Chapter 1146 Wang Zhen’s Distress Call

It was so fast that it was impossible to track. The attacks of the ninth rank sea demons completely missed.

“Nice work, Cloud!” shouted Long Chen. A bird cry rang out from above the clouds as if in response to Long Chen’s encouragement.

A rainbow light suddenly shot down like a meteor. Cloud had folded its wings and was shooting straight toward a ninth rank sea demon.

BOOM! A huge hole was forcibly pierced through the sea demon’s body. Everyone was shocked.

Cloud was only at the seventh rank. But it killed ninth rank sea demons so easily.

Not just anyone was capable of recognizing it for a Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow. After all, that was a legendary existence. In the Dragonblood Legion, only Long Chen, Meng Qi, and Tang Wan-er knew its origin.

The Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow had been expelled from the Xuan Beasts. That was why it was best not to tell everyone about Cloud’s identity.

However, even Long Chen, Meng Qi, and Tang Wan-er were shocked by Cloud’s power.

“The Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow is far stronger than I ever imagined. We definitely need to let it have its freedom.” Seeing Cloud completely dominating these sea demons, Long Chen was awed.

He saw that Cloud was hunting the ninth rank sea demons, and it was trying different moves, different angles. It was honing its instincts and hunting abilities.

Cloud was as quick as lightning, and its attacks only grew sharper and mightier. Any ninth rank sea demons it killed would be directly swallowed by it.

Seeing this, Meng Qi couldn’t help but sigh. She had always been worried about Cloud growing too fast because of its innate deficiency. But she had forgotten, the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow was no ordinary Magical Beast. It had its own inheritance.

She had already helped make up for practically all of its innate deficiency. Whatever little bit remained could be naturally made up by Cloud.

Now that Cloud had advanced to the seventh rank, its core runes had been activated, and it was crazily absorbing flesh to make up for its deficiency. It was even more effective than when Meng Qi prepared special medicine balls for it. So Meng Qi couldn’t help but feel ashamed. She had clung too much to her knowledge as a Beast Tamer.

Although Long Chen wasn’t even a Beast Tamer, and he didn’t know much about the habits of Magical Beasts, he still saw more than she could.

“Cloud’s one thing, but Wilde really is a monster. How can he eat so much without his stomach exploding?” Tang Wan-er looked at Wilde with shock.

It had been several hours. Other people would directly put away the corpses of the ninth rank sea demons they had killed to be exchanged for points. But Wilde would kill one and eat one. Others had gathered a few hundred ninth rank sea demons during this time, but Wilde’s speed was probably ten times theirs.

Even after eating so many, he was still hungry. Each ninth rank sea demon was like a small mountain, and even though their corpses were shrunk with a King item, that was just a spatial restriction. They weren’t truly small. Once they entered his stomach, they would return to their original size.

No one dared to try eating a ninth rank sea demon like that. It would cause their body to explode. But Wilde was still eating them without pause.

“Wilde is also undergoing some kind of transformation. He needs lots of meat as well,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen had talked about Wilde with the Xuan Master. The Xuan Master had said that the Barbarian race only existed in legend and that there was no way to say anything about them for sure. Apparently, there had been some mix-blooded Barbarian races that were essentially the same as Magical Beasts. Due to their berserk natures, they had become the enemies of the entire cultivation world and were exterminated back in the immortal era.

After that, Long Chen just kept his mouth shut about Wilde. He knew too little about the Barbarian race. It was best to keep Wilde’s status as low-key as possible.

Wilde was starting to advance. Because he relied on the energy within the meat to advance, his cultivation path was different from everyone else’s. No one knew what his limit was. But after eating a thousand ninth rank sea demons, his expression still didn’t change, and that was a bit frightening. Wilde’s stomach was like a bottomless pit.

Looking from Wilde to Cloud, Long Chen bitterly smiled. It seemed trying to get rich off selling sea demon corpses wasn’t going to happen.

As soon as Cloud defeated and ate one, it would move on to the next. Its body was slowly growing as it ate more, and its runes began to activate, expelling impurities from the food it had eaten and keeping only the essence.

This was definitely a terrifying way to advance. It was constantly eating and getting stronger in battle, and it was a kind of flawless advancement.

Long Chen just watched as the Dragonblood Legion fought. He kept the flying boat on standby just in case they encountered a tenth rank sea demon.

Although he had heard that tenth rank sea demons would not appear when the beast tide was brewing, who could guarantee anything? It was better to be careful.

After fighting for three days, even the Dragonblood Legion was starting to get tired. Furthermore, because of this non-stop intense fighting, quite a few people had ended up being so tired that they were injured in battle.

But with the healing disciples present, everything was still fine. Long Chen didn’t give the order to retreat yet.

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er had an urge to fight as well, but they were held back by Long Chen. A battle against the will was also important. The more tired they became and the more their will slacked, the easier accidents would occur. But it would also temper them more.

When there was no longer a tide of ninth rank sea demons charging at them, all the warriors sighed with relief. They sat on the flying boat, exhausted.

As for the Dragonmark warriors, they directly fell asleep, feeling like their bodies were empty.

Only Wilde and Cloud were still full of energy. Wilde’s bronze skin had some faint runes shining on it, and his aura was still growing. It was like a sleeping dragon was about to awaken within his body.

As for Cloud, it had just advanced to the eighth rank the day before. That kind of speed was absolutely shocking.

Long Chen immediately stopped Cloud from eating any more, because its aura was starting to fluctuate. That was a sign its realm was growing unsteady. It couldn’t keep eating.

He personally refined a few medicinal pills to stabilize its realm. It could kill sea demons for rations now, but it couldn’t eat them immediately. 

Now everyone saw how terrifying Cloud could be. It simply spread its wings, and its runes lit up. Millions of rays of light shot out, slaughtering the ninth rank sea demons.

Then it opened its mouth and a green line of light shot out, blowing apart the sea demons.

That light only flashed once, because if it was used twice, there wouldn’t be any rations left.

Even Long Chen and Meng Qi, who had personally seen the tenth rank Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow, were shocked by Cloud’s abilities. It had such terrifying abilities at just the eighth rank. This kind of power had surpassed their understanding.

Even if Meng Qi summoned all her ninth rank Magical Beasts, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to beat Cloud. Very likely, they would all be killed by it, because not only was it powerful, but it was also incredibly fast. Wanting to flee in front of it was just a joke.

They had truly killed an immense number of ninth rank sea demons this time. Millions of corpses had filled their spatial rings, and there was nowhere else to put them.

Long Chen tossed the leftovers that no one had room for into the primal chaos space’s black soil. The Iron Spruce Oaks rapidly grew and would soon reach their peak.

The primal chaos space was now flourishing with life, giving Long Chen confidence. He wouldn’t have to worry about being injured now.

“Hm?” Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed. A symbol lit up on a jade tablet on his waist, and an ear-piercing alarm rang out.

“Wang Zhen’s in danger!” Long Chen saw that it was the red symbol that represented Wang Zhen. It was rapidly flashing, meaning it was an urgent distress call.

This was one of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s tools. It could sense copies of itself within a range of half a million miles. And as long as they were within a couple hundred thousand miles, they could accurately pinpoint their locations.

“What happened? Did he run into a tenth rank sea demon?” asked Meng Qi.

“Meng Qi, Wan-er, look at these coordinates. Fly in that direction.” Long Chen then jumped onto Cloud’s back and said, “Cloud, use your fastest speed. Let me see what it means to chase the clouds.”

Cloud let out a clear bird cry and transformed into a seven-colored ray of light. The sound of its bird cry still hung in the air, but its figure had already vanished from their sight.

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