Chapter 1119 Terrifying Metal Energy

A half-a-foot-long golden awl fell to the ground. Only now did people realize the form of the weapon that had attacked Wilde.

The golden awl clattered a few times before it became still. Then it simply dissipated as if it had never existed.

Everyone was shocked. What kind of technique was this? Without making any movements, he was able to unleash such a terrifying attack.

“Your head’s quite thick, otherwise, you’d be dead.” That mysterious man seemed to be a bit surprised, but his voice was as cold as ever.

“Bastard, you broke the rules!” Wilde was infuriated as he was in immense pain. If it had been anyone else, this attack would have turned them into a corpse.

The previous battle had just ended, and the barrier had yet to be activated, meaning it was against the rules to attack now.

But this man had launched a silent attack, one that was clearly trying to take his opponent’s life. It was completely despicable.

A cold light appeared in the depths of the Xuan Master’s eyes. The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect was growing more and more arrogant, and that was due to them being accustomed to it. At this point, the competition was no longer about exchanging pointers at all.

From this, it could be seen that Ma Xingkong had already lost any calm left in him. His continuous losses made him want to get revenge on the Xuantian Dao Sect by making them suffer losses as well.

“I’ll kill you with a single swing!” Wilde roared, just about to charge out. But he was held back by a hand.

“Wilde, go back. Leave this battle to me.” Long Chen stopped Wilde because he knew this mysterious man was an incredibly terrifying opponent. Wilde might be powerful, but his head wasn’t good enough.

Wilde always listened to Long Chen. Although he was sullen, he left without saying another word. Someone else went to gather the dead disciple’s corpse.

Long Chen was facing the mysterious man on the martial stage. It was deathly silent. Right now, Long Chen was the number one figure of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s new disciples.

As for the mysterious man, he was also the most terrifying existence on the side of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect. Now that the two of them were facing each other, the tension in the air soared.

“No wonder you refuse to face people openly and only do such shameful things. If I were you, I’d have no face to see anyone,” said Long Chen as he looked at his opponent coldly.

At this time, the mysterious man finally took off his hat. When his face was revealed, it shocked everyone.

There was a third eye on his forehead. His head was bald, but strange lines were covering it like wriggling centipedes. Just looking at it was horrifying.

His third eye was closed, while one of his other eyes was covered by a patch. Only one eye was revealed.

This one exposed eye had no pupil. Instead, it contained a strange golden rune.

Seeing his appearance, all the disciples from the Xuantian Dao Sect jumped in horror. He looked like a monster.

“Your power’s not bad, but you’re weaker than that big fellow. If it was him, perhaps he’d have a ten percent chance of beating me. As for you, you have no chance.” This strange man’s eye roved around Long Chen as if it could see through everything about him.

“I don’t know where your confidence comes from. Originally, we had no enmity, and I wasn’t planning on killing you. But you had to be so idiotic as to try to kill my brother, using the most despicable and shameless way as well. Today, you won’t be leaving.” Long Chen looked back at him.

Long Chen was infuriated. If everyone had been fighting openly, with victory and defeat left up to the heavens, then there was nothing to be done.

But the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples were too vile, like hyenas on the grasslands. They always had to do malicious things that continuously pushed his patience.

Because four of their experts had been killed after they had insulted Hua Shiyu and Tang Wan-er, his anger had gradually been suppressed. But now, this strange man had ignited it again.

Although Wilde’s head was big, his brain was like a child’s. Long Chen always treated him as a little brother who didn’t quite understand things.

But this strange man had almost killed him. If it weren’t for Wilde’s monstrous physical body, which made his skeleton comparable to King items, he’d be dead already.

Now Long Chen’s killing intent could no longer be suppressed. He had made his determination to kill this person. He would not permit anyone to take the lives of his people for no reason at all. That was an enmity that would not rest until death.

“Hahaha, good, you’re arrogant enough. I hope I’m wrong as well, or killing you will be boring. If you can’t satisfy me, don’t blame me for not being courteous,” said the strange-faced man. Killing intent exploded from his eye. “Remember my name, Han Zhenyu from the Grand Han Ancient Nation. The one who possesses this name will take your life!”

