Chapter 1133 Silent Slap

“What’s going on? Why did they suddenly summon everyone? Is the Infernal Devil Abyss acting up again?”

“Haha, that would be great! It just so happens I’m lacking a few points. I was worried about how to get some more!”

All the inner sect disciples were gathered. They were discussing all kinds of theories, but a scene that made them sluggish appeared.

That was the scene of the outer sect disciples flooding into the inner sect plaza. Seeing millions of them appear, they were all surprised.

“What’s going on? Even outer sect disciples have to participate in the battle? Are the devil beasts so fierce this time?!” Everyone’s expressions changed.

Following that, the Elders also appeared. And not just a few. All of them came, including all the department heads, the Alchemy Pavilion Master, Law Enforcement Hall Master, Sect Protecting Pavilion Master, etc. 

They all came at the same time except for Liu Cang. At this moment, three more people arrived at the front. First was the Xuan Master, and behind him was a strict-looking dark-faced elder. He was the Tower Department Head that practically all members of the sect feared.

The third person was Liu Cang. Right now, there was a ball of light floating behind his head that looked like a twinkling star.

Seeing that ball of light, all people on the level of Hall Masters let out started cries. Luo Fan and the Alchemy Pavilion Master’s expressions sank as they were filled with fury and envy.

“Today, everyone was gathered because of a momentous event. Elder Liu Cang has advanced to the Life Star realm, raising the power of the Xuantian Dao Sect to a new level. Starting today, Liu Cang is no longer the Hall Master of the Elder Hall, but the Xuantian Dao Sect’s vice Xuan Master,” said the Xuan Master.

“Congratulations, vice Xuan Master Liu Cang!”

Congratulations rang out from the Hall Masters. In the Xuantian Dao Sect, Liu Cang was known as a person of virtue and prestige, and he had good relationships with most people. He immediately thanked his old colleagues.

But the Alchemy Pavilion Master and Luo Fan’s expressions were ugly, especially Luo Fan’s. It looked like he had just lost his father.

The Xuan Master continued, “Starting today, the Xuantian Dao Sect will hold a three-day celebration. Inner sect disciples will receive ten thousand points, outer sect disciples will receive a thousand points, and workers will receive one hundred points as a reward.”

Cheering immediately burst out. Ten thousand points might not be much for inner sect disciples, but for outer sect disciples, thousand points was ten years of work. And to workers, this reward was absolutely enormous. It was a number they would never imagine obtaining.

“Other than that, the Dao Sect’s fine wine will be distributed for free, and disciples on duty will obtain ten times the pay. Go back and celebrate!” The Xuan Master’s words caused all the disciples to cheer excitedly. They returned to their homes, waiting to get their points.

Amongst the senior inner sect disciples, Su Mo and Mu Qingxuan were delighted, while Gao Xianyang’s expression was not so good. This sudden promotion was completely unexpected.

“Long Chen, you stay behind.” Seeing Long Chen following the crowd, the Xuan Master suddenly called out to him.

Now, there were no longer any other disciples present. Long Chen appeared especially conspicuous in the midst of these Elders.

“Long Chen, your position is special, and you’re also one of the Elder Hall’s people. Now that Liu Cang has become the vice Xuan Master, the Elder Hall needs a new manager. You can participate in this discussion,” said the Xuan Master.

Clearly, Long Chen was already being treated as a figure on the level of an Elder. With his power, he truly had the qualifications.

“Right now, the Elder Hall Master’s position is empty, and we need-” began the Xuan Master.

“Xuan Master, picking a person isn’t urgent. First, disciple has something he is unconvinced by,” interrupted Luo Fan.

“Luo Fan, you grow more and more insensible! Have you forgotten how to behave?” Before the Xuan Master could speak, the Tower Department Head shouted over him.

The Tower Department Head was exceptionally imposing. His face was dark, while his eyes were electric. He was frightening, and his words caused even Long Chen to shiver.

Luo Fan trembled. He wasn’t afraid of the Xuan Master, but he was afraid of the strict Tower Department Head.

He was an exceptionally strict person. Once, he had even roared at the Xuan Master in front of everyone.

Luo Fan dared to interrupt the Xuan Master’s words because he was used to it. The Xuan Master’s temper was very good and he rarely got angry. But if the Tower Department Head was infuriated, no one would be able to bear it.

“Disciple knows his wrong!” Luo Fan hastily bowed.

“Tower Department Head, don’t be so serious. It’s just a minor matter. What’s the point of being so angry and putting people on the spot?” The Xuan Master smiled.

“Rules are rules, and people can’t step out of line. Without rules, how are things supposed to be kept on track? As the Xuan Master, you indulge them, while they…” The Tower Department Head immediately started to criticize the Xuan Master.

