Chapter 1125 Once I Dominate the Land Beneath the Heavens

With an explosive sound, Long Chen slapped across Ma Xingkong’s face. Ma Xingkong was fine, but Long Chen was sent flying by a powerful force.

Everyone turned to stone. Even the Xuan Master was stunned. Long Chen dared to slap Ma Xingkong… and he had succeeded.

That was a sect’s leader, someone who was far and above him on the martial path. He was practically a god-like existence. But a Foundation Forging disciple had slapped him in the face, and very resoundingly at that. Furthermore, it was done in front of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples and higher-ups. Long Chen… was heaven-defying.

“Die!” Ma Xingkong was also stunned. It seemed that ever since he had reached the position of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s vice sect leader, he had never suffered such humiliation. In fact, he didn’t recall such a humiliation ever. His hand slammed down, encompassing all of heaven and earth, at Long Chen.

Long Chen suddenly vanished, and when he reappeared, he was by the Xuan Master’s side.

“I won’t let you kill my disciple. If you want to force it, don’t blame me for using the Xuantian Tower and killing you,” warned the Xuan Master.

The Xuantian Dao Sect had two powerful items. One was the Reincarnation Mirror, and one was the Xuantian Tower. However, what was different between the two of them was, while the Reincarnation Mirror’s power depended on its user, the Xuantian Tower was powered by a formation. Once activated, it would unleash an attack that no one could possibly dodge.

Even someone as powerful as Ma Xingkong wouldn’t have the slightest chance against the Xuantian Tower.

“Bastard, he humiliated me like this, so he deserves to die!” Ma Xingkong was infuriated, but he didn’t dare to attack the Xuan Master. He could sense that the Xuantian Tower had finished accumulating energy. It could attack at any moment.

“Fuck off. I humiliated you, so you want to kill me? You fucker, you had the face to attack me, a Foundation Forging disciple. Do you even know what it means to feel shame? When you humiliated me, why didn’t you think that you should be killed? Let me tell you, you and I are not done. Once I, Long Chen, dominate the land beneath the heavens, I will raze your Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect to the ground. I never say any empty words, and this is my oath that gods and devils can bear witness to.”

Long Chen’s voice echoed through the air. Suddenly, heaven and earth changed color, with the entire world shuddering for a moment. It was like Long Chen’s oath had caused the world to quiver.

Long Chen was full of fury. He had had enough of others treating him like an ant that could be randomly crushed whenever they wanted to. He would get stronger and get revenge.

This oath was for himself. Without getting his vengeance, he wouldn’t have the face to live in this world.

When Ma Xingkong had clenched Long Chen’s neck, the Pill Sovereign memories that were concealed in the depths of his soul had erupted. This was an intolerable insult.

The sudden change in the world was incomprehensible to anyone except the Xuan Master and Ma Xingkong. They felt like some kind of unknown energy was now present in the world.

“Hahaha, you want to raze my Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect? That’s the biggest joke I’ve ever heard. I’ll nicely wait for you to grow up. I hope to see the day you can walk up my Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s staircase alive.” Ma Xingkong laughed furiously. With a wave of his hand, a black bead, which seemed to contain a twinkling star within it, flew toward the Xuan Master.

The Xuan Master caught it and smiled. “As expected, the Magic Master’s words can be trusted. Thank you for your generosity. As for the rest…”

“Hmph, do you think my Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect would turn back on its word? Three days from now, you can send people over. However, Li Tianxuan, you are the current Xuan Master of the Xuantian Dao Sect. Each one of your actions, each one of your words, will influence your sect’s prosperity and decline. You should be careful. If your Xuantian Dao Sect completely declines, you won’t have the face to meet your ancestors,” sneered Ma Xingkong. Like a gambler who had just lost a huge sum, his eyes were red, and he no longer had any of the image of an expert.

The Xuan Master indifferently smiled. “Many thanks for your reminder. But my Xuantian Dao Sect has its own fate, and there’s no need for anyone else to worry about it. Other than that, the Xuantian Dao Sect is mine now, and my word is what counts. My style might not be the same as the previous Xuan Master’s. So don’t view the Xuantian Dao Sect in the same way as before. Today is a good example. Don’t question my resolve. What happened today is my announcement to the world that the Xuantian Dao Sect is no longer the same. Not just any random person can come bully us.”

Ma Xingkong’s expression sank. The Xuan Master’s words could not be clearer: the Xuantian Dao Sect would not be paying the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect back for its loss.

