Chapter 1136 Two Large Powers

The next day after Long Chen left the Xuan Master’s room, all the inner sect disciples were gathered once more. This included the disciples from the senior generation.

The announcement was that all inner sect disciples were to be sent to the Xuantian Dao Sect’s defensive territory bordering the eastern sea.

The new disciples were still puzzled, but the old disciples were delighted.

The eastern sea referred to the part of the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring that bordered the eastern part of the Martial Heaven Continent. The Xuantian Dao Sect had a four million mile zone there that they were to defend.

Other than the natural defenses, the places where the sea-ring met the continent were all defended by the various large sects. They had all established defensive fortifications against sea demons.

All sects with any fame were in charge of an area. The stronger the sect, the greater the area they would defend. And the greater the area, the more manpower they would need to spend on defending.

However, there were also benefits. Taking the edges of their defensive regions and drawing straight lines until they reached the Eastern Wasteland, all the resources found within that region of the sea would go to the defender.

The Martial Heaven Sea-Ring not only had countless sea demons, but it was also filled with countless mineral deposits.

There were many rare ores present in the sea. But due to the rampant sea demons, mining those ores was difficult. Without a certain amount of power, any sect attempting such a thing would pay a heavy price instead of making money.

As for the region the Xuantian Dao Sect was in charge of, there were three rare ore deposits, as well as an artificial breeding zone where a few precious sea demons were being raised.

This region was one of the pillars of the Xuantian Dao Sect. Each year, the sect would take in a large amount of wealth from this region.

There was plenty of profit to be made here, even by disciples. The previous generation’s disciples had not only gained a huge number of points for their work, but when they had time off, they could even go hunting in the sea. Any treasures they obtained would be theirs. It was the best opportunity to get rich.

It could be said that other than the Infernal Devil Abyss, this was the best place to get points. And there wasn’t much danger there.

“You’re not going for fun. According to the scouts, the sea’s tide is starting to rise, and it’s very likely that a huge beast tide will pour out of the sea not long from now. Your mission is to kill as many sea demons as possible before the beast tide comes. This is a rare opportunity. Although there aren’t any points given for this, the corpses and cores of the sea demons you kill will be yours. However, I don’t want to see people fighting each other because of money.

“This time, the leaders of the expedition will be Long Chen and Gao Xianyang. The two of them have different leadership styles, but their combat power is about the same. So you can all choose which side to join for yourselves. Once you choose, you won’t be able to switch, and their orders must be executed regardless of any circumstances. Otherwise, the Elder Hall will decide the punishment,” said Liu Cang, the new vice Xuan Master.

Everyone was surprised to hear there would be two leaders. Clearly, the Dao Sect was aware that the two of them couldn’t work together. Forcing them to do so would only cause chaos.

In other words, the factions were essentially dissolved. In the future, the Xuantian Dao Sect would only have two factions. Either choose Long Chen’s, or choose Gao Xianyang’s.

“Stand behind whoever you choose. I’ll give you fifteen minutes. Choose well,” said Liu Cang.

The Heaven Female Alliance was the first to burst into cheers and run to the Dragonblood Legion’s side.

Hua Shiyu clenched her teeth in fury. “You immoral girls, you’re all thankless wretches! I can’t believe I ever treated you so well! He doesn’t even need to seduce you for you to go running to him!”

“Haha, big sister Shiyu, they’re just excited. You’re naturally the big sister we respect the most,” comforted Zhao Ziyan.

She knew Hua Shiyu’s character. She was very obstinate, and she didn’t like men. Even if she admired Long Chen, seeing all her people immediately run to his side naturally irritated her, causing her to feel betrayed.

Zhao Ziyan pulled Hua Shiyu over and winked to Long Chen. He immediately understood.

“Fairy Shiyu, we’ll be able to fight side by side again in the future. Control your army of fairies. I don’t want to see my brothers run off because they were seduced,” laughed Long Chen.

“Tch, if you have any ability, just try seducing anyone!” Hua Shiyu frowned.

But Long Chen’s words still caused her to relax greatly. His meaning was clear. The Heaven Female Alliance was still the Heaven Female Alliance. The Dragonblood Legion wouldn’t touch them.

Although Hua Shiyu had also known that Long Chen wasn’t such a person, she didn’t like the feeling of having the power taken from her. Furthermore, she was still sensitive after her previous loss.

She was even afraid that others would begin looking down on her. Although Zhao Ziyan had constantly comforted and encouraged her, and the other disciples had increased their care of her, she still didn’t feel any sense of security.

But Long Chen’s words, although they also contained a somewhat provoking air, put her at ease.

