Chapter 1127 Refusing Kindness

“What is this?”

Long Chen didn’t know what this bead was. However, he sensed powerful Heavenly Dao energy from it.

“This is Ma Xingkong’s Life Star Bead. Inside is his life’s comprehension of the Heavenly Daos. There’s enough energy in it to allow all your Dragonblood Legion’s members to comprehend it together. Once they comprehended the energy within, their ability to use Heavenly Dao energy will soar to an unprecedented level. Battling across realms will be as easy as breathing,” said the Xuan Master.

Long Chen was shocked. Battling across realms would be as easy as breathing? Just what kind of heaven-defying ability would that be? Wouldn’t that mean each one of them would have the power of at least a rank six Celestial?

Long Chen was delighted, but then he quickly thought of something and hesitated. “I can’t accept this Life Star Bead.”

“Why not?” The Xuan Master was surprised.

“If my guess is right, if this Life Star Bead is given to the Elder Hall Master, there will be a high chance of him breaking through his current barrier and reaching your level, right?”

“Yes, he would have a thirty percent chance.” The Xuan Master thought about it and nodded.

“Then you can give this Life Star Bead to the Elder Hall Master. Remember, I’m giving it to the Elder Hall Master. Don’t give it to anyone else, especially not the Law Enforcement Hall Master,” said Long Chen cautiously. If the Xuan Master gave it to the Law Enforcement Hall Master, he’d go crazy.

“Why give it to him and not keep it for your Dragonblood Legion? You should know that with it, your Dragonblood Legion would grow to a monstrous level.”

“Because the Elder Hall Master is my respected elder. I would rather give this opportunity to those who have helped me. That will make my heart feel better.”

“This reason of yours sounds a bit far-fetched.”

“There’s another reason. That’s that my aspirations are greater than you think.”

“What do you mean?”

“If the Dragonblood Legion comprehended this Life Star Bead, their comprehension of Heavenly Dao energy would rise, and in the future, breaking through would be simple. Their combat power would also become monstrous. I believe all of this. But I also know that anything that has benefits also has disadvantages. The bigger the benefit, the greater the disadvantage. And my guess is that if the Dragonblood Legion uses this Life Star Bead, their cultivation bases will never reach the same level as Ma Xingkong’s.”

“Yes, that is correct. But even so, amongst over thirteen thousand people, at least ten percent will be able to reach the level of a Hall Master within one hundred years. Is that not satisfactory?” The Xuan Master still found it inconceivable.

How many geniuses found their cultivation bases stuck before the King level? Just reaching the King level would be their dream.

If the Dragonblood Legion digested the Life Star Bead, they would definitely reach the King realm within ten years, and they would be able to attack even higher realms in a hundred years.

A tenth of them would be over a thousand people. It had to be known that the Xuantian Dao Sect only had less than a hundred people on the level of Hall Masters. However, Long Chen was still dissatisfied with such a thing?

“It’s not that disciple is greedy, but that disciple cannot wait. Furthermore, my target is not the level of Hall Masters. My target is so far that even I don’t know it. If my brothers’ cultivation bases are stuck at the Hall Master level, but I continue progressing, they won’t be able to keep up with me. That would make them feel worse than dying. We are all life and death brothers, and we understand each other’s hearts. They would rather die on the battlefield than get stuck. So this Life Star Bead might be a treasure to others, but it’s a poison to the Dragonblood Legion. It would destroy us,” said Long Chen.

The Xuan Master looked at Long Chen for a long time. He couldn’t tell just how far Long Chen’s target was. If the Dragonblood Legion’s members all reached the Hall Master level, they would be able to establish their own power in the Martial Heaven Continent. What more did he want?

“Do you really have the assurance that your Dragonblood Legion will surpass that level?” asked the Xuan Master.

“I don’t have the assurance, but at least our futures will still be unknown. As long as it’s not set in stone, there are limitless possibilities. But if we use the Life Star Bead, our path will be blocked. Once a person knows they’ve reached the limit of their life, struggling no longer has any meaning,” said Long Chen.

“I didn’t expect you to be thinking this far. Alright then, I’ll give this Life Star Bead to Liu Cang. However, doesn’t that mean you worked for nothing? I could…” The Xuan Master was a bit embarrassed. The only other thing they had obtained was some raw material and ores that couldn’t be directly used.

“You’re too courteous. I didn’t work for nothing. Blooddrinker has been promoted to a King item, which is my greatest harvest. Furthermore, this battle allowed me to see a new way to attack. Great battles are always beneficial to one’s combat experience. Furthermore, I even got to slap Ma Xingkong in the face. That’s currently my greatest slap,” said Long Chen while gesturing.

The Xuan Master couldn’t help but laugh. That slap of Long Chen’s might echo throughout the ages. There hadn’t been one like it before, and there probably wouldn’t be another like it in the future.

