Chapter 1121 Seven Stars Reflect on the Runic Sea

Whether it was the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples or the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples, whether it was Gao Xianyang, Su Mo, Mu Qingxuan, or the other senior disciples, they were all shocked.

That incredibly fierce battle just now had been completely shocking for them. Even the senior disciples who had joined the sect ten years before had to admit that the two of them had far surpassed them. Although they were a bit unwilling to accept this, Long Chen and Han Zhenyu were just too monstrous.

And now, Long Chen’s words opened their eyes to the truly monstrous point: that the two of them had yet to bring out their real power.

“Hahahaha…” Han Zhenyu raised his head and laughed. He patted off some dust, the runes in his eyes glowing. “Good, now it’s interesting. It’s already been ten years since I used my full strength. But since you want to see it, I’ll show you what true power is, power that you couldn’t possibly achieve even if you cultivated for a hundred or even a thousand years.”

Han Zhenyu’s third eye suddenly opened. Space became still, and it was like all sound had disappeared.

People were horrified to find that this eye had no pupil. It was pitch black, like a bottomless black hole.

“I naturally possess metal and earth energy, and normally I can eradicate my opponents easily with just one type. You’re the first one to force me to use both elements in the past few years. However, I don’t mind telling you that even so, I’ve only taken out less than half my power. This is the power of having metal energy merged with earth energy!”


The two runes in Han Zhenyu’s eyes merged in his third eye. The ground began to explode as the martial stage was blown apart by his power.

“Have a taste of the weight of earth energy and the sharpness of metal energy combined.” Han Zhenyu waved his hand, and the ground split apart. Golden pointed stakes shot out at Long Chen like strange tentacles.

Long Chen dodged one and then smashed his fist into its sharp point. The sharp point split open, but it didn’t shatter. The damage quickly healed.

More and more of them came at Long Chen, and each one of them was as thick as a person’s waist. They came in an endless tide, forcing Long Chen to retreat.

“Metal energy is sharp but lacking toughness, which makes it easy to break. Earth energy is boundless, but its killing power is limited. When the two are merged, they make up for each other’s weaknesses. Now their power and toughness is ten times greater than before. Long Chen, how is the taste of despair?” laughed Han Zhenyu as he waved his staff.

Long Chen once more punched one of them, but he was unable to completely break it. However, his expression was still calm.

“If you don’t keep bragging, will you end up dying? All I’ve heard during this battle is your crap,” sneered Long Chen.

“I’m kindly letting you understand your death, but since you don’t care, you can just die! Swallow of the Earth Dragon!” Light radiated from Han Zhenyu’s third eye. The ground split open, and a huge mouth devoured Long Chen.

This attack came so suddenly, that no one was able to react. The earth dragon swallowed Long Chen and then began to fall back into the ground.

“Raging Flames Devour the Heavens!”

A muffled bang rang out from the ground, and the earth dragon exploded. At the same spot, blazing flames soared into the sky, and Long Chen emerged from within, a pair of flame wings on his back.

“It’s not my style to not reciprocate. You can taste one of my moves as well!” Long Chen formed hand seals, and his arms began to glow. A terrifying pressure descended. “Double Dragon Destruction!”

A lightning and a flame dragon formed a huge twister that shot toward Han Zhenyu. Flames and lightning caused space to twist.

Han Zhenyu’s expression changed. He instantly saw through how terrifying this move was.

“Close the Earth, Seal the Heavens!”

Han Zhenyu waved his staff. The light coming from his eyes grew even more intense. At the same time, a certain crystal in his staff lit up, and a rune fell to the ground.

The ground rumbled, and a huge gate rose out of it. It was tightly shut, with an image of a huge dragon on it. The image of the dragon moved about as if it was alive.


Lei Long and Huo Long crashed against the gate, and the explosion blasted them all apart, unleashing berserk power. The barrier’s runes blazed with light to keep the energy contained, but some of the runes were already cracking.

The Elder Hall Master’s expression changed, and he extended his hand. Energy flowed out, fixing the damaged runes.

“Cough…” Han Zhenyu flew out of the mess, coughing up blood. That attack had been too vicious. If he didn’t have his metal body to protect himself, he’d have been killed.

