Chapter 1120 Berserk Fierce Battle

“Break!” Long Chen roared, his 108,000 original runes giving him power. The huge net binding him instantly blew to bits.

Long Chen stamped on the martial stage and shot forward at Han Zhenyu, delivering a punch. As for Han Zhenyu, he also sent a punch out. But his arm instantly turned golden with countless runes revolving around it.

BOOM! A heaven-shaking explosion erupted when their fists collided.

Han Zhenyu’s expression changed. His golden arm actually deformed and he flew back. In terms of power, he was at a disadvantage. Even after summoning this golden arm, he wasn’t Long Chen’s match.

“Good, this makes it interesting.” Han Zhenyu’s body began to shine and become golden. “To be able to force me to use my Golden Battle Armor is a privilege for you. Even when you die, you can die happy.”

Han Zhenyu shot forward. He opened his hand, and the runes revolving around him condensed in his hand. When he formed a fist once more, his fist was like a blazing sun.

“Your posing makes me think of another idiot surnamed Han in the Eastern Wasteland. Your posing methods are quite similar. But right now, the grass on his burial mound is high and wild.” Long Chen snorted. His original runes made him feel like his power was overflowing as he met this punch with his own fist.


Their fists once more collided, unleashing terrifying qi waves that struck the martial stage’s barrier. It was constantly shaking, with countless runes activating to block their power.

Han Zhenyu’s expression changed again. He hadn’t expected that after summoning his Golden Battle Armor, he would still be unable to suppress Long Chen in terms of power.

At this moment, Long Chen appeared right above him, a kick heading to his head.

Han Zhenyu was infuriated. This was clearly a kind of contempt. He reached his hand toward Long Chen’s foot. If he caught it, Long Chen would definitely be forced into a passive position.

But unexpectedly, Long Chen’s kick was just a feint, nothing more than bait. Just as his hand was about to grab Long Chen’s foot, Long Chen’s other foot struck like a scorpion’s tail.

When it came to close-range combat, Han Zhenyu’s experience was a far cry from Long Chen’s. As a result, Long Chen’s second foot struck him right in the nose.

His face directly caved in, causing everyone else’s noses to feel a sympathetic reaction. With a muffled snort, Han Zhenyu flew backward.

Long Chen was just about to chase when his heart shook. Lightning runes circulated around him, and he forcibly changed his direction.

Golden rays shot by. Even though Long Chen had dodged at the first moment, he was still struck in the arm.

What had struck him was a golden sword. Hundreds of them had flown over, and each one of them was incredibly sharp. Even Long Chen’s body was pierced, the large cut on his arm slowly bleeding.

“Have you stopped being a poser?” This injury was nothing. Long Chen icily looked at Han Zhenyu.

At this time, Han Zhenyu’s body was not golden anymore. Moreover, he was no longer bare-handed. He was holding a magical staff.

Only now did the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples recall that the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples all specialized in magical arts. In other words, those terrifying attacks before were nothing more than probing blows. He hadn’t brought out any of his true power.

They also realized why Long Chen kept saying he was being a poser. To fight against his opponent using the area he was weakest in was truly being a poser.

But it was also clear he hadn’t succeeded in being a poser. Long Chen hadn’t given him that chance. According to a normal posing pattern, he should have used this method to force Long Chen into a miserable state and then tell him that the warm-up was over.

Now instead of being a poser, he ended up posing as an idiot. Long Chen’s slap in the face and kick contributed a great deal to that.

However, no one from the Xuantian Dao Sect laughed at Han Zhenyu. They were full of shock. These terrifying attacks were capable of exterminating them several times over, but they were just the prologue. Now the real battle would start.

“You should be careful. I’m going to get serious. Don’t die too fast, or it’ll be boring.” Han Zhenyu waved his staff. The golden light in his eye grew stronger, and as he chanted, a golden light suddenly shot out of it.

Long Chen quickly retreated. Golden awls appeared stuck in the ground right where he had been.

