Chapter 1124 Defeated

This was Long Chen’s first time feeling that Han Zhenyu wasn’t bad. Blooddrinker had absorbed so much energy that its power had leaped to a terrifying level. He felt that it wasn’t any weaker than Wilde’s club now.

Furthermore, absorbing Han Zhenyu’s Spiritual Strength, Heavenly Dao energy, and Spirit Blood energy had greatly increased Blooddrinker’s spirituality and intelligence. Now, it could freely communicate with Long Chen, and that was what delighted Long Chen the most.

Furthermore, not only did he sense Blooddrinker’s immense power surging from within, but he also sensed another kind of energy from it.

This energy was still in a state of slumber. That made him think of his own original runes. Right now, Blooddrinker was still unable to use that energy.

But just its newfound power was amazing. Long Chen felt battle intent overflowing from it.

This was a weapon given to him by the Barbarian race’s expert within the Jiuli Secret Realm, and its spirit longed for a battle. The Barbarian expert had also been filled with battle intent. Despite being reduced to just a skeleton, he had still fought against the winged devils. Blooddrinker was the weapon that had fought alongside him during his life.

As for Long Chen, he also had the same kind of hot blood flowing through him. Resting Blooddrinker on his shoulder, he felt a close connection to it.

Both the man and the saber were overflowing with battle intent. At this time, Long Chen stood with a blood-red saber on his shoulder, appearing like a god of war that looked down on all.

“Bastard, I will definitely kill you!” Han Zhenyu roared, looking like he had gone insane. He suddenly took out a golden sword.

A sharp aura immediately erupted from it. Startled cries rang out, as this was something only a King item could possess. That was something normally only those possessing a Jade Core could use. And yet, Han Zhenyu had taken one out.

He spat a mouthful of blood on it, and his already pale face became as white as paper.

The runes in his third eye, as well as the tiny runic sea behind him, flowed into the sword. Not only that, even the larger, now faint, seven runes merged in as well.

“Star Extinction Sword!”

Han Zhenyu held the sword with both hands and slashed it at Long Chen. When a huge sword-image appeared in the air, all King-level experts were shocked. Han Zhenyu was actually capable of activating a King item’s power.

Long Chen’s four qi seas and 108,000 original runes poured their energy through twenty-seven divine runes.

“Split the Heavens 3!” Blooddrinker pointed at the sky, a huge saber-image condensing.


Both of them had activated King items. When their two attacks clashed, the world became still for a moment, and then a huge explosion erupted.

The original valley was completely blown apart. Two figures shot out, both vomiting blood.

At the same time, two King items also flew into the distance, disappearing beneath the ground. Both of their owners' hands couldn’t hold them anymore and were covered in blood.

“Double Dragon Destruction!” Long Chen saw that Han Zhenyu hadn’t died, and using his last spiritual yuan, he sent Lei Long and Huo Long with all their remaining power. All he wanted was for Han Zhenyu to die.

Long Chen could sense that Han Zhenyu’s current state was worse than his. Not only had he used up his spiritual yuan, but his Spirit Blood was almost dried up and his Spiritual Strength had been overdrafted. He didn’t have the slightest Heavenly Dao energy left to him. Therefore, Long Chen was ninety percent sure this move could kill him.

Seeing two dragons roaring at him, Han Zhenyu suddenly took out a jade talisman. It was violet, looking almost the same as Long Chen’s nine-vein Soul Calming Jade. However, it only had two veins.

He crushed the jade talisman, and a barrier of light enveloped him.

Long Chen’s Double Dragon Destruction struck the barrier and exploded. The barrier didn’t even ripple, but after blocking the attack, it also slowly faded. This violet jade was clearly a one-time use item.

Long Chen had no time to get Blooddrinker. He stamped on the ground and shot toward Han Zhenyu, sending a kick straight for Han Zhenyu’s head.

Han Zhenyu was heavily injured. His body had almost collapsed after their previous exchange. Seeing Long Chen’s kick coming, he knew he couldn’t dodge, and he hastily circulated his last bit of metal energy to protect his head.

As a result, he was sent flying, his head caving in. But he still wasn’t dead.

As for Long Chen, he was unable to use lightning or flame energy to chase him any longer. To give Blooddrinker more time to absorb energy, Huo Long and Lei Long had used up almost all their energy holding back the Heaven and Earth Cage.

That previous attack was their final bit of energy. Now they were in a deep slumber.

Otherwise, at this time, a single Lightning Finger would kill Han Zhenyu. But Long Chen could only rely on his physical body to chase now.

