Chapter 1155 The Abnormal Fourth Form of Split the Heavens

Long Chen spent a whole day refining pills for Wang Zhen. The mother insect was very large, and it needed top grade pills. Moreover, it needed hundreds of them in order to be effective.

As for medicinal elixir, it needed even more of that. Fortunately, he had Huo Long to help him refine it, and it all went very smoothly. Otherwise, refining that much would exhaust him to death.

When Wang Zhen received the medicinal pills, he directly gave them to his mother insect. He also started using the elixir to raise his feed insects.

Long Chen had all disciples prioritize giving their ninth rank sea demon’s corpses to Wang Zhen. Everyone was in support of this. Having sacrificed so many insects to protect his subordinates, he had won their respect.

Furthermore, the most precious aspect of ninth rank sea demons was their core. Their corpses were only worth a tenth, so people didn’t care that much. They directly gave the corpses to Wang Zhen for free.

Originally, Wang Zhen had been planning on using his cores to exchange with the corpses. But he was refused by all the disciples. Some of them even said Wang Zhen was being unreasonable.

Wang Zhen was extremely moved. He took their sea demon’s corpses. With them, he would be able to raise his insects as fast as possible.

Wang Zhen was shocked to find that his feed insects were growing even faster than he had expected. Originally, his feed insects would take five days to mature.

But now, they matured in just a few hours. Furthermore, with the effect of the medicinal elixir, the amount of energy they contained was ten times greater. It was even greater than what Long Chen had predicted.

Now that he had enough flesh, Wang Zhen was crazily breeding his insect army. His mother insect had smoothly reached the mid ninth rank after consuming the first batch of medicinal pills. Furthermore, it was on track to reach the late ninth rank soon. Now Wang Zhen was completely convinced by Long Chen’s abilities.

Just as Wang Zhen was crazily breeding various insects, Long Chen was still healing his injuries.

The backlash of attempting to use the fourth form of Split the Heavens was still causing him problems. He still didn’t know what it was. But it was only after using the primal chaos bead to its full powers for two days that his meridians slowly healed.

That shocked Long Chen. The primal chaos space was flourishing with life. Bones and limbs could be regrown in a few breaths, and yet repairing a few meridians had taken two days.

Long Chen carefully tested the first form of Split the Heavens. There was no problem at all. His nine acupuncture points were connected smoothly.

The second form was also no problem. The third form was no problem. He slowly attempted the fourth form.

His spiritual yuan poured through twenty-eight acupuncture points… twenty-nine… thirty-five.

The first thirty-five acupuncture points were connected easily without a problem. But when he tried to connect it to the last acupuncture point, his 108,000 immortal platforms actually began to pour their energy in the thirty-sixth acupuncture point automatically.

It was like 108,000 streams were crazily pouring into one dike. The dike would instantly overflow and break.

Although Long Chen had been prepared and instantly dispersed his energy, he was still covered in cold sweat.

If he hadn’t instinctively sensed the danger and given up on using the fourth form when fighting that expert from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, he probably wouldn’t even have a corpse left.

“What is going on? Why didn’t senior Feng Xinglie mention it? Or could it be… could it be because of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art?”

Long Chen was befuddled. When he tried to connect the last acupuncture point, his 108,000 immortal platforms would concentrate all their energy there. Furthermore, it was a kind of instantaneous burst of energy that was out of his control. That wasn’t something he could bear.

“This terrifying attack isn’t something I can use.” Long Chen was deeply shaken. Perhaps Split the Heavens had already diverted from its original scope because of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. That was because the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples who cultivated Split the Heavens all trained in a special cultivation technique: the Battle God Sacred Canon.

This cultivation technique was a set with Split the Heavens. The two complimented each other. But Long Chen hadn’t trained in the Battle God Sacred Canon, and he used Split the Heavens through the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art instead. Thus, it was natural that there was a large difference to it.

“I can’t continue like this. Having a powerful Battle Skill but not being able to use it is too much of a waste.”

Long Chen sank into thought and slowly circulated the energy of his four qi seas. He extracted energy from a few of his immortal platforms and merged it with his four qi seas.

He once more tried to use Split the Heavens and was pleasantly surprised to see that this truly seemed to be a solution. By splitting the work, his qi seas ended up controlling his immortal platforms. He continued pouring energy into his qi seas, while his remaining immortal platforms sent energy to use Split the Heavens.

When he reached the thirty-sixth acupuncture point, Long Chen once more scattered his energy. He found that even the energy of half his immortal platforms was not what his acupuncture point could bear.

After several tests, he finally found a limit that he could endure. If he wanted to use the fourth form of Split the Heavens, he could only use a fourth of his immortal platforms.