Hearing he came from the Grand Han Ancient Nation, the Xuan Master narrowed his eyes. He instantly realized something and he smiled. That smile was touched with derision.

“Elder Hall Master, activate the barrier!”

Long Chen didn’t bother arguing. The Elder Hall Master looked toward the Xuan Master. Seeing him nod, he activated the formation, covering the martial stage with the huge barrier.

All the hearts of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples clenched. Some were so nervous that they found it hard to breathe.

“Prepare yourself. Don’t get instantly killed, or it’d be boring-”

Han Zhenyu had only gotten half his words out when a figure flashed before him. Long Chen appeared in front of him without saying a word, a kick going for Han Zhenyu’s crotch.

Long Chen hadn’t unleashed his aura, and he wasn’t using his spiritual yuan nor a magical art. This was a simple kick with no technique.

That wasn’t something that should occur in a battle between experts. He looked like an ordinary person who had charged up and sent out a kick.

Han Zhenyu had just been prepared to unleash his aura, thinking that Long Chen would do the same. As a result, this sudden charge caught him off guard.

When Long Chen arrived in front of him, he suddenly felt something was off. Long Chen’s physical body looked ordinary, but it was like a hibernating dragon was hiding within. This kick definitely wouldn’t be easy to take.

He had to stop what he was doing and press down with his foot. His butt stuck out behind him, allowing him to dodge Long Chen’s kick by less than a hair’s breadth. He was just about to fly into the air when a palm came from an undodgeable angle and viciously struck him across the face.

This slap was extremely resounding. Han Zhenyu was sent flying and smashed into the barrier like a shooting star.

The barrier quivered, shocking people. The collision from this attack was practically comparable to the result of Guo Ran’s Nine Yang Blood Mark Exploding Arrow. Just how vicious had this slap been?

In reality, this was Long Chen’s first time using his divine face-slapping art with the intent to kill. Of course, that meant it would be easier to sense and wouldn’t necessarily hit.

And so he had first used a kick in preparation for this slap. He had been secretly accumulating energy, so of course this slap was vicious.

However, Long Chen couldn’t help being startled. He felt a burst of pain from his palm. His skin had split open and his hand was bleeding.

Han Zhenyu stood up, and everyone was shocked to see that half his face had turned golden yellow with runes circulating over it. He looked like he was made of gold.

That was shocking. Han Zhenyu’s metal energy was truly terrifying to be able to freely transform his body into metal.

But even his golden face had a clear handprint in it. The handprint was almost an inch deep.

That was shocking as well as funny. Looking from the bloody-handed Long Chen to the metallic-faced Han Zhenyu, they were silent.

“Good! Fuck, I don’t mind others being posers, but they can’t be bigger posers than me!” cheered Guo Ran. That slap had been too satisfying.

Regretfully, Han Zhenyu was incredibly powerful. If it had been an innate rank six Celestial, this slap might really have killed them.

“Long Chen really doesn’t walk a normal path. This brat, even I misjudged what he was going to do.” The Xuan Master looked at Long Chen a bit solemnly. But inside, he was bitterly smiling. Even with his experience, he hadn’t been able to guess Long Chen’s moves.

“No wonder you’re so shameless. I’ve never seen someone with skin as thick as this.” Long Chen swung his hand a few times with an admiring expression.

Although his attack had struck, he didn’t feel the slightest delight. Instead, he was shocked. This fellow would probably be a very difficult opponent.

“Congratulations, you’ve managed to infuriate me.”

Han Zhenyu stared coldly at Long Chen. The handprint on his face slowly disappeared. At the same time, the golden color of his face faded, and he once more had a normal face of flesh and blood.

“I’ll make you live a life worse than death.” Han Zhenyu waved his staff, runes revolving around him. As the golden rune in his eye began to shine, golden chains descended from the sky toward Long Chen. “First, I’ll give you an appetizer!”


Long Chen’s fist smashed onto one of the chains. It exploded, transforming into golden runes.

But several other chains continued to descend. Long Chen repeatedly punched, destroying the golden chains one by one. Golden runes filled the air.

“Hmph, idiot, you actually fell for it so easily. Gold Locks Heaven and Earth!”

The runes floating in the air instantly condensed, forming a huge net that trapped Long Chen.

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