“Then how about this? You can directly take half the Xuantian Dao Sect’s yuan spirit beads and yuan spirit stones,” said the Xuan Master after pondering it for a moment.

If anyone else heard that, their jaws would definitely drop to the ground. The Xuan Master was actually willing to give half the sect’s resources to Long Chen. That money-spending style was absolutely terrifying.

But Long Chen shook his head. “I accept your kindness, but in truth, I know the Xuantian Dao Sect isn’t that wealthy, so I don’t need these resources. Furthermore, although I’m not too sure about this, if I use too many of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s resources, it might bring misfortune to the sect.”

Long Chen was grateful to the Xuan Master for his actions. But through the arrival of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect and how they had acted, he could tell that the Xuantian Dao Sect didn’t have as much wealth as he had imagined.

Now, he smelled the hint of a large power bitterly trying to endure. Just the fact that the Xuan Master would say this was enough.

“You… you know?”

The Xuan Master was startled. Did Long Chen know that he was a Heaven-Defier? Otherwise, he wouldn’t have added that last sentence.

“I don’t know what is with me. Previously, senior Ling Yunzi secretly gave me a subtle warning, but I didn’t really understand. However, as I received more and more setbacks, I find that no matter where I go, I am an unlucky star. My beauties died, my brothers sacrificed themselves. No matter how hard I fought, I still implicated quite a few people. So I’ve gradually come to understand there is some merciless hand in the unseen world that is constantly twisting my fate.

“The way senior Ling Yunzi looked at me is the same way you’re looking at me. You both know some things, but you can’t tell me. I’ve guessed a bit of it though. In truth, your smartest decision should have been to be a spectator and just watch me in silence. The more you help me, the more you’ll be implicated by me. So while I’m grateful you would be willing to give me half the sect’s resources, I can’t accept. I have to work using my own methods to get the Xuantian Dao Sect’s resources, as that’s the only way to avoid causing too much trouble for the sect,” said Long Chen.

The Xuan Master had clearly seen through some of his secrets, but was still willing to split such a huge amount of wealth with him. That came with a huge risk of drawing karma. That was what made Long Chen the most grateful. This action of the Xuan Master made Long Chen finally view the Xuantian Dao Sect as his home.

This action was touching, but Long Chen knew what happened to those around him. If he relied on a mountain, the mountain would collapse. If he used a water source, it would dry up. He didn’t want to implicate the Xuantian Dao Sect.

The Xuan Master couldn’t help but sigh emotionally upon seeing that Long Chen knew so much. At such a young age, he was under immense pressure. The reason he was strong was because he had no choice but to be strong.

But the Xuan Master didn’t dare to say anything about Heaven-Defiers. He didn’t even dare to hint at it. The higher a person’s cultivation base, the more sensitive the Heavenly Daos were to them. It was like each one of his movements was under the watch of the Heavenly Daos, so he couldn’t go even slightly over the line.

Long Chen left the Xuan Master’s room and appeared in the inner sect plaza. When he appeared, countless disciples immediately surrounded him.

When Long Chen had been brought away by the Xuan Master, the Dragonblood Legion had decided to wait for him in the inner sect plaza.

Seeing that, the other inner sect disciples followed along. But that wasn’t all. Even outer sect disciples came running over as long as they weren’t working.

Although the outer sect disciples hadn’t had the qualifications to personally witness the battles between the Xuantian Dao Sect and Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples, they had watched it through a projected screen formation.

First, they had lost four rounds, then they had won four rounds. Then a rank seven Celestial had appeared, and Long Chen had defeated that terrifying opponent. All the disciples were so excited that they almost went crazy.


As soon as Long Chen appeared, the Dragonblood Legion surrounded him and tossed him high into the air.

But the Dragonblood Legion only got to toss him a few times before they were pushed out by other disciples. There were even quite a few powerful female warriors who charged a path through the men to join in.

“Hey, who’s pulling my pants?!”

Long Chen shouted from the air. In front of these disciples’ fervent passion, he would feel bad resisting. Although his head was dizzy from being tossed around, he let them continue for a long time. Eventually, with the Dragonblood Legion’s protection, he escaped their encirclement and returned to Crouching Dragon Mountain.

But as soon as he returned to Crouching Dragon Mountain, their grand gates were packed with countless disciples carrying wine jars.

A huge celebration was held on Crouching Dragon Mountain. This celebration lasted for a full week, and all the food and drink was offered by the Xuantian Dao Sect free of charge. Everyone did their best to eat and drink as much as possible.

This celebration didn’t just occur on Crouching Dragon Mountain. The entire Dao Sect, including inner sect disciples, outer sect disciples, and even the Elders, entered a state of merriment. This battle had allowed the Xuantian Dao Sect which had been suppressed for many years to finally vent their resentment.

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