Chapter 1123 Blooddrinker Advances

Lei Long and Huo Long’s thirty-thousand-meter bodies charged out. Lightning and flame runes exploded, forming a berserk hurricane.

The countless golden awls were blown apart by Lei Long and Huo Long. The awls were unable to damage their defenses.

As for Long Chen, he was standing in the center of the hurricane, looking coldly at Han Zhenyu. “This is your absolute power? Then sorry, I’ll have to give you a slap in the face again. If you think this is enough to take my life, I’m sorry to tell you that your wish will never be realized.”

“Bastard, fuck off!” Han Zhenyu roared. He hadn’t expected Long Chen to once more cause him to lose face. Thinking of his previous big words, if he couldn’t kill Long Chen, he would become the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s laughingstock.

Compared to the physical slap in the face, this silent one was even more unbearable.

Golden chains suddenly emerged from the golden ground, and they sealed off a huge space of three thousand miles. That made everyone jump in shock. Just how much spiritual yuan and Heavenly Dao energy did sealing such a huge space take? Furthermore, they saw that these chains contained a faint blood color.

“He also activated his Spirit Blood? Is he planning on ending things with this?” Everyone was shocked. For such a large scale attack, supporting it with Spirit Blood would come at a huge price.

As expected, when they looked at Han Zhenyu, he was completely pale. The sea of runes around him had dimmed and shrunk. It wasn’t even half its previous size.

“Heaven and Earth Cage, Extinguish Yin and Yang!”

The huge cage rapidly shrank. As it did, the ground also compressed with it. In the air, there were golden chains; down below, there was a golden platform. It formed a perfect sphere that wrapped around Long Chen.

“Now… it might be troublesome.” Guo Ran’s expression changed. Although he considered Long Chen to be undefeatable, he couldn’t imagine how Long Chen could escape from such a terrifying move. According to what he knew, Long Chen had already used up all his trump cards.

Furthermore, it was clear that this was Han Zhenyu’s strongest killing move. He was confident in killing Long Chen with it, or he wouldn’t have exhausted so much spiritual yuan, Heavenly Dao energy, and Spirit Blood energy to use it.

Being encased, there was no chance for Long Chen to get out. As the cage shrank, its power grew greater. It was essentially the same principle as Long Chen’s Raging Flame Prison.

When the cage was a few thousand meters wide, Lei Long and Huo Long’s bodies spread out to fight against it, and its shrinking came to a halt.

“Haha, boss really is boss!” Guo Ran was delighted to see that Long Chen could endure. This would become a battle of endurance, and he would still be able to win.

“Idiot, do you think my Heaven and Earth Cage is so easy to endure? Let alone you, even a King would definitely die.” Han Zhenyu sneered, and runes began to slowly revolve in his third eye. At the same time, his Blood Qi erupted.

The cage shook slightly, and with countless new runes added to it, it once more began to shrink.

That made the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples’ expressions change. They all saw that Long Chen was at an absolute disadvantage.

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er clenched their fists, their palms covered in sweat. They stared closely at the trapped Long Chen. The only thing that comforted them was that Long Chen’s expression was still calm.

But that was just Long Chen’s character. Even if he really was about to die, he would still be that calm. No one could see through what he was thinking.

At this time, they were all silent. Everyone’s heart clenched.

“Magic Master, your spiritual yuan fluctuations are so strong. Are you trying to stop me from saving him?” The Xuan Master indifferently looked at Ma Xingkong.

“What? No, I just haven’t seen such an intense battle in a long time. I couldn’t control myself.” Ma Xingkong randomly replied, but he was still intent on stopping the Xuan Master.

The Xuan Master sighed inside, “When did my Xuantian Dao Sect decline to this point? Master, this was your mistake…”

As the Xuan Master was sighing emotionally, the cage was still shrinking. It was now fifteen hundred meters wide, and it looked like a sphere floating in the air above a huge pit. It was a bizarre sight.

When the sphere had shrunk to fifteen hundred meters, Lei Long and Huo Long started to break down. This was Han Zhenyu’s strongest move, and it was incredibly powerful.

However, Long Chen didn’t even twitch. He allowed it to continue shrinking, simply having Huo Long and Lei Long do their best.

When the sphere reached three hundred meters, Lei Long and Huo Long roared and once more fought against it, causing it to once more stop shrinking.

Han Zhenyu’s expression changed. He continued to feed it energy, but he was shocked to find that a portion of his energy and Spiritual Strength had mysteriously vanished.

