Chapter 1141 I Can Touch, But If You Touch

The flying boats stopped a hundred miles from the ancient city. Li Changfeng told Long Chen, “This place is the Xuantian Dao Sect’s territory and is called Xuantian City. In accordance with the Martial Heaven Alliance’s rules, everything ahead is the hunting ground for disciples. That means Kings and above are not allowed to enter, so you’ll have to enter on your own.”

On the way here, Long Chen had learned more about this place. The defensive zones that all the large sects were protecting along the sea were not just battlefields. They were also very beneficial to the growth of a sect.

Only Foundation Forging cultivators were allowed inside. Kings and above were forbidden because the higher-ups were worried about them sneaking into the sea to go hunting. Then they might end up disturbing some terrifying existence.

“Also, Long Chen, try not to cause too much trouble!” Li Changfeng gave him one last warning before leaving with the flying boat.

“Hehe, I have orders to cause trouble. If I don’t cause enough, the Xuan Master won’t be happy.” Long Chen laughed inside.

Seeing the two flying boats leave, Long Chen was just about to speak when Gao Xianyang waved his hand and led his people inside.

Gao Xianyang’s side had less than thirty thousand people. As for Long Chen’s side, he had the new disciples as well as over half the old disciples. His side numbered close to three hundred thousand.

Although they were said to be two equal groups, the number disparity was so great that even the flying boats they had been given to use were different. This fact displeased Gao Xianyang extremely. As soon as Li Changfeng left, he walked over to Xuantian City without even looking at Long Chen. It was clear he was acting like this intentionally.

“Let’s go as well. We’re now villagers far from the sect. We can be fearless men here,” laughed Long Chen.

The others couldn’t help but look at him oddly. With his temper, when was he not a fearless man? In all of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s history, there had never been a disciple like him. Just how many Elders and teachers had he slapped in the face? He had even slapped the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s vice sect master!

Long Chen led them forward. A sea breeze began to blow by them, one that contained a dense smell of blood. That smell was something that came from within this ancient city.

The city was three hundred miles wide, and it was extremely ancient and worn down. Even the city gates were covered in cracks. There were signs of ugly patches all over them.

The sea breeze caused constant damage to the city, causing its walls to erode quickly. Long Chen and the others were caught unprepared by how weak the city walls were.

As the core area of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s defensive zone, despite being called Xuantian City, it was so worn down that it was on the verge of collapse. The city walls were filled with holes, and everyone was careful, afraid that a bump might cause the whole city to collapse.

In front of the city gates, Gao Xianyang was speaking with a man wearing a crown. They actually embraced each other enthusiastically.

This man was the city lord’s son, Guo Xu.

His cultivation base was at the eighth Heavenstage of Foundation Forging. Due to the Martial Heaven Alliance’s rules, even the strongest expert in the city had to still be in the Foundation Forging realm.

Guo Xu was also a rank six Celestial, but he had never gone out. He always stayed within Xuantian City. Five years ago, Gao Xianyang had come here with the mission to hunt sea demons. That was how the two of them knew each other.

“Brother Xianyang, it’s been five years. You’ve once more advanced. I’ll hold a celebration dinner for you,” said Guo Xu. Then he lowered his voice and said, “So, are there any beauties this time? Introduce me to them.”

In truth, Guo Xu was a miserly, perverted man. Last time, Gao Xianyang had set him up with a woman to play some of the games the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples used to quench their ‘thirst’, and Guo Xu had immediately become infatuated with them and couldn’t stop.

These games were a kind of way for men and women to amuse themselves without breaking the sect’s inherited rules.

The Dao Sect had a rule that stated its female disciples could not lose their virginity. That would affect their comprehension of the Heavenly Daos. As for male disciples, they couldn’t merge Yang with Yin, or they would also be affected.

The sect enforced this rule strictly. If anyone tried to do such a thing in secret, they would definitely be found out and expelled from the sect. At best, they would be demoted to a worker or commoner.

But stifling these men and women so badly also wasn’t good. To avoid that, the Dao Sect had ways to resolve those urges so they didn’t have to be distracted.

Other than that final step of merging Yin with Yang, there weren’t many other restrictions. And so the Dao Sect’s disciples developed many ‘thirst-quenching games’ on the sly.

The Dao Sect neither supported nor opposed these games. But if anyone lost their virginity, they would be directly expelled.

But there were always geniuses in every possible field. The Dao Sect’s disciples ended up developing amazing games with special tricks and techniques. These games were sometimes even more stimulating than the real thing.

