Chapter 1156 Removing the Sorcery

Long Chen pulled back his hand, drawing out a black figure. That black figure was like an octopus, but with countless tentacles that were like sinister centipedes.

Half of it had been pulled out by Long Chen, but now the black figure was struggling fiercely, refusing to be pulled out of Hua Shiyu’s body.

At this moment, an elder appeared within the black qi, staring at Long Chen with triangular eyes.

“It’s him… he… he’s the one… who came to my family… pfft!” Hua Shiyu immediately cried out upon seeing that figure, but she then coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“Brat, don’t meddle in other people’s affairs. Some people can’t be provoked by you. If you’re smart, you’ll immediately stop,” barked the elder.

“You know, I haven’t read many books, and I’m not very smart. What are you saying exactly?” Long Chen acted stupid, while he silently sent thunderforce through the ground.

“Dumb brat, if you offend me, you, your family, and even your sect will be completely annihilated!” roared the elder.

“Try to brag a bit more. Maybe something about destroying the stars and the very universe? I’ve heard such poser words many times. But if you brag a bit more, I might believe you,” said Long Chen.


Just at this moment, the rest of the black qi was fully extracted, and it was now powerless to resist.

“Bastard, just you wait! I’ll find you! If you think you can save this girl, keep dreaming!” The elder furiously formed a seal with one hand. A large hand suddenly shot out of the black qi at Hua Shiyu’s chest.

“Idiot.” Long Chen sneered. A lighting dragon suddenly appeared in front of Hua Shiyu’s chest, devouring the black hand.

The elder in the black qi coughed up three large mouthfuls of blood. Having that black hand devoured by Lei Long had clearly injured him.

“Oh my, you still get your period? And even at such an age, and so much! Old man, your health’s not bad!” praised Long Chen.

“You- pfft!”

The elder once more coughed up a mouthful of blood. His image in the black qi began to grow unsteady, and then it faded into nothing.

But just as that image faded, the elder’s furious roar rang out. “Brat, just wait! I’ll definitely find who you are and kill your family, your sect…”

Within the Grand Han Ancient Nation, an elder’s furious roar rang out from a tall tower that pierced the clouds.

“Bastard, let me see just where that girl is!” The elder extended his hands, pressing his thumbs against his four fingers consecutively. His expression suddenly changed. “How is this possible?! Her fate is blocked from me? Hmph, it’s definitely just because I was injured. Then let’s see who that idiot brat was.”


Just as the elder formed a hand seal, without any warning at all, half his body instantly exploded.

“Im-impossible!” A look of terror appeared on his face as he crazily roared.

Countless white-robed experts flew to the top of the tower. Seeing that half the elder’s body had exploded, they were all horrified.

“Pavilion master!”

“Hurry up and bring me to the healers!”

The elder’s expression sank. In the end, he glared coldly in a certain direction. That was the direction where Long Chen was.

The black qi exploded. Long Chen used his thunderforce to completely annihilate it. As for Hua Shiyu, she had already fainted.

Her face was pale, and she had coughed up blood all over herself. Long Chen gently carried her to a bed.

Examining her body, he saw that she had lost a great deal of her Spirit Blood, and her Dantian had been deeply shaken. Fortunately, her soul hadn’t been impacted.

Other injuries could be resolved with medicinal pills, but injuries to the soul were troublesome. Those required a long time of slow nourishment. 

After giving Hua Shiyu a few more medicinal pills, Long Chen left, calling over Zhao Ziyan to look after Hua Shiyu.

Hua Shiyu woke the next day. When Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, and Long Chen came to see her, they saw that while she was still pale, there was a kind of indescribable Dao-charm flowing within her eyes.

“Congratulations on awakening as a rank six Celestial!” Tang Wan-er was shocked but happy for her. For someone who had six innate Heavenly Dao runes, going from the fifth rank to the sixth rank was not called advancing, but awakening.

“It’s all thanks to Long Chen. However, it seems I’ve brought you more trouble.” Hua Shiyu’s voice was apologetic.

“I’m a specialist in causing trouble. I like trouble, and trouble likes me. I got used to it a long time ago.” Long Chen shrugged.

He had so much trouble that he didn’t mind adding in some Heavenly Fate Pavilion. No matter how amazing they were, he wouldn’t just watch as one of his friends died without helping. So he was indifferent.

