the slightest bit sloppy. He had even sacrificed another split body in order to give himself a chance to get away.

“Long Chen, how’d it go?” Meng Qi and the others rushed over. Long Chen had warned them not to participate in his fight, because the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins were too dangerous.

“He got away,” said Long Chen helplessly. “What about your side?”

“We got them all,” said Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen had known the attackers’ identity from the start. The only ones who could slip past Meng Qi’s spiritual net but be sensed by the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art were the assassins of the Bloodkill Hall. Furthermore, he had even sensed a slight familiarity, so he had been sure. And so everything had been arranged.

“Good. So I’m the only one who lost face and didn’t accomplish their mission. Beauties, please hold me and comfort little brother’s spirit!” cried Long Chen helplessly.

What he got in return was scolding laughter from Meng Qi and the others about how he was never proper, but it was Hua Shiyu who blushed slightly.

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