Chapter 1147 The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s Sneak Attack

“This fool, why didn’t he bring us?”

Seeing Long Chen fly away with Cloud, Tang Wan-er couldn’t help being a bit irritated. According to reason, he should have brought several powerful helpers as well.

“If Wang Zhen sent out a distress call, this matter definitely isn’t normal. No matter how many ninth rank sea demons there were, he would still be able to use the flying boat to run. If it’s not a tenth rank sea demon, then Long Chen is enough, and if it is, then all of us together won’t be enough anyway. Long Chen has Cloud’s speed now, and if he can’t beat the enemies, he can still escape with Cloud. He doesn’t have time to explain that, so don’t blame him,” said Meng Qi.

“No wonder Long Chen loves you so much. You really understand him,” said Tang Wan-er a bit enviously.

“Are you even getting jealous of me now? Don’t mess around. We have to hurry over to the location Long Chen told us to go to.” Meng Qi turned to everyone else. “With the flying boat’s speed, we’ll have four hours to rest. Hurry and recover in case of a big battle.”

Everyone immediately focused on recovering. The healing disciples used their wood attribute energy to envelop the entire legion. An image of a huge tree appeared in the air above them and life energy poured over them all.

Lying on Cloud’s back, Long Chen finally learned what it meant to chase clouds and follow lightning. He wasn’t able to see anything in front of him. He wasn’t even able to stand.

And even though he was kneeling, the wind was like blades on his skin. He estimated that ordinary Foundation Forging experts wouldn’t even be able to withstand it and would be blown off.

“Cloud, you really are amazing!” Long Chen didn’t hold back on his praise. Cloud’s speed was truly amazing.

Cloud was several times faster than a flying boat’s max speed. Furthermore, Cloud was able to accelerate to its peak speed in just a few breaths. As for a flying boat, it needed an incense stick’s worth of time to reach its max.

The flying boat was just starting, while Cloud had vanished from sight. That was the difference. Furthermore, Cloud had just reached the eighth rank. If it advanced to the ninth or even the tenth rank… Long Chen couldn’t imagine what its speed would be like.

Long Chen stared at the jade tablet. He was rapidly approaching the marker.

Rumbling sounds rang out from ahead, and in just a breath, he saw a battlefield in front of him.

Thousands of black-robed people who had covered their faces had surrounded Wang Zhen’s twenty thousand disciples. They were holding staves in their hands, constantly unleashing powerful magical arts.

As for Wang Zhen’s flying boat, it was crippled and couldn’t fly anymore. The magical arts had formed a huge cage surrounding them, while flying swords, huge hatchets, runic hammers, and all sorts of magical arts flew toward them.

Wang Zhen had summoned a huge gold-shelled insect in the front of an army of countless various insects. Just on his own, he blocked almost half the attacks.

But he was also paying a miserable price. Countless insect corpses covered the sea, practically piling into mountains.

Despite paying this price, they were still in desperate straits. The sky-full of magical arts were impossible to dodge. Thousands of disciples had already died.

Amongst the assailants were two rank six Celestials. Their magical arts were incredibly powerful, and the majority of Wang Zhen’s insects were killed by them. Furthermore, a portion of their attacks pierced through the insects and landed amongst the disciples, killing them.

“Hahaha, idiots from the Xuantian Dao Sect, is there still a need to struggle? If you give up, you won’t feel any pain,” shouted one of the masked attackers.

“Bastard, I remember your voice! You’re that rat who fought Hua Shiyu!” roared Wang Zhen.

At first, he had had suspicions that they were from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect. After all, they were all holding staves and unleashing long-distance magical arts. It was truly suspicious.

Moreover, they were very familiar with the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples’ methods of fighting. As soon as they had arrived, they had forced them into a passive position. However, they refused to say anything when the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples demanded they tell them who they were.

Now this person was pleased with himself and opened his mouth, and Wang Zhen immediately recognized him. That was because his voice was too irritating and hard to forget.

That person immediately regretted speaking, so he shut his mouth and focused on attacking.

