Chapter 1133 Silent Slap (Teaser)

“What’s going on? Why did they suddenly summon everyone? Is the Infernal Devil Abyss acting up again?”

“Haha, that would be great! It just so happens I’m lacking a few points. I was worried about how to get some more!”

All the inner sect disciples were gathered. They were discussing all kinds of theories, but a scene that made them sluggish appeared.

That was the scene of the outer sect disciples flooding into the inner sect plaza. Seeing millions of them appear, they were all surprised.

“What’s going on? Even outer sect disciples have to participate in the battle? Are the devil beasts so fierce this time?!” Everyone’s expressions changed.

Following that, the Elders also appeared. And not just a few. All of them came, including all the department heads, the Alchemy Pavilion Master, Law Enforcement Hall Master, Sect Protecting Pavilion Master, etc. 

They all came at the same time except for Liu Cang. At this moment, three more people arrived at the front. First was the Xuan Master, and behind him was a strict-looking dark-faced elder. He was the Tower...

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