It was like he was doing his best to blow up a balloon, but there was a hole in it. No matter how much he breathed into it, he was unable to make it bigger.

After several tries, instead of continuing to shrink, the runes on the cage began to dim. Han Zhenyu was appalled to find that the cage’s energy was rapidly disappearing as if it was being devoured.

“Bastard, what did you do?!” Han Zhenyu poured in more energy, but he found that it would simply vanish without a sound. Now the Heaven and Earth Cage had become a bottomless pit that wouldn’t fill up no matter what he did. He was simply exhausting himself.

“Me? I’m not doing anything. Truly, I’ve just been politely watching you pose.” Long Chen innocently shrugged.

The disciples were unable to understand what they were seeing, and even the Elders were lost. Only those on the level of Hall Masters were able to see through some clues, but even they didn’t quite understand it.

Suddenly, a light cracking sound rang out. Everyone hastily followed the sound to see that one of the millions of chains that was part of the cage was covered in cracks. All the runes on it had disappeared.

Following one chain, a second and third chain also became covered in cracks. In just a breath, cracks had appeared on all the chains.

BOOM! Finally, like rotting wood, the chains all shattered, and this time, they didn’t transform into runes like Han Zhenyu’s previous attacks. They simply turned to dust that blew away with the wind.

“What is going on?!” roared Han Zhenyu. He simply couldn’t comprehend it. This was his supreme killing move, but it had been broken by his opponent, and he didn’t even know how.

With the chains in the air gone, the foundation at the bottom also cracked and began to fall piece by piece.

“Heavens, what is that?”

As the golden fragments fell, a blood-colored saber appeared in front of everyone. That saber was right at the core of the Heaven and Earth Cage.

Han Zhenyu icily swept his gaze over, and he could see that blood-colored runes began to fly toward the saber. They merged with it, causing its aura to soar. Han Zhenyu seemed to realize something, and he let out a heart-rending cry. “Long Chen, you bastard, I’ll tear you apart piece by piece! How dare you use me like this?!”

Everyone looked at Han Zhenyu blankly. What was that supposed to mean?

Long Chen grabbed Blooddrinker and rested it on his shoulder. He sensed Blooddrinker’s messages to him and was full of gratitude.

First of all, he had to thank the Eastern Wasteland Bell. It was the one who had taught him a spirit-upgrading technique, which had allowed Long Chen to nourish Blooddrinker, giving it the chance to advance to the King item level.

But he also had to thank this fellow who wished to tear him apart piece by piece. Without his endless metal energy, earth energy, Spiritual Strength, Heavenly Dao energy, and Spirit Blood energy, it would have required quite a while for Blooddrinker to advance.

Not only would it take time to advance to the King item level, but it would also take resources and opportunity. But all this had been selflessly offered up by his opponent.

“Don’t be so petty. Didn’t I just borrow some of your energy to temper my weapon? Is there a need to fly into such a rage?” said Long Chen disdainfully.

“You… pfft!”

Han Zhenyu coughed up a mouthful of blood. This incredibly powerful killing move of his that had taken so much of his energy had actually benefited his opponent. He almost fainted from fury.

“When did he do this…? Ah, it was at that time,” the Xuan Master muttered to himself. He suddenly recalled a certain scene.

Long Chen had just destroyed Han Zhenyu’s defenses when the ground had split open and an earth dragon had devoured him. It had then returned to the ground. It was clear that Long Chen had only had this one chance to send Blooddrinker into the ground. He had tricked everyone.

The Xuan Master’s guess was correct. After confirming that Han Zhenyu possessed metal and earth energies, Long Chen had begun laying out this trap.

He had placed Blooddrinker underground without anyone noticing. Each time Han Zhenyu had used the ground’s energy, each time he had gathered endless energy throughout the ground, Blooddrinker would stealthily absorb some of his energy.

Blooddrinker had been forged with Phoenix Blood Black Gold, so it needed to absorb a huge amount of metal energy to advance. Han Zhenyu’s energy was perfect for that.

Han Zhenyu was truly nice. He had poured metal energy into the ground repeatedly to unleash powerful moves. This had all benefited Blooddrinker.

The nicest thing about Han Zhenyu was that he had even used his Heaven and Earth Cage, giving his metal energy, earth energy, Spiritual Strength, Spirit Blood energy, and Heavenly Dao energy to Blooddrinker, allowing it to finally break through the barrier.

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