As for Guo Xu, the city lord’s son, he was truly a silkpants disciple. He had long since lost his pure body. It was unknown how many women in the city had had an affair with him.

But after Gao Xianyang had come, he had experienced a new kind of pleasure, which made him feel inferior. As expected, true members of sects knew how to play much better.

So once Gao Xianyang and the others had left last time, Guo Xu had been lost in loneliness. It was like all the women by his side had become lackluster. When he tried to teach them those techniques, they were unable to replicate them. 

This time, the sign of the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring’s tide had delighted him. The first thing he had thought about was what that woman had taught him.

Gao Xianyang felt immense disgust for Guo Xu, as well as disdain. He had an urge to viciously slap this miserly pervert. Last time, he had had that female disciple treat him properly, but when the time to split the resources had come, this cheapskate hadn’t given him the appropriate portion.

In the hunting mission last time, the spoils of war were supposed to have been split fifty-fifty with the disciples and Xuantian City. And the one in charge of that had been Guo Xu.

According to normal logic, having played with Gao Xianyang’s toys, Guo Xu should have secretly added some benefits to make him feel better.

But what had Guo Xu done? He had come up with a bunch of excuses and had taken another ten percent of the resources for himself.

As a result, the fifty-fifty split ended up sixty-forty. Xuantian City had taken sixty percent, while Gao Xianyang had been left with forty percent. At that time, Gao Xianyang had turned green with fury.

But Xuantian City was an independent department, and within its walls, people had no choice but to lower their heads. And so he had been forced to endure.

Now five years had passed, and this idiot immediately wanted more from him. Gao Xianyang didn’t know how this idiot had managed to live to this day. Did he not feel embarrassed to directly say such a thing?

But he simply smiled and said, “Brother, I brought some peerless beauties for you this time, and they’re all exquisitely skilled. However, they’re quite haughty, so it’ll be up to your own skills.”

At this time, Long Chen and the other disciples also arrived. When Guo Xu saw Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, Zhao Ziyan, and Hua Shiyu, his eyes almost popped out. He had never seen such beautiful women, so now seeing four of them at once, he immediately began to drool.

Gao Xianyang saw him looking at the four of them like a pig and smiled.

“Stop! Show me your identity badges. I need to confirm them one by one.”

Long Chen and the others were suddenly stopped by a middle-aged guard. He had a hat on at a crooked angle and a sheathed saber on his waist.

Long Chen was first startled, but then he saw Gao Xianyang and the others entering without any investigation at all. He was clearly just making things hard on them.

When Hua Shiyu showed her badge, a large hand suddenly took it.

“Let me see.” This hand belonged to Guo Xu. At the same time as he grabbed her badge, he extended extra far to touch her hand. A feverish light shone in his eyes as he began to lose control.

“Scram!” Hua Shiyu’s face immediately turned frosty, and she sent a kick straight toward Guo Xu’s crotch. Long Chen could hear two consecutive cracking sounds.

Guo Xu screamed and flew back like a shooting star, striking the city gates.

As a result, the broken-down city gates collapsed, burying him beneath the rubble. The dozens of guards were startled. One of them was about to curse at her when Hua Shiyu extended a hand and slapped him across the face.

This Foundation Forging expert was slapped unconscious by Hua Shiyu. The other guards immediately realized something was off. This woman was not so easy to provoke.

Rather than stupidly attacking her, they ran over to Guo Xu, pulling him out of the rubble. But he was still screaming and rolling crazily.

Even for cultivators, the life rod was a fatal weakness. That place was not so easily recovered with Heavenly Dao energy.

That was because it was the root of passing down the ancestral line. It was the foundation of the Human Dao. Using Heavenly Dao energy to heal that spot might recover the form, but it would lose its core ability. It would essentially be crippled, and there would be no more Human Dao coming from there.

Looking at Guo Xu rolling on the ground as he held his crotch and wailed, a disdainful expression appeared on Long Chen’s face. He sneered inside, “I can touch, but if you touch, it’ll be dangerous. Just touching a hand practically severed your ancestry. Do you want to try touching her chest?”

Gao Xianyang heard all this and was delighted. But he put on an expression of shock as he looked back.

The disturbance startled all of Xuantian City, and a large group of experts rushed over.

“Long Chen, how brazen! You dare to attack the city lord’s son?!” Gao Xianyang cried out furiously, hiding his delight.

“Who dares to cause trouble in my Xuantian City?!”

Suddenly, a furious roar rang out, and a middle-aged man appeared in front of everyone.

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