Chapter 1134 The Alchemy Pavilion’s Explosion (Teaser)

The Xuantian Dao Sect’s grand formation was activated, surrounding the entire sect. Countless disciples looked around in panic, not knowing what was happening.

“Everyone, don’t panic! Something happened in the Alchemy Pavilion! Don’t make any random movements.” The shouts of Hall Masters rang out over the crowd.

The Alchemy Pavilion was situated on a huge mountain hundreds of miles wide. The many grand buildings that had dotted the landscape were gone, replaced by a large hole.

The other disciples were ordered not to move, but Long Chen was not one of them. He rushed over to get a better look. Seeing the destroyed Alchemy Pavilion, his eyes were cold.

The Xuan Master, Tower Department Head, and Liu Cang also arrived. All the higher-ups were present. The Xuan Master’s normally indifferent and leisurely expression was now frighteningly dark.

“Zhao Changting, tell me, what happened?” The Xuan Master stared coldly at the Alchemy Pavilion Master. Even killing intent had started to leak out of him.

The Alchemy Pavilion was the Xuantian Dao Sect’s foundation. There were hundreds of alchemists inside and over...

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