Chapter 1128 Little One Arrives in the World

Not everyone was happy. The Law Enforcement Hall’s Luo Fan was unable to feel the slightest joy. He had a dark expression on his face as he sat. Beside him was a standing elder. He was Luo Fan’s trusted aide, the vice hall master.

Luo Fan raised a cup of tea, but his hand was quivering and the teacup suddenly shattered, the tea splashing everywhere. Luo Fan swung his hand, directly crushing the fragments into smithereens.

“Liu Cang’s definitely laughing at me right now!” Luo Fan’s eyebrows were vertical as he clenched his teeth, his face twisted into a sinister expression.

“You can be sure of that. Originally, our Law Enforcement Hall had the absolute advantage, but after Long Chen arrived, years of our work have been ruined. Now the Elder Hall is becoming arrogant. Hmph, I dislike the Elder Hall the most. Those sanctimonious fellows are all pedantic hypocrites. They’ve hindered the Dao Sect’s development. Their bullshit about taking things step by step and teaching things in line with the disciples’ abilities is such nonsense.

“If we used the Law Enforcement Hall’s methods and just directly sent them to the battlefield to temper themselves, not only would the talented ones be picked out faster, but it would also save endless resources. If the Dao Sect is left in their hands, it will simply stagnate,” said the vice hall master helplessly.

“The Xuan Master’s mind is muddled. Every time I put forward suggestions or tell him that this method of raising disciples is wrong, he’ll just smile and brush me off. He even says the Dao Sect’s inheritance can’t be changed so easily, and unless I can give him an example that moves him, he won’t try it. But he doesn’t give me the authority or any disciples to raise myself!

“I spent my own money to raise some disciples, losing money instead of getting paid for my work, and that got me some power, but the Xuan Master still refused to give me enough authority. And now the authority over the Infernal Devil Abyss has been snatched away. It’s definitely because of that bastard Liu Cang’s dirty tricks.

“All I want is to work for the Xuantian Dao Sect, but bastards keep blocking my way. Fuck!” Luo Fan became more and more infuriated until he burst into curses.

“That bastard Long Chen, he ruined so many years of my work. I wish I could crush him.” Luo Fan looked like he wanted to bite Long Chen to death.

The vice hall master just watched as Luo Fan’s fury soared. He didn’t say a word.

“Don’t you normally have so many clever ideas? Why are you mute now?” Luo Fan unconsciously turned his fury to him for being silent.

The vice hall master seemed to be used to this, and he didn’t get angry. “Right now, there’s only one way to reverse our disadvantage. You know what to do.”

“That’s just bullshit! I wanted to kill Long Chen a long time ago, but his fame is growing greater and greater! Even the Xuan Master treats him favorably! From his attitude, it’s clear he plans on taking him as an apprentice! If I kill him, I’ll be executed!” raged Luo Fan.

“You don’t necessarily need to do anything personally to kill someone,” said the vice hall master profoundly.

“What are you talking about?” demanded Luo Fan.

“Hall Master, Long Chen is a black sheep that is obstructing the Dao Sect’s development. Think about how you will feel when the Xuantian Dao Sect is destroyed? If you succeed, you’ll be able to completely reform the way the sect raises disciples. Because of you, the Dao Sect will soar to the glory it should possess. Even if you pass away, the future generations will still laud your contribution. Even if they forget who the Xuan Master was, they’ll definitely remember you. You’re the one who is most clear on how the Xuantian Dao Sect has declined. Right now, the sect is teetering on the verge of collapse, and what the sect needs is someone capable of reversing this crazy tide. That’s why you need to decide whether or not to do this,” said the vice hall master.

Luo Fan was silent for a long time. In the end, he shook his head. “It’s not possible. Don’t bring it up again.”

“Hall Master-”


The vice sect master was unresigned, but he had only just opened his mouth when Luo Fan sent him flying with a slap.

“I’ve already said not to mention this again! Are you deaf?!” roared Luo Fan.

“As you wish, Hall Master.”

The vice hall master crawled up from the ground and bowed. Luo Fan didn’t see the rancor that flashed through his eyes.

These seven days of celebration continued without a break. As the main character, Long Chen was challenged by all the inner sect disciples one by one in a drinking contest.

Others could rest a bit before continuing to drink, but he couldn’t. This wine was free, and it was the precious medicinal wine. It was very beneficial to the body, so they were going all out to drink as much as possible.

Drinking wine was now being treated as cultivating. And being repeatedly challenged by tens of thousands of disciples, Long Chen continuously drank for seven days. Finally, he couldn’t last any longer and collapsed into a pile of mush.

