Chapter 115 On the Eve of Departure

Shattered pieces of the boulder flew apart, revealing a small, wrapped package. Long Chen picked it up and saw a yellowed piece of paper on top of it.

That piece of paper was extremely marvelous. It looked like paper yet felt like soft silk and was as tough as beast hide.

Extremely astonishing lines were drawn on that paper. Those lines emitted a faint light.

“That person told me these runes could isolate the aura of the thing inside. It could not be opened within ten years or else it would attract more killers. Now over ten years have passed. You should open it,” said Long Tianxiao.

Long Chen nodded and looked away from the runes. Opening the package, he revealed a jade pendant.

That jade pendant was only the size of a baby’s hand and was a violet color. It had been carved into a mighty and ancient coiled dragon.

On the surface, it didn’t look like all that much, but when Long Chen picked it up in his hand, he immediately felt his heart calm. All the questions, shock, and anger he had been feeling immediately faded away.

Long Chen was shocked to find that if he was holding this jade pendant, he could immediately enter a meditative state.

The meditative state was a state that ignored all distracting thoughts. It was when the heavens and man could connect, when the heart and mind merged into one, an especially particular state.

This kind of state would allow one’s cultivation speed to multiply and form an incomparably solid foundation. Cultivators longed to enter such a state.

Due to all kinds of worries, disturbances, and even joy, the absolute majority of people found it extremely difficult to enter a meditative state.

On average, a cultivator might only be able to enter such a meditative state once a month for perhaps only the time it took an incense stick to burn.

Long Chen was normally able to enter his meditative state every single time, but it would require him to calm his heart for over two hours to eliminate all distracting thoughts before he could just barely manage to do so.

Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was incomparably powerful, yet even he felt it was difficult to enter this meditative state, let alone others.

But holding this jade pendant, he could now enter a meditative state at any time he wanted to. It was really too shocking.

Other than this jade pendant, there was nothing else in the cloth wrapped package. Long Chen carefully examined this jade pendant and felt some grooves on the back of it.

He quickly realized they were words. Hastily flipping it over, he saw there were four lines of small words:

The Dragon roars at the Heavens, 

Looking down arrogantly on the mortal world of dust.[1]

Live peacefully and happily, 

Never to be parted.

These lines were written by two different people. The first two lines were written by one hand. The calligraphy was bold and vigorous. They were arrogant words that looked down upon the heavens. That was the writing style of a man.

As for the next two lines, they were written gracefully and looked to be written by a woman. Those words were filled with warmth and tenderness.

Looking at those four lines, Long Chen seemed to be able to see a scene of one man and one woman playing with a baby.

The man wished for the baby to grow up to be someone who could arrogantly look down on everything in the world, becoming a hero capable of supporting both heaven and earth.

The woman wished for the child to grow up healthy, safe, and sound. Their family of three would forever be together.

Long Chen’s eyes unconsciously became wet. Those two people in that scene were his birth father and mother. He could feel their feelings flowing within these words.

They both loved him, but he didn’t even know who or how they were. He didn’t even know if they were even still alive.

Long Chen suddenly looked up into the sky and let out a long roar. The sound of his roar soared into the clouds, shaking the mountain valley.

Fate was like a huge hand toying with him mercilessly. Long Chen wanted to strike back, but he didn’t have enough strength. This kind of vexing feeling truly was infuriating.

His roar hung in the air for the time it took for an incense stick to burn. Only then was his suppressed anger slightly relieved. At the same time, it firmed up his determination to become stronger. He would go find his birth parents.

“The Dragon roars at the Heavens, looking down arrogantly at the mortal world of dust. Live peacefully and happily, never to be parted.” Long Tianxiao softy read the words and couldn’t stop himself from sighing.

“Us father and son truly did have destiny between us. Back when your mother was pregnant, I fantasized that my child would one day become a hero that was even more powerful than me. As for your mother, she hoped her child could grow up carefree and without worries. She didn’t want her child to be some hero doing troublesome things.”

“Dad, did that person say anything else?” Long Chen examined the jade pendant.

“I asked him back then how you were supposed to find your parents once you grew up. He said that as long as you became strong enough and stepped into the peak of cultivation, you would naturally know who your parents are. But if you were unable to reach the peak of cultivation, everything would be meaningless and it would be better for you to live a carefree life as a mortal,” said Long Tianxiao.

“The peak of cultivation? Just what level is the peak of cultivation?” Long Chen couldn’t help but ask.

Long Tianxiao bitterly laughed, “I also don’t know. But you at least have to become stronger than that person.” He pointed to the canyon. His meaning was obvious; even someone powerful enough to cut such a huge valley was just a servant. The rest would be up to Long Chen’s imagination.

Long Chen gently rubbed the jade pendant and nodded. “Yes. That day won’t be too far.”

“I believe you are capable of this. Let’s go back to the capital now. The current situation in the capital is still a bit messy.”

The capital truly was somewhat of a mess at this moment. Once the spirit stone mine had been revealed, countless experts had rushed over to Phoenix Cry like vultures that had found the scent of a corpse.

“Heavens, have you guys seen that leopard pulling that carriage? It’s even bigger than a house!”

There was a Magical Beast pulling a luxurious carriage that caused everyone who saw it to let out startled cries.