More and more of them shot at him, forcing him to retreat over and over again. Their sharpness was able to pierce even Wilde’s body, so he didn’t dare to take them head-on.

Just as he was thinking about how to handle this, he suddenly felt something was wrong. Looking up, he saw a huge golden platform smash down on him.

“Golden Mountain Grand Seal!” Han Zhenyu had been chanting this entire time, and with a final shout, the golden platform smashed down.

Han Zhenyu’s golden awls were just a distraction. By the time Long Chen realized this trap, it was too late.

Just as many people thought Long Chen might have been crushed into a meat patty beneath the platform, it exploded.

When the golden runes dissipated, they saw Long Chen in his punching posture, four stars shining in his eyes. His hair and robes fluttered naturally in the wind. He suddenly roared, sounding like a furious god.

Long Chen had no choice but to roar. This was his first time going all-out with the Four Star Battle Armor after forming his 108,000 original runes.

As soon as he summoned the Four Star Battle Armor, his 108,000 original runes became excited, and it was like a dragon was awakening within him. It felt like if he didn’t roar, he would suffocate.

After a thunderous roar, Long Chen’s gaze turned cold, and he shot forward. A hole appeared on the incomparably sturdy bricks beneath his feet where he stamped.

“What speed!” By the time anyone could react, Long Chen had arrived in front of Han Zhenyu.

Han Zhenyu was startled. Long Chen seemed like a revived dragon, and Han Zhenyu no longer dared to stay close to him. He repeatedly waved his staff, chanting.

Golden walls appeared one after another, each dozens of meters thick. And yet, these powerful barriers were as weak as paper and were blown apart with a single punch.

Long Chen continued to advance, the golden walls unable to stop him from chasing. Han Zhenyu was currently fleeing.

“Impossible! Senior apprentice-brother Han Zhenyu is unrivaled! How can Long Chen force him to this extent?!” The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples were all filled with disbelief.

In the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, Han Zhenyu was like a god. No one dared to receive a single blow from him, so naturally, no one had seen him truly fight.

In their hearts, he was unrivaled. And no matter how powerful the opponents, they would be annihilated with a wave of his hand. They had never seen anyone able to force Han Zhenyu to this extent.

Han Zhenyu rapidly formed new golden walls, but Long Chen broke them down even faster. When Long Chen was about to reach him, he suddenly tore off his eyepatch.


In front of everyone’s shocked gazes, the martial stage exploded, and a huge fist flew out of the ground at Long Chen.

“So you’re a dual metal-earth cultivator. So what? Watch me destroy it.” Long Chen snorted and directly sent out a punch.

The huge fist exploded, and the entire martial stage shook as if it was unable to bear this power. All the disciples’ expressions changed.

“Rock Gold Suppress Heaven and Earth!”

Han Zhenyu roared furiously, and the two runes in his eyes began to revolve. The ground transformed into a sturdy rock, while a huge golden seal appeared in the air.

This golden seal was ten times larger than before. The ground began to rapidly soar, while the golden seal fell like a meteor.

BOOM! The two collided. For a moment, everyone was silent.

“Senior apprentice-brother… Long Chen… is he still alive?” stuttered a Xuantian Dao Sect disciple. This scene was horrific.

Seeing his attack succeed, Han Zhenyu smiled. But his smile quickly became rigid.

A light cracking sound reverberated throughout the silence. Everyone heard it.

Then the golden seal began to break apart, causing everyone’s jaw to drop.

The golden seal and rock both exploded, and a figure appeared in the air. The Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples erupted in cheering.

Long Chen coldly looked at Han Zhenyu. That last attack had truly been powerful, but he had managed to withstand it. He found that his 108,000 original runes possessed some secrets that even he didn’t know.

When he used his Four Star Battle Armor, it formed a resonance with the 108,000 original runes. There was a slight change, and yet, he was unable to describe it clearly. However, something had happened with the Four Star Battle Armor now that made its power and defense extremely monstrous.

“Are you still not going to bring out your full power? Are you just going to keep your third eye closed this whole time?” asked Long Chen coldly.

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