Through all this testing, he found the fourth form of Split the Heavens to be truly vicious. If it was activated, it would instantly extract all the energy within a quarter of his immortal platforms.

He thought about testing the power of it, but when he considered how he would have to exhaust a quarter of his energy, he decided not to. In any case, there would come an opportunity sooner or later, and he wasn’t in a rush.

He had already figured out how to use it. For the rest of the day, he continued refining pills.

The next morning, he went to find Hua Shiyu. In a private room containing just the two of them, the atmosphere was a bit awkward.

“I’ve refined a few special pills for you, and they will protect your soul. But you should be prepared. That thing has been in your body for too long, and extracting it will be very painful,” warned Long Chen gravely.

Hua Shiyu was a bit nervous. She nodded as she still remembered the pain from last time. That feeling of having one’s soul torn apart was the most painful experience she had ever had.

Hua Shiyu consumed the top grade medicinal pills Long Chen had refined for her. The medicinal energy quickly spread, causing Hua Shiyu to glow with a sacred light.

That light made her clothes almost see-through, revealing all her crucial parts. Hua Shiyu turned completely red and looked away, incapable of facing Long Chen.

Long Chen gulped. Looking at a peerless beauty who seemed to not be wearing any clothes, he found his mouth dry. Taking a deep breath, he expelled all his beautiful thoughts and warned himself that he had proper things to attend to.

Circulating the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, a faint light came from his palm as he reached for Hua Shiyu’s chest.

The black qi was located right below her solar plexus. That was a very awkward spot. Long Chen’s hand stopped for a long time in front of her chest as he didn’t dare to press down.

Although Hua Shiyu had her eyes closed, her breathing was clearly quickening and her face was completely red. It was an unreplicable beauty.

“Damnit, Long Chen, you’re a doctor now, doctor Long Chen! The more you hesitate, the more it seems you’re feeling guilty…” Long Chen clenched his teeth and pressed. That soft feeling made his heart waver.

“Ah…” Hua Shiyu shook. A soft cry came out from her covered mouth, and it made Long Chen’s blood immediately surge.

Unable to focus, the circulation of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art came to a halt, and the light on his palm also faded.

Hua Shiyu opened her eyes, her face even redder than before. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have made such a noise…”

That cry had been involuntary, but she still felt extremely embarrassed.

Long Chen also couldn’t help being embarrassed. How was he supposed to endure such a sound of rapture?

“Are you nervous, Long Chen? You’re sweating.” Hua Shiyu tried to alleviate the awkward atmosphere. Right now, Long Chen was covered in sweat, while normally he was unafraid of anything. He even dared to slap the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s vice sect master, but he was still so tense now.

“A bit. I just don’t have experience.” Long Chen bitterly smiled. But after saying that, he regretted it.

“What about last time?” teased Hua Shiyu.

“Last time was too fast and it ended before it started.” Long Chen relaxed a bit upon seeing that Hua Shiyu dared to tease him. He had to treat this as just a small matter.

“Aren’t you afraid of Tang Wan-er beating you if you put it like this?” laughed Hua Shiyu.

“Hmph, do you think I’m afraid of her?” Long Chen sniffed. “Just ask her, when does she ever not beat me?”

The awkward atmosphere slowly lessened. The two of them were no longer so nervous.

“If you’re nervous, you… can… touch… just until you’re not nervous… before helping me…” Hua Shiyu once more turned red.

Heavens, there was such a good thing? But how could he be so shameless as to really do that?

“I want to, but if Wan-er learns of it, I might not live past twenty-one,” said Long Chen helplessly.

“I promise… to keep it secret.” Hua Shiyu’s voice was less than a whisper, yet it was solemn.

She didn’t realize Long Chen was just joking. Long Chen felt like continuing like this was just making their relationship more and more dubious. Taking a deep breath, he said, “Shiyu, we should hurry up a bit. Once the medicinal effect fades, we won’t be able to expel it. Are you ready?”

“Yes. Let’s start!” Hua Shiyu closed her eyes and puffed out her chest slightly.

Long Chen didn’t dare to look at her. Closing his eyes and expelling all distracting thoughts, the light on his palm reappeared as he slowly pressed it against Hua Shiyu’s chest.


Black qi once more began to stream out of her chest. It was like countless black centipedes wriggling around his palm.

Hua Shiyu’s expression twisted slightly in pain, but with the effect of the medicinal elixir, it was much better than last time. She didn’t make a sound.

“Endure it. I’m going to pull it out.”

Long Chen urged on the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, causing the light coming from his palm to grow stronger. More and more black qi appeared, and in the end, Long Chen pulled out a three-meter black figure from her chest.

“Who dares to break my magic?!” Suddenly, an elderly face that was both cold and stern appeared within the black qi.

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