Chapter 1143 The Xuan Master’s Methods

One particular spatial ring was filled with yuan spirit stones. Yuan spirit stones were the greatest currency in this world as they only ever increased in value.

That was why Guo Zhengyang had always done his best to get more yuan spirit stones, even if it was just one or two.

When Meng Qi had done her soulsearch on him, she found that he had a strange addiction. Each day, he would lie on top of his pile of yuan spirit stones and sleep. That was the only way he could feel at rest.

Looking at the five hundred million yuan spirit stones inside, Long Chen’s admiration for the Xuan Master maxed out.

When it came to strategy, who could compare to the Xuan Master?

He had raised a pig for three hundred years, and this pig had even drawn over more pigs from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect.

Three hundred years ago, the Xuan Master had seen through the character of the miserly Guo Zhengyang. At that time, he had sown this seed. Now it had borne fruit.

The amount of wealth Guo Zhengyang had embezzled from the Xuantian Dao Sect was just one-tenth of his total wealth. The remaining ninety percent was what Guo Zhengyang had spent three hundred years making. The return on the Xuan Master’s investment was huge.

The Xuan Master had subtly hinted that the yuan spirit stones would all go to Long Chen, while the rest of the resources would be sent up to the Xuantian Dao Sect. Because it was Long Chen who personally took them, the Dao Sect wouldn’t be affected by much karma. After all, they didn’t directly give it to Long Chen. The Xuan Master’s intention had been very clear. He had basically been telling Long Chen to be ‘greedy’ and just not report the yuan spirit stones.

The yuan spirit stones took up almost half the total wealth Guo Zhengyang had had. Over ninety percent of these precious yuan spirit stones were the result of his relationship with the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect.

The more Long Chen thought about it, the more he felt that the Xuan Master’s plot had gone on absolutely beautifully. To use his enemy’s money to fatten his own pocket, his plot had practically reached a pinnacle.

“What should we do with these people?” Meng Qi looked oddly at the people they had captured.

“Release them. Even though they’re spies with the intent to bring down the Xuantian Dao Sect, the Xuan Master is a grand and magnanimous man. He doesn’t wish to kill people. After all, the Xuantian Dao Sect has such a friendly relationship with the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect. Let them go so that the entire Central Plains can see what it means to be generous and forgiving,” said Long Chen sanctimoniously.

Guo Zhengyang, Guo Xu, the noble families, and any people holding any post in the city were kicked out.

The ordinary people who were kicked out thanked Long Chen over and over again. They were finally free.

But as for Guo Zhengyang, when he woke up, he let out a hysterical wail and demanded Long Chen return his wealth. Long Chen directly slapped him unconscious and had those people drag him away.

In less than four hours, Xuantian City had changed masters. Now, Long Chen was the new city lord.

“City lord, do you need to be served at night?” teased Tang Wan-er suddenly.

“Don’t mess around. Long Chen, what should we do? Gao Xianyang and the others charged their way into the storehouse and took the only functioning flying boat to go hunting,” said Meng Qi.

“Aren’t there supposed to be five flying boats? Only one can fly?” asked Long Chen.

“It was Guo Zhengyang. He was so stingy that he didn’t even maintain the flying boats. The four flying boats have lost too much spirituality and cannot fly,” said Meng Qi.

“There’s Guo Ran. Have him repair them.” Long Chen was confident in his skills. “Also, tell everyone not to be in a rush to go hunting. Right now, the city is ours. Although the city is already on the verge of collapsing, we’ll still need to defend it in the end. Have Su Mo, Mu Qingxuan, Hua Shiyu, and Wang Zhen go hunting in the surrounding regions. When the flying boats are fixed, we can go hunting in the sea then.”

“What about the Dragonblood Legion?”

“Have everyone go into seclusion and refine yuan spirit stones. They should do their best to increase their cultivation bases. I’m going to check out the city’s defenses.”

Long Chen and Guo Ran flew out of the city and went to see the city’s defenses that bordered the sea.

Crack. When Long Chen landed on the high city walls, a mass of rocks shattered.

“That Guo Zhengyang really was stingy. In order to save spirit stones, he didn’t even activate the protective formation. After several centuries, everything’s corroded and is as weak as tofu.” Guo Ran picked up a rock and crushed it with his hand. He shook his head.

