Chapter 1138 Reading Bones

“When I say fairy Shiyu’s palm lines are not bad, I mean the lines are clear and her hands are healthy. But when it comes to her fate, things don’t look so good. There are three clear intersections of her palm lines, and the final one is the clearest. This means that fairy Shiyu will run into at least three difficulties in life, and the third one will be the most difficult…” Long Chen spoke frankly with absolute assurance as he held Hua Shiyu’s hands.

An expression of disbelief appeared on Hua Shiyu’s face. She stared at Long Chen with shock. Her voice trembled as she asked, “How did you know I ran into three bumps in my life?”

Long Chen was also startled. He hadn’t thought it would be this easy. In truth, he had just acted in accordance with how fortune-tellers conned people. First, he spouted a vague generalization, and then he gave out a number that was neither high nor low.

This was the easiest way to convince others. No matter how peaceful a person’s life was, it wasn’t as if everything could be smooth sailing. They would always run into a few setbacks or encounter things that displeased them, which then stayed in their mind.

As for the number three, it was the number with the highest probability of being right. So fortune-tellers would often use this number as a foundation to con people.

Furthermore, Long Chen hadn’t said anything definite. He had said that she would run into ‘at least’ three. That was a very shameless way of guessing. If she had run into ten setbacks, he would be right. If she had run into a hundred setbacks, he would also be right. Even if she had experienced a thousand setbacks, that was still greater than three.

Originally, Long Chen had been planning to say some more hints and suggestions based on her reaction, but this random number of his ended up striking right on the mark. Even he found it a bit inconceivable.

“I truly did run into three rather large setbacks. Once when I was young and exchanging pointers, an accident occurred, and my qi began to flow in reverse. I was almost crippled. Once when I was twenty and my father sent me into the mountains for training, I encountered a sneak attack from my enemies and almost lost my life. And my miserable defeat last time just happens to be the third time. Long Chen, do you really have fortune-telling abilities?” Hua Shiyu was filled with shock.

“If I didn’t, do you think I would babble so much?” boasted Long Chen absolutely shamelessly.

Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, and Zhao Ziyan were also looking at him with shock. At first, Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er had been suspicious of his actions, thinking he was up to mischief. They had let him go on because this was a victimless prank, and even the jealous Tang Wan-er was able to just barely accept this.

But who would have thought, the more Long Chen spoke, the more they believed him. It seemed Long Chen really had this ability!

A trace of worship appeared in Tang Wan-er’s eyes. So in truth, Long Chen was a true man with real abilities. He was different from Guo Ran who showed off everything he could. Long Chen hid his abilities well.

Right now, in Tang Wan-er’s eyes, Long Chen was a low-key powerful man with great internal quality. However, if she knew his goal was to purely take advantage of a beauty, wouldn’t she throttle him to death?

Feeling the hand of another peerless beauty in front of his own beauties was a feeling others couldn’t experience. Seeing the four of them staring at him so admiringly, Long Chen was even starting to admire himself.

“Long Chen, can you calculate my future?” asked Hua Shiyu expectantly.

In truth, this was a common aspect of women. Perhaps this was the result of men feeling combative and wanting to go against what fate had planned for them, while women wished to know their future to know what would happen. In the secular world, fortune-tellers all preferred targeting women. Of course, another reason was because even if they couldn’t dupe them, at least they wouldn’t be beaten black and blue.

Long Chen had an urge to laugh, but now he no longer dared to admit he was blindly spouting nonsense. Otherwise, Hua Shiyu would immediately turn hostile.

If you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off. He couldn’t retreat at this time, or he’d be exposed.

“Palm reading is for calculating the past. If you want to predict the future, palm reading won’t be so accurate. We’ll need to do a bone reading. But a bone reading isn’t based on looking, but on feeling. In other words, it’s the legendary bone-feeling fortune-telling. But for you… it’s not too suitable.” Long Chen shook his head.

The four of them had also heard of this kind of fortune-telling, but they had never seen it. They didn’t know much about it. Hua Shiyu turned red, but she seemed to greatly wish for it.

“Where… where do you have to touch?” asked Hua Shiyu, her voice no louder than a mosquito.

“Cough, in truth, feeling the arms is enough. The two leg bones focus on the innate, while the two arms focus on the future. However, this is my first time trying this kind of fortune-telling. If I end up doing it wrong or touching the wrong place by accident, it might hurt our relationship. So… it really isn’t very suitable. We should leave it at this!” Long Chen was starting to beat the drum for a retreat. He was even starting to regret what he had said. He was about to be exposed, and if he was, he’d have no face for the rest of his life.