Seeing the Tower Department Head’s strict appearance, Long Chen couldn’t help but think of Qing Yu. The two of them were both inflexible, serious people. But Qing Yu was beautiful, and being scolded by her allowed one to appreciate her beauty. If her beautiful face was replaced with the Tower Department Head’s, he would have a psychotic break.

“What, do you have some opinion?” Just as Long Chen was laughing inside, the Tower Department Head’s icy gaze landed on him. It was like a pair of sharp blades were pointing at him, and he felt like all his thoughts were seen through.

“Cough, disciple doesn’t dare,” said Long Chen.

“Doesn’t dare? Is there anything you don’t dare to do? And by saying you don’t dare, does that mean you disagree but won’t say?” demanded the Tower Department Head. He clearly was intent on teaching Long Chen a lesson to avoid him being insufferably arrogant in the future.

“Cough, I think we should get back to the main topic. Luo Fan, what did you want to say just now?” The Xuan Master hastily changed the subject upon seeing this. He truly understood the two of them well.

One was completely inflexible, while one was incredibly daring. Once they started fighting, it would be troublesome.

Hearing this, Luo Fan looked at Liu Cang with intense envy and fury. “Disciple is simply unconvinced. Amongst Hall Masters, Liu Cang’s seniority is only middling. Why did the Life Star Bead not go to the one with the greatest experience, Pavilion Master Zhao? And when it comes to contributions, I’ve worked for the Law Enforcement Hall for so many years. How many things have I done for the Xuantian Dao Sect? Not only do I handle my direct duties, but I’ve even raised disciples that have been the strongest of their generation consecutively. That means the Law Enforcement Hall’s contributions have been greater than the Elder Hall’s.

“When you told us that you would quickly use the Life Star Bead after beating Ma Xingkong in his gamble, we all thought you would bestow it based on merit to the best person. All of us were waiting with anticipation, but you… you privately gave the Life Star Bead to Liu Cang. Aren’t you worried about the hearts of the other disciples? I’d like the Tower Department Head to judge the right and wrong,” cried Luo Fan.

“Disciple agrees. Please give us an explanation.” The Alchemy Pavilion Master also spoke, standing on the same battle line as Luo Fan.

Everyone was silent for a moment. The Law Enforcement Hall Master and Alchemy Pavilion Master were expressing their displeasure with the Xuan Master’s actions.

Long Chen’s eyes darted back and forth. He looked at the Xuan Master, and then the furious Luo Fan and Alchemy Pavilion Master. He basically knew what was happening.

“Xuan Master, what do you say?” The Tower Department Head did not know about this matter.

“This matter was not done by me, but by Long Chen.” The Xuan Master shrugged.

“What?!” Everyone was startled. Such a huge matter had been done by Long Chen? How had Long Chen been the decision-maker here?

“This time, the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect came in order to suppress the Dao Sect’s drive, and it was Long Chen who reversed the tide, winning back all the chips we had lost in previous years. Furthermore, he had me increase the wager during the battle, which is the only reason it was possible to bait Ma Xingkong to bring out his Life Star Bead.

“If it hadn’t been for Long Chen, let alone winning a Life Star Bead or getting our chips back, we would have lost even more resources, and even been humiliated. That’s why I gave the Life Star Bead to Long Chen as a reward. Tower Department Head, you don’t have any objection to this, right?” said the Xuan Master.

“Of course. Rewards and punishments must be clear. Long Chen won an honor for the Xuantian Dao Sect, so of course he must be rewarded,” said the Tower Department Head.

“Long Chen, when I gave it to you, what did you say?” asked the Xuan Master.

For such a simple play, if Long Chen couldn’t understand, he really would be an idiot. He respectfully said, “I said this Life Star Bead was too precious, and it would be a waste to use it on me. So I asked for this reward to be given to the Elder Hall Master as thanks for his patronage.”

“Did you hear that? This Life Star Bead was something I rewarded Long Chen, and who he gives it to has nothing to do with me. Now do you understand?” The Xuan Master looked at Luo Fan and the Alchemy Pavilion Master.

The two of them immediately turned purple. What was Long Chen’s could be given to whoever he wanted. But he definitely wouldn’t give it to them.

Now, all the Elders were looking at them oddly. They had an urge to bury their heads beneath their legs, as this was too embarrassing. They had actually gone so far as to question the Xuan Master and put on such an expression of righteous indignation. Now they had once more been slapped in the face, very resoundingly, and with their own hands at that.

Their embarrassment had maxed out. At the same time, their hatred for Long Chen also reached a peak.

Everyone went their own way in this awkward atmosphere. Long Chen knew that this had all been arranged by the Xuan Master. It was just that he didn’t know what the Xuan Master was hoping to accomplish from this.

Three days after Long Chen returned to Crouching Dragon Mountain, an explosion suddenly rocked the Xuantian Dao Sect, and countless alarm bells began to ring.

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