“Hmph, I hope you won’t regret this.” Ma Xingkong led his disciples away. Han Zhenyu, who had just awoken, glared at Long Chen as he walked past. His eyes were full of rancor. He was just about to say a few words, something about ‘just wait’.

“Fuck off, looking at you disgusts me!” Long Chen directly went up and slapped him flying.

Ma Xingkong was infuriated and his fists creaked. But in the end, he didn’t even turn back. He just continued walking.

Other disciples went up to grab Han Zhenyu who had fainted again. They dejectedly left with Ma Xingkong.

These disciples had come so tyrannically, but when they left, they were like dejected dogs. The difference between the two was truly immense.

Ma Xingkong was gone, as well as his disciples, but this place was a complete mess now. The land had been completely destroyed.

“This battle was extremely beneficial for those who participated and even just the spectators. You should all go back and digest your gains. Long Chen, you come with me.”

The Xuan Master patted Long Chen on the shoulder, and the two of them vanished from the others’ sights. The other disciples felt like they hadn’t expressed their delight enough.

The Dragonblood Legion erupted into cheering. Today, they had witnessed Long Chen’s wild, domineering air. He had actually defeated Han Zhenyu. His glory was the entire Dragonblood Legion’s, and it felt like they were the ones who had defeated Han Zhenyu. Their excitement almost made them crazy.

Some of the Dragonblood Legion’s warriors were cheering like wolves, doing their best to unleash all their excitement. This battle had caused their blood to boil, and their fervor was overflowing.

Even the other inner sect disciples cheered along with them. In fact, they started to feel like just being in the same sect as Long Chen was several lives’ worth of luck.

Fan Song had a bitter smile. He found that even his people were completely won over by Long Chen’s charisma now, and they were cheering.

Hu Guishan’s expression was exceedingly dark. Long Chen’s power made him uneasy and afraid.

Gao Xianyang’s expression also wasn’t good. He snorted and directly left. But these inner sect disciples didn’t scatter for a long while.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen is our Xuantian Dao Sect’s number one divine general! No one can beat him!”

It was unknown who shouted this, but the cheering instantly erupted to a new level. All these disciples were cheering loudly to express their reverence and worship for Long Chen.

In the cultivation world, strength was respected. All people revered the strong. Only once you were strong enough could you attract a group of loyal followers. That was the charisma of the strong, and whether it was men or women, they couldn’t resist that charisma.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, I love you!”

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, I want to marry you!”

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, I’ll have your children!”

The women directly took advantage of their natural superiority, and their sharper voices resounded over the men’s cheering.

“Can you grow up? Long Chen’s two lovers are right there, but you’re still shouting stuff like this? Are you pigs?” Seeing quite a few ‘traitors’, Hua Shiyu immediately roared.

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er simply laughed. They knew this was just a way for these disciples to express their excitement, and it wasn’t serious.

In fact, the more people cheered like this, the more pride they felt. Long Chen was a hero in their hearts, and if he won over more people’s approval, they would feel more pride.

Seeing how crazily the disciples were cheering, the Elders couldn’t help being speechless. They had to admit that Long Chen’s charisma was truly powerful. It was regretful they hadn’t encountered such a heroic figure in their youth.

Luo Fan’s gaze was cold and he left without a word. The Elder Hall Master shook his head as he watched him leaving.

The Alchemy Pavilion Master also left. The others on that level couldn’t help but sigh.

Long Chen’s fame in the Xuantian Dao Sect had grown once more. Although he had been famous before this, it hadn’t reached this level before.

This was different from before. This time, they had been provoked by the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, and they had lost the first four battles, which had caused the disciples to feel humiliated and the sect to lose face.

It was the Dragonblood Legion who had reversed the tide, and Long Chen had been the one to win the final crucial battle. He had defeated a rank seven Celestial who was unimaginably powerful. Therefore, he had completely won over the disciples’ hearts. Even the disciples who were enemies with him had been won over.

Long Chen was under the Elder Hall’s banner, and the Law Enforcement Hall and Alchemy Pavilion were both against him, so they definitely weren’t feeling very happy.

Furthermore, this battle showed his immense potential. Now whether it was the new disciples or the old disciples, no one could keep up with him. Not even Gao Xianyang was capable of it.

All these experts on the level of Hall Masters had an estimate of Gao Xianyang’s power. Perhaps he could have relied on his greater spiritual yuan to exhaust Han Zhenyu, but the end result would just be a draw. He definitely wouldn’t have been able to defeat his opponent.

The disciples cheered for a long time before leaving. Long Chen’s name in the Xuantian Dao Sect once more rose to an unprecedented height.

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