Chapter 1118 One Smash One Kill

“What’s going on? Is he admitting defeat?” The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples were flabbergasted.


Suddenly, the runic shields the disciple on the stage had condensed exploded, and a line of blood began to appear on his forehead.

It spread, going down his nose, chin, and neck. It was a straight line of blood.

The disciple reached out to touch his own face, but as soon as he moved, he began to fall apart.

He turned into two pieces that slowly fell to the ground. A transparent figure flew out that was his soul, but then it also exploded.

The martial stage’s barrier sensed that one of them had died and automatically turned off.

At exactly this time, Yue Zifeng reached the edge of the stage. He jumped off, as if everything had been timed perfectly by him. He didn’t get there too late, nor did he have to wait for the barrier to dissipate.

Another rank six Celestial had been killed. And this time, there had been no trick to it. Everyone had clearly seen that it was Yue Zifeng’s power that had allowed him to break that disciple’s defenses.

“Absolutely overboard!” Ma Xingkong’s hair was standing on end as he glared at the Xuan Master. “I demand an explanation!”

The Xuan Master smiled faintly. “There’s nothing to explain. Didn’t we already agree that life and death are up to the heavens? What, have you forgotten already?”

“Fine! Fine, life and death are up to the heavens! Let’s see just how long you can be so calm!” spat out Ma Xingkong.

The final rank six Celestial jumped onto the stage. He was the only innate rank six Celestial.

His Blood Qi erupted as soon as he arrived, and a huge figure appeared behind him.

That was a thirty-meter giant formed of runes. The giant let out a furious roar that shook the arena.

“Idiots of the Xuantian Dao Sect, come and face your death!” The disciple’s roar was full of killing intent. The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples were all infuriated. He suddenly pointed at Long Chen. “You are called Long Chen, correct? Get over here and die!” 

“You don’t have the qualifications. Wilde, it’s your turn.” Long Chen looked back.

“Wilde, wake up. It’s your turn.” Gu Yang gave Wilde a hard nudge. He was currently asleep in his seat.

Only then did Wilde groggily stand up and start walking forward.

“Wrong direction! The stage is over there!” Gu Yang hastily corrected his direction. He was speechless.

Wilde drowsily arrived on the stage. He opened his mouth and yawned. Looking at his opponent, he said, “Brother Long wants me to beat you. You should admit defeat, or don’t blame me for killing you.”

“Fuck off!”

The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciple roared and waved his staff. The giant behind him shot forward and punched at Wilde.

Wilde seemed to still not be awake. His head was still sluggish, and so he was struck directly and slammed into the barrier.

This attack’s power was immense, and the entire martial stage shuddered. But when Wilde crawled up, he wasn’t injured at all, shocking everyone. Just how terrifying was his physical body?

“Die!” His opponent once more waved his staff, and more giant figures appeared, all charging at Wilde.

These giants were formed from various runes. They were incredibly powerful, and each one of their steps caused the martial stage to quiver.

There were a total of eighteen giants. Each one of them had a blood-colored rune on its forehead. When they moved, they automatically absorbed energy from the world. That was just like how Celestials could merge with heaven and earth, giving them a continuous supply of energy. That way they didn’t need to take the disciple’s spiritual yuan.

“You’re the one who will die!”

Suddenly, Wilde roared. Perhaps that attack completely woke him up, and he directly summoned the Barbarian Blood Bronze Body and swept his huge club out.

What shocked everyone was that any of the giants touched by the spiked club would explode upon contact.

Those giants were powerless to resist in front of Wilde’s power. His opponent was completely shocked, and he quickly waved his staff, chanting some mnemonic. Countless flying swords of light were condensing in the air.

Even through the barrier, everyone sensed a terrifying pressure from these flying swords. This was a terrifying attack from an innate rank six Celestial.

Their magical arts received the approval of the Heavenly Daos easier, and not only were they faster, but their power was also many times greater.

Each of these flying swords had the power to kill a rank five Celestial. Now, there were over ten thousand of them, and they were all shooting toward Wilde. Even the Dragonblood warriors started to sweat.

Wilde’s spiked club began to glow, and with a heaven-shaking roar, he smashed it at the ground.


The completely undamaged martial stage finally had a three-meter hole smashed into it by Wilde. Countless fragments shot out, and a powerful qi wave struck the flying swords.

