Chapter 1152 Ancient Race Expert

Whether or not the disciples summoned defenses, whether they were rank five Celestials or even rank six Celestials, anyone in the path of the double dragon attack was killed.

Both Lei Long and Huo Long had grown to a terrifying level now. When they combined their power, their attack power was practically limitless.

The formation the thirty thousand Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples had formed was cut in two, and a third of their numbers were killed.

“Slaughter them! Although there’s more of them, I’m sure the men of steel from my Dragonblood Legion can make sure that not one of them leaves!” shouted Long Chen.


“Kill them all!”

Before Long Chen arrived, they had been unable to break through their defenses. But they were shattered by one attack from Long Chen, and ten thousand disciples were killed. If they didn’t show some of their own ability, they wouldn’t have the face to keep calling themselves members of the Dragonblood Legion.

The strongest point of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples was their combination magical arts. Now the strongest point had been broken by Long Chen, and the Dragonblood Legion’s warriors immediately turned red-eyed. Back then, these people hadn’t held back on angering them.

At that time, they hadn’t had a chance to attack. Although Long Chen had defeated Han Zhenyu and slapped Ma Xingkong in the face, it still wasn’t as satisfying as doing it themselves.

Now that the people who had been looking down on them so arrogantly appeared before them again, the Dragonblood Legion’s warriors almost went crazy.

“Fuck, just keep being a poser!” Killing one of the panicking Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples, one of the Dragonblood warriors shouted with delight.

After the competition, Long Chen had told them that when fighting the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples, they had to do their best to close the distance between them. Close-range combat was their fatal weakness. As long as you didn’t give them time to unleash magical arts, they could be cut down easily.

“Spirit of-” One of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples chanted, waving his staff.


“Spirit my ass! Let’s see how you Spirit anything now!” One of the Dragonmark warriors cut off his head and pointed at his corpse.

“He’s already dead, so what are you quibbling against him for? Hurry up and move on.” Another Dragonmark warrior pulled him off.

The Dragonblood Legion’s warriors were like tigers and wolves, charging through the midst of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples. They were in a complete state of panic. The ones who were further away wanted to use magical arts to attack back, but there were still their fellow disciples between them.

If they attacked, they would also be attacking their fellow disciples. That moment of indecision was all that the Dragonblood Legion needed to close the distance.

“Die!” One of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples waved his staff, unleashing a runic arrow that struck a Dragonmark warrior in the back.

A muffled bang rang out, and his clothes were torn apart. But the Dragonmark warrior was fine. The hole in his clothes revealed golden armor.

“You can die instead!” A maiden smashed her wooden staff on the attacker’s head.

The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciple’s eyes rolled into the back of his head, and he fainted just like this. He fell to the sea, revealing a woman behind him.

This maiden was actually one of the healing disciples. She was in charge of healing people with long-range healing arts. But taking advantage of an extremely rare case, she smacked a rank five Celestial in the head, knocking him out.

The Dragonmark warrior hastily switched out his robes. The scale armor he was wearing was their secret weapon.

The reason Long Chen dared to let them attack was because they were all wearing the armor Guo Ran had forged.

Speaking of this armor, it had to be said that Guo Ran was truly a skilled and meticulous craftsman. For others, scaled armor had to be worn on the outside like plate armor. But Guo Ran’s scale armor had tiny springs between scales, allowing it to contract and be worn as a second skin. Wearing it on the body didn’t affect their agility or movements at all.

So looking on the outside, others weren’t even able to tell they were wearing armor. Guo Ran had long since run some training sessions so people could get used to it. Now that they were fighting for real, they found it to be very natural.

As long as they protected their heads, they wouldn’t have to worry about being attacked in other places. The material that had gone into this armor was at the King item level. Although the armor wasn’t a true King item, its hardness was essentially on the same level.

Furthermore, Guo Ran had inscribed special runes on the armor to reduce the impact of blows. Even if they were struck by a heavy weapon, the armor would block a portion of the attack’s power, so they wouldn’t be killed in one blow.

