Chapter 1116 Domineering Guo Ran

“Sorry, my disciples are a bit unruly and hard to control. After all, they haven’t been part of the sect for long. Once we get back, I’ll definitely properly punish them, so don’t get angry, Xuan Master. After all, even you’ve said that when people are young, making mistakes is normal. You wouldn’t quibble with them over something like this, right?” said Ma Xingkong as he smiled at the gloomy Xuan Master. “It’s been four matches, but the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples are too courteous and won’t use their full power against us. One more match, and my Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect will win another business. I’m embarrassed to always win like this.”

“You haven’t won yet. Take care of saying too much and being unable to take it back, or it’ll be like you slapped your own face.” The Xuan Master had now lost his calm indifference. He was gloomy, like a gambler about to lose all his money. Although it wasn’t so extreme that his eyes turned red, he was clearly unable to maintain his calm.

“A slap in the face? Haha, I, Ma Xingkong, wish there was someone who could slap my face. Unfortunately, no one has ever had the chance,” declared Ma Xingkong.

“Then since you’re so confident, do you dare to increase the bet?!” demanded the Xuan Master coldly.

“That wouldn’t be good. If we win too many of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s businesses, we’ll be too embarrassed to show our faces. However, if you feel confident, I can only accompany you. Speak, what do you want to bet?” asked Ma Xingkong.

The two of them were isolated by spatial energy so that others couldn’t hear them. After all, the two of them were large figures, and they needed to pay attention to their status.

“I don’t dare to use too much of my Xuantian Dao Sect’s capital, but I can bring out a few personal things to play with. How about we bet with this?” A fruit suddenly appeared in the Xuan Master’s hands.

“Life Star Bead?! You’ve gone mad!” Ma Xingkong couldn’t help being shocked.

“Just say whether or not you dare to gamble. This Life Star Bead is the comprehension leftover from when I condensed my Life Star. I know you have one as well. So, do you want to bet or not?” demanded the Xuan Master.

“Fine, I’ll bet.” Ma Xingkong thought that the Xuan Master had gone insane. However, that benefited him, so he smiled derisively.

As the two of them increased their wager, another disciple from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect jumped onto the stage.

But this person was surprisingly a woman. She icily looked over the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples. When her gaze landed on the crying Tang Wan-er, loathing appeared in her eyes. “What a pretentious slut. A loss is a loss, but you even have to use tears to get other people’s sympathy? Why don’t you just directly use your body instead?”

Everyone from the Dragonblood Legion was instantly enraged. These disciples from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect were all vile.

“Good sister, don’t cry. I’ll get your revenge.” Meng Qi patted Tang Wan-er on the shoulder and handed her to Long Chen.

“Are you sure?” asked Long Chen.

“Don’t worry, no one can bully sister Wan-er!” Meng Qi firmly nodded and flew onto the martial stage.

“Can sister Meng Qi win? That’s a rank six Celestial,” said a worried Tang Wan-er as she wiped away her tears.

“Don’t worry, Meng Qi’s very amazing. And you don’t need to cry; who hasn’t suffered a loss before? Furthermore, it’s not that you’re actually weaker than that person, but simply that he’s a brute skilled in spouting vile crap. You can’t have learned that ability, or you’d have definitely won. But then we’d all have to flee far away from you.” Long Chen smiled comfortingly.

“Dislikable!” Tang Wan-er lightly hit Long Chen in her embarrassment. But she did feel better, and she no longer cried. She then looked at the martial stage.

The woman was a rank six Celestial. Although she was an acquired rank six Celestial, she still gave off immense pressure. Clearly, Ma Xingkong was not reckless. Despite knowing he would definitely win, he still didn’t give the Xuantian Dao Sect any chance. He directly sent out a rank six Celestial.

Now there were two women standing on the martial stage. The woman from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect could just barely count as a beauty, but in front of Meng Qi, she appeared much more lackluster.

Meng Qi was like a fairy who had walked out of a painting. She was full of a divine charm like someone who didn’t eat the food of common mortals. Just by being there, the martial stage gained a special kind of feeling that made people feel happy.

The disciples from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect had never seen such a beauty. They were all struck dumb. Even the person hiding his face beneath a conical hat raised his head slightly, revealing a pair of dark eyes.

“Hmph, slut, do you think you can beat your enemies with just a beautiful face?” Meng Qi’s opponent was full of envy.

Meng Qi didn’t reply. She was just waiting. And very quickly, the barrier and formation was activated once more.

“Die, slut!” The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s female disciple immediately waved her staff. She was just about to unleash an attack when the sky suddenly darkened.

Roaring filled the air. Six huge beasts appeared at the same time, and six pillars of light shot toward her.

