Chapter 1140 Just a Bit Bigger

Hua Shiyu felt much better after hearing Long Chen’s promise. After he had ended up provoking that foreign energy within her, she trusted his abilities and what he had said.

Now she hated that despicable person from Heavenly Fate Island. He had actually done such a thing to her when she had been a child. He was worse than an animal.

But as for right now, she was in too weak of a state to attempt extracting that mysterious energy. Her soul and spiritual yuan had been shaken just now. She needed to rest.

Fortunately, there was still enough time, so they could wait a few days. Meng Qi and Zhao Ziyan helped Hua Shiyu leave.

Now there was only Long Chen and Tang Wan-er. Tang Wan-er suddenly smiled mischievously. “Long Chen, what do you think? Are they big?”

Long Chen immediately turned solemn and serious. “Don’t mess around. At that time, I was focused completely on saving her. How could I have such thoughts?”

Long Chen naturally wouldn’t admit such a thing. But Tang Wan-er still didn’t give up. Holding his arm, she said, “I’m not jealous. I just want to know, is she bigger or am I bigger?”

“She seems to be a little bit bigger- aiya, you liar!” Long Chen had only just answered when a burst of pain came from his waist. It was a sneak attack from Tang Wan-er. “You! You’re the one who asked me to answer, and you said you weren’t jealous!”

“Hmph, so what? Who said you could say she was bigger than me?” sniffed Tang Wan-er angrily.

Long Chen realized he had jumped past one trap only to land in another. She wasn’t jealous, no. She was simply angry.

But then thinking about it, he really had been stupid. Could you really trust a woman? He should have instead continued acting like a gentleman.

Seeing Tang Wan-er’s angry appearance, Long Chen suddenly chortled and wrapped a hand around her waist.

“Don’t touch me, I’m angry!” Tang Wan-er pushed his hand away.

But Long Chen forcibly pulled her in and smiled mysteriously. “Don’t be angry. I was just telling the truth. Her chest really is just the slightest bit bigger than yours.”

“You’re saying it again?!” Tang Wan-er kicked Long Chen furiously, but being held by him, she wasn’t able to reach him.

“However, yours has greater potential than hers!” said Long Chen. He understood Tang Wan-er the best. Sometimes, she would refuse to admit defeat like a child.

She was always competitive, and she even wanted to compete in such a thing. Long Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. But who asked him to be so stupid as to actually reply with the truth? He had to think of a way to make her happy again.

“What potential? Who would believe your nonsense?!” Tang Wan-er sniffed.

“I’m telling the truth. Her size has already been set in stone, whereas you still have plenty of room to grow. First of all, let me ask, are you bigger, or is Meng Qi bigger?” asked Long Chen.

“Of course big sister Meng Qi is bigger. I call her big sister.”

Tang Wan-er’s reply almost made Long Chen choke. Men decided seniority based on power. Could it be women based seniority on this? His eyes had been opened to the world today.

“Foolish girl, you’re the one I’ve been with the longest. When I have something good, I naturally think of you first, and I have a method to allow your size to quickly catch up to the others.” Long Chen held Tang Wan-er’s hand sincerely.

It was true that amongst all of Long Chen’s lovers, he had been with Tang Wan-er the most. When Tang Wan-er heard that, she was moved and stopped struggling.

In truth, although Tang Wan-er had accepted that Long Chen had multiple lovers, she still wished that she would be the most pampered one.

Saying he had been with her the most and that he would think of her first, Long Chen immediately touched upon the softest part of her heart. She immediately stopped arguing.

Long Chen couldn’t help but smile. In truth, her body was practically perfect. Although her chest was not as large as Hua Shiyu’s, the truth was that if you were to take a quick look and compare them, they would look about the same.

But because of Long Chen’s slip of the tongue, she had started to feel a bit inferior, and so she had gotten angry with Long Chen.

“Wan-er, you’re the one with the greatest potential. In the future, I’ll help you with a massage technique. As long as the two of us work together, I’m sure that with your talent and aptitude, plus this hard work, you’ll quickly surpass them.”

“Really?” Tang Wan-er looked down, clearly a bit enticed.

“Of course. When have I ever tricked you? At night, or when you have nothing else to do, take advantage of when Meng Qi isn't around to come to my room. I’ll help you massage them, and they’ll definitely grow,” said Long Chen.

He involuntarily gulped. A slip of the tongue had been recovered to this point. How marvelous was his scheming? Long Chen was admiring himself more and more.

He had touched Meng Qi’s before, but not Tang Wan-er’s. He was only able to stealthily make some calculations. Because she was too fiery and normally she was with Meng Qi, if he did have a touch, once she let out a cry, it would be awkward.