The flying swords exploded one after another. This swing of Wilde’s club completely destroyed his opponent’s terrifying attack.

“Bastard, taste my club!”

Wilde roared and was just about to charge at his opponent when he suddenly froze, staring blankly.

Not only him, but everyone else was also staring blankly. The one with the blankest expression was Wilde’s opponent.

Not only was his expression blank, but his life aura had also disappeared. He fell from the sky just like that.

He collapsed limply on the ground. At some unknown point, a small, chopstick-sized hole had appeared in his forehead.

Wilde was dumbfounded. He asked, “Hey, are we still fighting? If you aren’t fighting anymore, then it means I win.”

“How could this happen?!”

Ma Xingkong was extremely unwilling. Others might not know what had happened, but he had seen it clearly. This powerful innate rank six Celestial had truly died wrongly.

Wilde’s attack had caused fragments of the martial stage to fly out. The martial stage was supported by countless runes, making it incredibly hard.

As a result, a little pebble of it had struck his disciple in the end, and the power of the runes within the pebble had instantly killed his soul. This disciple had truly died in a ridiculous way.

“This was just an accident!” raged Ma Xingkong.

“It truly was an accident. That’s fine, my Xuantian Dao Sect is reasonable. We haven’t announced victory. You can have your disciple stand back up and keep fighting,” sneered Long Chen.

“You!” Ma Xingkong’s face turned purple.

Although it was an accident, that disciple was dead. He had lost this round.

He was startled, infuriated, and devastated. Four rank six Celestials had all been killed! How was he supposed to give an explanation when he got back?

Even if he won, the spirit stone mine was nothing compared to four rank six Celestials. There was no comparison. Only by bringing back the Life Star Bead would he barely be able to make up for his losses.

Currently, everyone in the Xuantian Dao Sect was shocked, and quite a few people were deeply worried.

No matter how this competition ended, the relationship between the Xuantian Dao Sect and Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect would be completely ruined. Four rank six Celestials, which were all genius disciples that had only just advanced and were existences with limitless potential. Perhaps the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect would want to kill themselves from the pain from losing them.

The higher-ups of the Xuantian Dao Sect were all shocked by the power of Long Chen’s side. Meng Qi and Guo Ran’s victories were understandable, as they had caught their opponents off guard.

But Yue Zifeng’s victory had been decided through true power, and Wilde was the same. Although Wilde had only swung his club a few times, his power had still been terrifying. Furthermore, his aura had still been climbing. He clearly hadn’t used his full power.

They had only been in the Xuantian Dao Sect for such a short amount of time, but they had grown to such a terrifying extent. Even though they had personally witnessed their growth, they were incomparably shocked.

As for the senior generation disciples, Gao Xianyang and the others were also full of shock. Although Gao Xianyang was a rank six Celestial who had reached the late Foundation Forging realm, he still felt intimidated by Wilde and the other’s power.

The happiest ones would naturally have to be the Elder Hall. All of Long Chen’s Dragonblood Legion had placed themselves under the banner of the Elder Hall, and they had won them a great deal of face now.

Now the score was four to four. Only one more round remained, and the winner of it would be the overall victor.

From an absolute disadvantage, they had caught up to this point. This was completely out of most of their expectations. Only the Xuan Master’s expression remained calm and indifferent, as if he didn’t care too much about any of this.

Wilde foolishly stood on the martial stage, staring at his opponent’s unmoving corpse. He didn’t know what to do. He wasn’t sure whether this person was really dead or faking. That was because in his mind, only people who were smashed to bits were really dead.

Long Chen was about to call Wilde back when a new figure jumped onto the stage. He was the mysterious man wearing the conical hat.

“It seems you’re the strongest disciple of the Xuantian Dao Sect. There’s no need to get off. Let’s decide victory or defeat right now!” His voice was quiet and icy without the slightest emotion.

“You want to fight? Then come!”

Wilde didn’t understand what this man was saying. Seeing a new opponent come, he thought it was a replacement. He swung his club, ready to fight.

But before anyone saw his opponent do anything, a golden ray of light shot over and pierced Wilde’s head.

It was incredibly fast and too sudden. By the time Wilde reacted, it had already reached him. He instinctively tilted his head to the side.

Blood splashed. A large cut appeared on Wilde’s head, and through it, it was possible to see his skull.

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