This was a combination attack from six ninth rank Magical Beasts, and each one of these attacks was huge. People were only able to see the huge rays of light intersect right where the woman had been standing.

Then the rays of light struck the martial stage’s barrier, causing it to shake intensely. Everyone jumped, thinking the barrier might break.

But the light quickly faded. The woman from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect had also disappeared with it. She was nowhere to be found on the martial stage.

Suddenly, a small magic staff fell from the sky and landed on the ground. It wasn’t a loud sound, but it was like thunder in people’s ears.

Everyone was deathly silent. Meng Qi stood on the martial stage with six huge figures behind her, stunning everyone.

“Ninth… ninth rank Magical Beasts! She’s a Beast Tamer!”

The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciples couldn’t help being appalled. How was this possible? She was clearly only at the Foundation Forging realm, so how could she control ninth rank Magical Beasts?

The only possibility was that she had raised them from eggs. But that would require an immense amount of time, effort, and resources. At most, a Foundation Forging Beast Tamer could only possess a single ninth rank Magical Beast, and that would be shocking enough. But Meng Qi had summoned six all at once, shocking everyone, including the Xuan Master and Ma Xingkong.

The Xuan Master smiled, but Ma Xingkong’s expression was ugly. That female disciple had been a rank six Celestial. She had been killed instantly, and not even her soul had escaped.

Clearly, Meng Qi now hated all these fellows whose mouths were full of dogshit. One of the Magical Beast’s attacks had contained a spiritual aspect, directly destroying her opponent’s soul.

“What a vicious slut. How could she be so cruel?! That’s not exchanging pointers, that’s intentional murder!” cursed a disciple from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect.

“Fuck your mother, when you wanted to kill me, didn’t you do the same thing? Now that someone does it to you, you insult them? Is the only thing in your head shit? Cough, cough…”

The one cursing them was Fan Song. Although he wasn’t harmonious with the Dragonblood Legion, Meng Qi’s victory helped him vent, so he directly cursed back.

He had been attacked the same way. Although his power truly hadn’t been equal to his opponent’s, he wouldn’t have been defeated so quickly if he hadn’t been surprised that his opponent would use killing moves against him. Therefore, he was full of fury.

At this time, another rank six Celestial from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect jumped onto the stage.

He was a rough-faced man who kept his sideburns, giving himself a fierce look. He seemed more like a beast than a human.

“Is a Beast Tamer so amazing? Slut, I’ll handle you!” He glared at Meng Qi.

“Guo Ran, you understand!” Long Chen turned to Guo Ran.

“Yes, I understand! Definitely!” Guo Ran was delighted and immediately flew onto the martial stage.

The Xuantian Dao Sect’s people let out startled cries upon seeing this. Guo Ran’s aura was too weak, so weak that it was outrageous. It wasn’t even as strong as a rank four Celestial’s aura.

“Report your name. After sweeping through the land, this heroic and wise martial god no longer kills the nameless!” Guo Ran looked arrogantly at his opponent. His head was raised and tilted back slightly as he looked at him with his nose.

It went without saying that after experiencing countless life and death battles, Guo Ran possessed his own special kind of confidence that was quite intimidating.

A cautious expression appeared on that disciple. He coldly said, “My name is Lu Feng. Who are you?”

“You want to hear my name? Hahaha, good, very good! Youngster, you’re not bad, so tighten your pants!” Guo Ran raised his head and laughed before speaking.

“Why would I tighten my pants?”

“Because I’m afraid you’ll crap yourself when you hear my name. I wouldn’t want to dirty the martial stage,” said Guo Ran arrogantly.

“What nonsense, even if you were a god or devil, you wouldn’t be able to scare me. Your bragging has no use.”

“Alright, then stand steady. My name is Guo Ran.”

“You dare to play with me?!” The disciple’s eyes turned cold. He finally understood Guo Ran was just playing with him.

“Idiot, do I need to play you? The sole reason you haven’t heard of my grand name is because those who did essentially all ended up dead. And you will quickly join their ranks,” sneered Guo Ran.

The barrier appeared once more. The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s disciple immediately fell back to create some distance.

“Idiot, who do you think I, Guo Ran, am? I can kill you like killing a chicken. You don’t believe me? Alright, then go ahead and use your strongest move. I will break it with a random blow.” Guo Ran clasped his hands behind his back.

His opponent was infuriated at being looked down upon, and he waved his staff. Countless runes began to appear in the air.

“Spirit of heaven and earth, heed my call! Condense-”

That person began chanting, but just at that moment, a huge crossbow appeared in front of Guo Ran, one that was aimed right at his opponent.

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