Chapter 1151 Luring the Tiger Off of Its Mountain

Blooddrinker’s runes activated, and it was like an ancient beast was awakening. A terrifying pressure descended.

Han Zhenyu’s golden giant was instantly blown back. “You…! How can you activate a King item’s power?!”

Han Zhenyu was completely shocked. King items were weapons only Kings could use. To use them required the power of a Jade Core.

When it came to true power, Han Zhenyu could easily fight across realms and defeat Kings. But that was in theory. In reality, if he encountered a King, his power would only allow him to run.

That was because Kings could activate their King items. Their power could shake heaven and earth.

As for Han Zhenyu, although he had a King item, he only had a portion of his King item’s approval. He could use it, but he couldn’t truly use its power.

A King item that couldn’t unleash its power had two uses. One was that because its material was hard enough, you didn’t need to worry about it being damaged. The second reason was to be a poser.

Geniuses who could subdue a King item in the Foundation Forging realm were extremely rare. So using a King item to show off was very effective.

But Long Chen’s Blooddrinker was different. It wasn’t used to show off. It was his companion that fought alongside him, and they had cultivated a sincere connection.

Blooddrinker was willing to lend its power to Long Chen. On the other hand, Long Chen wouldn’t be able to use any other King items. 

Other King items were like stingy wives. Their money was their money, and others shouldn’t even think about touching it.

This comparison was a bit vulgar, but it really was like this. Han Zhenyu’s King item had acknowledged Han Zhenyu, but he was still him, while it was still it.

That was why Han Zhenyu was shocked and envious that Long Chen could activate a King item’s power. He was exceptionally furious because the reason Blooddrinker had advanced was because of him. Thinking of this made him want to cough up blood.

Last time, his core had been gravely injured, and it had taken many resources to fully heal. That had all been caused by Blooddrinker absorbing his energy. Now his eyes were red.

“You’re not my son, so why should I tell you? Or do you want to say some final words before your death?” sneered Long Chen.

In truth, Blooddrinker had only recently advanced, and its core runes hadn’t fully formed yet. The amount of power it could unleash was limited. But this was still enough to delight Long Chen.

With Blooddrinker’s assistance, Long Chen’s attacks were even sharper, and his combat power multiplied.

BOOM! Suddenly, Long Chen sent Han Zhenyu flying with the third form of Split the Heavens. Now, Long Chen and Blooddrinker were completely suppressing him.

Han Zhenyu’s golden giant became covered with cracks. As he retreated, an azure light shot down from the sky and smashed into its waist.

With an explosive sound, the cracked golden giant was pierced through by Cloud’s attack. “Bastard, even a feathered brute dares to attack me?!”

Han Zhenyu furiously sent a ray of Sword Qi at Cloud.

But this Sword Qi was shattered midway by Long Chen’s saber. Cloud might be powerful, but it still hadn’t fully matured. It couldn’t endure being struck by such a powerful attack.

“Cloud, don’t mess around. Just go play at the side!” shouted Long Chen. Cloud flew away, while Long Chen once more attacked Han Zhenyu.

With yet another slash of his saber, Han Zhenyu’s golden giant completely shattered. It was a pure exchange of power with no flashiness at all.

“Bastard, I’m unable to display the superiority of my earth energy above the sea! Just wait, I’ll come find you later. Other than that, I’ll help put away your Dragonblood Legion’s corpses!” roared Han Zhenyu. After saying that, he took out two talismans and pasted them on his fist. He then raised his heels and ran away. He crossed a hundred miles in a single step, instantly disappearing from Long Chen’s sight.

“Ground Contraction Talismans?” Long Chen’s expression changed slightly. This was a kind of ancient talisman that had the effect of contracting the ground between steps. It raised a person’s speed by a hundred times.

Cloud let out a bird cry and flew over to Long Chen. It was ready to chase.

Chasing prey was the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow’s instincts. The faster the prey, the more Cloud wanted to chase. It was like it was a provocation to it.

Long Chen was prepared to chase when the jade tablet on his waist lit up again, letting out an alarm.

“Hmph, as expected, they were luring the tiger off the mountain. But the Dragonblood Legion doesn’t have just one tiger.”

Long Chen smiled coldly. He jumped onto Cloud, and after giving Hua Shiyu some instructions, he shot off.

Han Zhenyu’s courage was already broken, and that golden giant had exhausted plenty of his core energy. His current combat power was down to twenty percent of his peak, and Long Chen didn’t believe he would dare to come back.