“Sisters, can you leave for now? I want Long Chen’s help in reading my future. I want to see if I can live past twenty-three.” Hua Shiyu’s voice contained an imploring tone.

The others jumped, not knowing what she was saying.

“When I was a child, my father invited an expert from Heavenly Fate Island to tell my fate. I inadvertently heard that expert say that I would have three setbacks in my life, and after those three setbacks, the end of my life would draw near. My predestined lifespan would not surpass twenty-three,” said Hua Shiyu sadly.

Long Chen and the others looked at each other with shock. So Hua Shiyu had actually had such a curious experience. It was no wonder she would suddenly believe Long Chen when he mentioned she would have three setbacks in her life.

Long Chen shook his head. “Didn’t I just tell you that fortune-telling is nonsense? Even if he was some expert from some Heavenly Fate Island, at most he is able to see through a few small things. But the future is always indistinct and in flux. Who would possibly be able to see it clearly? Even if it was fated that you would only live to twenty-three, just by telling you this, he added a new layer of karma. You know what this karma is. From the day you heard you would only live to twenty-three, your fate change. Who would believe such nonsense?”

Long Chen naturally scoffed at such things. Anyone with real skill wouldn’t randomly say something like that as it would fundamentally cause karma. By reading a person’s fortune for them, they had changed their fate. Wasn’t that precisely going against the fate the heavens had prescribed for them? How was that any different from asking the heavens to smite them?

“Long Chen, I’m begging you. I just want to know this. I can be at peace if you can help me,” begged Hua Shiyu.

Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, and Zhao Ziyan all looked at the always unyielding Hua Shiyu. Seeing her begging like this, they didn’t know what emotion they were supposed to feel.

No one wasn’t afraid of death. Everyone had their own dreams. Everyone had their brothers, sisters, and parents.

“Long Chen, you can’t care so much about those things now. We’re all cultivators, and we don’t have the same misgivings as the people of the secular world. Please help sister Shiyu read her bones.” Tang Wan-er pushed Long Chen toward Hua Shiyu. At the same time, two of her fingers lightly pressed against his back.

Long Chen knew that she was warning him not to mess around. No matter what he read, he couldn’t tell that cruel truth.

He swore inside. She truly overestimated him. He was purely messing around, but now… just what was he supposed to do?

Who would have thought things would progress to this point? If he once more did what he did before, then that would be inhumane.

And yet, not touching her was not an option either. Long Chen had an urge to slap himself in the face. If he touched, he was a beast. If he didn’t, he was worse than a beast. Just what had he done to himself?

Hua Shiyu actually began to take off her outer clothes. Her snow-white skin revealed itself to him. She was irresistibly beautiful, but Long Chen didn’t know where he was supposed to put his hands.

Was he supposed to hold her arms from below or from above? His head buzzed and his sweat dripped down from it. He hadn’t been nervous when fighting against Han Zhenyu, but now his body was rigid.

“Hurry up!” Tang Wan-er saw that Long Chen simply had his hands extended, but didn’t dare to actually place his palms on Hua Shiyu’s arms, so she urged him on. She thought he was just embarrassed. But now wasn’t the time for him to be embarrassed.

Hua Shiyu clearly had a great deal of faith in what that Heavenly Fate Island expert had said. She was filled with anticipation and was restless. She clearly didn’t want to die yet. Now was not the time to care about trivialities.

Long Chen clenched his teeth and placed his hands on Hua Shiyu’s arms. He had decided that he had to continue acting. In any case, all he had to say was that the expert had been full of crap.

But Long Chen didn’t want to continue, because this wasn’t just taking a little advantage. If he still had such thoughts at such a time, he would look down upon himself.

In order to make his act more believable, he began to secretly circulate the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. He closed his eyes, and a soft light appeared on his palms.

That was Long Chen’s spiritual yuan. He used his spiritual yuan to feel Hua Shiyu’s bones. This way, it wouldn’t go too far.

As Long Chen’s hands went over Hua Shiyu’s arms, she trembled. A strange feeling came from those large hands that made her red and breathe faster.

But when Long Chen’s hands reached Hua Shiyu’s shoulders, he suddenly frowned. His hands slowly moved toward Hua Shiyu’s chest.

“Ahh!” Hua Shiyu suddenly let out a startled cry. Not only her, but Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, and Zhao Ziyan also cried out.

When Long Chen’s hands pressed against Hua Shiyu’s ample chest, black qi began to pour out of her chest, forming a black figure in the air in front of her.

A pained expression appeared on Hua Shiyu’s face. It was like her heart had been pulled out, and she was as pale as paper.


Long Chen opened his eyes. A bright light shone in them.

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