“Boss, even fairy Shiyu is telling you to try seducing one! Why don’t you show off your pick-up techniques for your brothers?” laughed Guo Ran.

Long Chen was speechless. This fool was truly incurable. All the words he had said last time were forgotten now.

“Aiya!” Guo Ran’s laughter came to a halt as he was kicked away by Tang Wan-er.

Even after being beaten a hundred times, he didn’t learn his lesson. Was he a pig? He only remembered eating but didn’t remember being beaten. Long Chen acted like he didn’t see anything.

After kicking away Guo Ran, Tang Wan-er went over to welcome Hua Shiyu. The two of them had ended up particularly close.

That was because last time, Tang Wan-er had been defeated while trying to get revenge for Hua Shiyu, and that one action made Hua Shiyu feel extremely grateful to her. Besides, their characters were both similarly fiery, so it had been easy for them to find common ground.

Wang Zhen also led his Ten Thousand Insect Guild’s disciples over. Long Chen patted him on the shoulder and didn’t say anything.

Wang Zhen wasn’t too fond of words. Sometimes, a single action was enough to express everything. There was no need for so many words.

What Long Chen hadn’t expected was for members from the Hegemon Hall, Flame Gate, and Divine Beast Mansion to also come over.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, we admire you and want to follow you! Please take us!” said one of Flame Gate’s disciples hopefully.

“Tch, if those words had come from a beauty, I’d be much happier. Coming from a man, I’ll cough up what I ate last night. If you want to fight alongside me, then there’s no need for such words, nor do you need to say anything about devoting your heart to me. I’m sure you know what kind of person I am, so you can just come right over,” said Long Chen.

Everyone involuntarily laughed, but the laughter of the men was rather wretched. Long Chen’s coarse method of speaking ended up making them feel closer. “Many thanks, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen!”

Those disciples were delighted that Long Chen would accept them even after they had once been enemies. They hadn’t wanted to be enemies, but their three leaders had wanted to fight against him, so they had had no way around it.

The power that Long Chen had revealed in his battle against Han Zhenyu had completely won them over. They felt like following such a wild and domineering person would be an honor. Even if they died, they wouldn’t have lived for nothing.

This was the charisma of experts. In the cultivation world, power was everything, and it was irresistible to men and women.

Furthermore, Long Chen didn’t have the slightest arrogance of an expert. He was like an ordinary person. Only when he exploded would he show his domineering side. Just the sight of that was enough to make people’s blood boil.

Seeing that Long Chen didn’t refuse them, and instead used such a joking method to express his attitude toward them, they were both surprised and grateful. They all charged over.

“Hey, don’t push! Are you trying to take advantage? Let me warn you, be careful of being beaten!” shouted Guo Ran.

He wanted to maintain order. Because there were now too many people and some of them were so passionate and excited, he was worried for the Heaven Female Alliance’s beauties. Even he hadn’t had a chance to take advantage, so how could he give the opportunity to them?

Seeing Long Chen accept them all without the slightest animosity, more and more disciples rushed over to the Dragonblood Legion.

“Oh, Great Commander Long, this big sister will have to listen to your commands in the future. Don’t abuse your position,” teased Mu Qingxuan as she came over with Su Mo and the senior generation’s disciples at their side.

A somewhat helpless expression appeared on Su Mo’s face, but he didn’t say anything.

Long Chen laughed, “If I abused my position against you, then senior apprentice-brother Su Mo would definitely kill me. I still want to live a few more years, so spare me.”

Although Long Chen was still young, he possessed the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, and he was extremely sensitive to changes in other people’s emotions. He could see that in truth, Su Mo had always had Mu Qingxuan in his heart. However, he was a bit too wooden and inarticulate, and didn’t know how to express his feelings.

“Him?” Mu Qingxuan looked at Su Mo with surprise. Su Mo’s expression immediately became unnatural and he looked away.

Mu Qingxuan seemed to understand something, and she smiled slightly. She didn’t say any more.

More and more disciples came. When the fifteen minutes were up, eighty percent of the new disciples had come to Long Chen’s side, while over half the senior generation’s disciples had also joined him. They had come because of Long Chen’s terrifying potential.

That made Gao Xianyang and Hu Guishan’s expressions extremely unsightly. And Luo Fan’s expression was even uglier. Years of his work had been wasted like this. All the disciples still ended up under Long Chen’s control, which was equivalent to them being snatched away by the Elder Hall. They had snatched them up so easily.

As if all this was within his expectations, Liu Cang announced, “Go and rest for a night. You’ll move out tomorrow morning.”

As Liu Cang left, Luo Fan looked at his back. With bitter resentment in his eyes, he also left.

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