Furthermore, even if he did return to attack Hua Shiyu and the others, he might never be able to leave again.

Long Chen wasn’t worried. Due to the Martial Heaven Alliance’s rules, Kings would not appear here except in special circumstances.

No one would dare to send a King here. Then they would become the Martial Heaven Alliance’s enemy.

If the only attackers were Foundation Forging disciples, Long Chen wasn’t worried. But he couldn’t figure out why the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect would suddenly sneak attack the Xuantian Dao Sect. Was it really purely for revenge?

Although the Xuan Master had said that the cultivation world was filled with idiots and they didn’t have too much skill with what they did, that kind of reason was truly idiotic.

“Is it to weaken the Dao Sect so that they can’t defend this zone and have their rights revoked?”

However, how could they know where everyone had been? First, they had attacked Wang Zhen to draw him over, and then they had attacked Hua Shiyu.

If Long Chen hadn’t had Cloud, then with only his own speed, Long Chen would have arrived just in time to see the Ten Thousand Insect Guild be completely annihilated. All he would have seen was a mountain of corpses.

And just as his fury soared, Hua Shiyu would be attacked, and by the time he arrived there, he would once more be too late.

If this plan had succeeded, then he would go crazy with rage. Was this plan all to target him?

As he flew forward, he heard explosions coming from ahead. Wilde, Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, and Yue Zifeng were crazily fighting a man with a horn on his head.

That man was an ancient race expert, and the Seven Stars Reflect on the Runic Sea manifestation was behind him. He also held a staff that unleashed all kinds of magical arts, which allowed him to fight equally against the four of them.

He was extremely terrifying. He had reached the ninth Heavenstage of Foundation Forging, and his magical arts transformed extremely quickly, overwhelming others. Long spears, large halberds, flying swords, ancient bells, and all other kinds of magical arts came out of him. Each attack contained immense power. His power was even greater than Han Zhenyu’s.

Wilde had summoned the Barbarian Blood Bronze Body and was crazily smashing his club at him.

Regardless of the magical art he tried, he was unable to beat back Wilde. Each magical art was shattered by a single swing of his club.

Meng Qi continuously formed hand seals. Golden runes revolved in the air, forming flying blades that slashed at him. They were extremely powerful spiritual attacks, but the man’s horn lit up with countless runes that formed a barrier around him. Her spiritual attacks were easily rebounded. Now Meng Qi was competing with him in terms of Spiritual Strength. She needed to exhaust his Spiritual Strength as quickly as possible, but he wasn’t afraid of this at all. His Spiritual Strength was extremely powerful.

Meanwhile, Tang Wan-er was surrounded by a sea of wind blades. She went all-out attacking, and at the same time, she kept a large mass of wind blades to protect Yue Zifeng.

Amongst the four of them, Yue Zifeng posed the greatest threat to this opponent. His Sword Qi could break through any defenses that his opponent summoned. Due to his previous carelessness, Yue Zifeng’s sword had broken his defenses and landed on his back. If it hadn’t been for his clothes having powerful defenses of their own to protect him, he would have been killed.

After that, he had focused on killing Yue Zifeng as his number one priority. Because Yue Zifeng was not a Celestial, he couldn’t heal, and his defensive strength was low.

But Wilde was also incredibly powerful, and he had Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er restricting him as well. He was unable to find an opportunity to kill Yue Zifeng. Instead, he had to constantly be on guard against his attacks.

The five of them were fighting far away in the air. Down below, the Dragonblood Legion’s warriors were fighting over thirty thousand Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples under Gu Yang’s lead.

Suddenly, a huge figure appeared in the sky, and an azure light shot through a rank six Celestial’s body, instantly killing him.

“Boss is back!” The Dragonblood Legion cheered. They had only just started fighting, but Long Chen had already returned.

“Double Dragon Destruction!”

Long Chen jumped off Cloud’s back, instantly summoning Huo Long and Lei Long.

“Watch out!” roared the person fighting Wilde and the others. He tried to charge over to help, but the four of them held him back. Yue Zifeng even used a suicidal move to force him to hastily switch to defense.

Wilde, Meng Qi, and Tang Wan-er also went all-out, forcing him to retreat. He could only watch as the two dragons smashed their way through the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples.


The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples all had their hair stand on end upon sensing the pressure from the two dragons. They hastily took out shields.


The huge dragons mercilessly tore through the ranks of the thirty thousand disciples, leaving a bloody path in their wake.

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