The Dragonblood Legion’s warriors were like tigers with wings now, completely slaughtering the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples who were now fleeing miserably. The ones that directly turned and fled without a care of their fellow disciples were killed by Cloud.


Suddenly, the horned man’s Seven Stars Reflect on the Runic Sea disappeared. It was absorbed back into his body, and his Blood Qi erupted. His horn began to glow, and a ray of light shot out at Wilde’s club.

Wilde’s hand instantly cracked and began to bleed. He was sent flying, wildly vomiting blood. Meng Qi and the others were shocked. Despite Wilde’s power, he was still injured.

Just at this moment, the horned man’s staff disappeared, replaced with a trident. He swung it out behind him.

BOOM! He just managed to block Yue Zifeng’s silent sword. Yue Zifeng’s arms broke, and his sword left his hand as he flew back.

“Time for you to die!” The horned man sneered and swung his trident at Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er. Suddenly, a blood-colored saber fell from the sky.

The saber hadn’t even arrived, but the pressure it exuded caused the horned man’s heart to shake. He immediately gave up on attacking the two of them and swung it at Long Chen’s saber.

Sparks flew. The horned man was startled to find that Long Chen’s seemingly brute-strength attack had actually been able to force his trident to the side.

With the trident to the side, the horned man’s head was open. A large foot ruthlessly kicked his face.

The horned man was sent flying across the sea, bouncing off the surface several times as he shot into the distance.

“Wang Zhen and Hua Shiyu have arrived. Go get them and kill everyone here. Don’t let a single one escape. I’ll handle that one.”

Long Chen shot away immediately after giving Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er some orders. They saw that a flying boat was rushing over from one direction, while Wang Zhen was flying with a group of people from another direction. Wang Zhen’s flying boat had been crippled, so despite leaving first, he ended up arriving at the same time as Hua Shiyu.

The Heaven Female Alliance and Ten Thousand Insect Guild immediately formed an encirclement when they reached the battlefield, completely trapping the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples.

Wilde jumped onto a flying boat and took out a jade bowl. He began to crazily eat. That fierce fight had exhausted a great deal of his energy. After all, he was the one who had received the majority of the horned man’s attacks.

One of Yue Zifeng’s arms was completely gone, and there were two healing disciples helping him recover. Because he was not a Celestial, their healing was even more effective on him. A new arm quickly grew out, but the meridians inside would need some time to expand.

Seeing that the two of them were fine, Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er also joined the battlefield. Meng Qi jumped onto Cloud’s back to overlook the entire battlefield. Now that Long Chen had arrived, the conclusion was set. The only thing to do was to reduce any casualties.

The Dragonblood Legion had their armor to protect themselves, and there were no casualties amongst them. The main thing was to support the Heaven Female Alliance and the Ten Thousand Insect Guild.

Long Chen summoned his Green Dragon Battle Armor. He had 108,000 scales, the same as his 108,000 immortal platforms. The dragon blood energy strengthened his body to a new level, allowing him to use all the power of his 108,000 immortal platforms without worrying about his body not being able to handle it.

He quickly caught up to the horned man. Resting Blooddrinker on his shoulder, he icily asked, “Does the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect only have this little ability? Even a rank seven Celestial would sink so low?”

“Fuck off!” The horned man’s expression sank, but he didn’t argue. His trident’s runes lit up and he smashed it at Long Chen.

Long Chen snorted and randomly swung Blooddrinker. The horned man coughed up blood and once more flew back.

“A rank seven Celestial is no longer a match for me.” Sensing his condition in the Green Dragon Battle Armor state, he was filled with confidence.

He once more arrived in front of the horned man and swung his saber. He used neither technique nor ability. It was just an ordinary swing.

And yet, the horned man’s arm completely deformed and he smashed into the sea like a shooting star.

“Ancestral Blood Ignition, Ancestral Spirit Appear!”

The horned man suddenly roared, and a huge figure appeared behind him. Because it was so huge, it wasn’t possible to see it clearly. It simply looked like an ape with a horn on its head.

“I’ll kill you right now with my strongest move!” The horned man coldly glared at Long Chen. Even his voice was becoming dark and sinister.

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