Chapter 1122 Full Strength Attack

Han Zhenyu had summoned the Seven Stars Reflect on the Runic Sea manifestation that only rank seven Celestials possessed. The sea of runes behind him sucked away all the surrounding Heavenly Dao energy.

Not only that, but even the disciples outside the barrier sensed the majority of the Heavenly Dao energy around them being stripped away.

It was like Han Zhenyu was the ruler of this space, with all the Heavenly Dao energy submitting to him. In front of him, it would be difficult to draw out any Heavenly Dao energy.

To Celestials, not being supported by Heavenly Dao energy was like clipping away the wings of an eagle or extracting the teeth of a tiger.

All the disciples’ expressions changed. This was the absolute power that Han Zhenyu was talking about. In front of this power, any Celestial would have to submit.

But Long Chen didn’t feel it, because he wasn’t a Celestial. He didn’t have the slightest connection to Heavenly Dao energy. Whether it was there or not didn’t make a difference to him.

“Although you aren’t a Celestial, in front of the might of the Heavenly Daos, you’ll still have to submit.” Han Zhenyu’s runic sea began to boil, and its pressure crashed down on Long Chen.

The original dusty air within the barrier instantly became clear. It was like the air had been purified, and there was no longer the slightest bit of dust.

In front of the Heavenly Dao energy, the dust in the air was under pressure, and even the ground began to tremble and sink.

It was like a hammer was smashing down mercilessly. The uneven ground instantly became flat.

Everyone was horrified, as they could also sense immense pressure from outside the barrier. They couldn’t imagine how much pressure Long Chen was under within the barrier.

“Kneel!” cried Han Zhenyu. The pressure became even fiercer, with space twisting furiously as if the world couldn’t bear this power.

The pressure of the Heavenly Dao energy made Long Chen feel like hundreds of thousands of mountains were crushing him. Even his bones were shaking.

Long Chen hadn’t expected the difference between rank six and rank seven Celestials to be so immense. There was a qualitative difference in their Heavenly Dao energy. This pressure truly was something that could kill any rank six Celestial.

But trying to use this pressure to make Long Chen kneel was an immense joke.

“Green Dragon Battle Armor!”


The pressure crashing down on Long Chen was blown away. Long Chen was covered in green scales, and the power of his dragon blood roared through his veins. His 108,000 runes reflected upon his scales.

Long Chen was unaware, but he had 108,000 original runes, and he also had 108,000 scales on his body. 

The ground beneath Long Chen’s feet exploded. A grand and sacred aura rose, one that looked down on the very heavens.

A green pillar of light soared into the air. It went directly through the Elder Hall Master’s barrier, tearing through the clouds.

The Elder Hall Master’s expression changed. The power these two had revealed had reached his limit. He couldn’t continue allowing them to fight like this.

The safety of the surrounding disciples took priority. He had to increase his own power to keep their power contained, but if he did, then it would grow out of his control, and the two of them would also be suppressed, making it so they couldn’t battle.

“Widen the field.” The Xuan Master’s voice rang out, and everyone suddenly felt the world change. They didn’t know how, but they somehow appeared in the air.

They also realized that the martial stage was far away. It was located in a canyon thousands of miles away. 

Within the valley, Long Chen and Han Zhenyu were free of the barrier. Both of them roared furiously, no longer holding back their auras at all.

A huge twister soared into the air, one filled with green light and Heavenly Dao runes. It raged furiously through the air.

The original martial arena was completely blown apart by the clash of their auras. A huge hole appeared and surging qi waves spread, filled with destructive power.

“Are they really human?”

The speaker was a rank six Celestial from the Xuantian Dao Sect. He was one of the previous generation’s disciples, and he was looking in horror at the battlefield.

He was appalled to find that let alone fighting against the two of them, he wouldn’t even have a chance to get close under the torrent of their auras.

The Xuan Master nodded inside as he looked at Long Chen, a faint smile appearing on his face. Long Chen was unreliable most of the time, but when it came to big things like this, he was definitely worth trusting.