But his expression quickly changed. The flames in the air hadn’t faded yet, and they condensed into flame chains that sealed the space around him. He had unwittingly retreated into a flame prison.

“Flame Prison Deathblow!” The huge flame prison rapidly shrank down.

Han Zhenyu’s expression once more changed. He hastily chanted a mnemonic, and metal energy condensed in the air, forming a circular saw that shot out.

It slashed into a flame chain, and a cut appeared in the chain, but it didn’t break. However, when the saw then self-detonated, the flame chain was no longer able to endure, and it crumbled.  

Han Zhenyu shot out of that opening. But just at that moment, he saw Long Chen holding his right elbow with his left hand. A head-sized sphere was condensing in his right palm.

That sphere possessed an apocalyptic power. When he saw it, all of Han Zhenyu’s hair stood on end.

“Star Fall!”

Long Chen couldn’t help but feel a bit helpless when he saw Han Zhenyu fly out so quickly. Star Fall still hadn’t reached its peak state yet. However, now that Han Zhenyu had escaped the flame prison, he had no choice but to unleash it prematurely.

The flame sphere fell to the ground, and Han Zhenyu was tightly locked down by its power. As it was falling, an ear-piercing sound rang out.

BOOM!!! The flame sphere exploded. It was like a star had exploded, and the martial stage’s barrier was instantly blasted apart.

Everyone’s expression instantly turned pale. If this qi wave struck them, they wouldn’t even have a corpse left.

But fortunately, after the martial stage’s barrier exploded, another larger barrier appeared, blocking the qi wave.

The Elder Hall Master had summoned this barrier. The original barrier was matched with the martial stage, and as the martial stage was damaged, the barrier’s power had also dropped. Rather than continuing to support it, condensing a new barrier was easier.

“Han Zhenyu’s dead, right?!”

Everyone looked in shock at the stage. It was a complete mess. The dazzling stage was completely destroyed, replaced with a huge hole.

Long Chen floated in the air, icily looking at the ground. Han Zhenyu had disappeared.

“Was he blown apart?”

BANG! Just at this moment, a huge figure tore out of the ground. It was a three-hundred-meter golden giant.

The golden giant was covered in large cracks, and the runes revolving around it were faint. After coming out of the ground, it immediately shattered and fell apart, revealing Han Zhenyu.

Han Zhenyu jumped out of its stomach. It was clear he had used this move to save his life.

“Is there any need to continue being a poser?” asked Long Chen.

In truth, Long Chen was shocked inside. Han Zhenyu was truly powerful to be able to endure a direct blow from Star Fall. He almost wasn’t able to believe it.

Han Zhenyu’s eyes were icy. The magical staff in his hand suddenly disappeared, and an image of it appeared in his third eye.

“A merging ability?” Long Chen was surprised. This kind of magical art was extremely ancient. Although he had heard of such techniques, he didn’t understand its true usage.

“Looks like you know a bit about it. Then I’ll tell you, this allows me to escape the restrictions of chanting or forming seals. I can unleash magical arts more freely. Do you feel pleased right now? That just means you’re stupid. No matter how strong you are, you aren’t my match,” said Han Zhenyu.

“Just keep on bragging.”

“Fool, do you think I’m trying to scare you? You’ll never be able to understand what being a rank seven Celestial signifies. Today, I’ll let all you ants see how great the difference between us is!”

Seven balls of light appeared out of Han Zhenyu’s body. They blossomed with dazzling light behind his back, looking like seven suns.

Within the seven balls of light were seven different runes. The seven runes suddenly formed a resonance with heaven and earth.

Buzz. The seven runes exploded, and boundless natural energy condensed into a sea of runes around Han Zhenyu. These were all Heavenly Dao runes.

Once the sea of runes was formed, seven larger runes lit up, looking like seven stars shining in the night sky.

“This is the legendary manifestation of a rank seven Celestial… Seven Stars Reflect on the Runic Sea!” cried a disciple, trembling with fear.

That was because when Han Zhenyu summoned this manifestation, all the Celestials felt a terrifying pressure crash down on them. Even their connection to the surrounding Heavenly Dao energy became faint.

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