“This is great news! The strength of the Xuantian Dao Sect has once more risen a level with your awakening as a rank six Celestial!” Meng Qi smiled.

“It’s not just one level. Yesterday, I saw Wang Zhen summon many ninth rank insects. He was drilling them,” said Zhao Ziyan. For everyone to improve was a good thing.

Wang Zhen’s mother insect had already reached the late ninth rank. Although its actual combat power hadn’t increased, that wasn’t what Wang Zhen needed. All he needed was its ability to suppress and lead other insects.

With the mother insect’s higher cultivation base, the other insects wouldn’t rebel. These days, he was raising a few insect kings.

These insect kings would be the generals of his other insects. Their cultivation bases were at the mid ninth rank, and they would control an army of early ninth rank insects to fight.

The role of the insect kings was very important, and so he had to pick out the best. He had them fight and kill each other until only the strongest survived. Only then would they have the ability to lead other insects.

Wang Zhen’s power was crazily rising, while Hua Shiyu had awakened as a rank six Celestial. With her innate talent and combat power, as long as she didn’t encounter a rank seven Celestial, she could probably dominate the Foundation Forging realm.

“What about Cloud? Why don’t I see it?” asked Long Chen.

“Wilde and Cloud are out hunting. Cloud has been spoiled by you, and now it only eats the food it hunts itself. As for Wilde, he eats like crazy. The two of them eat practically day and night. With the rations dropping day by day, the two of them went out.” Meng Qi was a bit helpless about this.

“That’s fine. With Wilde’s power and Cloud’s speed, they can easily flee if they encounter enemies they can’t beat.” Long Chen wasn’t the slightest bit worried about the two of them.

When it came to pure power, Wilde wasn’t weaker than him. Furthermore, Wilde seemed to be in a very important state. He needed this food.

“What about Gao Xianyang? Is there any news from his side?” asked Long Chen.

“No. It’s like they’ve disappeared. You don’t think something bad happened to them, do you?” guessed Zhao Ziyan.

“Impossible, right?” Long Chen shook his head.

“How are you so sure?” Meng Qi and the others were surprised.

“Because they’re all bad people, and bad people don’t die so easily.” Long Chen shrugged.

The others rolled their eyes. This kind of logic was absurd. But it was just a joke, so they didn’t take it seriously.


Just as they were talking, Long Chen frowned.

“What is it?”

“Meng Qi, have you not sensed something odd? For example, some outsiders invading?” asked Long Chen.

“Oh? My four spiritual bells are completely fine. All the spiritual fluctuations around here are also normal. What is it?” said Meng Qi with some surprise.

“Is that so? Then that means some old friends have arrived. Ah, it’s been such a long time. I really missed them!” Long Chen smiled profoundly.

He left the city lord mansion and appeared in the air. It was the afternoon now, and the sunlight was sprinkling over him. It was warm and comfortable, and there was even a gentle sea breeze. If it weren’t for the strong scent of blood, it would be a very beautiful day.

The occasional disciple saw him and bowed, receiving a nod and a smile from Long Chen.

Just as Long Chen was smiling and greeting people, a sword suddenly appeared in the air behind him, stabbing straight at his back.

The sword appeared merely a few feet from his back. It simply appeared there with no foundation, reaching his back in an instant.

“Who’s there?!” shouted Long Chen. He instantly shot into the air, just barely dodging the sword.

Only once he was in the air did he see a stiff-faced man appear out of thin air. The attack had come from him.

Right as he saw him, dozens of other figures appeared in the air and sharp blades stabbed toward Long Chen.

It was like they had planned everything perfectly. They all attacked at the same time, sealing all his possible retreat paths.

Furthermore, those sharp blades were completely silent. All their power was concentrated, and once it stabbed through him, it would erupt. These were terrifying assassins with attacks that had been concentrated to the pinnacle.

“Raging Flames Devour the Heavens!”

Long Chen formed a hand seal and flame runes appeared, forming a barrier around him.

BOOM! When those attacks met the flames, a heaven-shaking explosion rang out and flames enveloped the sky.

The flames continued to spread, devouring the assassins. But when the flames were about to touch them, their figures twisted strangely and they disappeared.

The flames roared through the sky, causing the air to twist. All the disciples below were shocked and jumped into a battle state.

While the flames were still raging through the sky and everyone still couldn’t see things clearly, a sword silently cut through the flame barrier and slashed toward Long Chen.

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