Ma Xingkong was completely shocked and filled with unease. He finally realized he had fallen for the Xuan Master’s trap. All of this had been a trap prepared for him.

Neither Long Chen’s Green Dragon Battle Armor nor Han Zhenyu’s Seven Stars Reflect on the Runic Sea were able to suppress the other in terms of aura. In the end, the two of them roared at the same time and shot at each other.

Han Zhenyu’s hand slammed on the ground. The ground broke open, and countless golden blades flew out at Long Chen.

Each blade was three hundred meters long and whistled through the air with an ear-piercing sound.

Long Chen’s fists danced as he broke them apart. He forced his way through those golden blades to send a vicious punch at Han Zhenyu.

Han Zhenyu clasped both his hands in front of himself, and a huge shield appeared.

BANG! The shield exploded, but Han Zhenyu used that delay to retreat and form a strange seal with his hands.

The ground exploded, and a huge golden hand reached out for Long Chen. Long Chen had only just destroyed the shield when this golden hand appeared. Therefore, he didn’t even have a chance to dodge before he was caught.

The ground continued to break open, revealing a three-hundred-meter golden giant. It continued to clench its fist as it broke out of the ground.

Once it was out of the ground, it began spinning, and it suddenly flung out a black figure with all its power.

A long gorge appeared as that figure blew through the ground. That figure ended up so far that they could barely see him. What human body could possibly endure such a thing?

“Heavens, he’s still alright?!”

Suddenly, a startled cry rang out as a person soared out of the end of the gorge. Long Chen’s aura hadn’t changed at all. He didn’t even look the slightest bit injured.

“Star Fall!”

Halfway back to Han Zhenyu, Long Chen suddenly shot out a sphere of flames. It was incredibly fast, reaching him in an instant.

BOOM! That golden giant charged in front of it. This golden giant had once saved Han Zhenyu’s life by blocking Long Chen’s Star Fall.

But this time, it instantly blew apart upon contact, and the sphere of flames didn’t pause or weaken. It continued onward to the distant Han Zhenyu.

“Rashomon Gate!”

Han Zhenyu slammed his hands onto the ground. In front of everyone’s shocked gazes, three-hundred-meter-thick golden gates soared out of the ground, layering themselves in front of him.

There were a total of nine gates, each one of them covered with Heavenly Dao runes. They were created from his Heavenly Dao energy, metal energy, and earth energy.

Just a single one of them would be difficult for a King to break. For Han Zhenyu to summon nine at once, it was clear how highly Han Zhenyu viewed this attack to summon nine at once.

But shockingly, these golden gates were like wooden planks in front of Long Chen’s Star Fall. They exploded one by one.

After going through the nine gates, its power had been greatly reduced. It exploded as it blew through the last one, but by then, it was right in front of Han Zhenyu.

BOOM! A golden figure shot back, also tearing a long gorge in the ground identical to Long Chen’s.

Where the two gorges intersected was where the martial stage had once been. The terrain had already completely changed, and it was no longer possible to tell that there had ever been a martial arena here.

The disciples and even the Elders were no longer able to keep their composure. This battle was absolutely horrifying. It had to be known that these two were still merely at the early Foundation Forging realm.

“Heavenly Encompassing Killing Formation!”

Despite receiving such a heavy blow, Han Zhenyu wasn’t injured at all. Suddenly, the ground beneath him became covered with golden runes.

The entire battlefield quickly changed to become golden. Millions of golden awls shot at Long Chen, and each one of them had a Heavenly Dao rune powering it.

Each one of these awls possessed unprecedented power, but people also clearly saw that after using it, Han Zhenyu’s sea of runes shrank by quite a bit. This move’s power was great, but it was also exhausting.

“Double Dragon Twister!”

Long Chen extended his arms, no longer daring to hold back. He directly summoned Huo Long and Lei Long’s true bodies.

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