“Look, there’s another one. This time it’s a flying Magical Beast!”

The sky darkened as a huge eagle flew over. Its terrifying pressure caused people to shiver.

“More and more experts are appearing in Phoenix Cry. Heavens, I’ve never seen these many terrifying experts in my life!”

Over the past few days, more and more experts had come. Even just their mounts were incredibly terrifying.

But once those people arrived, they only examined the surroundings first and didn’t immediately start mining. They were all waiting for something. 

The commoners of Phoenix Cry were all observing those experts curiously. On the seventh day, those foreign experts all congregated at the alchemist guild.

It was rumored that the strongest powers were negotiating about gaining the rights over the spirit stone mine. As for the specific conclusion, outsiders weren’t allowed to learn the details.

Once Long Chen returned home, he saw his mother whose eyes had already turned red from crying. He comfortingly said, “Mom, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t my birth mother. You are my mother. Don’t feel so sad.”

“Chen-er, you still think of me as your mom?” Mrs. Long asked happily.

Long Tianxiao shook his head slightly. Women truly had crazy, bizarre thoughts sometimes. 

Long Chen also didn’t exactly know what to think about that. “No matter what, you are my mom. My real mom.”

Only then did her tears turn into laughter. “Mom was only worried that once you learned the truth, you wouldn’t accept me as your mom anymore.”

“How could that be possible? You raised me from the time I was still in my diapers. Even if I don’t accept my dad, I will never not accept my mom,” joked Long Chen.

“Kid, are you looking for a spanking?” Long Tianxiao purposely put on a severe expression.

Mrs. Long laughed and gently tapped Long Tianxiao. “Chen-er is just joking. Why do you need to put on such a serious face to scare our child?”

Seeing his mother laughing, a weight finally lifted from Long Chen’s heart. His mother had truly paid far too much for him.

Both Long Tianxiao and Long Chen looked at each other and laughed. Long Tianxiao stealthily raised his thumb towards Long Chen, immediately shifting their attention.

To the side, Chu Yao was laughing. Long Tianxiao praised his son inside. He had brought back a princess into the family so quickly.

“Mom, brother Long, dad, princess, I’ve returned!”

Suddenly, a loud shout came from the gate. They immediately knew who it was. Wilde’s huge figure ran into the courtyard.

“Good brother, you’ve finally recovered.”

Long Chen laughed and warmly embraced Wilde. But Wilde’s stature was too large, so it was somewhat comedic when the two hugged.

“Brother Long, that spirit immortal water you gave me to drink was too effective! I feel better than I ever have, and energy is just flowing out of my body. If I run into that bastard Marquis Ying again, I’ll definitely be able to wring his neck.” Wilde brandished his arms.

Long Chen examined Wilde’s body. Wilde had grown much stronger. Over thirty percent of his cells had now awakened.

As for the other cells, they were no longer deathly silent and were beginning to stir. Long Chen sighed inside. This time that Spirit World expert had truly helped them.

Wilde’s body was just too strange. For this many of his cells to awaken all at once was enough to prove how powerful that thing was.

“Ok, it’s already noon. Let’s get Bao-er to prepare some food. Chen-er and I didn’t have anything to eat at all during our journey,” said Long Tianxiao.

Bao-er was already the Long family’s highest-ranking housekeeper. Furthermore, she was extremely competent, handling everything extremely neatly and tidily.

Long Chen laughingly said that he wasn’t willing to see Bao-er married off to another family. If she was willing, she should find a husband to marry into her family instead. That had caused the shy Bao-er to immediately blush and run off, causing everyone to laugh.

Chu Yao had already started to treat the Long family as her own family. Other than occasionally going out to see her brother, the majority of her time was spent in their home.

After eating, Chu Yao told Long Chen about the current situation in the capital. Hearing that so many terrifying experts had come to the capital, Long Chen’s heart shook.

Those people were most likely sect members who had come to negotiate about the distribution of the spirit stone mine. If he wanted to join a sect, this was definitely an excellent opportunity.

Thinking of sect members, Long Chen naturally thought of that white-robed man. Just an ordinary outer disciple was already so powerful. Then inner disciples and core disciples must be absolutely frightening.

If he could infiltrate such a sect, his growth would definitely speed up.

Hearing that all those powerful figures were now at the alchemist guild, Long Chen decided to bring Chu Yao and Wilde straight over to the guild.

They could see the entrance to the alchemist guild in the distance when the gate was slammed open and an old man angrily stamped out.

With just a single step, he almost reached Long Chen. His speed was shockingly fast as he rushed right past Long Chen.

Long Chen hastily dodged to the side. A wild gust shot past him. That person had already sped along past him. Chu Yao was actually blown back by that wild wind and couldn’t even stay standing, requiring Long Chen to keep her up.

“Who is that person? What terrifying speed!” Chu Yao looked at that old man’s back as he disappeared into the distance.

“With his age, he’s probably worried about reincarnation. Otherwise, who would walk that fast? Don’t bother with him. Let’s go.”

Long Chen had just taken a step when a cold shout suddenly rang out.

“Wait a moment, are you Long Chen?”

[1] The Long in Long Chen’s name means Dragon while the Chen means dust (of the mortal world). 

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