Long Chen also shook his head. This city’s lifespan had already reached its limit. Even if the defensive formation was activated, it would completely break down in another few centuries.

It was because the Xuan Master had realized that the city was reaching its limit that he had allowed Guo Zhengyang to come here. This city’s ability wasn’t actually focused on defense but offense.

However, now that its lifespan had reached an end, it wasn’t able to endure unleashing any attacks. Furthermore, back then, the Xuantian Dao Sect had been in a difficult situation financially and hadn’t had the money to completely reconstruct this huge city. That would take an ocean’s worth of manpower and resources.

Before coming, the Xuan Master had implied that the yuan spirit stones were Long Chen’s. But they weren’t for free. Long Chen had to hold the line during this beast tide and couldn’t allow the sea demons to charge into the Central Plains.

If that happened, the Xuantian Dao Sect would lose their rights over this region. The Martial Heaven Alliance would then replace them with another power, and all the resources that could be gained here would go to the succeeding power.

So Long Chen felt a great deal of pressure. After taking the Xuan Master’s money, he had to get to work.

“Since you’re done forging the sets of armor, I’ll need you to help me forge large quantities of something else,” said Long Chen.

“What? For you boss, anything.” Guo Ran patted his chest confidently.

“I want you to forge supreme bombs, the stronger the better. Can you do that?” asked Long Chen.

“It’s not a problem. I have enough materials. However, it’ll take some time.”

“If I wanted three-feet-wide bombs, how many can you make, and how powerful would they be?”

“Three feet? Then I can easily inscribe a hundred runes on it. I can just merge Phoenix Plume Scarlet Gold and Ink Rock Black Iron. Once they explode, it’ll have an effective area of three hundred miles. And in the core area of one hundred and fifty miles, any ninth rank sea demons would definitely die,” estimated Guo Ran.

When it came to battle power, ninth rank sea demons were weaker than ninth rank Magical Beasts. But the most terrifying aspect of them was their numbers. Furthermore, they were usually covered in scales that bolstered their defensive strength to a high level.

“How many such bombs can you create a day?”

“Even if I focus only on this, I don’t think I can make more than a hundred a day.”

This was an extremely shocking speed. If it hadn’t been for his ancient forging table, just making ten a day would be not bad.

As for ordinary Forging Masters, trying to make more than three a day would exhaust them. Guo Ran had truly turned into a grandmaster existence in terms of forging.

“Boss, what are you planning to do?”

“The city’s defenses are essentially useless. If the sea demon army is too powerful for us to stop, then originally we should have drawn them over to the city to shrink the fighting area. But since the city can’t be used, I’m thinking of having Song Mingyuan and Li Qi create a new dike. They’ll create two large walls that will slant toward here, and all the sea demons will gradually be led to Xuantian City. Then we can use your bombs to make some death traps,” said Long Chen.

“Boss, is the beast tide really so powerful? You don’t think we’ll be enough?” Guo Ran was a bit surprised.

“Do you know what it means to be prepared just in case? Anything can happen, so having some hidden cards is leaving yourself with a higher chance of surviving. This isn’t a joke,” said Long Chen. It seemed Guo Ran was becoming so confident that he didn’t even sense danger. “Don’t think this is a waste. Even if we don’t use them this time, it’s not like we’ll throw them away. We can use them in the future. There’s still some time, so right now, focus on quality, not quantity.”

“Alright, I understand, boss.” Guo Ran nodded and left to get to work.

Long Chen continued to stroll through the original dike. He saw that there were natural barriers on the two sides. Sheer cliffs extended far beside them.

He had no idea who the people guarding the ends of these cliffs were. When his divine sense stretched into the sea, he sensed quite a few towers inside. Those were projects used to mine the minerals beneath the sea. But now they had long since stopped working.

Guo Zhengyang had originally spent a little bit to give those towers a face-lift. Then after more people were baited into coming here, he had stopped caring about those things and happily squeezed those people of their money instead.

Guo Zhengyang had been very confident in his position in Xuantian City, as he had been appointed by the previous Xuan Master to run Xuantian City for five hundred years. Furthermore, he had even had Ma Xingkong as a backer. But before the five hundred years ran out, he had been kicked out.

Long Chen inspected the terrain for a long while, drawing a rough sketch. Only then did he return to Xuantian City.

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