Thinking of how he could justify doing such a thing, Long Chen looked toward Tang Wan-er’s chest. He had an urge to start helping right now.

“Why does it have to be when sister Meng Qi isn't around?”

“Aiya, foolish girl, what if she sees and wants me to massage hers as well? Then you’ll never surpass- Ah, Meng Qi, you’re back!”

Meng Qi looked at Long Chen with a smile that was not a smile. Standing there with her sweet smile, she didn’t say a word.

“Hehe, Meng Qi… you’re really beautiful… yes, you’re getting more and more beautiful.” Long Chen hastily let go of Tang Wan-er and went up to hug Meng Qi. But Meng Qi stepped to the side, dodging.

“Does a certain someone think that saying a few nice words will make up for his evil intentions?” Meng Qi was still smiling, but this smile made Long Chen’s hair stand on end.

“Sister, we’re not doing anything bad. You’ve misunderstood,” said Tang Wan-er.

“Foolish girl, you really are easy to trick. He’s trying to seduce you into doing the wrong thing. If you do… that, how will you face Zhiqiu and Chu Yao?” scolded Meng Qi.

“But, Long Chen said it’s just touching. I just want to get bigger. I want to be as ample as you.” Tang Wan-er looked at Meng Qi’s chest with envy.

“Yes, exactly, my goal is completely pure.” Long Chen raised his hands innocently. He truly loved Tang Wan-er to death now. He swore he wouldn’t fail to live up to her trust, and that he would make her the amplest woman in the world.

“It’s not that simple. That place can’t be touched by anyone.” Meng Qi couldn't help but turn red upon seeing Tang Wan-er just foolishly staring at her.

“It’s not anyone, it’s Long Chen.” Tang Wan-er still didn’t understand.

“Aiya, I’ll explain to you later. Long Chen, I’m warning you, don’t even think of continuing with this. We’ve already made our agreement. If she ends up doing that with you, even if no one else says anything, she’ll be ashamed. Then, you’ll have harmed her,” warned Meng Qi.

“I wouldn’t do that,” swore Long Chen.

“Who could be sure about this kind of thing? If Wan-er couldn’t hold back and begged you, what would happen?”

“I…” Long Chen was immediately struck dumb. If Tang Wan-er really took the initiative to seduce him, it would be dangerous.

“Big sister, I feel like I’d be able to control myself…” said Tang Wan-er bravely.

“You foolish girl, what he was telling you… I know how to do it. I’ll help you when we get back.” Meng Qi pulled Tang Wan-er away.

“Hey, Meng Qi, how about I help? I can supervise you and make sure you do it right! You should know, your technique definitely isn’t as good as mine, and you won’t be able to massage them well enough. As a professional- cough, cough!”

A glare from Meng Qi made Long Chen swallow his words. He had almost made another slip of the tongue.

Seeing that Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er had slipped away, Long Chen helplessly sighed. He couldn’t even get a touch.

“Ah, there’s simply no way around it. Meng Qi will definitely make defenses against anything I try. I should focus on cultivating. It’s time to cultivate the fourth style of Split the Heavens.”

In his battle against Han Zhenyu, the reason he had been able to defeat him in the end was not just because Blooddrinker had advanced to the King item level. Another main reason was because of the third form of Split the Heavens.

Blooddrinker had only just advanced and still wasn’t able to unleash the full power of a King item. Right now, it was in seclusion in the primal chaos space. 


A new rune appeared in one of Long Chen’s acupuncture points. It was the first divine rune of the fourth form of Split the Heavens.

“It’s this easy?” Long Chen was surprised. Now that each of his 108,000 acupuncture points had an immortal platform within, he could condense this rune almost instantaneously.

Previously, he had been forced to first enlarge his acupuncture point and nourish it with his spiritual yuan for a long time before a divine rune would fully condense. It would take several days.

Furthermore, Feng Xinglie had solemnly warned him to be careful with the fourth form of Split the Heavens. Its divine runes were extremely berserk and could break his acupuncture points.

But under the suppression of his immortal platform, the divine rune was like an obedient little rabbit. There wasn’t any sign of it going berserk.

In less than a day, he had condensed all nine embryonic forms of the fourth form’s divine runes. Now when he used the fourth form of Split the Heavens, it would be easier and there was less chance of a backlash.

However, these divine runes were still in their embryonic form, and it would take a long time to slowly nourish them. Only after they matured would he be able to fully unleash the power of the fourth form of Split the Heavens.

The flying boats rapidly flew through the air and even went through two supreme transportation formations. Seven days later, the flying boat stopped in front of an ancient city.

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