“Everyone, focus! Don’t leave even a single one alive!” shouted a black-robed rank six Celestial.

More and more attacks rained down on the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples, and Wang Zhen’s expression changed. He had summoned his strongest defensive insects, but even they were unable to bear such terrifying attacks and were being killed one by one.

Once his insect army was slain, there would no longer be any protection for the disciples. They would all be killed.

The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples were too despicable. Before Wang Zhen’s army had even understood what was happening, they had forced them into a death trap that was impossible to breach.

Wang Zhen was filled with hatred and regret. He hated himself for being stupid. If Long Chen had been present, he would have instantly seen through his enemies’ trap and chosen to attack at the beginning instead of choosing to passively defend like this. Now they were all in desperate straits.

Although they had put out a distress signal, the reinforcements were too far away. Long Chen would need at least four hours to get here. Looking at the current situation, they wouldn’t even be able to last another incense stick’s worth of time.

Wang Zhen had already summoned his mother insect. It was only through it that he managed to defend against the rank six Celestials. But there was no way he could use it to beat his opponents.

“Don’t get too pleased yet! Once senior apprentice-brother Long Chen learns of this, your deaths will be far worse than ours! Brothers, don’t be afraid! Since the day we stepped onto the cultivation path, we knew this day would come sooner or later! Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen will definitely get revenge for us-” cried a disciple.

“Hahaha, I’m very busy and don’t have the time to get revenge for you. You should get revenge on your own!”

Suddenly, thunderous laughter rang out, and all the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples who heard it were filled with wild delight.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen!”


An azure line of light flew through the crowd, and the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples that were struck were instantly blown to bits.

A clear bird cry rang out. Only now did Cloud’s figure appear before their eyes.

This was the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow’s innate divine ability. In just one blow, over a hundred of the attackers were killed.

Two huge openings appeared in their encirclement. With those disciples killed, the magical art barrier collapsed.

“I didn’t go attack the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, but you decided to send yourselves to me. Don’t blame me for not standing on courtesy. Brothers, kill them down to the last!”

Following Long Chen’s roar, the trapped Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples let out a furious roar. They launched an all-out attack against the previously wildly arrogant but now slightly panicked Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples.

Long Chen had already jumped off Cloud and shot toward the two rank six Celestials. The two of them were likely from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s previous generation, as they had already reached the eighth Heavenstage of Foundation Forging.


The two of them looked at each other and decided to directly flee. They didn’t even bother with their flying boat or their fellow disciples. Instead, they split up and fled in two different directions.


A blood-red saber-image crashed down from the sky without any warning at one of the rank six Celestials. That person barely had time to summon a shield before he and the shield were blown to bits.

“Hehe, even the third form of Split the Heavens can be used instantly now. All that money was worth it.” Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh emotionally upon seeing the resulting blood mist.

Now, he had finally reached the level that Feng Xinglie had displayed in the Eastern Wasteland when he had used the third form of Split the Heavens.

Twenty-seven of his acupuncture points had been instantly connected, allowing him to unleash the third form without warning. It didn’t give his opponent any time to prepare, totally deserving the title of his most powerful killing blow.

Before this, he would have had to first lock down his opponent with his aura to use the third form, or by the time he finished brewing the move, his opponent would have fled back home.

And even if they didn’t flee when they were locked down, they would still use their strongest move to counter.

An instantaneous blow had no need for any of this. Furthermore, if it was used while the opponent was running, they wouldn’t even be able to do anything.

Long Chen was just about to go after the other rank six Celestial when Cloud shot into motion. It appeared in front of the rank six Celestial and sent out a claw.

That person also summoned a shield. He was extremely crafty. This shield had some special runes on it, and when it exploded, it would give him a big boost in speed combined with the power of his opponent’s attack. It would make it much easier to run.

However, he had misjudged Cloud’s power. Its sharp claw shone with runes and easily went through his shield to strike his body.

There was no suspense at all. Cloud didn’t even need to tighten its claw. That person was instantly blown apart.

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