Chapter 1150 Intense Fight Above the Sea


When Blooddrinker met the golden giant’s sword, the sea beneath them exploded, and huge waves blocked the sun.

The golden giant was sent flying by Long Chen’s attack. Cracks appeared on its body, but they quickly healed.

The Seven Stars Reflect on the Runic Sea behind the golden giant was giving it endless energy.

“Die!” Long Chen’s roar was like thunder through the air. He repeatedly slashed Blooddrinker out, unleashing waves of blood-red light.

His 108,000 immortal platforms were giving him boundless strength, and he felt like he couldn’t even use up all his energy. Each of his attacks came faster and more vicious than the last.

This was his first time truly fighting after reaching the third Heavenstage of Foundation Forging. Therefore, he didn’t dare to immediately raise his power to the peak.

He was worried about his body not being able to endure such a sudden leap. That was because even he didn’t know how terrifying the energy within his 108,000 original runes was. He needed to increase his power bit by bit.

Each of his blows had the weight of a mountain, causing huge waves to explode out of the sea.

“Bastard, how are you so strong?!” Han Zhenyu was infuriated. The first time they had fought, he had merely been at the early Foundation Forging realm. After his defeat, he had gone all-out increasing his cultivation base, advancing to the seventh Heavenstage in just a few months. He had practically caught up to the previous generation’s disciples.

His battle power had multiplied, but now he found that Long Chen was suppressing him without his Green Dragon Battle Armor.

Each of Long Chen’s attacks was difficult for him to bear. Han Zhenyu finally roared, and the Seven Stars Reflect on the Runic Sea disappeared. All that energy poured into his body.

His Blood Qi suddenly erupted, and his golden giant turned red as he summoned his Spirit Blood. Blood-colored runes covered its body.

“DIE!” Han Zhenyu held his sword with both hands. It pointed toward the sky and then slashed down.


Blooddrinker slashed into Han Zhenyu’s golden sword, and immense power erupted like a volcano.

Long Chen’s immortal platforms began to revolve faster and faster, giving him inexhaustible energy.

Huge sea waves surged out, containing their energy. Hua Shiyu was shocked and was just about to tell everyone to defend when she suddenly heard Zhao Ziyan’s voice. “I’ll block it! We’ll borrow Long Chen’s power to annihilate all of them.”

The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples saw these terrifying waves and hastily retreated. They gave up attacking, and all of them gathered together.

Now there were only three thousand of them left. Using their powerful magical arts, they continued struggling.

But these huge waves were absolutely terrifying. They contained the terrifying power of both Long Chen and Han Zhenyu. Let alone the physical body, even steel would be torn to bits.

Under the command of three rank six Celestials, all the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples gathered and combined their energy to block this terrifying impact.

Now wasn’t the time for either side to continue fighting. It was all up to who would be able to endure this terrifying wave.


As all the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples chanted and waved their staves, a huge spherical barrier appeared around them.

That barrier had only just appeared when another one condensed around it. Then a third and a fourth, until there were nine barriers protecting them.

“Damn sluts, go meet your deaths, hahaha!” After establishing their defenses, the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples sneered at the Heaven Female Alliance that had yet to even gather.

In their opinion, even if they did create defenses, they wouldn’t be as secure as their side’s. Even if they managed to endure the wave, at least half of them would die.

The Heaven Female Alliance’s disciples had killed so many of them. Now they finally had a chance to strike back. 

“The Spirit of Water - Water Dragon Overflows the Heavens!”

Just as the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples were sneering at them, Zhao Ziyan rapidly formed hand seals, and a rune lit up on her forehead. Life energy blossomed out of her, and the water suddenly rose.

A huge water dragon formed. It was so huge that they couldn't even see its full body.

It rapidly coiled around the Heaven Female Alliance’s disciples, protecting them.

BOOM! The huge wave struck them. Both the water dragon and the nine barriers were sent flying.

When their vision cleared, the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples cheered loudly. They had survived safe and sound, and their barriers weren’t the slightest bit damaged.

“Did those sluts die?”

Looking around, they saw that the water dragon was gone, and all the Heaven Female Alliance’s disciples had also disappeared.

“They couldn’t have all died, right? That’s such a waste,” sighed one of them.

“Wait! There’s someone there!” Suddenly, someone cried out.

A figure had appeared in the air at some unknown point, coldly looking at them.

“Heaven and Earth Limitless Flower Arrow!”

Hua Shiyu smiled coldly. Finishing her final hand seal, a huge arrow condensed before her. It was formed entirely of flower petals and shot forward.

In front of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples shocked gazes, their barriers were broken through one by one.

But regretfully, Hua Shiyu’s full-strength attack only broke through eight of their barriers. In the end, it ran out of energy when striking the last barrier.

“Hahaha, brothers, capture her! She’s the only one left, so make sure not to accidentally kill her!” laughed one of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples.

Just at this moment, the surface of the sea exploded and a huge water dragon appeared. There was a completely undamaged flying boat resting above its head.

The water dragon immediately opened its mouth and shot at them, causing the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples’ expressions to completely change.

“Strengthen the barrier!” roared a rank six Celestial, and he pressed his staff against the final barrier. The other disciples also moved to support it.

The water dragon spat out a huge water arrow at the barrier. It was like a bolt of lightning striking an apple. In one single boom, all the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples disappeared.

As for the water arrow, it continued onward past the horizon.

“Wow, sister Zhao Ziyan is so amazing!” The Heaven Female Alliance burst into cheers. All of them were shocked by Zhao Ziyan’s terrifying trump card.

Zhao Ziyan bitterly smiled. “If I was this amazing, I’d have used this move a long time ago, and the battle would have been over. I only managed to do this by using the water dragon to absorb Long Chen and Han Zhenyu’s power.”

“But no matter what, you still managed to kill all our enemies. Now it’s up to Long Chen.” Hua Shiyu and the others looked into the far distance where sea waves were still raging. Explosions were constantly ringing out there, and the waves only grew more and more intense.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen really is amazing. Not only is he handsome, but he’s also so powerful, and he cares about his people. If I could gain his favor, even death would be worth it.” Quite a few maidens had their hearts sway as they looked at that practically apocalyptic scene in the distance.

Hua Shiyu and Zhao Ziyan looked at each other, both seeing the trace of helplessness and bitterness in the other’s eyes.

When they had first joined the Xuantian Dao Sect, they had felt Long Chen to just be a rookie. But as time passed, he soared like a shooting star. Now they could only look up to him.

The charisma of an unrivaled hero was naturally unstoppable. Practically all of them hoped to stay with such a figure for their lives.

Furthermore, Long Chen’s charisma was not limited to just his unrivaled power. The most moving aspect was how he cared about others. If anyone touched his brothers or sisters, he would immediately become a devil god and fight with his life on the line.

He was like an untamable devil god. It was a very dangerous feeling, yet it was also very stimulating, making them have an urge to subdue him or to be subdued by him.

BOOM! The huge sea waves forced the flying boat to retreat further and further away. 

At the core of the waves, Long Chen was still fighting the golden giant. Their disproportionate figures continuously clashed.

Long Chen’s 108,000 immortal platforms were pouring energy into him to the point that he felt like his meridians were starting to swell. That was a sign that they were about to reach their limit.

“So my physical body can only endure eighty percent of the power of the 108,000 immortal platforms. But that’s enough.”

Long Chen smiled. He had finally finished testing his limit. The true battle started now.

Buzz. Blooddrinker’s runes began to revolve, and a berserk aura erupted.

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