Chapter 1131 Terrifying Consumption (Teaser)

Under the illumination of the Immemorial Altar Lamp, faint ripples enveloped them and they sank into a strange state. This blessing delighted Long Chen. 

Although the Immemorial Altar Lamp’s blessing was not as monstrous as the Xuantian Tower’s blessing, its energy continued in an unending stream. It had definitely been worthwhile nourishing it.

As long as the Immemorial Altar Lamp wasn’t contaminated with the Death Qi of living organisms, it would never extinguish, allowing them to enjoy this blessing for as long as they desired.

Long Chen also took out yuan spirit stones and began to absorb their energy. For others, absorbing one stone took three days normally. But with the Immemorial Altar Lamp, that time was cut down to half a day.

As for Long Chen, he fully absorbed all the energy in a yuan spirit stone in just a few breaths.

As he absorbed more and more yuan spiritual energy, he had an urge to cry. His 108,000 runes were like hungry wolves fighting...

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