Han Zhenyu fell unconscious after Long Chen’s kick to his head. Long Chen shot after him, preparing to attack him once more.

But a silent hand appeared in front of Long Chen, slamming toward him. In that instant, he felt the world go still, and he couldn’t move. He could only watch as that hand descended toward him. If it landed, even ten thousand lives wouldn’t be enough. That was because the person who had interfered was the Magic Master, Ma Xingkong.

But naturally the Xuan Master also appeared. He pushed Long Chen away and sent his other palm at Ma Xingkong.

The fact that the Xuan Master and Ma Xingkong would exchange blows shocked everyone. When their palms collided and everyone thought they might be killed just by the shockwaves, a barrier appeared around them.

Their two palms only caused a light sound. Then it looked like transparent glass was expanding between their hands. Suddenly, countless cracks spread throughout the space around them and into the sky.

Bang! With a muffled sound, Ma Xingkong was sent flying by the Xuan Master. The cracks in the sky healed. But Ma Xingkong suddenly extended his hand and clenched it at the distant Long Chen. Long Chen found himself unable to move and involuntarily appeared in front of Ma Xingkong, with Ma Xingkong’s hand around his throat.

“Bastard, release brother Long!”

“Release our boss, you shameless ghost!”

All the Dragonblood warriors roared and charged forward. Despite knowing they would die, they wouldn’t permit anyone to humiliate Long Chen like this.

They had only just taken a few steps when they became frozen by some terrifying power. It was the Xuan Master. He first settled them before indifferently turning to Ma Xingkong. “Release Long Chen. Don’t do such meaningless things. You don’t dare to kill him, no matter what pompous excuse you can come with.”

“Oh, is that so? Are you that confident? Hehehe, I dare to kill him, but you don’t dare to kill Han Zhenyu because he’s from the Grand Han Ancient Nation’s royal family. If you kill him, it’ll bring great trouble to your Xuantian Dao Sect. As for Long Chen, he has no such background. So what if I kill him? Long Chen had clearly already won, but he was so vicious as to attempt killing someone without any power to resist. By killing him, I will be eliminating a future disaster for the Righteous path. Who would dare to say anything?” sneered Ma Xingkong.

Long Chen’s throat was caught in his grasp. Not only was his cultivation base sealed, but he couldn’t even move a finger.

Long Chen was filled with fury. Ma Xingkong was absolutely shameless to attack a little disciple. He was clearly envious of Long Chen’s talent and wanted him dead before he could grow.

And yet, he was still able to come up with such a righteous-sounding excuse. Long Chen’s killing intent was boiling, but he couldn’t move.

Just as Long Chen felt a feeling of mortal danger, just as everything within him was suppressed by Ma Xingkong, the primal chaos bead within him began to slowly circulate. It was circulating faster and faster, but Long Chen’s hatred and killing intent made it so he didn’t sense this change.

“First, the current leader of the Xuantian Dao Sect is me. Don’t judge the Xuantian Dao Sect’s daring based on old times. Second, if you kill Long Chen, I will definitely kill that little fellow. You don’t need to doubt my determination. Since I dared to bet with you, it means I already knew the results. Third, the reason I said you don’t dare to kill Long Chen is because I know you. You have no guts at all, and there’s no way you’d exchange your life for Long Chen’s. Even if you want to kill my Dao Sect’s geniuses, you won’t do it at the price of your own life. Fourth… it seems you really are an idiot. Look to your right. Yes, that’s the direction of the Xuantian Tower. Do you not sense that you’ve already been locked onto by the Xuantian Killing Formation?” said the Xuan Master.

Ma Xingkong’s expression changed. Through the Xuan Master’s reminder, he suddenly sensed strange fluctuations coming from that direction. He also saw the Xuantian Tower tens of thousands of miles away. Light was blazing from its peak.

As a leader of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, Ma Xingkong naturally knew that once the Xuantian Tower’s killing formation was activated, anyone it locked onto would definitely die. The Xuan Master had long since been prepared.

“I don’t believe you dare to kill me.” Ma Xingkong tried to bluff his way out.

“That’s fine. You can try it. I’ll give you to the count of three. One.”


The Xuan Master didn’t give Ma Xingkong any time to think. He directly shouted two, and in that instant, the Xuan Tower’s light grew even brighter, and boundless energy condensed.

“You win.”

Ma Xingkong finally released Long Chen.

“Fuck your mother!” The instant Long Chen regained his freedom, he viciously slapped Ma Xingkong’s face.

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