Chapter 1157 Bloodkill Number 19 (Teaser)

This sword was silent as it appeared, but once it pierced Long Chen’s flame barrier, it exploded with light. It was like the sun, and killing intent shook the sky.

The sword’s power was instantly raised to a peak. That berserk power caused Xuantian City to shake. Most terrifying of all was how sudden this sword was coming and its timing. It was at the exact time when Long Chen was using his own move. It was perfectly timed for when his defenses were at their lowest point.

“Friends from the Bloodkill Hall, I’ve waited a long time for you.”

Following Long Chen’s laughter, a blood-red saber slashed down from the sky. At the same time as the sword slashed through his flame barrier, Blooddrinker slashed down.


The flames exploded and faded from the air. A figure smashed into the ground like a shooting star, crashing through the city walls and out of Xuantian City.

After succeeding with this attack, Long Chen shot after him, once more slashing with his saber.

That person...

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