He had drunk a ridiculous amount and had practically poured a small lake of wine into his stomach. He slept soundly for three whole days.

Long Chen drank the most, while Wilde ate the most. He spent all seven days eating until finally, the Dao Sect sent word that there was no need to continue requesting for food; there was no longer any left. Wilde had consumed all the delicacies the Xuantian Dao Sect had stored.

When Long Chen woke up, he felt a burst of pain in his head. That was the result of too much medicinal energy.

When he left his room, he saw that the others weren’t any better off than him. Many of the Dragonblood Legion’s warriors were staggering as they walked.

He snorted. Had there been such a need to go all-out drinking? If they wanted wine, they could buy it at any time! He didn’t feel the slightest sympathy for those people holding their heads as they staggered back and forth. Who had asked them to drink so much? Just because it was free didn’t mean they had to go so far.

Long Chen arrived at the back of Crouching Dragon Mountain. He lazily laid on a rock and soaked in the sun’s rays, enjoying the scenery. Just at that moment, Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er arrived by his side. Meng Qi waved her hand, and a large egg appeared in front of her.

“Long Chen, look! It’s about to hatch!” said Meng Qi excitedly.

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er didn’t like drinking. They had only joined in for the first day, and afterward, they had gotten back to their proper business. At that time, Long Chen had been heroically defeating his fellow disciples, crying out that he would beat them one against ten thousand.

Meng Qi had gathered quite a few treasures to nourish the egg, and she had spent a huge sum, buying the best possible things for it. All kinds of Magical Beast essence blood, precious medicines, crystal cores, spirit talismans, and such had been used on the egg.

After all that nourishment, there were now countless lines lit up on the egg. The life fluctuations coming from it grew stronger and stronger.

That was a sign that the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow was about to hatch. Meng Qi found Long Chen just to let him bear witness to its arrival in the world.

In a certain spot where many runes propagated on the egg, cracks began to appear. Following that, a tender beak poked out of it. A large piece of the shell fell to the ground, clanking with a metallic sound.

As a pecking sound repeatedly rang out, more and more pieces of the shell broke off. Finally, it revealed a hatchling inside. It jumped out of the shell and released a tender bird cry before charging at Meng Qi.

But as soon as it tried, it fell on the ground. It still had no feathers, and its bare wings repeatedly slapped on the ground as it tried to go over to Meng Qi.

What shocked Long Chen was that this newly born hatchling was directly breaking the hard bricks beneath its feet as it struggled.

“I’m over here! Good job!” Meng Qi quickly ran over to its side and comforted it. She also sent her Spiritual Strength to calm down its excited emotions.

The Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow had only just hatched, and yet it was ten meters tall. There were already runes on its wings, and based on the force with which its wings slapped the ground, its power would probably be enough to kill a sixth rank Magical Beast.

Although the hatchling was pacified by Meng Qi, it continued to excitedly cry out. Its voice became louder and louder. It was a nice sound, but it was so loud that it shook their eardrums.

“Alright, that’s enough. Here, have your first meal.” Meng Qi smiled and patted its wing.

Perhaps it was due to hunger, but it only stopped crying now. It began to devour the shattered eggshells.

When it devoured the fragments, Long Chen saw that its runes would light up slightly. The sticky liquid that was still stuck on its body instantly faded.

Furthermore, these shell fragments, which were harder than a Treasure item, would vanish from all his senses as soon as they entered its mouth.

“What terrifying devouring power!” It was no wonder it was called the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow. It possessed such terrifying devouring power even just after birth.

Once the shells were completely eaten, it clearly appeared more awake. Its body was now clean, and although it was still featherless, there was a hint of a divine steed’s aura.

Its wings moved. It looked like it was trying to fly, but it didn’t succeed. Instead, it slapped a large hole in the ground, covering Long Chen and the others with dust.

“You’re still too young to fly. Here, have some tasty food.” Meng Qi took out a large ball as big as a person from her spatial ring.

This large ball was similar in shape to a medicinal pill. It was a special beast food that Beast Tamers would create in accordance with the needs of their housepets.

This one had ground-up bones and crystal cores of Magical Beasts, as well as essence blood. Other than those things, there were also a few essential nutrients that Magical Beasts required, as well as special spices that they liked.

Creating these food balls was a fundamental skill of Beast Tamers. Meng Qi had done everything she could to make the best food ball for the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow. The little hatchling excitedly began to eat.

“Wow, boss, you raided a bird nest? Why is this featherless bird so ugly?” Guo Ran was drawn over by the disturbance.

Suddenly, the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow opened its beak and pointed it at Guo Ran. Guo Ran’s body rapidly shrank and flew into its mouth.

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